Married to a Disabled Man in the 70’s – Chapter 14

After a walk at the city hospital, everyone were refreshed.

When they went back, there was no tractor. Wang Xiao sent them directly to the entrance of the village. Su Zhengyang wanted him to come over for dinner, but Wang Xiao refused.

Su Jiaojiao followed her father and went back. All the things she had been carrying was carried by Su Zhengyang. Song Qinghan was also supported by him. He didn’t let her do anything at all, so she felt that her hands were empty.

When they came back, they could see the whole view of the village. At this time, people were still working. Everyone was in the field.

There weren’t lazy people. They did their work with focus, so they didn’t see the people walking all the way back.

But looking at the appearance of the village, she sighed.

When she stayed in her one acre land, she always felt that her transmigrating was not real enough. But when she saw these scenes, it finally confirmed.

She left the bright and beautiful world.

It was now 72 years, and there were roughly 40 years to go before the era of her original world. At that time, she would already be old.

She was so sad while thinking this.

Su Jiao was biting her lip, and there was a little more water in her eyes, but she quickly lowered her head so nobody would see it.

“What’s the matter?” As if aware of her sadness, the men walking in front of her suddenly looked back and asked.

Su Jiaojiao was startled. She shook her head and smiled: “It’s nothing….i just think that girl is pretty.”

She casually pointed to a girl with a white shirt and a long skirt. She was talking and laughing with another girl. The girl’s skin was white and beautiful, and she was really good-looking.

Song Qinghan just glanced at it for a moment, then nodded clearly, “Oh.”

But Zhao Sisi, who was still with them, said with a flat mouth: “What kind of vision do you have? I look so pretty, and you don’t say a word, but towards her, you do?”

Su Jiao Jiao smiled, and at first glance knew that Zhao Sisi and the girl had conflicts, so she wouldn’t meddle.

It happened that two girls also came over. The girl in the white shirt looked at them and smiled, aiming at Zhao Sisi, and said meaningfully, “Sisi, you came back? At noon, the captain asked about why you and Xiaoyue didn’t go to work in the afternoon?”

Li Yue’s face, which had been quiet for a long time, changed. The whole person was not well: “It’s over. I forgot that I only asked for half a day’s leave!”

Zhao Sisi remembered that they went to the city and she forgot about the others. She immediately stared at her and pulled Li Yue and said, “Thank you for your kindness. We’ll go to the captain now.”

Su Zhengyang first helped Song Qinghan go home.

When they got home, she took both the small and big bags from Su Zhengyang. She then added a bag of wheat flour to her dad and looked at him, “Dad, bring this home. How about letting mom make steamed buns? She can also make dumplings. I think you still have some left over meats. You can add some chives and eggs.”

Su Zhengyang didn’t want it at first, but when he saw the mischief from his daughter, he took it, “I’ll only take the wheat flour, keep the rest to yourself. Come here for dinner tonight.”

“No…” Su Jiaojiao was about to give it again, but Su Zhengyang flexibly ran out.

Su Jiaojiao had to give up: “It’s really my father.” He was reluctant to take advantage of his daughter, for fear that she would suffer.

Song Qinghan smiled and rubbed her head. Holding a cane in his hand, he took out a cigarette from the cabinet of the room with one foot, “Take it back to Dad later.”

“Wow!” Su Jiaojiao’s big eyes marveled. The cigarette in his hand was a good thing in this era. Especially because the cigarette’s brand was white cat. Few people in the village were willing to buy it. They were usually used to entertain guests. One box was two cents. Ten packs cost two yuan.

“Why are you so generous!” Su Jiaojiao took the cigarettes in both hands and looked at it repeatedly, with a broad smile in her face, “He would be happy after we give this cigarettes to him. He will definitely be.”

Su Zhengyang was usually willing to take the cheapest harvest and earn some money. Bonus are more expensive. The villagers are like this.

Song Qinghan was also infected by her smile. He unconsciously had some smiles on his face and nodded, “It’s all yours anyway. Come on, I won’t smoke.”

“Eh? Do you want to quit smoking?” Su Jiaojiao was surprised and looked at him doubtfully: “Is it uncomfortable?”

Otherwise, how could it be easy to quit smoking?

Song Qinghan shook his head and saw that she was close to him. He gave her a tap on the head and said, “Go and put what you brought back in the kitchen. Don’t damage it.”

“Hum -” Su Jiao covered her head and pouted unhappily, but she ran to deal with things happily.

She just liked the feeling of slowly tidying up after she had bought everything. It’s so relieving!

Song Qinghan could not help chuckling when he saw her happy appearance. After laughing, he touched the corner of his mouth suspiciously, and was slightly stunned.

In fact, he himself was not particularly fond of smoking. He just smoke to deal with people.

But today, when Su Zhengyang came back from smoking, Su Jiao wrinkled with an unhappy face, and waited for him to finish. It was obvious that she did not like smoking.

It was very easy for him to quit smoking, so he left a little favor and just gave out a cigarette he bought before.

“Look, I bought a mirror! It’s very clear!” Su Jiaojiao put the mirror in the room and planned to hook it on the wall.

Their room was located where the sun could shine. The mirror was just perfect in the room.

Song Qinghan looked at the simple but obviously beautiful and clear mirror and was surprised: “Where did you get it?”

“I bought it.” Su Jiao said it casually.

They could be found in shops, but the price was expensive, and most people were reluctant.

With that, Su Xiaojiao looked at Song Qinghan in a guilty way, afraid that he would think she was spending money recklessly, but instead she saw him with a soft look: “Well, it’s quite big. Place it beside the table. The hammer is at the bottom of the cabinet, and the nail is there.”

“Good.” Su Jiaojiao nodded to get the things.

In addition to the most important mirror, the rest was food. Su Jiaojiao first gave Song Qinghan a spoonful of wheat cream: “I heard it’s very good to drink this. Try it.”

There were only two cups at home, one for each person. Song Qinghan didn’t say much when she saw that she had them.

She took a sip of them and boiled the water. She was warm and sweaty, but she still felt comfortable.

After both of them finished drinking, she washed the cup, and poured the pulp and juice into the cup from the can she bought. She emptied a jar and filled it with a jar of wheat milk essence. “This one is for my nephew, I’ll go there first. If I eat dumplings, I’ll bring it back to you directly.”

There was only one can of wheat milk powder, which could only be divided in this way.

“I’ll go with you.” Song Qinghan said without thinking.

Su Jiaojiao nodded naturally: “Okay, then you come out and I’ll lock the door.”

She was afraid that Song Qinghan’s leg would hurt if he didn’t walk steadily, so Su Jiaojiao supported him a little. She helped him back.

Some few village mothers who work early passed by and saw them. They smiled and joked: “Yo, the little couple haven’t been sticky enough at home yet?”

Song Qinghan coughed softly after they stopped talking.

Su Jiao Jiao was not shy at all and said with a smile: “Auntie, am I not afraid of Qinghan being injured? There’s no one working in this family. I can’t cry to death and let him get hurt again.”

“Yes, be careful.” The village mothers immediately changed their mouth and said with heartache, “You two should live a good life. You just stay away from the Song family.”

Oh, wasn’t that man pitiful?

How humiliating was it that the Song family treated this son like this. He could only rely on his wife’s family.

How could he still be able to live? It’s the kindness of the host family. Thanks to Jiaojiao, the child was so powerful. Otherwise, he won’t be able to live well.

Su Jiaojiao smiled and nodded, and continued to move forward, but Song Qinghan was looking at her with a strange look. Did she just called herself Qinghan?

This was the first time Su Jiaojiao called him like this, the voice was crisp and nice, and it really felt like they were family.

His eyes were shining and his smile was a little more obvious.

The matchmaker system noticed this and jumped again: ‘I can’t release a good task! Blocked by task 9! I’ve never seen such a passive host!’


After they delivered the wheat milk essence, Su Zhengyang’s eyes were red, and he said, “You’r still my daughter!”

Several children jumped up happily: “Aunt is so nice!!”

Su Jiaojiao let Sun Fang and Su Zhengyang have a drink too. She couldn’t be more happy after watching them drink happily.

Zhang Qian looked at the things they bought. She was happy but felt some bad after taste. It’s all Song Qinghan’s things. It showed that the little sister-in-law actually married very well. She was a little jealous in her heart.

But when she saw the happy look of her mother-in-law, and her two children acting like sneaky kittens, she shut up wisely.

Today’s dinner, at the request of Su Jiao, the dumplings were made. There were many people at home who helped made them quickly.

Su Jiaojiao couldn’t do anything, so this time she still remembered to learn. But since she learned quickly, she immediately sat and played with Dabao.

Li Xiu watched the dumplings with lots of minced meat all the way, and her hands were very sharp.

She wanted to eat!

Zhang Qian boasted that she was the most clever in the family. She bowed her head and did it for a while. When she saw the giggle outside, she couldn’t help but look at her. Then she saw her little sister-in-law jumping into the house with two older children. The rest of the little ones were clapping beside her.

She frowned slightly: “My little sister is married and hasn’t grown up yet. She also runs to play with her children. She doesn’t know how much she needs to learn.”

Sun Fang glanced at her: “What’s wrong? Doesn’t she already know? Don’t forget this flour was from them!”

“Look at you, if you don’t have the ability, don’t talk anymore. If you can get me food and drink like this, I will let you work less!”

Once again, she was scolded. Zhang Qian quickly closed her mouth, but her face was not good-looking.

A few days ago, she got 50 yuan from Song Qinghan, but how come the money didn’t reach her?

As a result, the little sister had changed from eating one-person’s dish to two. She ate a lot. The food in her family was so little. If she ate a lot, Zhang Qian had to eat a little less?

It’s okay for two days a day, but it was nearly ten days since she got married. She comes here to eat almost every day. Sometimes she comes alone, even take their share of eggs. They didn’t even eat eggs at home because she had taken them all!

Zhang Qian thought that she had lost, but because she was the first daughter-in-law of her in-laws and was married to their eldest grandson. Everything in the family would be hers in the future. What’s the matter if they eat it?

Just for the sake of these two people, how many holiday leaves did her parents-in-law already take?

Besides, her sister-in-law didn’t work and didn’t have a job. Where will the food come from in the future?

Zhang Qian dared not say the words that were in the bottom of her heart. Before that, she also mentioned a sentence to her husband, but it was ignored directly.

And especially seeing her sister-in-law lazy, the more suffocating and angry she was.

“Mom, it’s delicious!” Su Jiaojiao took a bite of the chubby dumplings dipped in vinegar sauce. It was delicious. She didn’t like fatty meat, but this meat was minced, plus there was leek and eggs.

Sun Fang cheerfully looked at the girl’s mouth stuffed with food, “It’s delicious. Eat more. There are still 20 dumplings left. Take them back, eat it for breakfast tomorrow morning.”

Everyone else in the room was addicted to this rare meat-flavored dumpling, and didn’t pay attention.

Zhang Qian was the only one who was awkward.

But when she looked up, everyone didn’t respond.

Su Jiao heard and nodded contentedly: “Wow, Mom, then I accept. I won’t have to wake up early to cook tomorrow, and worry about what to eat all day.”

No one said anything at all?

Zhang Qian looked at the greasy face, and her heart was full of bad taste. Especially, when she thought that the dumpling given off by her mother-in-law. This was probably prepared for them. Maybe all the meat went in those dumplings.

She thought and thought, but still was not reconciled, “Mom, my sister is married. When will she go to work? Now I’m busy with farming. I’ll try my best to earn seven or eight jobs. Now my brother-in-law can’t make money, so she can’t sit on the sidelines, can she?”

Su Jiaojiao was shocked. She wanted her to earn work points?!!

All of a sudden, the dumplings in her mouth didn’t smell so good~

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8 months ago

Honestly, I can understand elder sister’s-in-law anger. Is not that unreasonable.

Reply to  tinkerreleases
7 months ago

I hope she hasn’t forgotten that the person she is competing with (fl) is the real blood-related daughter of the su parents. How does she have the gall to stop the parents from loving fl? It’s not unreasonable anyway and fl does give provisions. Hope she’ll be dealt with soon to clear her mind and not poison the children’s minds with envy.

8 months ago

It’s the second family that I like best. The bro is cute and the wife is also cute. The eldest sister-in-law is quite understandable so I don’t hate her fully. Even if she has not the purest intentions, at least she won’t let outsiders bully the family outside. She’s quite humane.