Married to a Disabled Man in the 70’s – Chapter 2

TL NOTE:  Just a background: I think sugar in this period is scarce. It might probably be expensive. That’s all! Enjoy <3 ~


  • Su Zhengyang – father of Su Jiao
  • Song Qinghan – fiancee of Su Jiao

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Translated by: Tinker

After slowing down, Su Jiaojiao said, “What the hell! What are you?!”

It seemed that it didn’t expect that the other side would respond this way. The voice was a little lost and aggrieved! [Host, this system is called the matchmaker system. Men and women who have common traits are the most loving couples! Different tasks will be issued and awarded based on the needs of the host and her husband…]

Finally, the small system added: [The host can be a good wife, or a mother, you can do it!!]

Su Jiaojiao: “Straighten your tongue and speak!”

[……OhThe small system was lost.

She did not pay any more attention to the little system, and understood the meaning of the voice. She was trying to suppress her joy, and her legs couldn’t help kicking up.

As an ordinary person, she really liked the golden fingers given in the novel. She once dreamed that she could have a space to put a lot of her things in, but upon crossing over, she didn’t even receive any cheats.

Fortunately, she was given an extra golden finger after this crossed over!

It’s just that the surprise came too quickly. After a little ecstasy, she thought of the anti-golden finger novels she had read before, and became afraid,  “Are you real? There won’t be any occupation of the host body, will there? Is there a complaint channel?”

Matchmaker system: [……]

It felt offended that the host didn’t believe this system.

The booming voice of the matchmaker system was more crisp and tender: [Of course, I am authentic! Host, please look!

With that, a blue translucent panel appeared in front of her eyes with her simple personal information:

Host: Su Jiaojiao

Existing materials: None

The most important thing was there was really a complaint button in the lower right corner!

When Su Jiaojiao tried to reach out and press her hand, the matchmaker system was stupefied and cried out in the next second: [What did I do wrong that you want to complain about me? Host, I will change.]

Su Jiaojiao took back her hand and listened to the voice of a child crying in her mind. She immediately explained, “No, I’m just curious.”

The matchmaker system breathed a sigh of relief and sniffed very nimbly, saying in a low voice: [Master, I will give you tasks. Do you want to earn money by completing them?]

Distract her and she won’t want to complain.

If this system was reported, it would be locked for many years!

This was the first time for it to be a system with a host. It didn’t want to be screwed up right away!

“Well, I’ll give it a try.” She nodded vaguely.

The matchmaker system was happy and crisply said: [Task 1, Your husband and his friends are currently sweating at the new house. In order to repay, please send mungbean soup* to the people who were helping your husband repair your new house. Reward: Marriage fund 2 yuan].

At the same time, the panel in front of her had also changed. These words directly appeared.

Repair the new house?

By the way, in the memory of the original owner, Song Qinghan was sent back by a car after he was injured. The driver who drove him had dinner at his house and left early the next day. But within a few days, four people came to help him repair the house. I guess they knew that Song Qinghan had been abandoned by his parents and came to help.

He could not live in this house at all. Once it rained, it rained heavily outside and drizzled inside.

When the first time the original owner saw that he lived here, she was more determined to quit the marriage.

However, the system didn’t witness these scenes, which showed that it was more powerful than what Sujiao thought!

After looking at the task, Su Jiaojiao who looked forward to completing the task, asked doubtfully, “Really rich? What can be used in this world?”

Was it really possible for good things to fall on her? Two yuan in modern times was not much, two yuan equated to buying a bottle of water. But at this period, you can buy a lot of things! With the price of the world, you can buy a pair of nice sneakers for two yuan.

The matchmaker emphasized: [Really!]

Su Jiaojiao was extremely happy, held her face, and said, “Can we bargain?”

The matchmaker system was dumbfounded: [What?]

“How about changing the two yuan reward into three yuan reward?”

【…… No! ]

“All right ~”


It was now lunch break. Even if she wanted to do a task, she couldn’t go there at this time, so she just took a nap.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Su Jiaojiao was woken up by the trumpet in the village and knew that it was time to go to work.

The original owner didn’t need to go. She only needed to fetch her nephews and nieces, so Su Jiaojiao wanted to continue to rest for a while, and waited a bit before cooking the mungbean soup.

Unexpectedly, the Su’s parents took the children out of the house, and after a while Su Zhengyang came back, and said to Su Jiaojiao, “Jiaojiao, Song Qinghan’s comrades are helping build the house. Your mother just soaked some mungbeans. You add some sugar. Boil the soup and send it to them. At least you need to show proper etiquette, understand?”

Su Jiaojiao almost laughed and answered happily, “Understand.”

Su Zhengyang thought that he would have to spend more time talking. He was about to say two more words when he heard the answer and was stunned. When did his daughter talk so well?

Although she was his daughter, Su Zhengyang believed that Jiajiao was spoiled since she was a child. She did not like to wash her clothes and was always lazy.

He didn’t think about it so much, and reminded: “Jiaojiao, bring more water. They might not have enough to drink.”

“I know.” Su Jiao responded crisply.

Su Zhengyang left at ease. His eyes narrowed with a grin on his face. As long as his daughter could live with his son-in-law well, he had no problem suffering more. They can have two sons instead of one!

Su Jiao didn’t know about the idea of this body’s father. She didn’t feel embarrassed because it was part of the tasks given by the system. She would just say that her father ordered her.

She got up happily and took out the white sugar locked in the cupboard from her parents’ room. The parents of the original owner didn’t hide it from the original owner. She knew where they hid the key.

The mungbeans were soaked in the kitchen. They could just be boiled.

It’s just…..boiling it…with fire.

Su Jiaojiao wrinkled her little face and took the match to make fire, but it didn’t take long for the fire to lit fiercely. She was afraid, and put out the fire, then went to light another one.

The five-year-old Dabao1Dabao means little treasure in chinese…so this is her little nephew. heard the noise, rubbed his eyes, saw the scene, and cried: “Auntie, you can’t waste firewood like this. Grandma will scold you when she sees you!”

Su Jiaojiao shrunk her neck in a guilty way: “Why don’t you try?”

Dabao immediately ran towards her and took over. At the same time, in a small voice, he said, “Auntie, can I have a drink of mungbean soup?”

In the past, his aunt didn’t give them sugar water, but this current aunt now looked more kind. He couldn’t help asking.

“Of course!” Su Jiaojiao smiled and nodded.

“Wow!” Dabao was immediately happy, and his hands and feet were quick to light the fire.

It’s not difficult for Su Jiao to wash the pots. It’s just that she struggled to hold the weight.

But Song Qinghan’s house was on the edge of the village, and with everyone working, there should be five or six people. Two warm kettles should be enough.


Half an hour later, the sweet mungbean soup was boiling.

It was afternoon in the month of May. The sun was shining, and made the temperature very hot.

Su Jiaojiao felt that the working people could not drink hot water in this weather, so she made a lot of effort to bring cold water together from the well in the yard, and quickly cooled the cooked mungbean soup in a clean big bowl.

She repeated it twice, until the mungbean soup cooled completely. Before pouring the soup into the thermos, she poured Dabao a glass.

“Aunt, this mungbean soup is delicious!” Dabao took a sip carefully. The soup was too good. He circled around in place, and his face was full of smiles.

“That mungbean soup is cooked by your aunt!” said Su Jiaojiao with a smug smile

She was not very good at cooking, and hadn’t cooked properly, but this time, this sweet mung bean soup greatly satisfied her.

She told dabao to take good care of his two younger brothers at home, and Su Jiao went out with two thermos pots.


On the side of the village, Song Qinghan’s new home.

Four young men were shirtless as they sweat. They were still full of energy: “We are good at this, right? Look at this new tile, it’s beautiful!”

“What’s wrong with you? This is the tile I bought!” Another man with a thick voice replied angrily.

The others laughed and joked together. The atmosphere was lively. They sat in the shade of the yard, with smiles on the corners of their mouth.

It was at this time that Su Jiaojiao came. When she came to the door, she began to feel nervous and didn’t dare to go in directly. Instead, she looked at gate of the yard with her head and saw several shirtless men. She lowered her head awkwardly and whispered, “Hello…”

Suddenly, the soft and tender female voice surprised several big men, and they looked at each other.

Then one of them hurriedly pulled his clothes, and went to the gate of the yard. Seeing a pretty girl, he stammered: “Yes, what’s the matter?”

Su Jiaojiao handed the thermos forward and pulled out a smile. “My father asked me to send you this mungbean soup. It’s cold. Drink it. I’ll come get it later.”

Zhang Zhuang took over the thermos pot, but he didn’t respond. Jiang An, another young man with a more flexible mind, had put on his clothes and stopped Su Jiaojiao who wanted to leave with a smile. “It’s the future sister-in-law. Thank you so much for your trouble. How can you go like this? Come and sit here. You’re tired, have a rest first.”

“No need.” Su Jiaojiao shook her head quickly.

“You could go out once the weather cools down. Brother will be distressed if you leave like this.”

“What? Future sister-in-law? ”

The other three were surprised. The other two in the yard looked at Song Qinghan subconsciously.

Song Qinghan was also stunned. It had been five days since he came back. He hadn’t seen Su Jiaojiao, but now she had come?

But before Zhang Zhuang reacted, Li Ma said, “Good sister-in-law, sister-in-law, please come in quickly!” After that, he yelled to the other two. “You should put on your clothes quickly. Don’t pollute your sister-in-law’s eyes!”

“Well, come in, sister-in-law. We’re dressed.” The other two also cooperated very well.

They dressed quickly and looked at Song Qinghan. “Brother, sister-in-law is here. I’ll give you the mungbean soup!”

Song Qinghan’s eyes were shining. He pursed his lips and didn’t speak. Let’s see what she wanted to do.


The four men were too enthusiastic. Su Jiaojiao thought it was easy to give something and then leave right away. Unexpectedly, she was surrounded and was forced to go to the yard.

The yard was very small. There were only two rooms and a hall. The only open space was full of various materials. There were several bowls filled with water on the side of the dusty bench.

The four young men stood tall with tanned skin. She couldn’t tell who they were.

But when her eyes fell on the handsome young man sitting in the shade of the corner, she felt her eyes light up.

In his early twenties, though his skin was a little darker, his facial features were much deeper than those of ordinary people. His eyebrows were starlike, his nose was high and straight, and his lips were thin and slightly pursed. She felt that he was someone who can’t be reached. With his face structure, his jaw line looked masculine. He was lean and strong.

At this time, he was sitting in the chair, with two newly-made crutches. His legs were bound. The other leg didn’t seem to be seriously injured, so he could still be able to walk with his shoes on.

This should be Song Qinghan. The original owner really had a good eyes-sight!

Su Jiaojiao took a look at his eyes. In this hot day, she suddenly felt cold. She always felt that his eyes were too sharp and deep, as if trying to uncover her hidden thoughts.

Her heart suddenly thumped, and she asked quickly, [Honghong2Honghong means matchmaker in chinese, does he know the system? Do you know that I want to complete the task for money?]

How embarrassing it would be if both people knew about the system.

Fortunately, the matchmaker system was powerful and immediately answered: [Only the people bound to systems can see.]

With a sigh of relief, Su Jiao pointed to the thermos pot on the young man’s hand: “My father asked me to bring the mungbean soup.”

Don’t give her the thermos back. The task hadn’t been completed yet!

The other four immediately saw that the situation was not right and hesitated. Jiang An ran to Song Qinghan and asked in a hesitant low voice, “Brother, is this the future sister-in-law?”

Song Qinghan nodded with a strained face.

Several people immediately relaxed, and they smiled. “Let’s hurry to drink, this is the mungbean soup sent by sister-in-law.”

Saying that, Zhang Zhuang had now opened the thermos, the other three quickly handed the bowl over and waited. Soon all of their bowls were filled, Jiang An took the lead in drinking it, and tasted the sweet taste, and was surprised: “Sister-in-law, there is also sugar in this soup?”


Song Qinghan looked at her with caution and suspicion. In his memory, Su Jiaojiao was reluctant to give sugar water to others.

He still remembered that time last year when he came back, she went out to show off her sugar water. Her two nephews followed her eagerly, thinking that they could taste it. She pushed the kids away directly, regardless of the crying and pitiful faces of the two children, she still said that the sugar could only be given to them if she couldn’t drink it. They were not allowed to ask for it.

That scene was still fresh in his memory.

His comrades-in-arms just tasted a little sweetness and had maybe exaggerated?

Su Jiao was distracted by Song Qinghan’s eyes, but she still smiled and nodded to the comrades, “You are tired, drink some more.”

“Thank you so much, sister-in-law!”

“Not tired, not tired.”

“It’s not as tired as our training.”

A few people replied and waved their hands. It looked as if repairing the house was no big deal.

Song Qinghan: “…” Hypocrisy!

She looked at those sweats of the comrades, and her eyes narrowed slightly. She knew for the first time that these brothers were kind and supportive.

Keenly aware of the coolness behind Jiang An’s back, he saw that the eldest brother looked unhappy. He subconsciously looked at his beautiful sister-in-law, and quickly responded with a dry smile and said, “Brother, I’m sorry. I was thinking of myself. You can drink it too.”

He poured a bowl for Song Qinghan and sent it to him.

Facing the enthusiasm of his comrades, Song Qinghan paused, and said to the woman who listened to his comrades’ boasting. “Thank you.”

The voice was hard. Su Jiao almost thought that he was collecting debts. She wanted to say ‘Don’t drink if you don’t want it.’ Anyways this soup was for his comrades, not him.

But Song Qinghan then took a big sip of the mungbean soup. Unexpectedly, when his tongue touched the mung bean soup, he immediately tasted the sweetness, which made him feel a little bit tired. The soup was also cold.

After a sip, he felt comfortable and the heat in his body dissipated.

It’s just….there’s really sugar?!

Song Qinghan’s hands who held the soup stiffened, and his ears turned a bit hot.

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  • This is mungbean soup



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Thank you for translating! I’m so excited to read more.

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I love mungbean soup! Even though here we called it ‘bubur kacang hijau’ which literal translation means ‘green bean porridge’

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