Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 5

Translated by: Tinker

The goods in the system shopping mall weren’t from this era since the rewards were spicy bars..

Weilong spicy didn’t appear in 1972, so if she wanted to eat them, she had to rely on the reward.

Last night, Su jiaojiao dreamed of spicy foods. At first, she was hesitating whether she should accept the task, but when the reward came directly, she decided to take it.

When Sun Fang’s eyes brightened, Su Jiao whispered, “Mom, he has bought milk candy. Why don’t we invite his comrades to dinner?”

This was reasonable. After that, Su Jiaojiao praised her wit. She was too clever.

Sun Fang frowned at once: “What are you doing inviting them to dinner? It’s right to buy you something! You didn’t marry just to suffer.”

“After all, I have to live in that house, and they are helping me to repair it. Besides, I thought I’d ask them to help with a toilet at that time. Last time I went there, there was no cottage in the yard. What if I have stomachache at night?”

Toilets were only built in places in rural areas, with private plots next to them. It was good to apply fertilizer directly, but not every family had them.

Sun Fang immediately realized that she was very soft towards her daughter, who was never strong and could not get up. She was quite reluctant, but she nodded and said, “Yes, let your father invite them.”

“Mom, you are so nice!” Su Jiaojiao held her arms and shook it, “It’s better to have a shower room.”

“Good!” Sun Fang nodded with a smile, and slapped her husband’s shoulder, “Do you hear me? What does your daughter want? Invite them to dinner tonight.”

“Mm-hmm!” Su Zhengyang was very happy. He didn’t mind his wife’s hands. He nodded in a good temper.

But when Sun Fang left, he pulled her in a low voice and said, “Go to Qinghan and tell his comrades they have been helping for so long, and we invite them to have a meal. Go early. I’m afraid they will all sell the vegetables in the market. If you are free, go to the town and buy a piece of meat. I can’t get off work early. I will go to the river to catch two fish. “

Last night, the two game meats that he sneaked up last night had been sold. Besides, fishes were not as delicious as the tender meat of pigs.

Su Jiaojiao nodded her head cleverly: “Okay.”

“Here’s the money and the tickets. Take them” Su Zhengyang gave her two yuan and two Jin of meat tickets.

At this time, the pork was still 70 cents a kilo. You need a meat ticket to buy it.

The original owner used to like this errand running job, because there was always money left. That’s how she earned her savings.


When she got the money and tickets, she went directly to Song Qinghan.

It was still the previous scene, but it’s clear that the yard was a lot cleaner, and the house looked neat and tidy.

Several young people saw Su Jiaojiao, they stopped what they were doing, smiled and said, “Good sister-in-law, come in and have a seat.”

Song Qinghan, with crutches in both hands, came out of the gate with Jiang An’s help. He was surprised to see the girl at the gate.

In fact, Su Jiao had some social phobia in her previous life. When she was watched by five big men, she immediately felt numb and could hardly say anything. She smiled shyly and went into the yard, but didn’t sit down. Her eyes fell on their calves. She couldn’t remember Su Zhengyang’s words, so she said dryly: “I’m here to invite you to my house for dinner in the evening. It would be after your work is over. Yes, I’ll go first.”

“Wait a minute!” A deep man’s voice sounded. Compared with other people’s enthusiasm, this man’s voice was obviously cooler.

Su Jiaojiao stopped subconsciously and looked puzzled.

She saw Song Qinghan slowly walked down the steps in front of the hall and came to her. This behavior made several other brothers in the yard wink at each other. They were about to blurt out their polite words and said one by one: “Since sister-in-law invited us for dinner, let’s hurry to work.”

“That it, work and work!”

Several people said to themselves, and then they turned their backs to work. Jiang An, who had helped Song Qinghan walked towards Su Jiaojiao, hurriedly released his hand that was supporting his brother, “Brother Qinghan, sister-in-law, you both can speak now.”

Then he ran.


Song Qinghan had deep eyes, a handsome face and a very tall body.

At such a close distance, Su Jiaojiao was watched by him. Suddenly, she felt flustered. Her palms were sweating. Some heat came out of her face and her smile was stiff. “What’s the matter?”

Song Qinghan stood at the ground with one foot, took something out of his pocket with one hand, and then stretched it out towards her. In the palm of his big hand were several food and meat stamps.

What’s the meaning of this?

Feeling the meaning of the doubt in Sujiao’s unexpectedly clear eyes, Song Qinghan’s calm heart pounded heavily, and his heart rate was unsteady. On the face, however, he still stretched his handsome face, pressed his lips, and said in a low voice, “Let them eat a lot. This is for you, you give them to aunt.”

So this was it?

Su Jiaojiao was surprised and suddenly relaxed. The man was very polite. She waved her hand. “No, how can we have this for dinner? Keep it for yourself. I’ll go first. Remember to bring your comrades. I will leave first.”

With that, she smiled, waved her hand and walked away.

Song Qinghan had a close look at the bright smile. Some of his comrades were amazed that he was stupefied. After a while, Song Qinghan felt a little warm on his face.

“Yo, this has become a wife stone1he was stupefied for awhile that he just looked like a living stone.?” Jiang An kept peeking.

Seeing that Su Jiaojiao was gone, Song Qinghan still looked over her direction. He immediately was teased by his comrades.

Song Qinghan gave them a squint.

Jiang An was not afraid. Instead, he raised his eyebrows and shouted, “Come and see this wife stone!”

“Ha ha ha, wife stone! Brother, are you reluctant for sister-in-law to leave? It’s Okay. We’ll see her in the afternoon.” Zhang Zhuang also joked.

Song Qinghan held his crutch to turn around, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his chilly eyes fell on them, causing several people to shrink their necks. Then he said, “Brother, it’s okay. Don’t be ashamed. My sister-in-law is so beautiful, and no one can’t stand it.”

“Shut up, if you delay, you won’t have delicious dinner today.” Song Qinghan returned angrily and moved back to the house with difficulty.

Jiang An hurriedly came over to help him and said with a smile, “Brother, sister-in-law is very good. Live a good life in the future, and maybe there will be a big fat boy next year!”

He was more clever than the other three. Naturally, he could see that there was no relationship between Song Qinghan and Su Jiaojiao. Maybe his brother was still a little repellent.

He could see that when she sent the mungbean soup that day.

It’s just that they were getting married, and their sister-in-law was growing well. The family was in a good condition. Apart from being a little bit coquettish, there was no problem. In this case, was it not good to have a baby after the day?

Song Qinghan’s eyebrows moved slightly, hesitated for a moment, then nodded slowly.

He was angry at first, but Su Zhengyang helped him a lot, so even if he was angry, he still endured.

But there were some things, even if he didn’t travelled back time, he already knew of it.

What’s more, since he travelled back to this time, naturally Su Jiaojiao should come and repay him.

Song Qinghan still heard about the squabble between her and the young man. Because of his calculations, he couldn’t voluntarily propose to withdraw from marriage, so he deliberately mentioned the matter of marriage.

From what he learned about Su Jiao’s marriage, she would not be willing to marry a man like him with dim future. What’s more, she still had a ‘better’ one at hand.

Everything was the same as he thought, Su Jiaojiao ran way.

He didn’t tell a few of his comrades about these things, otherwise how could they be so polite to her.

Unexpectedly, she failed to escape the marriage. With Su Zhenyang’s temper, they would definitely make her marry. After hearing this news, Song Qinghan was helpless and planned to endure for a while longer.

Who knew that since the delivery of mungbean soup, everything began to change, especially when Jiang An came back to tell him that she kicked the little white face.

After that, Song Qinghan found that she seemed to be changing.

At least for now, the direction of change was towards the good.

He was not a casual person, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so angry at being married.

But in today, after hearing Jiang An’s words, the smile Su Jiaojiao just had appeared in his mind, and the sense of rejection slightly lessened.

If he could live a peaceful life this way, he would not hold the previous events accountable.

Song Qinghan shook the food ticket, and squeezed the corners of his mouth.


It was half past five in the afternoon.

After taking a bath, she changed her clothes and took her it to wash.

Zhang Qian and Li Xiu were busy working in the kitchen. Today they got two pounds of meat.

Although they didn’t make all of it, fat meat were everywhere in every dish, which made people happy. Several women crowded in the kitchen when cooking, hoping to eat some meat secretly.

Inadvertently, seeing this scene, Zhang Qian whispered to Li Xiu, “Hey, did you find that little sister seems to attach great importance to Song Qinghan? Didn’t she say she’d never marry before? What change her mind so quickly?”

Li Xiu looked around blankly, noticed her figure washing clothes, and said strangely, “Isn’t it important to pay attention? That’s her husband.”

Zhang Qian couldn’t help but stamp her feet: “What I’m talking about is that she didn’t pay attention to it before. Now why did she suddenly pay attention to it? I know she always dressed up and ran out before…I don’t even know what she was doing.”

“What can she do? Run and play.” Li Xiu said casually.

Zhang Qian was desperate for a while. She gloomily turned the vegetables in the frying pan.

She was afraid that they would give her a lot of money in order to make the younger sister-in-law compromise. If it was true, their family and the second family would suffer losses.

As a result, this second family was so stupid that she gave up, rolled her eyes, and continued cooking.

At this time, Sun Fang also came in. Looking at the spicy stir fried meat on the table, she suddenly felt sorry for it, but her daughter had proposed this. It was not easy to agree.

She put the fish in her hand in a bad mood, “Remember to add some pepper.”


Su Jiaojiao, who was outside, listened to some words coming from the inside, shook her head and smiled. She quickly washed her sweaty clothes.

She ran to town, and pretended to cook with enthusiasm when she came back. Naturally, since she sweated so much, she took advantage of the hot water in the pot behind, and gave herself a bath to freshen. This made her comfortable.

At this time, there was no hair dryer. She could only wait for it to dry naturally. Since they had visitors, instead of hanging her clothes outside, she put them in her room, and planned to dry them.

Su Zhengyang was sitting at the threshold smoking, looking happy. Listening to the movement in the kitchen, and knowing that he could eat. He shouted, “Jiaojiao, why don’t you go see Qinghan, and bring his friends here?”

“Good.” Su Jiao went out at once.

Before leaving the yard, she collided with a group of people, almost hitting Song Qinghan who was supported.

She held the person by reflex, flustered: “I’m sorry, are you okay?”

Song Qinghan used two crutches to walk with difficultly. He was suddenly hit by a touch of soft cotton and fell back directly.

When he was caught, Song Qinghan’s face was blank for a while. He instinctively recalled the touch in his mind, and then looked at the girl with an unfamiliar faint fragrance. The watery eyes on the delicate cheek were particularly bright, and his heart suddenly jumped.

Song Qinghan suddenly tensed his muscles and said dryly, “It’s okay. Go ahead.”

Zhang Zhuang and others also said with a smile: “Sister in law, brother is okay, we all go on!”

“Oh, oh.” Su Xiaojiao nodded modestly, turned and ran back to the yard. In a clear voice, “Dad, they are here.”

“Qinghan is here, hurry come in!” Su Zhengyang immediately got up.

Just then, Su Jianhua and his brothers came back from the back. They were still wet. They all strung fish with grass in their hands. They followed them into the yard and said happily: “My brother-in-law is here. You have a good luck. Today we are lucky to catch some big fish! We can also cook more fish soup. Jiaojiao likes it.”

Song Qinghan was about to laugh when he saw the black faced mother-in-law coming out and slapping Su Jianhua on the head: “Brother in law, what brother-in-law! They have not married yet! Pay more attention!”

“Yes, yes, Qinghan. Let’s go in and introduce you to the house.” Su Jianhua, who was a big fool, was not upset when he was beaten. He put the fish in the bucket beside him and invited them in.

Song Qinghan was very polite. He faced Sun Fang’s black face and insisted on greeting her. Several of his brothers were also very enthusiastic. Instead, Sun Fang was embarrassed to keep her black face, so she urged fiercely. “Hurry up and serve the dishes.”

Several people ran to the hall and looked at the table, there were fish, meats and many different vegetables. They exclaimed, “Auntie is too kind!”

Song Qinghan also saw that it was more abundant than he thought. Maybe it was really the prejudice before. He looked a little softer: “Uncle, sit first.”

Su Jiaojiao did not want to go to the kitchen, but was uncomfortable with so many big men. So she ran directly back to her room and heard her father spitting out on his two sons, “These sons went and catch some fish instead of cooking. They’re waiting for everyone to be starved to death.”


Then Song Qinghan’s voice changed the topic: “Uncle, I’m sorry for interrupting, but I bought two bottles of wine.”

“Wine is a good thing. Ah, such a big pot? Then leave a pot for the guests.”


After waiting for a while, the last dish was fried, and Su Jiaojiao was called out. The big table was full of people. She sat in a corner, holding her own bowl, eating the vegetables quietly in front of her.

Three nephews were eating happily outside with their bowls and pieces of meat.

Because there were so many people, the dinner table was very lively, and Sujiao was not eye-catching.

But this was what she thinks. In fact, almost everyone on the table was paying attention to her, including Song Qinghan. Seeing her eating vegetables so quietly, he felt a little weird in his heart.

After seeing her twice more, Jiang An looked at her with narrow eyes, but silently took back his eyes.

Jiang An turned to Su Jianjun and shouted in a thick voice: “Come on, brother, let’s have a drink!”

Su Zhengyang also said: “Qinghan eat more vegetables. It’s not convenient for you to drink. Let’s eat vegetables.” As a result, he was given two chopsticks of meat and vegetables for his comrades in arms.

“Uncle, we will not be polite to you.” Jiang An hurriedly said, and the table became more lively

Sun Fang had been paying attention to her daughter. Seeing that she didn’t eat much meat. She hurriedly stood up and took two chopsticks of fat meat for her. “Are you embarrassed? Eat more. You bought the meat.”

“Mm-hmm.” Su Jiaojiao nodded and buried herself in the meal.

Looking at the fat meat in the bowl, she felt a little greasy.

In fact, she didn’t like fat!

But at this time, most people like to eat fat, especially the original owner.

Su Jiaojiao swallowed her saliva and took a small bite. But because her body had not eaten such fat meat for many years, she felt a fit of nausea. She did not dare to chew it, instead she swallowed it directly. Then she quickly picked up sweet potatoes to eat.

Sun Fang saw it naturally and muttered strangely, “What’s the matter? Don’t force yourself if you don’t like to eat. I won’t make this next time.”

Su Jiaojiao dared not to speak, her heart was bitter, she didn’t want to, but most of the meat that was bought was fat. The lean meat was only just a little bit, and it’s not even in her bowl!!!

Sitting next to Sun Fang, Zhang Qian’s eyes turned, and it became clear.

Li Xiu’s brain didn’t adapt so fast. Seeing that the elder sister-in-law clearly understood, she immediately pulled her sleeve curiously and gave a hint of winking.

Zhang Qian raised her eyebrows and beckoned her to look at the man sitting opposite her.

Among several men, Song Qinghan looked best. Apart from some injuries on his body, his face was leaner, and nothing else was bad. He was born in mud legs and went to be a soldier, but he always give people a feeling of masculinity.

Especially when so many men were sitting together, the contrast was so obvious, he was much more elegant than the others. The men were bragging with their throats and blushing. He listened with a smile. When he occasionally said a few words, several people would immediately agree.

Li Xiu looked at her with her two eyes, then looked at her little sister-in-law with a slightly wrinkled brow. She thought about her old sister-in-law’s behavior, and then looked at her attitude these days, especially compared with today, she seemed to understand something important at that time.

She slapped her big legs directly. Her simple face was full of surprise, and she didn’t control the volume. Instead, she said with a little complacency and a big bang, “I see, mom, this little sister doesn’t like to eat. It’s specially made for brother-in-law! Little sister doesn’t like to go into the kitchen, but she has been in the kitchen for half a day and sweated a lot.”

A few men who were talking suddenly stopped their voices and looked at each other strangely.

Song Qinghan’s face suddenly began to heat up.

Being swept by people’s eyes, Li Xiu asked blankly, “What’s wrong? What I said is true. You see, my little sister even washed her hair….. “

Sun Fang with blackened face, said, “Shut up!”

I was planning to secretly leave the table and give two fat pieces to my nephews 

Su Jiao: “…”

I am not! I didn’t!

I am wronged!


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