Married to a Disabled Man in the 70’s – Chapter 15

Although Su Jiaojiao grew up in a greenhouse, she knew how to be a good girl because she had the memory of the original owner.

It’s tiring to work in the field, especially in July and August when the two robberies happened. In her memory, her parents, her brother and sister-in-law all lose a lot of weight. No matter how arrogant the original owner was at this time, she wouldn’t make trouble for the family. Of course, she didn’t work either.

It’s mainly because she pretended not to work.

Every time she got busy, she felt uncomfortable. Her parents love her, so they didn’t say anything. Most of her brothers and sisters didn’t say anything. Occasionally, the elder sister-in-law was dissatisfied, but still suppressed their thoughts, maybe because the original owner didn’t eat much food. She usually just ate some eggs and so on.

But now, she was married, was there still reason to refuse?

No, she had a reason!

Just before she said it, Sun Fang was not happy: “Eldest daughter-in-law, why do you always stare at Jiaojiao? Are you dissatisfied with her? It’s so hard to go down the farm. Jiaojiao’s skin is tender and soft, what if it gets sun damaged? You compensate me for her?”

Once again, Zhang Qian was rebuffed by her mother-in-law. Her face was as swollen as a pig liver. She just wanted to talk back, but her leg was touched.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw her husband with a deep frown. Her eyes were now filled with tears.

Su Jiao looked away from her face embarrassedly, and looked at her mother, seeing her face was not good, she leaned her head up. “Mom, it’s okay. What she said was reasonable.”

Sun Fang said with a heartache, “Wait a minute, don’t you still have money? First, spend it wisely. When your husband is ready, let him work on his own. If you wasted more money, mom will just give you more. Don’t I want a better life for you?”

“Well, don’t worry, I’m sure I won’t go to work. I can work when there’s no money at home.”

She thought so. Anyway, as long as nothing serious happened, the two thousand yuan could be used for a long time. Comparing prices, for a few decades, it might be hundreds of thousands. With five years left, she would still be free.

Besides, there’s rewards from the matchmaker system.

Although task 9 was yet to be completed, the rewards would be generous enough.

Song Qinghan also nodded with a serious face: “Jiaojiao is not worried. There is still money at home. We use it first. Then when my legs are ready, I can go to work. Jiaojiao doesn’t eat much and we can afford it.”

Sun Fang looked at her honest son-in-law, and her heart was more comfortable. She said with a smile, “Jiaojiao is really smart. That’s it. Besides, when your husband’s legs are good, maybe you can think of working?”

Zhang Qian listened to the whole process in silence. She took a dumpling to her mouth and felt infinite sadness. How could she…have met such a husband? and such parents?!!!

Her little sister was so lucky!

At the thought of this, her heart was more sour, but she dared not talk.

“Mom’s right!” Su Jiao nodded seriously, and glanced at the sister-in-law. She felt helpless in the bottom of her heart. After fighting with the original owner for so long, she still wanted to fight with her. She didn’t get cheaper every time.

It was really poisonous. She had to find a chance to split her parents’ families quickly soon.


After eating, Su Jiaojiao took Song Qinghan back.

As for washing dishes, Su Jiaojiao thought that she gave this bag of flour, and was used by them. It should be okay if they washed a bowl.

After all, we should respect our parents, but not our brothers and sisters. Not to mention the three little Luobu heads.

But Zhang Qian looked at her arrogant figure, and her teeth almost broke.

Fortunately, the dishwasher was not alone. After waiting for someone to leave, Zhang Qian poked Li Xiu who washed the dishes seriously: “Don’t you feel uncomfortable? We had a little sister before, but now we have two! And I watch carefully, Song Qinghan ate a lot!”

Li Xiu gave her a quiet look: “Don’t forget the 50 yuan, and this flour is also from them, that’s the meat…”

With that, she continued to wash the dishes with her head down.

Although she was a bit stupid, she could see clearly. Before her little sister got married, they didn’t eat so well. Afterwards, they ate well after their little sister got married.

As for whether the food was enough… This was not her concern.

Although Li Xiu didn’t finish speaking, Zhang Qian also remembered that the meat seemed to be bought by Song Qinghan and the Song’s family’s 50 yuan after they separated. The thin one was given to some of the couple, and the fat one was left behind.

Zhang Qian: “…”

When she thought of this, she still felt that it was her little sister who took advantage of them.

Her parents in law were really not clear-minded. Obviously they were the eldest son and grandson, but their treatment was not as good as that of the girl!

But no one cooperated. The twists and turns in her heart, calculations and the like, could only be hidden in her heart.

Compared with other families, the two people’s home was exceptionally quiet and comfortable.

Because they were not a true couple, the life of Su Jiaojiao and Song Qinghan was more like a shared roommate.

The two laid in bed, covered in thin quilts, but there was still space for a person to lay down in the middle.

At the beginning, Song Qinghan deliberately asked the people to make the bed bigger. He originally wanted to make two more beds, but was persuaded by Jiang An. After hesitation, he was unable to get over it, so he made it bigger than other people’s bed.

And now…

Song Qinghan looked at the other side that seemed to have not yet fallen asleep. Under the light, a pair of big eyes blinked from time to time. Her long eyelashes were sweeping on his heart, making him itchy.

Su Jiao still laid on the bed.

But there was nothing to do. Without a watch, she could not estimate the time. She was not too tired today, and there was nothing to do at home. Before the sleepiness came, she opened her eyes and imagined that she had returned to the original world.

While she was thinking about this, she suddenly felt her eyes warm, like someone was looking at her.

As soon as Su Jiaojiao lifted her head, she saw Song Qinghan looking at her, and this made her heart jumped, “What’s the matter with you?”

Song Qinghan shook his head and asked, “Can’t sleep?”

“Yes.” Su Jiaojiao nodded dejectedly: “Nothing to play, nothing to eat, nothing to watch, nothing…”

Song Qinghan was silent.

Neither did he.

“Ah ~ ~” with a faint sigh, Su Jiao’s eyes suddenly brightened: “Eh, it’s raining?”

Raindrops hit the tiles with a loud voice, the sound was clear.

Song Qinghan smiled: “Yes.”

Su Jiaojiao raised her leg, smiled, and said: ” I used to like walking in the drizzle, I always feel that this is very romantic…”

Song Qinghan frowned slightly, did not understand the word ‘romantic’, but still tried to cooperate with her words: “Now?”

Su Jiaojiao whispered and said: “I don’t like it.”

She pursued romance with her friends before, and they both fell ill. However, the illness she had extended directly to pneumonia. It lasted for a long time, and was very painful.

So now she didn’t like it at all.

But she didn’t say this.

Young men and women, sleeping in the same bed, as pure as they were, were really rare.

Su Jiao looked at him in the dark light, and Song Qinghan’s slightly reflective eyes looked at her, which in fact were a bit frightening.

However, Su Jiaojiao did not feel afraid, and had a deeper understanding of Song Qinghan’s military status.

Even if he already retired, he brought her a sense of security and reassurance.

It rained harder and harder outside. They looked at each other silently, falling into a strange atmosphere.

Su Jiaojiao’s face began to turn red.

What she thought before was that if they still had no feelings with each other, and when the college entrance examination resumes in 77′, she would leave and take the opportunity to divorce.

But she didn’t think about what to do after having feelings.

But during this time, Song Qinghan’s behavior of giving her both money and tickets was quite surprising. Although she didn’t really want it, she was touched.

Song Qinghan looked good, not only in this era, but also in the future world. Among the people Su Jiaojiao knows, the value of his face was very good. If he was a little whiter, he would look better. He had good temperament and character. He looked smart, but actually was very irascible. When he meets someone who he didn’t like, he just wouldn’t waste time dealing with them, and this made his opponents angry.

Just like what the parents of the Song family did last time, Su Jiaojiao was really angry, and could take a knife directly and hit them hard, without blinking an eye.

But Song Qinghan was different, even if he had an intention of splitting the family, he was completely unconcerned even when he lost his face in public. It was like he did not care.

Such a man, in the 21st century, was also a good husband’s choice. In her last life, she didn’t get married. That’s because her classmates’ fast-food love gave her psychological shadow. She simply didn’t want to find a boyfriend and become a senior housemaid.

But now she had a ready-made husband, which was quite suitable. So….why would she refuse?

She came to this world in the book, but the people here felt very real. She didn’t know if she could still go back in the future. Of course, she had to live every day well, so…

As she was thinking about it, suddenly Song Qinghan moved.

He reached over and wanted to touch her hand, as if shy, but also as if he didn’t know how to ask: “Are you…cold?”

She chuckled and whispered, “Cold.”

Song Qinghan was a little more daring and stretched out a little.

Now it’s hot…he was covering her stomach, her hands were on her side, but Su Jiao felt that she’s gonna hit…..

Suddenly a bright light flashed out of the window, and Song Qinghan took the opportunity to see the specific location of her hand, and was about to reach out.

“Boom–” A loud bang appeared.

“Wow, la–” The rain seemed to be splashed down from the sky.

Su Jiao was shaken by the thunder and her hand shrank back. At the same time, she felt chilly and quietly changed the quilt.

Song Qinghan stayed for a while, feeling that his hands were empty, his lips were slightly deflated, and he was aggrieved.

They were silent, and Su Jiao looked at him awkwardly. At the same time, the lightning appeared constantly, which also reflected the grievance on his face.

As soon as Su Jiaojiao’s heart softened, she also found it strange that she didn’t seem to reject living with Song Qinghan.

This world was a novel. Song Qinghan was the male lead in the novel, but as far as she read, the male and female leads only had a shallow, and almost negligible intersection.

So she didn’t need to worry about the novel. If they could be together, it would still be good?

With this idea in mind, her small heart softened, and fluttered as it began to drum. She took a deep breath, and her hand firmly extended, holding the big hand that had retracted, and whispered: “I was a little scared.”

Song Qinghan instantly sobered, pursed his lips, and tentatively said, “Come here a little? Don’t be afraid. Get closer.”

Su Jiao smiled silently, but she still nodded and leaned over a little.

Song Qinghan’s mouth lifted, and his other hand was sweating. He secretly sneaked against the quilt.

However, both of them had never been in contact with the opposite sex, and they were very embarrassed. They were also close to each other by five centimeters.

Almost, but stopped.

Song Qinghan was also very satisfied. He smiled at the corner of his lips, holding a soft and tender little hand in his hand. He seemed to float. But it was like a balloon, and it felt so hot that he was about to explode.

Su Jiaojiao was much better, she was indeed afraid of the earth-shattering sounds of thunders, as if human beings were just grain in the air that could easily be blown away.

The power of nature was too terrible.

When she got to the beach, she didn’t dare to look underneath. This was the case of deep sea fear. She always felt that the sea was too terrible, and it could swallow her at any time.

But at this time her hands were clenched tightly, and she felt relieved in heart. She smiled as she listened to the sound of rain and the thunder and lightning that sounded from time to time.

Her hand was squeezed by the big hand, and Su Jiaojiao whispered, “Sleep.”

Song Qinghan: “Okay.”

Then he continued to peek at her.

This time, he didn’t dare to be so obvious. His eyes fell on her hands and face, and it couldn’t stop for a moment.


A rain unexpectedly poured heavily that it didn’t stop the whole night.

Waking up in the middle of the night, Su Jiaojiao wanted to go to the toilet, but she was too scared to go. She was shaking her legs as she hesitated.

Fortunately, Song Qinghan reminded her of the spittoon, and silently held it to the next room. When she came back, she was uneasy to see the rain as heavy as before.

Unfortunately, the book began in autumn, and she didn’t know what happened next.

The next morning, in the chilly temperature, they woke up.

As soon as Su Jiaojiao opened her eyes, she saw the man was looking at her. His eyes were gentle, which formed a sharp contrast with the first meeting in her memory. She couldn’t help but chuckle and blushed.

Song Qinghan coughed softly, and turned red. The voice was small, as if it didn’t escape her mouth, “Wake up, do you want to rest for a while?”

“No more sleep.”

When she got up, she found that her hand was still being held. Suddenly, her smile became more and more bright. She said: “Let go, I’ll cook dumplings and add an egg.”

“…… Oh.” Song Qinghan reluctantly let go, his eyes still followed her.

Fortunately, this time of year, there was no need to change clothes.

Su Jiaojiao got up calmly, added a coat to herself and went out.

It’s a pity that it was still raining outside.

The kitchen was on the side of the yard. Fortunately, when the eaves were originally built, they were lengthened. They didn’t need to get wet when they walked, just that their trouser legs would still get wet.

The place where they sleep was close to the kitchen. They were able to hear each other. Dumplings were not frozen, so it was okay to put them in hot water and cook them in a short time.

It was cold outside. Su Jiaojiao shouted directly at the kitchen door, “It’s ready!”

“Coming” Song Qinghan got up after Su Jiaojiao woke up. The floor outside was not made of cement, this made it slippery, so he didn’t go out to help.

He used to help her putting the fire since it was easy to sit in front of the stove. They could also talk together.

When Su Jiao heard his response, she immediately came over with a bowl and went in and out again to get the seasoning. When it was ready, she came out and sat down to eat.

Song Qinghan was waiting for her to eat together.

“I’m so tired. When your legs are ready, I won’t cook.” Su Jiaojiao yawned and slept well, but in this rainy day, she still wanted to sleep subconsciously.

Song Qinghan nodded seriously: “Ok, I’ll work hard.”

Su Jiaojiao smiled with satisfaction: “I see you perform so well. I’ll allow you to drink one more cup of malt cream today.”

She ordered a cup for the two before going to bed. In fact, Su Jiaojiao wanted milk powder more. She heard that wheat milk was only a drink, while milk powder could be a supplement to the body, but she could only wait for the next visit and bring the milk powder ticket. It depended on whether stores had it.

Song Qinghan smiled: “No, you can drink it yourself. I’m in good health.”

Su Jiaojiao’s eyeball swept at him, raising her eyebrows meaningfully, Song Qinghan silently bowed his head and dared not resist.


It rained a lot in June.

It rained very hard for two days.

The road in the countryside was wet and slippery after it rained. It was muddy when they went went out. Su Jiao was too lazy to go to her house and have a meal, so she just thought about preparing food at home.

Although she didn’t take the initiative to do it, she did watch a lot of small videos, so her hands-on ability was still there, plus there were a lot of things at home she could use.

For example, at this time, she tried to make cold skin, she just mixed the dough, put it in the water, and handed it to Song Qinghan: “You come and wash it like laundry.”

Song Qinghan looked at the dough which was put in the water basin strangely, stretched out his hand and began to work.

“I’ll have some steamed buns at noon, and we’ll have cold skin in the evening. I’ll make you hot and sour cold skin. It’s delicious!”

“Okay!” Song Qinghan had not eaten it, nor did this before, but he also expressed deep expectation, and carefully rubbed a small ball of dough in his hand.

In view of doing this for the first time, Su Jiao didn’t put too much flour. She was afraid of wasting it.

It was not easy to knead until there was only a small size gluten-like dough left in the end. Su Jiao’s breath was greatly relieved. At last, it was a success.

After another few hours, she looked at the turbid bottom of the water, which was already clear. Su Jiaojiao poured out the water, leaving only the bottom ones. She found a big tin box of biscuits she had brought from her home before, and washed the lid of the tin box. She poured the cold skin, and steamed it in the pot.

The final product was surprisingly good.

They were busy for a long time. Looking at both their translucent face, they looked at each other with excitement. It was mainly Su Jiaojiao. They didn’t expect to really succeed.

She took Song Qinghan’s hand and shook it, “You’ve worked hard. If you didn’t rub it for so long, we couldn’t make this.”

Song Qinghan patted her head with another hand in praise: “You are capable. You can do all of this.”

Su Jiaojiao smiled modestly. When the cold skin cooled down, they cut it into shreds and cooked it with oil.

The chili powder was bought from the matchmaker system. When it’s drizzled with vinegar, the fragrance and the color came out.

The two people drooled at the newly-cooked food. Their eyes were looking forward to tasting it. When they finally ate it, their eyes light up at the same time: “Delicious!”


The success of cold skin increased her confidence. She thought about the things in her head all day. But unfortunately there were not enough fresh ingredients at home and there was no meat left. She could only toss flour and noodles.

Su Jiaojiao also tried the scallion oil noodles. It was also delicious!

In the rainy day, they ate the food in silence. Their emotions felt warmed as they ate. It was another heavy rain in the middle of the night, and the sound of thunderstorm could directly wake people up.

Su Jiaojiao was woken in a dream up by the loud noise. She was shocked. When she opened her eyes, the sky was still dark. She reached out to turn on the light, but found that it was empty. At this time, there was no electric light in the countryside, so she immediately complained.

Fortunately, Song Qinghan immediately woke up and patted her on the back to calm her. But soon, they felt the ground shaking.

Su Jiaojiao was a little scared. She was shocked again and murmured, “Earthquake?”

“Impossible?” Song Qinghan hesitated and said they hadn’t had an earthquake in years.

The rain falling outside was louder than before. They fell on the tiles like drums.

The two people in the room looked at each other, and Su Jiao moved a little closer, which made Song Qinghan’s eyes widened.

It’s too noisy, she couldn’t sleep.

Today’s rain was a bit heavy. Fortunately, the tiles at home were all new. They could last for a long time.

At this time, there were some noises from outside, and then someone shouted: “These young people were crushed under! Uncle Zhang, get up and drive the tractor to take them to town!!!”





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Rachel Kim
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We went from “fluffy married life 🥺” to “there are people about to fucking die” huh

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