Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 11

Everyone in the countryside had experienced being injured often, but they had never seen such a serious injury on his abdomen, in addition to his two legs.

Song Qinghan smiled bitterly. He was hurt, and didn’t want to worry about it. At the beginning, he disguised his emotions very well, and the Song’s parents only thought he was just downcast.

The whole village sympathized with him, but they were afraid to deal with him, nor get entangled with him.

Now naturally he had no face by continuing to disguise it. Since he came back to the village, he had no intention of keeping it hidden.

Wang Jianye’s heart was even more stern and solemn.

But the parents of the Song family didn’t care about it at all. They just love the money. “Why don’t you go grab the four hundred! There’s no money. It’s all used up. There’s no money!”

Song Qingshan was also frightened, and shouted together, “Song Qinghan came back to our house to buy meat all these years. Aren’t all those use for money? And raising him so big doesn’t cost money?”

“That won’t cost more than 600!” Sun Fang roared back: “Don’t think everyone is a fool, everything you do had been seen in the eyes of others, pay money quickly!”

Mother Song kept shaking her head. She wanted to run back and said, “You are crazy! Where is the money!”

At this time, Wang Jianye stopped her, “Don’t go first. This matter needs to be made clear, otherwise it will be troublesome in the future!”

“Captain, if you listen to her…how can there be so much money!” Father Song said roughly.

Su Jiaojiao embraced her chest with both hands, “Of course, you don’t know. There are records in the postal service. Let’s go to the post to check it. I tell you, if you don’t give it, don’t expect to find a good daughter-in-law for your youngest son. Whoever marries your son, I will go to their house and make trouble. Then let your son be bachelor all his life!”

All the children in the countryside get married early, and they start to talk about marriage when they are 16 or 17 years old. Song Qingshan just started to talk about marriage, and his market was good. Because Song Qinghan feeds his family fatter than others, the Song family planned to choose a good family, preferably one that eats commodity food.

All the Song family members were clever. They beat the snake seven inches. Su jiaojiao was right!

Sun Fang immediately took her husband and sons, as she nodded: “Yes! If you are not fair and don’t return Song Qinghan’s money, we will make trouble every day and make your house uneasy!”

Suddenly, the parents of Song family had a distorted facial features, and looked at her ferociously. “You dare!”

Su Jiaojiao was very pleased to think of such a good idea. Her chin lifted: “How dare I not? You want to try?”

This son was their life. Wasn’t it all for Song Qingshan?

Looking at Su Jiaojiao’s arrogant appearance, and then at her family standing in the way one by one, Mother Song hated her to the core. She was shaking with anger.

Wang Jianye shook his head and wanted to say that the Su JiaoJiao’s family should not be so aggressive, but when he saw them, like the hens who protect their chicks–pecking at an enemy together. He thought it was no big deal, and even offered to help, “Since this is the case, divide the family fairly. You must have a lot of money left over. Otherwise, I can do more than push them. How about the three hundred pension money given to you in the next five years?”

Mother Song’s face was ugly. Song Qingshan wanted to shake his head, but didn’t dare, because he wanted to find a wife. Mother Song shivered her lips and turned black, but she didn’t want to agree.

From the very beginning, the onlookers around said, “This girl from the Su family is really spicy!”

“I don’t know how Song Qinghan of the Song family married such a shrew and have such eccentric parents. What a misfortune!”

“My mother1just an impression, so much money? The mother-in-law of the Song family is really black hearted. The eldest son is so filial, but is disliked by his own family. They only care about the younger son! Don’t blame others!”

“It’s a good thing that he has Su Jiao. Otherwise, Song Qinghan will be bullied and can’t talk? It’s six hundred and sixty yuan–“

Wang Jianye also listened, cleared his throat, and said, “Okay, be quiet. Song family, If you don’t want to return the three hundred, then I don’t care about this matter. No one knows if your youngest son can marry a daughter-in-law in the future.”

Mother Song cried, “Captain, you can’t do this!”

Wang Jianye was helpless. “I can’t help it. After all, I’m busy. How can I stare at people’s issues all the time? Just give them the money.”

Hearing this, mother Song’s brain was buzzing. She grasped her husband’s shoulder and pinched his arm purple. She grinded her teeth and said, “Okay! I give it! But they must give me retirement every year–“

Su Jiaojiao immediately interrupted her: “No one in our family can work. Your son’s leg is still hurt. How can I afford to go out! Wait until he has a job to do, otherwise we may ask you to raise him”

Mother Song’s face was so blue that she almost couldn’t stand to make trouble.

“You dare?” said several men from the Su family.

Mother Song looked at them, and her face was distorted again. She could only roar, “Song Qinghan, you kill thousands of swords. I really regret having raised such a white eyed wolf!”

The scolded person looked at her indifferently, as if what she said was not her own.

He only hated that he woke up too late!

Finally, with the help of Su’s family and the team leader, they got 300 yuan, and separated from Song’s family in white papers. Their account was moved out separately, and Song Qinghan and Su Jiaojiao were put together.

From now on, it’s just the two people. The Song family was not qualified to enter their home casually.

Before leaving, Su Jiaojiao also declared that she would directly report such a situation to the Public Security Bureau, and the angry Song family need to witness yet another scene.

In the end, they were especially reluctant to give money. If Wang Jianye didn’t pressure them up with a black face, people guess that it might take a while.

Su Jiaojiao left happily in front of the Song family’s face, and took the three hundred yuan and gave the fifty yuan to Sun Fang in front of all the people in the house. “Mom, this is thanks to you. You take it to buy some meat, let’s celebrate!”

Zhang Qian and Li Xiugang’s sour hearts were immediately comfortable, especially Zhang Qian, who was more sensitive. Looked at Su Jiaojiao with some doubts, she thought ‘how could this little sister-in-law be so much more sensible than before?’

She was really generous. It almost let her forget how angry she was before!

Younger sister-in-law was sensible and good.

“Oh, you silly child is such a waste. You take the money yourself. There are still some in mom’s house. Come to dinner tonight, and mom will make you delicious food!” Sun Fang was not willing to accept.

Zhang Qian’s eyes were staring intensely, and she almost reached out, and said, “I want it!!”

Fortunately, she stuffed all the money in her mother’s pocket before it was snatched. She coquettishly said, “Mom, you can take it. Buy more delicious food, then I’ll go back to eat.”

Zhang Qian was afraid that Sun Fang would refuse again, and hurriedly said, “Mom, little sister is filial to you, you will keep it. Besides, the little children are still small, and it’s important for them to eat.”

It’s fifty yuan!

How many things could I buy! If the harvest was not good, a person couldn’t get so much money even for one year’s work. At the thought of this, Zhang Qian’s heart was burning. She looked into Su Jiaojiao’s pocket. There were still two hundred and fifty there. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find an excuse for her to hand over the money for a while.

Sun Fang, persuaded by her daughter, reluctantly accepted it, and her smile could not stop. “Jiaojiao is so filial. Your mother’s heart feels sweet just like drinking brown sugar water!”

Su Jiaojiao also smiled, and did not pay attention to sister-in-law’s eyes. She was happy. Two hundred and fifty, plus the system to give strength, it was estimated that she could live for two or three years?

Sun Fang still had more than 100 yuan given by Song Qinghan as dowries. After Su Jiaojiao got married, she put them in the box.

Last night, she packed up and found them. Adding it all up, the money she had now was a lot.


After saying goodbye to her family, she went back.

What was Song Qinghan like when she left? What was he like now? He was sitting by the wall, even when the sun almost came down, he was still in the shadows. It’s been so long since he waited there. The sun was shining on him and it’s hot.

Su Jiao was in a good mood and her voice was very clear. “Why don’t you come in? Are you not feeling well?”

Song Qinghan’s head moved, as if he had just regained consciousness, raised his eyes and looked at her. A smile appeared on his handsome face. He seemed to be covered with a layer of white yarn, which softened her.

“You are back…”

His voice was pleasant to hear and he looked good. When he spoke like this, she was electrified. Her ears were numb and it spread to her neck. Her body trembled. She hurriedly bowed her head and walked quickly. She helped him to enter the room, touched his burned body, and she said, “You are stupid. You don’t know how to enter the room even when you are already sunburned like this.”

Song Qinghan smiled and said, “I’m hungry.”

“Oh, wait a minute. Today is a good day. I’ll prepare an egg for you to eat.” Su Jiaojiao’s attention was immediately diverted, and she said with a smile.

Song Qinghan was also very happy, “Thank you, Jiaojiao.”

Su Jiaojiao’s ears trembled again. She looked at Song Qinghan strangely. She always felt that he was different from before?

But when she looked at him with a smile on his face, she felt very unnatural. She took the money out of her hand and said softly, “This money came back. My parents have made a lot of efforts, so I gave them 50 yuan. There are two hundred and fifty left. Here are one hundred and five for you, and the rest I’ll take one hundred. I will buy you something to make up when the time comes.”

Su Jiaojiao didn’t think about taking all his money. The separation benefits was for the task. Even if it was the cost of taking care of him, she didn’t think about Song Qinghan’s own money. Anyway, he was really poor.

With that, Su Jiaojiao remembered and added, “I’ll visit the captain in the evening. Thank you for your help today.”

Song Qinghan stared at her. She was only 18 years old, but was talking with a bit of a childish girl voice while twiddling her tender fingers, and a warm stream passed through Song Qinghan’s heart.

Seeing the he didn’t speak for a while, she looked at him, and took an awkward step behind her feet and whispered, “Are you stupid?”

Song Qinghan returned to his mind, immediately warmed up, and thrust the 150 in his hand back to her. “If you are the master of the family, you will be in charge of the money.”

Su Jiaojiao was dumbfounded, “Give it to me, really?”

Would she take it or not?

“We are already husband and wife. Who can I give it to?” Song Qinghan looked at her with confidence, and with gentle and soft eyes, as he pointed to the room: “There is an iron box under the bed. It’s the money I have saved in recent years and the retirement subsidy. I haven’t given them all. I have saved it myself. You don’t have to worry about not having money.”

In fact, since he came back two years ago, he found that his room was gone and it became his brother’s study. When he came back, and was abandoned, he understood that the family had no place for him.

He once yearned for his parents’ care, but overtime, it completely turned into a bubble.

His annual salaries had gone up, but the money he had given to the Song family never increased. It made people think that he was still that little soldier, which he just left to their own eyes.

Su Jiaojiao knew that he had a lot of backers, and was curious about how much money he had left.

She just took him back to the room and closed the door to see.

The bed he said was actually a Kang*, but a kind of Kang made by himself. It was designed by Jiang An, a northerner. There was no space on both sides. You can’t see anything on the surface, there was only a hole, that she could fiddle with it by moving a brick.

The iron box was inside, and she reached for it.

When the iron box was opened, each piece of money was put in the box neatly. The box was not small, it was about the size of a 14 inch computer!

Taking a deep breath, she began to count: “10…100… 200……”

“Two thousand two!” Su Jiaojiao was shocked by the number, then looked up at the man sitting by the bed who slightly looked down at her. For a moment, she felt that his face seemed to be particularly gentle, but the next second she was only surprised.

She slapped Song Qinghan on the shoulder and admired: “Brother, in fact, you are quite smart!”

Song Qinghan’s smile froze: …, brother?


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