Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 4

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Su Jiaojiao felt like she floated the whole day.

First of all, she realized that she had crossed over and received the memory of the original owner. Later, she found that she had a golden finger.

After completing tasks, she would receive rewards.

It was too fast. When she came back home and looked at the three little nephews playing in the yard, her mind suddenly woke up.

But her first reaction was – she didn’t seem to take a sip of the mungbean soup?

What a loss!

Su Jiaojiao almost teared!

But the result of this day was good. The mungbean soup was not so important.

The three children in the family were very obedient. Su Jiaojiao was afraid of them, so she sat at the door and looked from afar. 

By the way, she spent fifty cents to exchange some cheap maltose in the matchmaker system mall. With the sugar, the children became more behaved and obedient.

The children were all simple. In the original memory, Su Jiao had a bad relationship with these several nephews, because her parents always robbed her of food. She felt that all the things that belonged to her parents also belongs to her, so she was not happy.

But now Su Jiao, who didn’t care about this, was willing to give a little sugar in exchange for the honesty of the three children.

Dabao was more sensible. He played with his two younger brothers, ate the candy in his mouth, squinted his eyes happily, and said smilingly, “Auntie, are you especially happy that you’re going to marry?”

How else would she give them sugar?

Su Jiao was embarrassed and shook her head decisively: “No!”

Dabao looked at her doubtfully. What else did she want to say?

Su Jiao’s eyes narrowed, her face tensed, and she threatened. “I won’t give it to you again.”

Dabao shook his head at once, afraid to speak again.

Su Jiao smiled. In fact, there were many things in the system, but she dared not use them easily, because the original owner and her family didn’t have the resources to obtain them. How could she explain that those things came from her parents?

She dared to take out the maltose because it was quite common in the countryside. The original owner often eats it and hides it secretly. If it was changed into a White Rabbit candy, she couldn’t explain the reason how she got them. Her mother was smart and could see something wrong at once.

At this time, she couldn’t help but hope to get married quickly. At least she could go out on her own. Song Qinghan won’t watch her for sure. Besides, the distance between the two families was far, and it would take five or six minutes if one would walk quickly. Her parents wouldn’t find out.

Just after thinking about it, she heard the voice of the Matchmaker System: [Task 3, it is detected that the host wants to get married as soon as possible, so please set the marriage period completely. Reward: Marriage fund 5 yuan]

Su Jiao’s mouth was slightly open, five yuan!

So many?!

But it seemed that she couldn’t intervene with the matters of setting the wedding date? 

Thinking of this, Su Jiao was awkward and embarrassed.


It’s late in the afternoon. It was time for people to get off from work.

The Su’s family meals were usually made by Sun Fang. 

She had two daughters-in-law, but one was stupid. She was not at ease to give these kind of tasks so she controlled the supplies firmly.

This work assigned to her was not heavy, so Sun Fang wanted to do more, and didn’t come back home early. 

She was heading home after her work was done. Today she was proud that she took eight centimeters of wool!

But when she got closer, she saw that something was wrong.

It’s not just her. People familiar of their house were surprised. Aunt Zhang, a neighbor, pointed to the front and said, “Sister Sun, isn’t that your house? Why is it smoking?”

Sun Fang was flustered. She walked quickly and didn’t dare to speak.

She was embarrassed to say that it was impossible for her daughter-in-law to cook. Before that, she was afraid that she would be starved to death if a cake hangs on her neck. It couldn’t be that dabao got hungry and tried to cook in the kitchen?

The rest of the family hastened to speed up.

At this time, Su Jianjun quickly followed his mother, with obvious fear on his honest face, “Mother, did my sister burn the kitchen?”

Shit! If the house burns, they would have to starve for a while!

“Burn a ghost! Does your sister go to the kitchen?” Sun Fang slapped him and ran faster.

Su Jianjun said with his mouth curled: “Didn’t she cook the mungbean soup? Why do you say she doesn’t go to the kitchen? There must be something wrong with the mungbean soup!”

That said, the rest of the family were also flustered, and the pace of the their walk hastened up.

When the family arrived, they hurriedly returned to the yard, Sun Fang shouted, “What’s the matter, my daughter? Why did it smoke?”

Su Jiao came out of the kitchen with her dishes. Unexpectedly, she didn’t lose face. Instead, she was still clean and beautiful. Her clear voice was like a treasure offering. “Mom and Dad, I’ve cooked. Come and have a taste!”

Su Jiao can’t cook, but she wanted to open a fire on her own, and learned to do it. She asked Dabao to help with the fire.

The meal in the house was very simple. All kinds of coarse grains, sweet potato and rice can be mixed together. As for the dishes, it was easier, and Dabao and Erbao handled it. They just added a little oil, stir-fried it twice, and added some salt. But in order to supplement the nutrition for her family, she went to get an egg and made an egg soup.

She had tasted the taste. It’s was just so-so, but nevertheless, she was happy. She was very proud and couldn’t wait for others to taste the food she made!

Host’s family: “!!!!”

Sun Fang clapped her big legs and said excitedly, “Oh, my daughter can cook? That’s great!”

Zhang Qian: “…”

She turned away and smiled scornfully. What was so great for a daughter to cook?

But it’s a rare thing at home. Not only Sun Fang, but Su Zhengyang was also excited, “Jiaojiao’s meal must be delicious. Wash your hands and eat quickly!”

Su Jianhua also smiled happily: “Jiaojiao can cook, and she is also going to marry soon. She is sensible.”

Su Jianjun: ” Oh, mom, can you eat this cooking? How much salt was mixed? Don’t waste our grain.”

He was beaten by Sun Fang.

Su Jiao smiled and went to the hall with her meal.

The rest of the family members went to wash their hands and eat. The most excited was the host’s parents who seemed to shake their hands as they ate. 

After the host’s parents took a bite, they praised Su Jiaojiao. She blushed a little.

Zhang Qian and Li Xiu both listened sourly, and were rather unsatisfied.

At this time, Dabao and Erbao boasted: “Auntie is very good. She can cook and give us sugar!”

Li Xiu was immediately happy: “Oh, did you eat the sugar? Did you thank aunt?”

“Thank you!” the two children said in a crisp voice. Sanbao also followed.

“Small matters” Zhang Qian hissed, and the hand that held the dish stopped.

After she spoke, Su Jianhua touched her hand, and motioned her to stop talking.

Zhang Qian stared at her husband and was about to attack him when she saw that her parents-in-law were looking at her with black faces, and her heart turned empty. She bowed her head and dared not to speak.


Su Jiaojiao thought that it would be difficult to set a wedding date.

Who knew that the next morning, Su Zhengyang went to Song Qinghan’s, and when he came back, he took Su Jiaojiao to discuss the wedding date. After all, the house was almost repaired and she could already live there.

He didn’t dare to tell Song Qinghan that his wife, Sun Fang, didn’t have favorable impression on him. She was dissatisfied with the marriage, but his daughter seemed to be less resistant.

Nowadays, feudalism and superstition are not popular, so they only chose a date. They were busy with farming on the month of  June and July. Su Zhengyang planned to let his daughter marry earlier.

Song Qinghan is a good boy. He also watched him grow up. At that time, his parents were not good to him. They barely ate enough. Su Zhengyang secretly gave him a lot of food. He took him to hunt and earn extra money. In the same way, he didn’t want his daughter to bully him.

“Which day do you plan to marry? Dad told you that Qinghan is a good boy. Don’t worry. Marry him and live a good life with him. Your parents will help you, you won’t suffer much.” For fear that his daughter was not happy, Su Zhengyang’s voice was very gentle, just like coaxing a child. Because his daughter suddenly became sensible these two days, he was more patient, so he was afraid that her daughter was really sad.

Su Jiaojiao pointed at the calendar, and said with a smile, “This will be our wedding day. Anyway, we are poor and we don’t want to make a big deal. Just invite relatives and friends to have a meal.”

Su Zhengyang was surprised. The time her daughter pointed to was five days later?!

He was about to ask, when he saw his daughter looking down at her white fingers as she whispered: “Dad, I know. I forced this marriage. He didn’t agree before. Now the situation is not good, how can he live in this village? I thought, anyway, it’s better to get married earlier. He’s like this, and there’s no one around him. It’s probably that he can only eat cold food… Don’t get hurt, dad.”

“Besides, his comrades-in-arms are just here. It’s good to have a wedding party.” With that, Su Jiaojiao looked up, chuckled with some tears in her eyes, and a kind of delicate face.

Su Jiaojiao cheered herself up in her heart. This reason, this gesture, were all perfect!

Her father would never doubt it!

As expected, Su Zhengyang had no doubt, but he suddenly felt hurt. Especially when he saw his daughter like this, his eyes turned red and wiped his face. 

He struggled inside. Seriously, he was afraid that one day, such a delicate daughter would have to work because she could not eat enough or wear warm clothes. She would become the most common woman in the countryside who looked thin and haggard. Suddenly, he had an impulse: “Why not get married?”

As soon as Su Jiaojiao’s smile froze, she almost broke her act. She hurriedly bowed her head and said, “it’s all agreed. It’s okay. Song Qinghan is handsome and I’m not in a loss.”

Su Zhengyang was more and more distressed. He clenched his fists and his fingers were white. He whispered: “In fact, he didn’t have any money in his savings. The money fell on that leg injury. He didn’t make any changes in his house for this marriage. At most, he could only have two quilts. Jiaojao, you are suffering. Don’t worry. Dad saved money for you!”

Su Jiaojiao was confused, and her voice was forced, “No, no!”

“Yes!” Su Zhengyang nodded his head affirmatively. He was tired. He could not let his daughter suffer.

As she listened, Su Jiao became more and more flustered.


After the communication between Su Zhengyang and Su Jiaojiao, he ran to Song Qinghan again. 

After returning, the marriage period was close to another day, just four days later.

Because Song Qinghan’s comrades had a wedding banquet three days later, they had to go back overnight. Anyway, they couldn’t do anything now. The wedding ceremony was simple, and it didn’t take much time.

Su Jiaojiao was not against it. She cleverly agreed. The task reward will be given immediately. She had several yuan now!

When Sun Fang knew this, Su Zhengyang and four comrades-in-arms of Song Qinghan had already run to the town twice to buy all the things they were going to need in the ceremony. When Sun Fang heard that the bride price was only fifty yuan, she was so angry that she beat up Su Zhengyang and drove him out of the room to sleep in the living room for one night.

At this time, Su Zhengyang did not have the joy of his daughter’s marriage, but rather sad.

Even in the middle of the night, he sneaked into the mountains to hunt some fish and sent it to the black market to receive money.

It’s thanks to Su Zhengyang’s courage that his family lived such a good life. He looked honest and hardworking, but he would do anything for the sake of life, otherwise, the original owner wouldn’t live such a good life.

However, two days before marriage, Su Zhengyang sent a box of white rabbit milk candy to Su Jiaojiao happily in front of the crowd, and with some pride in his tone, “This is what Qinghan said to buy you.”

There were still some words that Su Zhengyang didn’t say because when he got this, Song Qinghan said, “The mungbean soup the day before yesterday was very good. This is a thank-you. Please give it to her.”

It had to be said that this kid was not smart. Compared with his sweet brother, there may be a reason why he didn’t please his parents, But Su Zhengyang was still very happy. 

He couldn’t wait to come back and give her the gift. Jiaojiao likes to eat this candy most. He only buys one or two for her if he makes money. Now there was a box, and thought that he could die of happiness. Song Qinghan should also be a bit interested in this marriage?

At this time, white rabbit milk candy was still a luxury in the countryside, not everyone could afford it. At most, there would be generous parents to buy a few for their children in the new year.

Suddenly, she received this gift, and she was surprised: “Milk candy?”

She opened the iron box, saw a pile of milk candy inside, smiled and squinted: “So much, so fragrant!”

This is a good thing. Dabao and Erbao were slightly bigger. They both know what it is. All of a sudden, their saliva was about to drop from their mouths, but they dared not ask their parents.

Anything that aunt doesn’t freely give, shouldn’t be asked, or else she would get angry.

But Zhangqian couldn’t help it. When the box was opened, the smell of milk came to her. Her saliva overflowed. Then she looked down at her son who was wiping his saliva. She said with a smile, “It seems that Song Qinghan also attaches great importance to little sister. This is a good thing. Let’s share the happiness.”

After seeing the White Rabbit candy, Sun Fang, who had a black face about her marriage, had turned a little better.  She glanced at her happy daughter, but she didn’t say anything disappointing. She curled her mouth and said, “This is what it should be!”

This was her baby girl. She was going to marry him. He should give her attention.

Su Jiaojiao smiled and counted the sugar. She gave them one for each adult and two for each children.

The three children all jumped up happily. They were about to go out to show off with sugar in their arms. Before they went out, they were cut off by their parents. The smaller Er Bao cried directly. Li Xiu, the second sister-in-law, threatened, “This is the last warning, don’t cry.”

The courtyard of the house immediately became lively.

There were also two for the parents, “Mom and dad, you also eat, this taste is delicious.”

“Oh, why eat? We are old. We don’t love this kind of sweet.” When Sun Fang saw her daughter give the sugar, she was very happy in heart but still refused.

Su Zhengyang also quickly waved: “Jiaojiao eat by yourself. You should eat more, we will not eat it.”

She placed the candy on their hands. “Why don’t you eat them? I already gave to everyone. Eat it fast, or should I peel the sugar paper for you?”

Seeing that they were going to put it away, Su Jiaojiao immediately grabbed it and directly peeled the sugar paper and placed it into their mouth. Then she said happily, “Delicious?”

“Delicious! Jiaojiao is filial!” The two nodded their heads and laughed deeply. Their hearts were sweeter than their sugar mouths.

Su Jiao also took one. The pure and sour milk candy made her feel better.

Just when she ate it, she heard a familiar voice in her mind: [Host, next taskis triggered!]

Su Jiaojiao: [Ah?]

[Task 4: There must relationship between husband and wife. Please ask Song Qinghan for dinner. One of the dishes must be prepared by the host herself. Task reward: A box of spicy salted dried fish and ten bags of Weilong spicy strips!]

Su Jiaojiao frowned when she heard that she had to ask Song Qinghan to dinner? She didn’t want to!

It’s just that the reward was spicy foods?!!!

Su Jiaojiao suddenly secreted a pile of saliva, […Did you sneak into my dream?! ]


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