Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 13

In this era, you could only see tractors in the rural area. But in the county, there were already cars.

They were fetched by a car. At this time, there was no particularly perfect traffic rules, so one more person could sit. Song Qinghan sat in the front passenger seat, Su Zhengyang sat on one side, and Su Jiaojiao sat in the middle, next to Zhao Sisi and Li Yue.

Zhao Sisi was surprised. “Wow, does your husband actually know these people?”

“I don’t know,” she said innocently.

Zhao Sisi pursed her mouth, and was still looking at the car. Although her family was in good condition, she could still not afford a car.

Wang Xiao came back soon, Su Jiaojiao thought he was doing something important, but he just brought back some buns: “Brother Qinghan, here you are. This is for everyone.”

“Well, thank you.” Song Qinghan took it and looked at the buns. It was only four, so he handed it directly to Su Jiaojiao. “You and Dad eat it.”

The hot bun came to her hand, and Su Jiao was obviously shocked. Looking at Song Qinghan again, he looked gentle and his appearance showed he naturally cared for her. Zhao Sisi’s eyes made her uncomfortable. It was clearly showing curiosity.

“Dad, you have two.” Su Jiaojiao gave the two buns. She took another bun and gave it to Song Qinghan. “You can eat it, too.”

She couldn’t get up early to make breakfast, so both of them were hungry.

Song Qinghan took it in a good manner, bit the bun, and tasted the bean paste stuffing. The smell of the sweet taste spread in the car. Zhao Sisi swallowed, covered her stomach, and rubbed against Li Yue.

Naturally, Su Zhengyang was reluctant to let her daughter eat less. He put one in his mouth and the other in her mouth: “Jiaojiao eat. Dad also ate a piece of cake in the morning. Not hungry.”

“Dad!” Su Jiao stamped her feet in anger and gave him a look of displeasure, but the steamed bun was already in her mouth, which was useless.

Zhao Sisi saw this scene, and with sour toothache, she said, “If you don’t eat it, give it to me. I’m hungry.”

Su Jiaojiao hurriedly shook her head: “No, I want to eat.”


Su Jiao chuckled.


It took more than half an hour to get from the county to the city. According to Wang Xiao, this was because his car was good.

Wang Xiao retired half a year ago and was assigned a job to drive for the leader. Because Song Qinghan was injured at work, he was willing to offer him work, but he refused. The leader said that he needed to go to the city hospital for inspection, so he could use this car to pick him up.

Because of Wang Xiao, there was no need for Su Jiaojiao to do anything in the hospital.

Zhao Sisi was taken by Li Yue to register.

The doctor was still seeing a patient. They had to wait for a while.

At this time, a nurse who was about twenty years old came to them as if she knew Song Qinghan. When she saw him, her eyes lit up, but when she looked at Su Jiaojiao, her smile stiffened, and she approached two steps. Her voice sounded like it had a bit of blaming, “Why didn’t you come on the 22 for your re-examination? Why are you here now?”


If the wedding didn’t happen, he could come in the hospital just in time. With a smile on her lips, Su Jiao said softly, “I’m sorry. There were matters at home.”

“It’s okay.” The nurse smiled and shook her head. She looked at the two of them, like a suspicious fox.

She asked tentatively, “Are you his sister?”

When the opportunity came, the matchmaker system, who had been watching the host for several days, jumped excitedly and shouted in her mind: [Host! Answer her quickly!]

Su Jiao was also energized. She sat up straight and smiled: “No, he is my husband.”

After that, the familiar voice sounded in the ear immediately: [Ding task 9, married couples can declare each other’s ownership, Please introduce your husband to five people. Reward: Ten square feet of cloth ticket! (current progress 1 / 5)]

The nurse was suddenly struck by thunder. She looked at her, and at Song Qinghan.

Song Qinghan’s expression was faint, but when he turned to Su Jiao, he suddenly became soft.

The contrast of the treatment was obvious.

The nurse couldn’t lie to herself even if she wanted to. She narrowed her mouth, and could almost collapsed with her shoulder. She said dryly, “Oh, then you are happily married.”

When Song Qinghan came last time, the status was written that he was unmarried, and now he was married. He must be newly-wed.

The nurse left in a daze. Su Jiaojiao scratched her face and looked at Song Qinghan, but she saw that he was looking at her with a smile, and his eyebrows were more clear and meaningful. Suddenly, her face became hot and she looked at him sheepishly.

Don’t be affected. Anyway, she had the chance to complete the task, she would cry if she didn’t do it!

Yes, that’s it!

But then she suddenly found that this task was not as hard as she thought it would?

Sure enough, after seeing the doctor, Su Jiaojiao said that Song Qinghan was her husband and immediately made the task 2 / 5.

Su Jiaojiao: suddenly saw the silver lining of this task…


After struggling for half a day in the hospital, they went to take another film, showed it to the doctor, and applied medicine to the wound again. Finally, it was done.

The doctor said that Song Qinghan’s injury recovery was very good, especially the waist and abdomen where the medicine was applied. It would take days for the wounds to completely heal, so they didn’t to worry.

It would still take half a month to get ride of the plaster on his injured leg where the ankle bone broke. He still couldn’t use too much force.

Because the recovery was very good, as long as there was no injury, and any unexplained pain in the ankle, they didn’t need to come next time. It’s okay to have a good life at home. Although there were still minor problems, but he could almost walk without the crutches, which was great news.

This result obviously made everyone very happy. Wang Xiao proposed to go to the state-owned hotel for dinner. “Everyone, and those two female comrades, I invite you all for a treat!”

Song Qinghan shook his head, smiled much more than before in his handsome face, and his voice was much lighter. “I’ll treat you with anything”

Su Zhengyang was hesitating. “The state-owned hotel is expensive. You can’t spend money if we don’t have enough. Let’s buy meat and go back to cook. Comrade Xiao Wang can come too.”

“Dad, it’s okay. Isn’t the purpose of money to buy food?” Su Jiao shook his arm and asked him not to object. “Besides, I want to eat it.”

As soon as Su Zhengyang listened to her daughter’s words, he immediately conceded. “Okay, okay, let’s eat.”

“I’ll go buy something first. Wait in the hotel. I’ll call over Zhao Sisi.”

“Good.” Song Qinghan nodded: “Be careful, and come back quickly.”

Su Jiaojiao waved her hand and walked two steps to see her father following her. She couldn’t help crying and laughing. “Dad, you go to eat first. You see the shop in front? I’ll be back at once.”

The hospital was not far away from the shops and state-owned hotels. You could see it even just from a far. Her father didn’t need to worry she’ll get lost.

Su Zhengyang went back, “Be careful yourself.” Then he saw his daughter ran, and shook his head with tears and laughter. He turned to Song Qinghan, who was also looking at the cheerful back, and said, “This girl has not grown up yet.”

Song Qinghan shook his head and said with a smile, “She’s good.”

Wang Xiao also nodded: “My sister-in-law looks better than the big stars in the newspaper!” If he could find such a beautiful wife, he would spoil her so much.

Su Zhengyang felt his head proudly. “That’s it!”

Song Qinghan smiled and said nothing.


Su Jiao left for the sake of taking all the things in the system, so she jumped and ran away. When she got far away, she took a detour to the other side of the store, and looked back. She couldn’t see any people, so it was a relief.

The matchmaker system commanded in space: [Go ahead, turn right in the third lane.]

According to its words, Su Jiaojiao moved forward without hesitation.

She waited until there was no one in the alley. She took out all the things in the space: One can of wheat milk essence, two bags of wheat flour, and one full-length mirror.

The full-length mirror was big, fortunately it could be folded. After folding it more than eight times, Su Jiaojiao held it in one hand, the wheat flour in the other hand, and a can of wheat milk essence in her arms.

This was a safe place that the system found. No one was around. No one noticed after she came out, except for the fact that someone looked at the malted milk and the wheat flour in her hand. They didn’t notice the mirror in her other hand.

“Oh, my God. How can you buy so many things?” From afar, Su Zhengyang stood looking out at the door of the hotel and wasn’t relieved after seeing the things she bought. He saw her daughter coming back with difficulty and helped her carry the things, “How can it all be wheat flour? Do you like noodles or steamed buns? Have you bought the baking powder (yeast powder)?”

“Ah–” Su Jiaojiao’s face wrinkled. She shook her empty arm, and crisply said, “Dad, I forgot. I’ll buy some more.”

After saying those things, she ran again.

Su Zhengyang looked at the girl who hadn’t entered the hotel door and had already ran away again. He turned around and saw his son-in-law sitting by the glass wall. He ran in and laughed, “Jiaojiao is spoiled. Qing Han, don’t give her all the money at home, or it will be wasted.”

Song Qinghan chuckled. “It’s okay. It’s all food and doesn’t cost money.”

Su Zhengyang felt comfortable, but still shook his head hard, “That can’t be done. I’ll let her mother teach her more later. She has no way to spend money. She will be hungry in the future.”

Wang Xiao looked and smiled. “Uncle, don’t worry. Brother Qinghan is very powerful. He can afford it!”


When Su Jiaojiao came back again, she had a big bag on her, and had difficulty returning.

Fortunately, the elder sister who bought things over looked at her hard work and gave her a sack. Most of the sacks could be used on the way by ‘eating’. The tickets Zhao Sisi gave her were also used, but they cost only 10 yuan.

At this time, Zhao Sisi and Li Yue also came out of the hospital and were led on the way by Wang Xiao.

There were not many people in the state-owned hotels. The hotel had passed the peak period, so not many people came. When all of them arrive, they could order directly.

Song Qinghan said, “Just order whatever you want.”

The fat aunt in her forties sat at the front desk with a haughty look, and her neck held high, “Hurry up, you shouldn’t have come early. Should people wait for you?”

Other people were still hesitating, and Su Jiao had been hungry for a long time, “A steamed fish!”

“I want braised pork!” Zhao Sisi was not polite either, and she pushed Li Yue. After being checked by the doctor, her waist and strength was much better. Li Yue stumbled two steps and almost fell on Wang Xiao. She blushed and her neck was red. She hid behind Zhao Sisi and didn’t speak.

Zhao Sisi also reacted with some embarrassment: “That, Xiao Yue likes to eat meatballs, do you have any meatballs?”

“Yes, is it a meatball?”

Zhao Sisi nodded, “Yes.”

How could this person be more aggresive than her?

But now three dishes had been ordered. Su Zhengyang thought it was enough.

But what about the three big men?

Seeing that Wang Xiao and Su Zhengyang were not willing to be so extravagant, Song Qinghan directly said two dishes and added another soup.

“35 yuan in total.” Aunt chubby reached out and went to Song Qinghan.

Song Qinghan looked at Su Jiao.

“Why?” Su Jiao looked at him doubtfully, didn’t he say treat?

“Pay. You have the money.” Song Qinghan reminded her.

Su Jiao suddenly looked up, embarrassed, “Sorry, here it is.”

Aunt chubby laughed and asked, “Is this your girlfriend? How strict is she with the money.”

In this way, the aunt thought that Su Jiao looked to be in a young age and couldn’t be married yet.

Su Jiaojiao was embarrassed to hand over the money. She touched her nose, and whispered, “It should be! This is my husband.”

[Ding task 9, married couples can declare each other’s ownership, Please introduce your husband to five people. Reward: Ten square feet of cloth ticket! (current progress 3/ 5)]

The matchmaker system didn’t expect to complete this task during the trip. After several days of stagnation, it almost finished half of its desperate tasks at once, almost crying with joy.

Auntie smiled kindly, and her attitude was much better, she liked this kind of strong girl.

Wang Xiao looked at Song Qinghan in surprise, “They are not a few yuan! Brother Qinghan, it’s not like you. Before in the army, you calculated how many meals you are and how long you slept. Now you don’t care?”

Song Qinghan glanced at him with a bit of meaning: “I’m married.”

Wang Xiao: “…” Oh, he was wrong. Single dogs don’t deserve to ask.

Su Zhengyang chuckled and went to the seat first. His wife was worried that her daughter was too simple and would be bullied. Qinghan was a good boy indeed, even reacting like this even though he had no money.

It’s just that Jiaojiao was too cruel. How much money do men have to bring when they go out? Otherwise, it would be disgraceful. He really need to talk to his wife when he goes back.

I think he had a yuan on his own. He could buy some snacks for his grandchildren because they were pestering him!

Thinking of this, Su Zhengyang was very proud!

Zhao Sisi’s eyes rolled and fell on Song Qinghan, wondering why she saw a trace of pride?

What’s to be proud of?

Penniless man!

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