Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 3

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After Song Qinghan finished the mungbean soup, the lovely voice of the matchmaker system rang again: [Task 1 is completed, the reward has been issued. The host can pick it up at any time.]

Su Jiaojiao bent her eyes and smiled. She looked calm as she waited for them to drink the mungbean soup. She then placed back the leftover mungbean soup, and then hurriedly left with the thermos pots in her arms, “I will send it to my father, mother and brothers. I’ll go first.”

“Sister-in-law, go slowly!” Several young men said with a smile.

Su Jiao nodded and ran out in small steps carefully.

Behind him, she could hear their voice teasing Song Qinghan.

After leaving the house, Su Jiao walked on the road alone. Her eyes were full of smiles, her face was bright and lively, mainly because she found that she had two yuan in her pocket! The money in this era!

She really depended on the system to get rich! She doesn’t need to worry about living a hard life anymore!

After walking for a while, Su Jiaojiao restrained her joy and sent the warm pot to her parents: “Mom and Dad, come and have some water.”

Sun Fang was working when she heard her daughter “It’s hot outside. What are you doing under the sun? Be careful, you’ll get sunburned.”

Su Jiaojiao laughed and poured a lot of mungbean soup into her thermos pot, and said, “It’s okay. I made mungbean soup. Mom, would you like to taste it?”

“It tastes good” Sun Fang drank a mouthful and was reluctant to part with it. She had some heartache for the sweetness. “Why did you add so much sugar? That sugar is all for you. Don’t waste it. Just add a little.”

As soon as Su Jiao’s chin lifted, she said in a delicate voice, “It’s okay. It’s for parents to drink!”

“Oh, my daughter is so filial!” Sun Fang was so flattered that she forgot the cold war with her husband. She took Su Zhengyang and said excitedly, “Husband, you must take care of our Jiaojiao carefully!”

“Here you are, Jiaojiao. Take it and buy some sugar.” Su Zhengyang dug out five cents from his pocket and handed it to his daughter.

The original owner would definitely take it, so Su Jiao didn’t refuse.

She poured enough mungbean soup for the two old people. Su Jiao took the remaining half pot and went to find her two brothers and sisters in law. They had a little less left.

Zhang Qian was shrewd. She was not satisfied with the sweet mungbean soup. Her eyes fell into the extra thermos pot and was not happy. “Jiaojiao, how can there be another kettle? For whom?”

Su Jiaojiao laughed and poured mungbean soup to her two brothers. Without concealing it, she casually said, “It was sent to Song Qinghan.”

Zhang Qian paused and doubted, “Are you really going to marry?”

She was anxious. If she married, wouldn’t she need a bedroom good for two for her and her husband?

“Jiaojiao, don’t forget. Song Qinghan’s legs are broken, and you will have to suffer if you marry. Listen to your sister-in-law and. Plead with father-in-law to cancel your marriage…”

“Stop talking.” Su Jianhua frowned and interrupted his wife’s words. He was not happy and said, “It’s none of your business if Jiaojiao marries. Don’t worry about them!”

“What do you mean, Su Jianhua? I’m worried for you. If she really married Song Qinghan, you’ll raise her later…” Zhang Qian immediately went back with a black face.

The second brother and the second sister-in-law looked at each other. They hurriedly drank up, ran to take out some of the remaining mungbean soup, and drank it. They were indifferent to this.

Su Jiaojiao smiled: “Don’t worry, first sister-in-law. I won’t let my brother raise me. I’ll let my parents raise me, so no one can say anything, don’t worry!”

What do you mean?

Really, mother and father were old already and they still had to raise these two adults!

Zhang Qian’s face glared at her, held the cup angrily, and left.

Su Jianhua glanced at her sister awkwardly and whispered, “Don’t mind, your sister-in-law didn’t mean it.”

Su Jiao quietly waited for her second brother and his wife to finish eating the last mungbean soup and walked away with the pots.

After only two steps, she heard Su Jianjun murmur. “Big brother’s wife is stupid. Little sister can’t eat much, just let the parents raise them.”

Li Xiu, the second sister-in-law, lightly punched her husband, and treated him as a fool. “Little sister is enough, now there is another brother-in-law. It’s normal for first sister-in-law to get angry. They are all stupid. Ah..the bottom one of this mungbean soup is the sweetest. It gave me more energy. Come on, let’s do more work.”


They cheered each other up and ran to work bravely.

Su Jiaojiao: “…Poof!”


Su Jiaojiao didn’t take the words of her eldest brother and sister-in-law into her heart. Anyway, after she got married, she would separate with her parents. She also occupied the original identity, so in return, she would give them retirement.

As for the two elder brothers of the original owner, in fact, they didn’t need to care. They have their own families, and meeting them in the future would gradually lessen.

She walked briskly to the house, but was blocked mid-way.

It was Yu Chunhao, the original owner’s ambiguous lover, who blocked her.

The original owner’s vision was really good. Song Qinghan looked very good. His skin was a little dark, but his facial features were beautiful and three-dimensional, which was totally different from the original owner’s memory.

Yu Chunhao was also very handsome. His single eyelid and melon seed face were delicate, and his skin was white and clean. He also wore glasses and white shirt.

Su Jiaojiao frowned and said, “What’s the matter?”

[Ding, task 2, as a wife, we need to keep distance with other members of the opposite sex with bad intentions. Please refuse Yu Chunhao’s offer! Reward a bag of wheat flour!]

Her eyes were not so unfriendly. 

It’s worth a bag of wheat flour.

Yu Chunhao didn’t expect to meet Su Jiaojiao here. He was stunned.

Yesterday, he didn’t elope with her on purpose. Although he wanted to leave the village, he didn’t have much money to go to the city in his condition. How could he want to leave? 

Who knew that she also didn’t leave? 

He suddenly felt a little uneasy for fear that she would hate him because of this.

It’s just that he had a hard life here. His family wouldn’t give him any financial support. The family was in good conditions and they lived comfortably. Anyway, this was a woman who already had a fiancee, so it’s fine to get together and just break up.

As he expect, he saw Su Jiaojiao’s impatient look. His heart was thumping. Su Jiao was arrogant and self-willed. Although she was cute when she was with him, there were many legends about her in the village.

Just when he was worried, he saw her looked milder, and made her face looked beautiful than before. He felt relieved and had a little more patience, “Jiao Jiao, don’t be angry, I -“

In the middle of his good words, she interrupted him. “Don’t call me by name, you are not qualified! Please call me comrade Su!”

Yu Chunhao froze for a moment: “Ah?”

He almost thought that he had heard it wrong, but looked at the eyes that used to be shy and timid. At this time, he had no emotion and his heart sank slightly. He was afraid that she would retaliate.

Su Jiao looked at him scornfully and said in a low voice, “Please stay away from me in the future. Since we broke up, we have nothing to do with each other. Otherwise, I’ll let you know how to write regret!”

When she finished, the voice of the matchmaker system immediately sounded: [Ding, the task is completed! Rewards have been issued and can be claimed at any time.]

Get the reward, and Su Jiao will go.

“Wait a minute!” Yu Chunhao stopped her subconsciously, and his eyes fell on the rosy delicate face. His eyes moved slightly, and he felt reluctant. 

This should have been his wish.

After all, the village said that Song Qinghan came back to marry Su Jiaojiao, and she didn’t want to marry this man. It seemed that one day without seeing her made her even more beautiful. There was a strange aura on her. His heart felt she was interesting now.

“Jiaojiao, I know you are angry. Can you listen to me for an explanation?” Yu Chunhao smiled, pushed his eyes and said: “I didn’t go yesterday because I want to be with you one day, once we elope…”

Su Jiaojiao looked at him strangely. This was the move that made the original owner astray after her marriage?

She gave a cold laugh, and left.

“Jiaojiao! I—” Yu Chunhao saw that she insisted on leaving, and became more reluctant. He reached out to pull her. However, when he touched her arm, he saw that she lifted her foot then kicked him.

“Oh!” A sharp pain was felt in the middle of his soft legs. His face paled with sweat dripping on his forehead. He fell on the ground and curled up his body. At the same time, he didn’t forget to look at her in shock,

Su Jiaojiao snorted coldly and quickly left without looking at him.

Want to seduce her? No way!

Su Jiaojiao thought that the relationship between the original owner and Yu Chunhao. 

He had never promised her. It was the original owner who was in a hurry and didn’t bother to think carefully. Who knew that this man didn’t want to get together seriously and just intended to break up with her? It’s good to be clear.

This was too much!

However, after two steps, she heard the voice of the matchmaker system in her mind and cheered: [Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden task: kick the slag boy! The task reward is a can of wheat milk essence which has been distributed and can be accessed by the host at any time!]

Su Jiaojiao: “!!!”

She was excited for a while, and was dazed. She asked: “If I go back and kick a few more times, would there be another reward? 

Matchmaker System: [… more.]

Su Jiaojiao squeezed her lips in regret, but it’s also good to have one more good thing. The malted milk was expensive.


Su Jiaojiao continued to leave while carrying the two warm pots.

Behind a house at the entrance of the village, the two young people who happened to see this scene shrunk their legs together, looked at each other, and both eyes reflected fear.

“It seems that my sister-in-law is very powerful. I don’t know if brother Qinghan can hold her down.,” Jiang An said with a sigh

“Should It…be ok?” Zhang Zhuang was not sure.

They were going to buy food in the town. After all, the comrades including Song Qinghan didn’t know how to cook. This was the only way to eat. Unexpectedly, they saw such a scene at the entrance of the village.

When we go back later, we must tell brother Qinghan to scare him!

After they had thought about it in their hearts, they looked at each other and then at the young man who was still lying on the ground. With a grim smile, Jiang An said, “Go?”

Zhang Zhuang nodded decisively: “Go!” Dare to seduce my sister-in-law, how could we not teach him a lesson?!”

Later, Yu Chunhao, who had been on the ground for a while, was about to get up, when he saw two young men standing in front of him. He was about to ask them what’s the matter when he saw a fist heading his way, “This is a lesson! Don’t seduce my sister-in-law!”

“Yes! When you see my sister-in-law, take a detour!”

“Woooo–” Yu Chunhao, who was beaten so hard that he couldn’t fight back, sobbed twice and then simply held his head to bear it. When the other side had enough fighting, he looked up in a daze, and asked bitterly, “Who is your sister-in-law?”

Zhang Zhuang and Jiang An: “….Mother1not the literal mother, he doesn’t even know who sister-in-law is, and he dared to seduce? Beat him again!”


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Sathiavani M. Santiran
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