Married to a Disabled Man in the 70’s – Chapter 12

Translated by: Tinker

Su Jiaojiao placed the box back with a smile.

Seeing Song Qinghan’s surprise, she thought it was because of her praise, “Don’t doubt that you are really smart!”

With all this money, the Song family would never want to let a piece of it go.

In the end, he made the Song family believe that he was really poor, which showed how strong his disguise was!

Song Qinghan was really worthy of being her brother!

Song Qinghan was dumbfounded, then slightly smiled. He gazed at her with eyes that reflected a hint of danger.

The matchmaker system looked at the face of the host, hoping to wake her: [Wake up, you are not brothers!]

But it can’t do it, it didn’t dare.

Looking at the pitiful progress bar, the matchmaker system bounced in the host’s brain and said: [Ding task 9, married couples can declare each other’s ownership. Please introduce your husband to five people. Reward: Ten square feet of cloth ticket!]

This time, it was Su Jiaojiao’s smile who stiffened.

Introduce Song Qinghan to five people and tell others that this was her husband?

It’s so embarrassing. Who didn’t know in the village? Still need her introduction?

Su Jiaojiao thought in silence that she didn’t have any friends, and she also didn’t want to go out to make friends with others.

This was just going to heaven!

Su Jiaojiao asked weakly: [Can you change the task?]

The matchmaker system was completely selfish: [No, if this task can’t be completed, it will be stuck here all the time. In this way, the host can’t eat chicken chops, spicy sticks, roast chicken, and duck in the future.]

Su Jiaojiao: [….]


Let’s put down the task for a while. Su Jiaojiao would get the matter done later, her family would get it done, and her reputation in the village would get broken later.

Of course, this was a relatively bad thing.

Among Song Qinghan and the Song’s family, she acted as a villain, forcing her husband to break off the relationship with her parents.

Although there was a reason, she acted too strongly. Now everyone in the village knew that Su Jiaojiao was a shrew.

Su Jiao didn’t care about it. Anyway, those people dared not say anything to her. What matters now was to cure Song Qinghan’s injury quickly, or she would have to serve as an old lady.

It was still necessary to take him to the hospital. This was not just an excuse.

It’s just that Su Jiaojiao asked Song Qinghan about it. His leg had to be rechecked. It’s been more than half a month since the last examination.

In addition, Song Qinghan was busy with the marriage these two days. He mistakenly touched the wound that resulted the wound on his waist and abdomen being opened.

She thought it was nothing serious, but the wound was too hot, and was seriously infected.

Su Jiaojiao couldn’t find anyone else, only Su Zhengyang could be troubled.

When she goes out to the city, she could get all those things out of her space.

So the next day, Su Jiao came to her house to have dinner, and talked with Sun Fang, “Mom, I want to take Song Qinghan to the city hospital to have a look at his legs. Can I let dad join us?”

Task 9 hasn’t been completed, and the later tasks couldn’t appear because of this pending task, but she had already done so many tasks before, so she didn’t need to hurry.

With all the things she gained as rewards, she unfortunately couldn’t find a suitable excuse to take it out. This time, she could take it out.

The matchmaker system lamented in her mind and cried: [Host, do this task! In fact, it’s very simple!]

It’s not the first time that she heard this. She didn’t want to hear it.

Introduce specifically, to whom?

It’s too embarrassing. Won’t do it!

Su Zhengyang and Sun Fang nodded, “Okay, we have to finish things first before we go.”

“Okay, dad.” Su Jiao smiled and hugged his arm coquettishly.

Su Zhengyang smiled and was particularly satisfied: “It’s not hard. Dad can still work! This is the first time we can go to the county by tractor, but you have to get a special car from the county to the city, and it’s our first time, can you figure it out?”

Su Zhengyang is a smart person. Otherwise, he couldn’t raise his family in this era with comfort. But he had lived nearly fifty years, and the farthest place he went was in the county.

To find a hospital, they had to go to the city and find a place to live. He was worried when he thought about it.

Su Jiao was also somewhat absent.

Fortunately, Song Qinghan, who was with her, put down his chopsticks and said softly, “I have a friend in the county, so he can drive us there.”

“Now you still have a lot of connections!” Su Zhengyang felt relieved and patted him on the shoulder. “Take a good rest these two days. Don’t be afraid to use money, even if your money is not enough at home.”

“It’s okay. I have some money in my hand.” Song Qinghan was much more gentle towards his elders. When he replies, he smiles a little more than usual, and looks more and more handsome. Su Jiaojiao, who relied on Su Zhengyang’s shoulder to act coquettish, looked straight at him.

Song Qinghan’s smile deepened when she looked at him.

He gave her meat, “Eat first, it’s not delicious when it’s cold.”

Meat is greasy when it gets cold.

Su Jiaojiao came back to her senses and bowed her head to eat.

Su Zhengyang looked at him sourly and ate the vegetable sullenly.

If it weren’t for this person’s handsome face, his daughter would not have married so early.

Sun Fang treated Song Qinghan normally, poked her husband, and said, “Tomorrow, I’ll drag some firewood back to Jiaojiao’s side and send it to her. If we open a fire, we should occasionally put firewood.”

Su Jiaojiao shook her head and said, “No need, mom. Song Qinghan’s comrades already chopped some firewoods. It can be used for a long time.”

Their room was really filled of firewood, which was placed behind the kitchen. It’s estimated that the firewood would last for a year.

Sun Fang was relieved and smiled at the daughter who ate. “That’s good. If there’s something missing, I’ll come and get it. If you don’t want to cook, just say it in advance. Just come and eat it, okay?”

Zhang Qian listened sourly, but didn’t contradict this time. Her family just got 50 yuan from Song Qinghan. Now she couldn’t get angry with the money for the meat she eats.

Dabao and Erbao sat next to Su Jiao and looked at her with a silly smile: “Aunt should come here often.”

Su Jiaojiao nodded: “Mom, don’t worry, I won’t be polite. It’s still my family’s home even when I’m married.”

Sun Fang smiled and gave her a chopstick of lean meat.

Since the last time she knew that what she liked to eat was actually lean meat, this time they bought more lean meat.

They fried it according to the way Su Jiaojiao liked. Other people didn’t like it, but they just ate whatever meat was bought. At best or not, it’s meat, and Su Jiaojiao was the most satisfied.


Of course, at this time, the information transmission was not fast enough, so they had to wait a few days before arranging the time.

On the day of departure, they got up before dawn.

When the tractor was going to tow goods, Su Jiao took Song Qinghan and Su Zhengyang with her.

Su Zhengyang supported Song Qinghan with great strength, so he didn’t need to worry about tearing his wounds again.

Su Jiao took two kettles, wore a light colored shirt, and walked in front of them with the same twisted braids.

There were also two young females in the car, both of whom had good looks. One of them was slightly timid.

Seeing them come up, she smiled shyly and lowered her head. The other was leaning on the girl with her back. She looked at them curiously with her eyes. Her mouth was squeezed, and her eyebrows and eyes were a little delicate.

Su Jiaojiao also smiled at them as she supported Song Qinghan.

The man was agile, holding on to the tractor with both hands. He came up easily, and smoothly picked up all the things in her hands. This gesture gave her a kind of feeling of a boyfriend carrying a girlfriend’s handbag. She was stunned.

He had been applying medicine to his waist and abdomen wounds these two days, which made the healing faster than before. In addition to his plastered legs, the other leg also benefited a lot, and his posture was much more flexible than before.

These days, Song Qinghan was really like an ordinary husband. He would usually help with his hands whenever he could help, which made Su Jiaojiao a little uncomfortable, but started to get used to this.

Zhao Sisi, who was sleepy, bared her teeth and supported her waist, but when he saw them coming up, her eyes were bright. Both of them were native to Taohua village, but their appearance were even brighter than the young women.

Both of them were handsome and beautiful, especially the man’s temperament, which was totally different from that of Su Zhengyang, the real farmer who boarded the car.

Originally, Zhao Sisi had no thought of speaking, but seeing them like this, she remembered the rumors in the brigade two days ago, and she had a good feeling. Who made her be the only one who was always looked at with strange eyes?

Zhao Sisi looked at them with interest for a while, but the two parties were unfamiliar, and the atmosphere was a bit dull, so she cleared her throat and found a topic. “Are you going to the county hospital?”

Su Jiaojiao shook her head, “Go to the city.”

Zhao Sisi’s eyes brightened and asked excitedly, “Do you have a way to go to the city? I also want to go. I just twisted my waist yesterday. I can’t stand it!”

Of course, since there were many things in the city, she wanted to buy something on the way.

Su Jiaojiao chuckled and looked at Song Qinghan. “It’s his comrades who can help.”

Zhao Sisi clamped her hands together and showed a praying pose. “That…can you bring us both by the way? I don’t know whether the hospital in the county is good or not. It’s reassuring in the city. Okay…we’ll pay for it. Food stamps are okay, okay?”

“This…” Su Jiaojiao hesitated and dared not speak. She secretly pulled Song Qinghan’s sleeve.

Song Qinghan patted the back of her hand. He gave the responsibility to his wife to run the family. In a soft voice, he said, “You can decide.”

“Oh ~ ~” Zhao Sisi smiled narrowly on purpose.

She raised his eyebrows and whispered, “Comrade, you agree. This is for you, see if you want it?”

Su Jiaojiao blushed at her teasing. She had some unnatural desire to refute but couldn’t, and was just embarrassed.

She saw Zhao Sisi rummaged through her bags and found five tickets, and was placed in her hand.

Su Jiaojiao took a look at the ticket. She hesitated for a moment, and saw Song Qinghan said something in her ear. Suddenly, she pinched the ticket tightly with a red face and said to Zhao Sisi, “Thank you.”

Zhao Sisi waved with satisfaction: “It’s okay. I’ll trouble you later.”


All the way to the county, Uncle Zhang drove a tractor to deliver the goods. They got off the bus and looked around with interest.

This era was like the world described in black-and-white photos. Even in the county, it was gray. But at this time, everyone’s mental outlook was good. Most of them were smiling. They could see young men and women holding red books as they passed by.

After standing for a while, she saw a young man with dark skin showing a big white teeth, waving at them while running. “Brother Qinghan!”

Song Qinghan, who was looking out, also saw him and said in a loud voice, “Wang Xiao, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

The young man called Wang Xiao smiled. He looked very polite and honest.

He said excitedly, “Brother Qinghan, I’m sorry, I just went out to deliver the goods when you got married. I wasn’t able to catch up. This is a wedding greeting for you.” He looked at Su Jiao, and said, “Good sister-in-law, I was a comrade-in-arms with brother Qinghan before, but I retired half a year earlier.”

“Thank you.” Su Jiaojiao raised a smile, looked at Song Qinghan, saw him nodding, and took the gift box generously.

Song Qinghan was introducing Su Zhengyang.

Su Zhengyang was a little cautious. The young man in front of him was dressed in a good-looking Zhongshan suit* and was from the county. He could only grin.

When they said a few words, Su Jiao looked at Zhao Sisi and Li Yue, and couldn’t wait to hint her existence. Li Yue was quietly supporting Zhao Sisi.

Su Jiao said apologetically, “I’m going to trouble you later. These are the two young girls of our team. They also want to go to the city hospital. Can they sit down?”

Wang Xiao nodded, smiled, and warmly took Song Qinghan over from Su Zhengyang’s shoulder, “Of course, my car is big. Uncle, I’ll help you. Have a rest.”

Su Jiaojiao was relieved and thanked again. Su Zhengyang had free arms now, and took two steps to the side.

He used to smoke, but since he was in a car right now, and didn’t want to trouble the three girls with him, he quietly endured.

After the greetings, Wang Xiao pointed to the position of his car. “Brother Qinghan, sister-in-law, uncle, two comrades, the car is there. Let’s go first.”

“Give me the key, and you go buy something for me.” Song Qinghan said, and Wang Xiao listened and immediately gave it to him. He was very skilled at doing this.

Wang Xiao wanted to leave to buy the things. Seeing that elder brother Song Qinghan had gone to one side, he did not dare to disturb him.

He directly sent it to Su Jiaojiao’s side. “Sister in law, please help me first. Brother Qinghan will take you there. I will come in a moment.”

“Ah!” Su Jiaojiao couldn’t prevent being pressed by a big lump.

She almost couldn’t stand up, and took two steps back. She mumbled with a bitter face: “It’s so heavy.”


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