Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 6

Translated by: Tinker

Because of the embarrassment of the night before, the second sister-in-law of the house was punished to wash Su Jiaojiao’s clothes.

Su Jiaojiao became more idle. She laid in bed all day and chewed a bag of hot strips from time to time.

Looking at the balance of the remaining eight bags, she murmured, [Spicy chicken system, I’ve paid so much, but I’ve only got ten packages of spicy bars. How can I get a hundred packs?]

Even after more than a day’s adjustment, when Su Jiaojiao thought about it, she felt her face was burning hotly. At such a high price, she ended up with ten packages of hot strips, which was a big loss.

The matchmaker system was very guilty and weakly said: [There is also a bag of salt and pepper dried fish.]

Su Jiaojiao groaned: [How can it be the same? Spicy is my favorite!]

The matchmaker system dared not speak anymore.

Su Jiaojiao shook her head and continued to lie on her body.

The original owner had a bad temper and was favored by the family. Girls of the same age didn’t like to play with her. Older women couldn’t play with her, so no friends came to congratulate her at this time. After all, congratulations was also a way of giving gifts.

But in this time when everyone was very poor, giving small gifts was done with hesitation, especially for people who wasn’t successful.

She didn’t like to go out and visit others. 

She felt strange when she comes to other people’s territory, so she stayed at home quietly.

However, the parents of the host family were very pleased with their daughter’s cleverness these two days and never said anything.

But someone came to visit today.

“Jiaojiao, Zhang Yu has come to play with you.” Sun Fang shouted.

Tomorrow was a day before marriage. The parents of the host family asked for leave and didn’t go to work these two days. 

Sun Fang was busy at home. Su Zhengyang ran to the town all day and didn’t know what she was doing. Su Jiaojiao said many times that she didn’t want anything, but he wouldn’t listen and still gave her money.

Hearing Sun Fang’s voice, Su Jiaojiao immediately sat up and asked the system to take back half of the spicy food. Then she opened the door and windows to breathe. She opened the door to meet Zhang Yu with a smile. 

Seeing that she was obviously wearing a new dress, she said, “Your new braid is beautiful.”

Nowadays, girls had dressed in two braids, Su Jiao didn’t change it suddenly, and Zhang Yu was like this too. However, her hair was slightly yellow, her skin was not fair enough, and her facial features are not bad. She was more beautiful as a whole.

She was tall, thin, and very fashionable.

She was wearing a white shirt.

Zhang Yu nodded, smiled shyly, looked at Su Jiao, and said with envy, “You too. You turned a lot whiter.”

Just one day, she felt that she was obviously becoming beautiful, which made Zhang Yu, who was born with yellow skin, envious.

Su Jiao was shocked. She thought her differences were seen. She pulled her in and sat down, as if nothing happened, and said, “No, it’s always like this.”

They went to town together the day before yesterday. They went to the town too quickly that they didn’t talk much. 

Zhang Yu didn’t continue her previous questions, but asked curiously, “Are you excited about getting married?”

She thought about it and nodded, “A bit!”

After all, this was the first time.

Zhang Yu enviously said, “Also, Song Qinghan looks good. Marriage is a good thing.”

“Yes,” She said with a smile,

“I’m different. I don’t want to marry.” Zhang Yu muttered in a low voice, “His mother is so powerful that all three sisters-in-law are bullied like quail, but his family gives the more gifts. My two brothers are going to marry.”

Su Jiaojiao was silent. Zhang Yu’s family was different from her. Zhang Yu’s parents love their two sons more than her. Their family could not afford to marry their two sons until Zhang Yu grew up.

The little girl had a pretty face. Although she was not so white, she was also pretty. Many people came to propose marriage later. Zhang Yu also liked one boy at the beginning. She planned to settle at first, but it got pushed through. Zhang Yu begged for a long time to stop looking for marriages. She could only stay at home for a while and enjoy a little more happiness.

Zhang Yu smiled bitterly: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Seeing that Su Jiaojiao didn’t speak, she thought that the things she said had ruined her mood. After all, everyone knew that Song Qinghan was not a good husband either. He had a leg problem, had no money, and had such a pair of eccentric parents. She just thought that such a girl that she admire secretly was going to get married, and then when she compared it with herself, she felt very moved.

Su Jiaojiao chuckled and shook her head: “No, in fact, you don’t have to worry. If they bully you, just make trouble. If you can’t beat them, just take a knife. If they won’t fear you, they won’t stop.”

“Poof!” Zhang Yu laughed at once. “You can really be joking. It’s not the same as before.”

If in the past, Su Jiaojiao must have ridiculed her. It was also her good temparament that made their friendship successful. Didn’t she see that she had no friends?

Su Jiaojiao, “I’m not kidding.”

Zhang Yu’s smile stagnated and her heart leaped. She quickly changed the topic, “By the way, what did you buy for your wedding?”

“I don’t know. My father bought it. I didn’t go either.”

They talked and laughed until Zhang Yu was about to leave. Suddenly, she took out a yellow hairpin from her pocket and put it on Su Jiaojiao’s head. She chuckled: “It’s so beautiful!”

“How could I wear this?” Su Jiaojiao immediately reached for it.

Zhang Yu said with a smile, “A wedding present for you.”

“Thank you!” she said earnestly.

Zhang Yu’s eyes curved and she said two words of congratulations and left.

Sun Fang shouted at the door when she was about to leave, “Why don’t you play a little longer?”

“There’s work to do at home. I’ll go back first.” Zhang Yurou’s soft voice came.

When she left, Sun Fang ran in and took her daughter’s hand. She said with red eyes, “Hey, you’re going to get married tomorrow. I don’t want to say much, but remember, whenever you are afraid of something, you have two brothers! Otherwise, it’s okay to fight. Don’t talk to your mother-in-law. If she dares to do anything to you, just fight. If you don’t win, just come home, and your parents will take your elder brothers and show them!”

“Poof -” Su Jiao couldn’t help laughing: “Why do you say it as if I’m going to the battlefield? What’s so scary?”

Her daughter couldn’t see that she was worried. This daughter could still laugh. 

She was extremely dissatisfied and poked her head. She didn’t have a good airway: “You’ll know when you get married.”


On May 15, family members took a day off they didn’t have to go to work.

Before the sun came out, all the people who had a slightly better relationship with the host visited, and made a scene.

Su Jiaojiao couldn’t sleep in anymore, and got up in silence.

The enthusiastic aunt took some make-up tools for her face, but Su Jiao looked at the the make-up that was put on her face, and shook her head quickly. She sent people out, and only changed her clothes.

“Is this girl shy?” The aunts who were pushed out looked at each other blankly, knowing that in the past, other young wives were particularly happy.

Seeing this, Sun Fang hurriedly took them aside to sit and squashed some melon seeds: “Jiaojiao is timid and afraid of pain. Forget it, she looks good anyway.”

“Huh, you’re not modest!”

“How could I be modest in this good day? Jiaojiao, this child is already beautiful!”

“The Song family kid is also blessed, but I heard that the Song family’s mother-in-law went there to make trouble yesterday, but found nothing.” Someone whispered.

Sun Fang’s smile faded and her heart sank.

She didn’t like this kind of mother-in-law for her daughter!

But even if Sun Fang was not happy, she was still used to obeying her husband’s orders.

Once her husband decided, she had no other way but to fight with her daughter.

But when her daughter agreed, she could only shut up.


On the other side, Su Jiaojiao had already dressed herself up. Her black and bright hair was neatly tied into two ponytails, showing a clean face. Her eyebrows, which looked thin and curved, were simply trimmed with a piece of hair. Other than that, nothing else was changed.

Her lips were pink, but the poor cosmetics in this era were distrustful. It would only be good if you buy a lipstick in the future.

She was wearing a green shirt and trousers, as well as a pair of black leather shoes. She also wore a brooch on her chest with the words “the bride” written on it.

Although she didn’t regard this as a real wedding in her heart, and she was not particularly nervous, she still took it seriously. She blushed and also palpitated.

When she was dressed up, she opened the door. Zhang Yu, as a friend of the bride, accompanied her. When Zhang Yu saw she didn’t dress up very much, she was surprised.

But when she said the reason, she nodded understandably: “Yes, I don’t think it’s good, but they all think it’s good that you dress up. Oh your eyebrows are beautiful.”

Su Jiaojiao smiled and said: “I’ll fix it for you? It’s very simple.”

“No, it’s your wedding today. When I get married, you can help me.” Zhang Yu shook her head.

The next process was up for her others. After that, Su Jiao was taken away by the bridegroom who came to meet her with a cane. She was pushed by several brothers of Song Qinghan in the big flatbed car, including him. 

Everyone knew that he had trouble with his legs and feet, but said nothing.

All the people around the village came to watch, and a group of laughing children were in front of the open road.

Song Qinghan, dressed in a military uniform, was more handsome than before. His slightly serious face seemed to be softer. When he took her away, he said some simple and good words to her parents. It was probably words that he would treat her well.

It’s not clear whether there was such a story in the original plot, but when Sun Fang heard these words, he saw the disgusted look Sun Fang had was much better, and Su Zhengyang directly pulled him to cry.

This scene also made the calm Su Jiaojiao blushed, especially when she finally sat on the big flatbed car and watched Sun Fang sitting on the ground crying and howling, “My daughter…” and her tears dripped more and more.

Suddenly a handkerchief was handed over, and Su JiaoJiao looked at it suspiciously.

Song Qinghan, who was sitting beside her, said in a low voice, “It’s clean.”

“Thank you.” Feeling a little comfort, she whispered a word and took the handkerchief and wiped her tears.

Song Qinghan looked at her slightly. The little girl looked very young. There was still some flesh on her white tender cheeks, but her neck and clavicle were thin and looked very attractive. At this time, her eyes and lips were red, which made him feel a little more pity.

Because he was dumbfounded, his mouth opened and closed, trying to comfort her, but he could not say anything, and finally gave up with some frustration.

Jiang An, who happened to peek back at the bride and bridegroom, saw this scene, especially Song Qinghan’s lips, which were always tight, looked like it wanted to talk but stopped midway many times.

He suddenly felt strange and looked away. He laughed silently in his heart: The man still had those moments!

Didn’t you know how to comfort?

Look, when it comes to sister-in-law, he couldn’t even say a word, so stupid!


When the bride left, the rest of the family stayed to entertain the guests, and so did the Song family. However, most of the guests followed him to Song Qinghan’s house in order to watch.

Although the house was not as big as the other homes, it was also quite spacious. There was a small yard and a thatched cottage behind it. It was just repaired according to the requirements of Su Jiaojiao. There was a compartment for bathing, and the water can flow out directly to the vegetable field.

The house was immediately praised by many people. Although it was not a brick house, it had also been repaired very well.

After this wedding, it would be a much more simple lifestyle. As a bride, she didn’t need to do anything, just be a beautiful vase.

Song Qinghan was injured, so he didn’t need to do anything. He asked several comrades to do it for him. He held up the glass on each table to toast.

After the busy noon, they started to clean up the mess.

Sun Fang and her two sons and daughter-in-law, worked together to return all the things that should be returned and cleaned up. 

As for the rest of the food, people in this era were frugal and didn’t want to waste. Su Jiaojiao asked them to take it back directly. After all, they were just two people and couldn’t eat much.

After tidying up the mess, the house became clean and bright again. Sun Fang took people back and Song Qinghan’s comrades-in-arms were going to leave.

“Brother, sister-in-law, you work hard. I hope we can see the eldest nephew next year!” Zhang Zhuang, as a representative, stood in front of the two people and said this before he immediately turned and ran.

Song Qinghan’s face darkened, and the other young men laughed and ran away, waving back to them.

Then the last few busy young people left, and the village fell into a kind of inexplicable silence.

Two people returned to the house, one sat on the new study desk to read a book, and the other reluctantly placed the things she brought.

There was only one bed at this home. She thought that she may have to share a bed with the man tonight. It’s a bit empty, but fortunately, this man couldn’t do anything for the time being.

After cleaning the messy room for more than hours, she realized that the sun had began to set.

Su Jiaojiao’s shoulders collapsed and she sat at the threshold, covering her hungry stomach. 

She had more grievances in her eyes. She was so hungry and tired that she wanted to lie down and wait for someone to deliver food to her mouth.

Song Qinghan heard the movement outside and stopped. He went out with his crutches, and saw the small person. Her breath was obviously weak. She didn’t look as lively as before.

He had not quite adapted to the change of status, but seeing her obviously tired, he naturally couldn’t bear to let her do more things, “You go to rest first. I’ll cook. Do you have anything you like to eat?”

Although his legs and feet were inconvenient, he could still fill his stomach.

At this time, Sun Fang came and saw them standing at the door, laughing, “The guests are gone.” 

Seeing them nod, and looking at her daughter’s tired appearance, her heart pained, “You are also tired. We still have a lot of leftovers, so come to dinner with us. No need to cook.”

As soon as Su Jiaojiao’s eyes brightened, and was about to say yes, the voice of the system was suddenly heard.[Task 5: after a day of tiredness, the hot food will make people feel warm. Please make dinner for your husband and get sincere praise from him. Reward: a bag of wheat flour and a spicy chicken chop.]

Su Jiao, who was just about to refuse: […..]

She thought that this system would catch her weakness more and more!

Shit… I’m so hungry I want to eat chicken chops!


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