Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 18

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Kora

The family cried and howled.

Su Jiaojiao and Song Qinghan went home after eating their meal at the Song family. They supported each other while walking. From a distance, they could still hear Zhang Qian crying and pleading. Su Jiaojiao sighed: “Greed can never be satisfied.”

Song Qinghan pursed his lips and nodded. After being silent, he whispered: “Most people are like this. If they end up with no money, the two families will blame you since you supported the idea of separation.”

He lamented as he said this. His former family members were even more troubling than his sister-in-law.

Su Jiaojiao grinned, “It’s fine. They can complain about it! I will support my parents in the future. I don’t want to bother over whether they are upset because of this. They don’t have filial piety.”

She had lived in different times. The living environment had made her independent. Her family also had more than one child, and they treated each child equally. After she was admitted to university, she seldom asked for her parents’ money, because scholarships and prizes from various competitions were enough for her tuition and living expenses.

Though her ability in school was not the top rank, she was still one of the best.

She had always believed that the relationship between parents and children was simple. The parents would raise the children, and when the children could sustain themselves, they would support their parents.

After her brother had a child, her sister-in-law had wanted to hand the child over to her parents to take care of. However, her parents refused because they wanted to enjoy the retired life in their old age, and they didn’t want to be hindered by raising children all their lives. Therefore, the sister-in-law quarreled with her parents, but her brother stood on their parent’s side.

This incident had a great impact on Su Jiaojiao. 

In this era, there was no such advanced idea like this. Parents would raise their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren until they could no longer move.

Their whole life would be like this. It was like being robbed of their lives. Some people would enjoy the benefits of it, while some would feel numb from this injustice.

However, the parents of the original owner thought more than this. They could take care of their children until adulthood, but they wouldn’t support their two sons forever. They wouldn’t allow their other child to suffer. They had the same attitude as the parents of Su Jiaojiao in the modern world. They would raise their children, and their money would be given to whomever they want.

If they had no daughter, then this wouldn’t matter, but since they had a baby daughter, they couldn’t act like other parents and give everything to their two sons. Even if they had to suffer, their daughter definitely couldn’t suffer!

It was also due to Su Jiaojiao’s family environment from before she transmigrated that she was not worried about her parents from her original world. Although there were feelings, it was not to the point where her parents would be unable to live without her.

Her free and easy manner surprised Song Qinghan. Looking at her relaxed and comfortable eyebrows, he narrowed his eyes before it gradually relaxed.

It might be because he thought too much. It’s not the same with his family.


Because Sun Fang was angry, she let Su Jiao take most of the remaining eggs home when she left.

If Zhang Qian stayed any longer, she might feel that all their property belonged to her. She might take everything for granted and that even the meals they provided were her right. It was better to send them away directly. They would finally be able to spoil their daughter.

Su Jiaojiao had a big heart. She accepted all the eggs in front of them and didn’t feel any guilt for being the culprit who caused the separation.

The two brothers and their wives secretly stared at her, wishing they could knock some sense into her.

Su Jiaojiao and Song Qinghan came home with these items. After a while, she saw two girls coming towards them. They were strangers who were acting suspiciously: “Comrade Su Jiaojiao, I’m Zhou Xing, a rusticated youth in the brigade. I heard that you sell steamed sponge cakes?”

Su Jiao Jiao blinked and pretended not to understand: “Yes, do you want it, too? I’m sorry, but it’s all finished.”

Zhou Xing had some regrets, but she was also reluctant to leave and asked tentatively, “That…I want some too. Will you make it again?”

Su Jiaojiao: “Of course, it’s so delicious.”

“Can you leave me some? Can I get three yuan’s worth?”

“I would like three yuan’s worth too!” The girl beside Zhou Xing also whispered. Then they looked around in fear, just like a spy.

Su Jiaojiao chuckled: “Don’t be so nervous. We are just friends who are chatting.”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

“Then we’ll go back.” 

“Then I’ll go back and prepare it.” Su Jiaojiao smiled and invited them: “Come to our house in the afternoon.”

The two girls also smiled as they passed her the money they had prepared.

Su Jiaojiao accepted the money and agreed with them that they could come and collect the food after work that day. They could eat it directly at her place. After all, they all lived in other people’s homes, and it would not be convenient for them to try to monopolize the food if they brought it back.

Nowadays, food was precious. It would hurt them to share it, but if they didn’t, petty people would hold a grudge.

The eyes of the two shone brighter, and they happily linked their arms as they left.

Seeing them leave, Su Jiaojiao immediately turned to Song Qinghan as if asking for praise, “How about that? Am I good?”

She hadn’t mentioned money, so it wasn’t considered a capitalist deal. Thus she wasn’t afraid if anyone was eavesdropping, but she was still able to make money like this.

“Very great!” Song Qinghan said.

No matter how many times she asked, Song Qinghan would answer very seriously, looking at her beautiful eyes with his own and unreservedly revealing his affection toward her.

Su Jiaojiao smiled and pulled his hand: “You want to help me?”

“Okay.” Song Qinghan grasped her hand in return, and they looked at each other with a smile.


In the afternoon of that day, Su Jiaojiao made another kilo of sponge cake. She thought there would be leftovers, but because the second round of sponge cake was more delicious than the first one, the people brought by the two girls could not help but spend money to buy it.

Everything was sold out.

Three yuan per sponge cake.

Su Jiaojiao looked at the money in her hand and was happy for a long time.

The task was completed. She felt a sense of achievement. It seemed that the 88 yuan was not wasted.

Since the money didn’t go to waste, she had to work harder. It happened that she had a good talent and wanted to earn more, so she planned to buy some other ingredients and make other things secretly.

“I’ll go to town tomorrow. You obediently stay at home.” The night, Su Jiaojiao coquettishly explained to him while reaching out her hand to touch his head.

Song Qinghan held her hand and replied with the same tone: “Then come back soon~”

His deep low voice suddenly became a bit more clear and agitating, causing Su Jiaojiao to blush and stare at him.

Song Qinghan immediately squeezed her fingers, his eyes were moist and soft.

Su Jiaojiao suddenly lost her breath. She shook his hands and chuckled while leaning on his shoulders. The atmosphere was sweet.

Although the two were in an ambiguous love relationship, Song Qinghan’s health was not good. He dared not tease her too much and only dared to do it to this extent.

Song Qinghan was now eating well and sleeping well, so he was full of energy. If he got any closer, he felt he would be on fire.

In the beginning, he wanted to get a little closer, but it ended up with him not falling asleep because he was too hot. Finally, he decided to stay at this distance, which was just enough to satisfy his heart.

Su Jiaojiao also liked this state. They looked at each other the same way. Even if nothing special happened, they could give each other a sincere smile from the bottom of their hearts.


Su Jiaojiao wanted to go to the town to take out the things in her space. Naturally, she had to go alone. So that afternoon, she went to find someone with a bicycle that she could borrow. She was planning to go to town early the following morning.

But after dinner, she and Song Qinghan were called to stay at home.

Because of the separation.

This separation was much more serious than expected. Several people in the family showed bad expressions. Zhang Qian was still regretting that she had said too much. She was upset with her mother-in-law but still tried to plead with her.

Sun Fang had a cold expression, but when she saw Su Jiaojiao, she smiled at her. 

As for the others, they all shrugged their heads.

The separation was not a big deal. It was relatively low-key. The family only had one small house, so did not divide the land. Naturally, they would still live together. The only difference was that their living expenses could only be shouldered by themselves and not by their parents. 

So this separation was more simple than that of others.

The captain came here just to be a witness.

“My family took in two daughters-in-law and raised their children over the years. We haven’t saved much money. Adding the fifty yuan Jiaojiao gave before, it’s only two hundred and sixty-eight. These fifty were given to me by Jiaojiao so it won’t be included in the separation money.” Sun Fang had already planned it. In front of her two daughters-in-law, she had searched all the places where things could be hidden. All the money was there.

She did so, because she thought that they might have hidden money in private. 

But they really hadn’t. Their village was quite poor. That there could be more than two hundred was due to Su Zhengyang surreptitiously going to the mountains to supplement their earnings. He raised three children plus a few young adults, and the family ate a lot. The parents were generous, and whenever there were good things to eat they were never stingy like in other households, so the expenses were naturally high.

With so few laborers, how could it be possible to save much?

Looking at her three children, Sun Fang felt quite relieved. The elders wouldn’t be respected if they didn’t separate. Her daughter-in-law’s mouth was too annoying. When she thought about how this daughter-in-law fought against her daughter, she became more comfortable with the separation.

“I have three children. Your father and I are not patriarchal. Naturally, we treat everyone the same way. The remaining two hundred and eighteen will be divided where each family will take sixty yuan and the remaining thirty-eight are for me and your father. Keep it for yourself. Every year from now on, all three of you will give me ten yuan as pension money.” Sun Fang divided the money into thirds and put them on the table, motioning them to take it.

Su Jianhua and Su Jianjun were both red eyed.

Song Qinghan felt that as a son-in-law, it was not easy to speak, so he kept silent all this time. Su Jiaojiao was calm as she took the sixty yuan directly: “Mom, I’ll take it first.”

Zhang Qian hated this little sister now. As soon as she heard this, she couldn’t help but be stunned. She did not dare talk like before, after all, the lesson was right before her eyes. She could only laugh in her heart: Take it first? Will you return the money later then? 

No one knew what she was thinking at the bottom of her heart. 

Su Jiaojiao had already taken it, but the other two brothers hadn’t done so yet. 

Thus Wang Jianye urged them: “You two big men should be more decisive. Isn’t it just a separation from the family? It’s not like we haven’t seen this situation before.”

Su Jianhua moved his lips bitterly and looked at his silent father and mother. He sighed and took his portion of the money.

Seeing his elder brother take the money, Su Jianjun naturally also followed in taking his share as well.

Sun Fang nodded and said, “We don’t have many things in the house. The money is already divided, the remaining things and this house belong to us. You can live in this house however long you want, but if you want a new house, you can use your own money. Jiaojiao is married, the house is not hers, but this house will be divided in two when we pass away. You two brothers can either buy out the other half or live together.”

“Mom? You’re not giving us the house?” Zhang Qian couldn’t sit still. She didn’t say anything for a while but her first sentence made other’s expressions turn ugly: “We are a big family. Your eldest son and your grandsons! Why aren’t you giving it to us?”

Sun Fang looked at the big daughter-in-law’s face and sneered: “It’s my and your father’s belonging. We can give it to whoever we want. If you don’t accept it, you can just get out of here!”

“I–” what else could Zhang Qian want to say? Su Jianhua covered her mouth directly

He then said, “Can you stop talking?”

Zhang Qian refused to accept it. 

Sun Fang then continued: “Don’t forget, I haven’t given Jiaojiao the house, so it’s her brothers that have taken advantage of this.”

The eldest brother and his wife, although they did not speak, still had a reluctant look on their faces. 

The second family had peace of mind. Because in the beginning, they did not think that they could have their share of the original house, so they were particularly calm.

Su Jiaojiao whispered: “This is not succession to the throne. Why should the eldest sons and grandsons have an advantage? Sister-in-law, what kind of education have you received?”

Zhang Qian’s face turned white.

Wang Jianye coughed gently and rebuked: “Jiao Jiao, don’t speak nonsense.”

Wang Jianye and Su Zhengyang had a good relationship. They were about the same age, so he treated Su Jiaojiao as if she was his niece.

Su Jiaojiao stuck her tongue out and shut her mouth.

She did it on purpose. After all, Zhang Qian didn’t know what was going on. She was even more feudal than ancient people. Should the eldest son and grandson receive the property?

Song Qinghan pulled her hand and touched her head to signal to her that she should stop talking.

Su Jiaojiao leaned directly on his shoulder. The family separation had nothing to do with her, so she was sleepy.

She had to get up early the next morning.

Song Qinghan immediately stretched out his hand to support her shoulder, so that she could lean on comfortably.

Wang Jianye glanced over and was about to glare at Su Jiaojiao, but after seeing the sweet appearance of the young couple, he couldn’t bear to say anything.

Sun Fang and Su Zhengyang both responded in this way. They had no choice but to smile. However, the panic in their hearts seemed to have cleared up a lot. After all, the son-in-law was quite good.

Thinking of speeding up the progress, Sun Fang said: “As for food, we only have one kitchen, so we still eat together. This year’s grain…”

The next step was to distribute the grain, which had been calculated long ago. Everyone had a certain amount of food they should receive and a certain amount they should contribute. As Su Jiaojiao had not contributed, she naturally would not get a share.

Wang Jianye wasn’t needed at all, since no other family separation would be as fair as theirs.

After the equal division, the two families were still immersed in regret, and both felt that they were shortchanged. 

Before the separation, they all ate in a carefree manner. Although they had nothing left on hand, they didn’t have to worry about anything.

But now, if they wanted to continue to eat more, they had to find a way to get food or borrow money.

The more they thought about it, the more regret they felt.

Zhang Qian in particular felt heartache and regret to the point that her intestines turned green. She had two sons!

The last step of dividing the family was to establish a written document. This was the only place where Wang Jianye had anything to do.

There were two copies, one for the parents and one for the official register.

After finishing the procedures, Sun Fang gave five eggs to Wang Jianye, which was regarded as a labor fee but he rejected it.

When the only outsider left, Sun Fang said, “Don’t be upset. It’s good. Before, when we were a family, we only raised a few chickens. Now we are three families 1 Kora, my editor, thinks this is metaphorical. Sun Fang is roughly hinting about owning each other’s own properties rather than being a parasite. Readers, you can interpret it whatever you think is right. Here’s the raw phrase for that. 你们也别不高兴,这也有好处的,之前咱们是一家人,养鸡数在那,现在算是三家人,可以多养一点鸡,不过这院子里鸡窝得分好,可别乱动了 You can raise more chickens. A score of chicken nests in the yard is fine, but we shouldn’t make things too messy.”

“I see, Mom…” Several people said weakly.

Su Jiaojiao finally came to her senses, rubbed her eyes, and asked, “Mom, are we done?”

“Yes. The division is over. You can go back to bed first. Didn’t you say you’re going to town tomorrow? Don’t get up too late.” Sun Fang said with a smile.

Su Jiaojiao nodded obediently, yawned, and handed over the 60 yuan money in hand: “Mom, I don’t lack money. You and dad can keep this.”

Zhang Qian, who had just resented her sister-in-law for taking money too quickly: “..…”

T/N: Sorry for the overdue chapter! I will start releasing them this month! Chapters have been very hard to translate because it has too many chinese deep meanings. LOL. Thank you readers for being patient with me! I’m also grateful for my editor, Kora, for going beyond an editor should do~


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