Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 17

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Kora

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When she woke up from her sleep, the weather was still cold. She immediately got up since there was no such thing as lying in bed in the summer. She rubbed her eyes, went out to wash, then picked up her cup. Suddenly, a slightly familiar voice rang in her ear: “Jiaojiao!”

Su Jiaojiao was surprised to see Zhao Sisi waving from the courtyard next door.

Although Zhao Sisi was arrogant, she treated people warmly, and even though she had only met Su Jiaojiao once and had just been with her for several hours, she was still very enthusiastic when they met again. It turned out that her character was very carefree and even a little unscrupulous.

Su Jiaojiao didn’t hate such a person nor could she say that she liked her. She wouldn’t make friends on her own initiative but she would respond to others’ enthusiasm. She immediately put up a smile: “You are here.”

Zhao SiSi was near the courtyard wall, eating coarse grains that were difficult to swallow: “Yes, the captain said we could move, and since we suffered a fright yesterday, we don’t need to go to work. Aunt Wang is so kind that she left me a meal.”

The two fenced yards were not high. The aisle which was more than one person wide was also very close, just like in a yard.

“Then you rested?” Su Jiao Jiao treated her familiarly, and subconsciously said jokingly, just like friends do, “I’m not even surprised.”

Zhao Sisi pouted unhappily, “No! Who said it’s comfortable to wake up naturally after sleeping?”

Su Jiaojiao smiled, “Yes, you are right.”

Today, the weather was still sunny and the road had already cleared up from the rain. The breakfast was simple; Song Qinghan volunteered to make egg noodles. He added some vegetables that Sun Fang dropped off in the yard this morning.

It was delicious but they didn’t have enough eggs, so they thought about raising a hen to lay eggs.

She was thinking about it, but her mouth didn’t listen to her. Zhao Sisi, who was eating at the courtyard wall, was very envious. Looking down at the food in her bowl, she felt that she was eating pig food, and looked at her with some saliva: “Jiaojiao, I want to eat eggs, too. Can I exchange cloth tickets with you?”

Su Jiaojiao shook her head regretfully: “There are not many eggs in my house.  I will change with you once I raise a chicken.”

Zhao Sisi nodded: “Okay!”

With this expectation given by Su Jiaojiao, Zhao Sisi thought that the coarse grains in the bowl were delicious.

At this moment, the long-dead system finally released a task with excitement: [Ding, task 10, as the head of the family, you must have a job, please choose your occupation and earn the first pot of gold. Reward: two hens that only lay double yellow eggs–these can accelerate bone repair!]

The system thought that it would forever be stuck at task 9. The matchmaker system was very cautious about posting tasks now, otherwise it was afraid that the host wouldn’t complete it because she was too lazy to do the task again.

It was also at this time that the system went to the system-family-forum to learn for a while, and finally learned how to give a task that the host could not bear to give up.

First: Improve the task rewards

Second: Level up step by step!

Look, such a big reward had been given…how many tasks could they finish to speed up the progress of the marriage bar in the future!

The matchmaker system said the task requirements in a loud voice.

It really surprised Su Jiaojiao. Such a generous reward just to determine her occupation. She was dumbfounded for a long time.

The system suddenly changed from an amateur to a professional.

Now she also thought it was a lot of fun. Su Jiao was more interested.

“Is it not good? Why don’t you go and drink some malted milk? ” Song Qinghan came over and saw that her bowl was still half full, so he asked in dismay. He had no skills and only cooked just enough for them to eat.

Su Jiaojiao shook her head, looked down at his legs, took a sip of soup, and curled up her round eyes. She stopped chatting with Zhao Sisi, went back to the hall, pulled Song Qinghan, and said, “What do you think I should do to make money? Except for jobs that use strength.”

Song Qinghan conveniently fiddled with her untidy hair. He wanted to make it neat. “Think of what you like. Don’t burden your heart. Our money will last for a long time. I can go to work when I’m healed in a few days.”

He had been working since he could remember. He was indifferent to returning to work.

Su Jiaojiao turned her back and said vaguely, “You can braid it by the way.”

She liked it when others combed her hair, as long as it didn’t hurt. It felt so soothing just like a scalp massage.

Song Qinghan’s hands trembled and his ears turned red. He went to the room with his cane and got a comb. He reached out to untie her long braid and carefully arranged it. He had wanted to help when he saw her wash her hair before. With such long hair, it must be tiring to sort out.

Su Jiao thought while eating, what did she want to do?

At this stage, business was not…….actually, it was still possible.

Big business was not possible, but small business could be done. Besides, this kind of business was much safer than going to the black market.

Su Jiaojiao turned her eyes and said seriously, [I want to be a chef.]

The matchmaker system was serious: [Does the host determine the career direction to be a chef?]


Matchmaker System: [Host, this system has the most detailed recipe in the world, whether it’s text or video. This costs 88 yuan. You won’t take a loss if you buy it.]

Su Jiao hesitated, but what she saw in the small videos in her mind was the complete process. If anyone wanted to really eat with this recipe, they had to pay a little.

At present, all the things given by the system were very good (example: spicy bars). After eating them, she didn’t feel sick at all.

The potion like iodine was also much better than ordinary medicine. After enduring it, Song Qinghan’s critical wounds on his waist and abdomen were nearly healed and had scabbed over. Some scabs had even fallen off. His leg was even better and only had a faint scar.

Thinking of this, Su Jiaojiao turned her head slowly.

Song Qinghan was afraid of hurting her scalp so he only used minimal strength.

Su Jiaojiao tentatively said: “If there is a good thing, but it needs a lot of money, can I buy it?”

“Yes.” Song Qinghan smiled and nodded, “You’re the master of this house. If it’s too much, just be cautious. After all, I can’t earn money for a while.”

“You are so nice,” she chuckled.

As soon as she laughed, the flesh on her cheeks piled up. Song Qinghan pricked her face itchily and saw that she glared at him. He hurriedly approached with a good temper: “I’ll braid your hair.”



Su Jiaojiao really bought it after she said she would. The cookbook appeared directly in her mind. Several things appeared in her mind–like the specific and detailed steps, and even the ingredients that could be used for substitution.

It was worth it, though it was a little expensive.

In this era, 88 yuan may be the income of a small family for one year.

Su Jiaojiao was distressed and excited at the same time. She couldn’t wait to start cooking.

Her two braids dangled as she moved. Su Jiaojiao drank the last mouthful of noodle soup, ran to the kitchen, and looked at the clean and tidy stove. Then she looked at the cabinet on the side and opened it. There were all kinds of white sugar and flour in it, which were quite rich in varieties.

Su Jiao swept through them one by one, and finally decided what she wanted to make—steamed sponge cake.

There was only one egg in the house, so Su Jiaojiao ran to her maternal house again.

Only Dabao and his two younger brothers were playing in the house. When they saw her, they immediately came and hugged her leg happily: “Aunt!”

“Ah!” Su Jiaojiao pinched their faces with a smile and said, “Aunt wants eggs. Do you have any?”

“I don’t know.” The two children shook their heads doubtfully. Xiaobao also learned to shake his head. He grinned so hard that she could not see his teeth. He was poor and happy.

Su Jiaojiao simply went to get it herself. Anyway, she was familiar with it. She took five of them directly: “Dabao, go to play with aunt?”

“Okay!” The three children immediately followed.

Su Jiaojiao locked the door and took five eggs with her. Three children came back with her and then she started working.


Song Qinghan fully obeyed her cooking instructions, completely displaying his acceptance. He was willing to help beat eggs.

Su Jiaojiao became a conductor so her work became very easy.

It was relatively simple to make it, but it was the first time that Su Jiao Jiao made it strictly according to recipe. It took a little longer. When the steamed sponge cake came out, she immediately felt refreshed after smelling the fragrance. The three children who had been circling around her kept their eyes straight. They stared straight and were unwilling to move.

Su Jiaojiao also took a deep breath of satisfaction. She felt that her nose was full of the sweet and greasy fragrance. She looked at Song Qinghan with bright eyes: “How is it?”

Song Qinghan nodded and seriously said, “Great!”

Su Jiaojiao laughed and waited for a while, then she took out the steamed steamed sponge cake. She didn’t make much, just one portion. She estimated that this would cost about one yuan. She cut it into several pieces and gave one small piece for each child, “Is it delicious?”

Su Jiaojiao cut another piece for Song Qinghan and herself.

What constructive answers could two children give? As long as it was sweet, they would all nod their heads and say it’s delicious. Song Qinghan was more rational: “It’s delicious, but it’s a bit rich in egg flavor, maybe there’s too little flour.”

“Should I?” Su Jiaojiao had tasted it herself. He was indeed right.

But it was delicious! Even better than the steamed sponge cake she had in her memory!

She patted Dabao’s small head: “Dabao, do aunt a favor.”

“Auntie, go and say it!” Dabao was not satisfied with the amount of steamed sponge cake he ate. He clapped his stomach and looked forward to eating it again.

“Go to the next house and call sister Zhao Sisi.”


Two minutes later, Zhao Sisi’s happy voice rang out, “Jiaojiao, what’s the matter?”

When she got closer, she sniffed without waiting for Su Jiao’s reply, “My God, what’s the smell! It’s good!”

When Su Jiaojiao came out of the kitchen, she immediately pulled her in, pointed to the steamed sponge cake on the stove, and picked it out with her eyebrows: “How about it? Do you want it?”

“Yes!”  Zhao Sisi said three times. Her response was greater than what Su Jiaojiao imagined, “I haven’t eaten this for a long time, it’s so delicious! The steamed sponge cake sold in the county is not so fragrant. How much is it? “

“It depends on how much you want.” Su Jiao Jiao said: “I can only weigh half a catty at most.”

Zhao Sisi was also very decisive: “Then I want half a catty.”

The market price of steamed sponge cake was two yuan a catty, but it still needed tickets. It was very difficult to get tickets in the countryside. Zhao Sisi was undergoing treatment in the countryside now so her family would send her money and tickets. Unfortunately, she ate too much and had run out of tickets long ago. At this time and age, sending and receiving letters was slow. There were no new tickets for her, which caused her to be unable to eat it for a long time.

Su Jiao looked at her and immediately said: “Good, then the market price will not be changed.”

Zhao Sisi nodded happily and took out the money directly from her pocket.

[Ding – task completed]

Su Jiaojiao was very happy. She cut most of the cake, put it on the scale she brought, and weighed it. She saw it was more than half a catty, but ignored it and directly gave it to her, “Here, remember to bring the plate back.”

“Good, I’m going to find Xiaoyue.” Zhao Sisi immediately took it away.

When Su Jiaojiao saw her go, she said to Song Qinghan, who stood at the side like a wooden man, “Do you think we are losing money or not?”

“No loss.” Song Qinghan shook his head.

Half a kilo is one yuan, but the steamed sponge cake, which was nearly a kilo, didn’t cost one yuan. Five eggs cost a little more than a dime. Some flour, sugar, and other ingredients didn’t cost much. If you count carefully, it costs a little more than fifty cents.

“Dabao, take this…” She wanted to say that he should take it back but she was afraid that the child would lose it, so she took back her hand: “Go. It’s almost time for dinner. Why don’t we all head over to eat.”

“Okay, auntie, I’ll lead the way!” Dabao took Xiaobao and Erbao out first.

Su Jiaojiao held Song Qinghan’s hand and the steamed sponge cake in a basket: “Let’s discuss with my parents. If Zhao Sisi wants more, they can book directly. I can do it again, though I don’t earn much, I can earn a little, right?”

Song Qinghan looked at her and said, “You’ve already earned a lot.”

“Ah? Really?” Su Jiaojiao was ignorant.

Song Qinghan rubbed her head again, without saying much.


Sun Fang and Su Zhengyang were reluctant to eat the steamed sponge cake their daughter sent. They waved their hands one by one: “Jiaojiao keep this for yourself. There’s nothing delicious here. What if you want to eat it again?”

As soon as Su Jiaojiao’s chin lifted, she said proudly, “It’s okay. I’ll make it again. It’s very simple!”

“Jiaojiao is really skilled.” Su Zhengyang praised.

Su Jiaojiao was more and more happy. She forced them to take two bites: “These are for you. Eat quickly.”

In her last life, most eldery people had diabetes, but it was extremely uncommon in this time period. Rather, most were malnourished.

The living conditions of the Su Jiao’s family were considered good in the village, but none of the family members was fat. This was unlike the Song family who were raised by Song Qinghan.

Therefore, Su Jiao always thought of letting the two old people eat more.

Sun Fang and Su Zhengyang were both moved by their daughter who became more sensible. They ate the sweet steamed sponge cake in their mouths and were even more happy and tearful.

So when Su Jiao said her next plan, they didn’t contradict.

“The two old hens at home can sometimes lay three eggs. Mom will keep them for you. Don’t worry, you can have as many as you want.”

“Mom, you are so nice!” Su Jiaojiao nodded with a smile.

Although she could have two chickens herself soon, but if she had more eggs, she could make more. There would be more points and they could also make more money. She just needed to spread the word.

She believed that with the detailed recipe in her head, she would be able to!

After listening for a long time, Zhang Qian said: “Mom, you are really generous to my little sister. Your grandson wants to eat an egg but you declined. You give her as many eggs as she wants?”

Sun Fang was displeased, “You say this as if I didn’t give you anything? Don’t I give your children an egg every few days? Or could three children grow so well? Your family even has two.”

Zhang Qian laughed angrily: “Can that be the same? Little sister can eat a whole meal at will, but the three children shared a single egg soup!”

Su Jiaojiao frowned: “Sister-in-law, you are not right. My parents raised my elder brothers. Why do you want them to raise your children? The things belong to them, and they don’t get things from you. Naturally, they give their thing to whoever they want! “

“What do you mean?!” Although Zhang Qian did not understand this sentence, she felt that with the other party standing, her waist hurt, so she became angrier. She stood up coldly, “Little sister, of course you don’t care since they are partial to you. Have you ever thought about your two brothers?”

“All right, shut up!” Su Zhengyang roared.

Zhang Qian was scared. She shrank her neck and dared not make any more noise.

Generally speaking, her father-in-law didn’t talk much easily. She didn’t expect him to get angry this time.

Su Jianhua was also dissatisfied so he didn’t say a word. However, seeing that his father was angry, he awkwardly pulled his wife’s sleeve and asked her not to talk again.

As for the two people of the second family, they watched the fire from the other side of the river since the very beginning. At this time, seeing the food of the eldest family was shriveled, they all sniggered.

Seeing her daughter-in-law’s advice, Sun Fang sneered and said, “Why should Jiaojiao feel sorry for her two brothers? Whenever she has good things in her hand, she always gives them to the three children first. As for my food, don’t think you’ve suffered a loss. Jiaojiao was alone before. You all got married one by one and have three or four people in your families. Do you really think you eat less food than her? What’s more, Jiaojiao has only been married for a few days now, and you don’t like her?! If you don’t want to, separate the families. Anyway, now that all the children are married, we can split everything clearly. After that, it will be enough to just provide us a pension.”

“Yes, yes.” Su Jiaojiao nodded happily, then added to the fire, “So as not to worry about it all the time, we can just separate our families. In this way, we can see everything clearly and won’t get angry in the future.”

It’s normal for a big family to have the branches divide from the main family. When the children are old, they get married and have their own small families. Naturally, they should be separated. As for how to live, this year was much better than 60 years ago. They could always live.

However, the only joyful one was Su Jiao…She couldn’t wait to nod her head. Her two brothers’ faces were black, and they cried, “Jiaojiao ~”

Su Jiaojiao chuckled and sat down.

Song Qinghan secretly gave her a look, wanting to stop her from being so arrogant, otherwise she would have a restless home, but Su Jiao did not see it.

Zhang Qian’s face was white. Even though there was still rice left in her bowl, she no longer had any appetite to eat it, and remained stunned for a while.

She loved to worry about things and felt uncomfortable when others ate more food. She always felt that she had suffered a loss. Because deep down, she believed that her family was the eldest, and would be responsible for taking care of the elders in the future, thus all the things in this family were naturally theirs.

However, no matter how much she worried, Zhang Qian really never considered wanting to separate the family. After all, by following her in-laws, she often had meat to eat. Both in-laws were strong and skilled. The father-in-law was even more powerful, and could find a way to make extra money for their family in their spare time. However, they didn’t eat much, so naturally, many things were given to the younger generations.

If she really must admit it, if her branch needed to separate, her living conditions would definitely not be as good as before.

Several other people also thought of this. Immediately, they became flustered.

“Mom, don’t make fun of it. We are all family. Zhang Qian just can’t stop her mouth.” Su Jianhua looked at Sun Fang pleadingly.

Su Jianjun and Li Xiu nodded frantically: “Mom, you always know that sister-in-law doesn’t speak well. We didn’t say anything. We don’t want to separate. If we really want to separate, let brother and sister-in-law separate. In this way, no one could take advantage of them!”

Zhang Qian’s face was pale, but at this time she didn’t dare to have a little temper. She apologized in a soft voice: “Mom, it’s all my fault. Don’t be angry. What kind of family do you want? We are still one family…”

Su Zhengyang’s face sank for a while, but he quickly responded. He was not unhappy, but nodded as he thought.

In ordinary families, when a daughter was married, the family was divided among several brothers, but in their family, their daughter was also precious, especially because she was the youngest one. They were more fond of her than their son, so it was impossible to ignore her even after she married. It was natural that the two daughter-in-laws were not happy.

But just as the daughter said, they were raised and they don’t owe them any more. Whoever they wanted to treat well was their choice. Since the others wanted to calculate, making the house uneasy, it was better to separate the house and clean it up. Then they wouldn’t be able to say anything.

So in the face of opposition, Su Zhengyang nodded seriously: “It’s time to separate.”

Su Jianjun’s face changed drastically. He looked at his mother and at his father. He suddenly felt like the sky was falling. He just thought it would be good to coax his mother. Now he saw his father like this. He knelt down on the ground and hugged his father and cried, “Dad, don’t divide the family. How can we live if we divide the family?”

Sun Fang looked at him coldly, and felt some helplessness in her heart. When they were children, they were like little cotton padded jackets for their parents, warm and comforting. But when they grew up, they had their own households and became calculating.

It was human nature, but she still felt a little uncomfortable.

Sun Fang knew about the injury of her son-in-law. There were many areas where her daughter would need help in the future. Now when her daughter gave them something, her sister-in-law even became envious. She couldn’t imagine what kind of situation it would become in the future.

She had grown up in a patriarchal family, and naturally she was reluctant to let Jiaojiao face such a situation, especially since she was the daughter she had been doting on for nearly 20 years. If Jiaojiao didn’t want to separate the family, she would not open her mouth, but Jiaojiao agreed with her. She was obviously very happy, so she didn’t plan to delay any more.

This time, she just didn’t let go. Facing a bunch of balsam pear faces, she domineeringly said, “Separate! After dinner in the evening, please ask the captain to come over. “


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