Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 16

It rained on and off for a week.

The sky was gloomy, and people in the village had no spirits.

Su Jiaojiao and Song Qinhan both had a bit of a muddle. They forgot to tear the small calendar sent by people when they were newly weds and didn’t know what day it was today.

But when those young people fell over, it was quite a big issue.

Fortunately, they didn’t need to worry about this. That night, someone drove a tractor to take the two young people who were injured to the county hospital. The rest of the people who were not injured were relocated to a safer place.

The next afternoon, the rain stopped.

On the day of June, just after the heavy rain whistled, it cleared in a blink of an eye. The sunshine was just right, the temperature dropped a lot because of the rain, the land was wet, and they dared not go out easily.

Su Jiaojiao didn’t want to go out and was too lazy to cook at home these days. “Let’s eat outside.”

“Okay.” Song Qinghan naturally couldn’t refute. He didn’t want to use his legs so much because of the pain and also didn’t like cooking. It was better to be honest and shut up.

When they went out, she saw a familiar middle-aged man with glasses and a book in his hand, and there were people following behind him.

When the man saw Su Jiaojiao, he immediately smiled: “Jiaojiao, is this your husband?”

The matchmaker system was excited again: [Answer him! yes!!!]

“Yes, this is my husband Song Qinghan. Uncle Wang. What are you doing?”

The matchmaker system suddenly relaxed: [Ding task 9, married couples can declare each other’s ownership, Please introduce your husband to five people. Reward: Ten square feet of cloth ticket! (current progress 4/ 5)]

Wang Qin didn’t care about this sentence: “You kids are different from the high school kids. You speak very well. By the way, do you live here?”

She pointed to the yard just behind them. “Yes,”

Wang Qin was also in their brigade. It was said that he was in the same primary school as her father. However, he studied a little better because his family conditions were better, so he went a little further. Later, he entrusted his relationship to the county and was a civil servant in this era. For them, he was very powerful.

Wang Qin was surprised and said, “Just you two? How many are there in that room? “

Su Jiao felt a little strange, but she still said truthfully: “Two, but my husband can’t make a living at the moment.”

“Okay.” Wang Qin nodded with a smile and looked at the young man who was supported by her again. “Uncle didn’t know. I’ll talk to your father when the work is finished.”

“Good.” She didn’t know what to say to him. After answering the questions, she left.

Wang Qin took the notebook and went to another house with the people around him. Su Jiaojiao looked back and saw that he was asking the same questions as them. She wondered, “What is this for?”

Song Qinghan frowned: “The house of that young man collapsed. They have to redo one in a short time and spend money, but so many people have to be resettled…”

Su Jiaojiao looked at him doubtfully, blinked twice, and suddenly remembered that in the book, the reason why the male lead would be notice by the female lead was that he was not living alone.

Who was that person? Why did the person live with him?

It wouldn’t be the young man who collapsed?

Not at all? After all, there seemed to be no intersection between the young man and Song Qinghan.

She said in a low voice, “Our family will not be requisitioned, will it? It’s over…”

Song Qinghan pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

They didn’t lack money or tickets. They were just newly married couple. If they wanted them to add people in their homes, they wouldn’t allow it!

It’s just that Jiaojiao was a girl. If they find a man to live additionally with them, it’s impossible. Or if they find a woman to live in with them, it also wouldn’t work.

Both of them were silent at the same time, and both of them were worried about this sudden thing. For Song Qinghan, it was quite simple if he was alone. He could find two brothers to live here, but if there was another girl, it wouldn’t be good.


When they went to the hostel for dinner, Sun Fang also talked about this with her: “I think Captain Wang took the notebook and asked about some people in the family. If there was a room available, he estimated that he would send those young people to the family.”

Su Jiaojiao’s little face wrinkled: “Mom, we still have a room, what should we do?”

Zhang Qian said with a smile, “You can rest assured that if they live in your house, they will surely make up for the food, and will definitely compensate for them and you won’t lose money.”

Zhang Qian snorted. She took more dishes and ate more. Her mother-in-law was willing to make more dishes and give more oil every time her little sister-in-law came here. If she didn’t go to work in the last few days, what would they eat?

Su Jiao also snorted with a small voice and said, “Sister-in-law, if you want it, you can do it. Anyway, I am not willing even if there’s a spare room at home.”

As soon as this remark came out, Zhang Qian eyes glared at her.

But before she could reply, Sun Fang called back: “Those young people are not easy to get along with. They are different from our living habits. Besides, do you know how their house collapsed?”

“Do you know, mom?” asked Su Jiaojiao.

Sun Fang lowered her voice mysteriously: “It’s said that a group of people were fighting for a young girl named Xi Yao. A dozen people lived together in the place where the young man’s house collapsed.”

Xi Yao?

Su Jiaojiao heard that Zhao Sisi said the name before, but she didn’t have a deep impression. After hearing it, she forgot about it. Now that she heard it again, she smacked her tongue and thought to herself that Xi Yao was really powerful.

In the original book, the female lead’s name seemed to be Xi. Her step-sister seduced the young man she liked in the countryside. She followed the man to this village.

However, the female lead was reborn. Unfortunately, the time of rebirth was not early enough. She was on her way to the countryside.

Before that, when she had read the book, she was not impressed by the name of the femal lead, and didn’t remember it. After all, she was a person who could read several novels a day.

But thinking about it, this Xi Yao, was she the female lead’s step sister? This also made sense, although she didn’t know who the person that the female lead liked.

Su Jiao was immersed in her thoughts that the movement of her eating became slower.

Song Qinghan saw that her small mouth was slow, and silently gave her a dish: “Eat first.”

“Oh, oh.” Su Jiaojiao returned to her senses, smiled at him and continued to eat.

Song Qinghan’s eyes were gentle and soft. Seeing that the dishes in her bowl were almost done, he was afraid that she would eat less, so he passed a bit of food to her.

Sun Fang nodded with satisfaction, and felt more comfortable.

Li Xiu looked at her younger sister and her brother-in-law, and then looked at her husband’s head who was eating seriously. She could not help but touch him.

Su Jianjun wondered: “What’s the matter?”

Li Xiu looked at her empty bowl and said, “Bring me some food.”

Su Jianjun said impatiently: “I’m busy. You get your own food.”

After that, he kept eating and placed two chopsticks in his mouth.

Li Xiu’s eyes darkened. She stepped on the man’s foot under the table angrily, which made him eat sullenly.

Zhang Qian looked at them and sneered. She didn’t care about those things. She is the eldest daughter-in-law of her parents-in-law!

Thinking of this, she suddenly saw that Su Jiao gave Song Qinghan a chopstick of vegetables. The two of them looked at each other, smiled tacitly, and continued to eat. Zhang Qian suddenly burst out a few drops of sour water in her heart and turned away.


That night, the brigade called people to a small square for a meeting.

The land was not dried yet, so everyone came here in slippers, with their trousers high, and looked at the captain standing on the platform with his back.

Captain Wang Jianye spoke clearly with the loudspeaker, “‘Everyone knows that this young people’s house has been washed down by the heavy rain, more than a dozen young people had no place to live, we can’t ignore this. It will rain at any time, and there won’t be a suitable place, but it’s fine, there are so many old folks, and everyone is united together….”

All the people who heard this were very happy and applauded one by one.

But when Wang Jianye said that he wanted everyone to draw lots and they would have to take some of them in their house, many of their smiles disappeared. Their families didn’t eat much and they didn’t live a good life.

Of course, Wang Jianye also quickly added: “We don’t let them live in your house in vain. You will be provided with the food.”

The faces of all the people turned better. Many of them were in poor conditions and even could not wait.

The captain said that there was a lot of food for them. Then, taking in these young people didn’t seem useless at all.

But there were still many people with depressed faces, such as Su Jiaojiao, who really didn’t want to.

“I’m unlucky…” Su Jiaojiao whispered to Song Qinghan’s ear, “If we draw lots, we’re very likely to be finished.”

Song Qinghan’s ears trembled by the hot and humid air that brought about by her whisper, and his neck was secretly red. He quickly cleared his throat and rubbed her long hair neatly. “It’s okay. We’ll be fine. The captain said we can discuss with him if there are any problems.”

Su Jiaojiao frowned: “They can’t come to our house…”

It’s true. They didn’t need to come to their house.

Song Qinghan smiled and let her calm down a bit.

But who knew that Su Jiao’s bad luck was still there, and she actually got the legendary Xi Yao.

When she saw the name written on the stick, she was shocked: “I….What luck!”

It didn’t rain when she came to this world and when she got married. Her bad luck didn’t meddle in anything, and she thought her luck had improved a bit, but now she knew that the answer was no.

Su Jiaojiao didn’t want other people to live in their house. It was inconvenient for both men and women. She stared at the name on the stick for a while. At last, she took Song Qinghan to the leader of the brigade and said, “Captain, I don’t think it’s appropriate. You can see that this family consists of Song Qinghan and I. Once I’m not at home, wouldn’t I be letting a woman get along with him alone?!”

“Xi Yao?” As soon as Wang Jianye saw the words on the stick, he was helpless and nodded, “So this is the reason. Wait a minute. I’ll find someone else to exchange with you.”

“Captain, don’t change.” A soft voice sounded, and then a familiar girl with a really good fashion came. There was a layer of bangs on her forehead, which was more beautiful than last time.

The girl smiled: “Hello, I’m Xi Yao. I heard that your house has a room on both sides of the living room. Besides, I’m not at home when I go to work. I’ll come back when I eat. It doesn’t matter.”

She slightly raised her chin, revealing a bit of arrogance. Her beautiful and moist eyes looked at Song Qinghan with a hint of pleading.

This gesture–she believe that not many men would be willing to refuse her.

“It matters to me.” Song Qinghan didn’t wait for Su Jiaojiao to frown and said something first.

Xi Yao was shocked. She seemed to be surprised that he said this. She looked at him with a little positive color. Her eyes were slightly bright and her smile was more gentle, “Do you have any concerns? Don’t worry, I can pay for it. When I’ll have dinner together, I’ll buy some things back.”

This couple with obvious temperament would definitely get along a lot with the elderly people in the family, but it was a pity… she glanced over his leg without trace. After all, the man was disabled. She could not have other thoughts, but still hoped to be at their home.

“Not appropriate.” Song Qinghan said concisely, facing the outsider with a handsome face, “Comrade, you can find another residence.”

Xi Yao did not expect to be rejected in this way, and took step forward in a daze.

Su Jiao looked at her eyes, and got up with a sense of crisis in her heart. She stood up in front of Song Qinghan in silence and tried to block him from her sight. But because she was not tall enough, she frowned, “He is my husband, please don’t stare at him!”

Ding – task completed!!! 】The Matchmaker System cried excitedly in her mind, and the childish voice was crying with a certain degree: “This scared me to death. I thought you couldn’t finish this task.”

Su Jiao almost laughed because of the matchmaker system. Her mouth that was lowered a while ago was pulled upwards. The mood that had just deteriorated was restored.

Xi Yao smiled and brushed her hair. She shook her head and said: “You misunderstood me, comrade. I just don’t understand why you won’t let me live in your house. In fact, I don’t like troublemakers. I just can’t get along with many people in the village…”

Song Qinghan patted Su Jiao on the shoulder and interrupted her again: “I’m sorry, we can’t let people come to our house to live. It’s not convenient for both of us.”

At this time, Wang Jianye went back and brought a woman, who happened to be a member of the Song family.

Mother Song stepped forward with great enthusiasm and looked at Xi Yao eagerly, ignoring the enemy: “Ah, our family is suitable. We have an empty room. It’s good to come to our family.”

Su Jiaojiao looked at the excited mother Song, and suddenly saw that the hanging triangle eyes of mother Song had become more and more beautiful. She directly put the stick on Wang Jianye’s hand and said, “Here you are.”

After she finished saying this, she hurriedly pulled Song Qinghan to leave: “Let’s go quickly.”

Xi Yao raised a soft and beautiful smile on her face, and looked at the woman There was a trace of disgust in her eyes and said with a dry smile, “I’m sorry, madam. I’ve already made an agreement with those two people.”

Mother Song smiled and shook her head. At this time, she didn’t care about her hatred towards her son and Su Jiaojiao. She directly took Xi Yao’s hand: “It doesn’t matter. I’m his mother. I can make my own decision. It’s the same to go to my house.”

Xi Yao’s smile disappeared: “I don’t……”

“Yes, yes.” Mother Song tightly held her, just like holding a bag of food. She was quite nervous and enthusiastic.

Zhao Sisi found the family she wanted to live in. As soon as she said yes, she came back to see Xi Yao being pulled by a middle-aged woman who looked a little mean and obscene. She immediately gave a “pooh” smile.

Under Xi Yao’s glare, she smiled triumphantly and ran away quickly.


There were more than ten young people, but in fact, which family was not large in the brigade?

Nowadays, people considered sons and daughters as blessings. Apart from the Song family’s single family, there were several other children. The two sons of Su Jiao’s parents were considered a small family even though they had grandchildren. Before Su Jiao separated with her parent’s home, the grandchildren lived with their parents.

When Su Jiaojiao saw mother Song, she had the good idea to stuff Xi Yao with her.

Song Qinghan was pulled by her and ran like a thief. Although the speed was not fast, it felt that there was a smile on the handsome face the man, “So scared?”

Su Jiaojiao wrinkled her nose: “Mmm! scared!”

Although it was not good to judge a person by their reputation, she didn’t have any good feelings toward Xi Yao, especially since she was probably the villaines in the original novel. How could she be under the same roof?

For the novels published during 2018, most of the female leads were sanguine. If they were married, the hostess wouldn’t do much, but the villainess was a different story.

Song Qinghan looked at her with lingering fear and then thought about Xi Yao’s reputation. He understood then his heart was overcome with a sweet layer of honey. He put his arm on her shoulder and rubbed her head: “Hmm..”

Su Jiaojiao looked at him suspiciously. What did it mean?

Song Qinghan smiled and didn’t answer her. He just saw her eyes, his heart itched as he pinched her face.

He didn’t put enough strength, but Su Jiao was frivolous and shouted, “Pain!”

Song Qinghan quickly let go and subconsciously rubbed her head. He coaxed in a low voice: “It’s okay…”

His big hands were warm and his fingertips felt rough. It scraped on Su Jiao’s tender face. She looked at him with serious eyes and breathed hard. Her normal heartbeat was suddenly distorted.

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