Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 7

Translated by: Tinker

Faced with the invitation from his mother-in-law, Song Qinghan was not very used to it, he frowned slightly, and refused.

From the age of five, when his younger brother was born, he began to feel the gap in his position and understood one thing – that even his mother and father would not take selfless risks for him.

So except when he didn’t have the ability to survive on his own, he received help from others. But after he turned 15 years old, he was rarely helped.

In this village, what he received the most help was probably Su Zhengyang. In the face of the calculating Su Jiao, after Su Zhengyang personally said his prayers for their marriage, he forbore to say nothing and acquiesced in everything.

Last time he went to his mother-in-law’s house, it was because he had several brothers. Now he had everything at home, so he didn’t want to go.

Song Qinghan just wanted to say that she should just go by herself. He would eat something at home. Anyway, both his legs were hurt. Even if he could barely walk, it was not convenient.

Who knew that the girl who was just starving and wanted to eat immediately, refused with no hesitation, and her voice was a little more eager, “Mom, it’s okay. I see everything here. I’m learning to cook now. I’ll do it myself.”

Sun Fang hesitated for a moment, but saw that her daughter had been invigorated and didn’t force it.

Anyway, the family was full of leftovers. In fact, it was not a good thing since the slightly better food were eaten by the people who come to the banquet.

She nodded, “Yes, then be careful.”

“Mm-hmm!” Su Jiao Jiao’s eyes were shining as she nodded. Just now she felt tired and flustered, but now she was energized, and she jumped to her feet. She saw Sun Fang off, and rushed to the kitchen.

Song Qinghan was dumbfounded.

He sat on the chair in the hall, looked at the busy figure in the kitchen, and asked in the bottom of his heart: Do the emotions of girls change so fast?

He hadn’t been in contact with any girls, so he didn’t know.

But seeing that she was very active in her work, he would not go over, lest he would just trouble her.

Thinking of this, Song Qinghan looked down at his legs, he had one ankle bone fracture. Fortunately, he didn’t hurt his shinbone, and had recovered most of them.

It’s just that the doctor said that he may be lame in the future, and this leg wouldn’t recover.

He didn’t think before, but now his eyes were dim and his heart was rather sour. It was like eating an unripe persimmon, and his tongue seemed a little astringent.

Because of his situation, he didn’t want to see his parents scold him ferociously after they heard that the subsidy had been spent on medical expenses. They didn’t let him rest at home that day, and asked for separation directly, for fear that he would look for the money they sent back before.

If it wasn’t for the help of the captain and his comrades-in-arms, they wouldn’t have given anything, including this house.

“Well, I don’t know how to cook, but it should be good.” A delicate voice interrupted his gaze at his legs.

Song Qinghan raised his eyes and saw a rosy delicate face, as if a crisp and sweet apple appeared in front of his eyes. The eyes were bright, the tip of the nose overflowed with a little sweat, and the red lips raised a beautiful smile.

She held a bowl in her hands, with obvious expectation in her eyes, just like giving a treasure. It looked like she asking for praise?

Song Qinghan was slightly stunned. Looking at the simple noodles with just the right color, he felt a bit of heat on his face, almost blinding his eyes.

Most of the disgusting faces that had been counted and remembered in his heart had disappeared, leaving only a vague shadow.

“mmm~” Song Qinghan nodded, his throat was slightly choked, and his face was strained instinctively. He hid his emotions and picked up the chopsticks.

Noodles were the most common hand-made dishes in the town. They taste ordinary. Even if there were lighter, they still taste a bit bland.

But Song Qinghan nodded his head, and his cold look softened.

Seeing his reaction, Su Jiaojiao was immediately delighted and asked, “Is it delicious?”

Looking at her bright eyes, Song Qinghan put the tip of his tongue against his upper jaw, suddenly reluctant to tell the truth, hesitated for a moment, and nodded, “It’s delicious.”

Su Jiaojiao chuckled, was about to complete the task happily, when she heard the crisp voice of the matchmaker system saying, [Praise is not sincere enough, Host please make persistent efforts!]

Su Jiaojiao looked at the noodles with some vegetables and an egg. Impossible! Wasn’t it delicious?

But seeing Song Qinghan ate seriously…

Su Jiaojiao was so angry. He even dared to eat when he was so insincere? With a twist of her brow, she grabbed the chopsticks directly. Facing Song Qinghan’s blankly raised head, she said fiercely, “Praise sincerely, or you won’t eat!”

This was her own cooking. Shouldn’t he be grateful? Even if it couldn’t compare with the chef’s food, it couldn’t be praised so insincerely, right?

Song Qinghan: “…”

The girl’s crisp voice made Song Qinghan caught off guard. He looked at her in a dazed way, but saw her frowned eyebrows, her slighty twitched mouth, and her childish pretty face. He thought of what her father-in-law said to him: “JiaoJiao is still small. She is stubborn, but she is not a child with a bad heart. You just understand.”

After all, she had never cooked before. The noodles could be made so well. It was because of high demands. Song Qinghan relaxed calmly and said seriously, “It’s really delicious.”

He had a deep voice, and looked at her with a smile in the corner of his eyes.

Su Jiao looked at the handsome eyes, and even if he just sat still with his tall and lean figure. She suddenly felt a slight heat on her cheek. At the same time, the voice of the matchmaker system sounded[The task is completed and the reward is being distributed!]

The voice was inexplicably weak, showing its guilty conscience.

Su Jiaojiao breathed a sigh of relief and quickly returned the bowl: “Eat it. I’ll eat one too.”

Then she ran to the kitchen to serve her noodles. There was only a shallow bowl at the bottom, but when she picked up the bowl, there was an additional chicken chops out of nowhere. The scent came to her nose immediately. Su Jiaojiao took a deep breath of the smell, and giggled: “It’s really delicious!”

She finished eating both chicken cutlet and the noodles.

Into the night.

Su Jiaojiao came out of the bathroom refreshed.

The wind at night was cool, and it was even more uncomfortable. 

Su Jiaojiao touched her bulging stomach, and burped the smell of chicken chops. She touched her face just after washing. It was a pity that she couldn’t see her face.

She used to take a bath at home, and always looked in the front of the mirror every time she washed.

However, the mirrors in this house were all fuzzy.

She regretted for a while and went back to sleep with a light step.

Song Qinghan hurt his leg, but he had great strength in his hand. He could take care of himself, so she didn’t have to worry about it. Except when she came back to the room, she saw the half bed empty, her legs became softer.

Fortunately, the bed was big enough, and they each have a thin quilt. Song Qinghan slept in the inner side with his hands lying flat, and his stomach covered with quilt. Under the dim oil lamp, his eyes were closed tightly, and he was probably asleep.

Since it was just like this, Su Jiao quietly breathed a sigh of relief, blew out the oil lamp, and laid on the bed.

She thought that she wouldn’t be able to sleep when she changed places. However, soon after she laid down, Su Jiaojiao had already fallen asleep. Her dream was full of snacks and an iPad drama. It was really beautiful.

She just fell asleep when she suddenly heard the crisp voice of the matchmaker system shouting to herself: [Wake up! ]

[Host! Come on, something big is happening!]

[Host, are you willing to be a widow? ]

When Su Jiaojiao was awakened from her dream, she heard the last sentence: “…….”

At this time, there was no need for a small system to say anything. Su Jiao also knew the situation. There was a big fireball besides her, and from time to time, she could hear his grunts.

Had a fever?

Su Jiaojiao frowned a little, and remembered a sentence while reading the novel. The original owner was with Yu Chunhao when Song Qinghan was ill. She thought that illness was his leg problem, but now it seemed that it was a fever?


[Ding! Task 6: the person with fever is very uncomfortable. Host, please wipe the body of the husband to reduce the temperature. Reward: a full-length mirror!]

Su Jiaojiao heard this sentence when she went and got the fire matches from the kitchen. She didn’t have time to have fun. The mirror she wanted now was available. She lit the oil lamp directly, and then went to cool water to wipe him.

When the hand touched Song Qinghan’s cheek, she found that the temperature was too high?

As she quickly wiped him, she asked the system, [Do you have any antipyretics medicine? Can I buy it?]

Matchmaker system reacted and quickly said, [Have! Do you want to buy it? One box for fifty cents! it has ten packs!]


After su Jiaojiao finished, she had a box of antipyretics on hand. The familiar brand: Gan Kang, this thing was very useful for antipyretic. Especially for the first time, she quickly broke the medicine into two parts and took half of it and put it into Song Qinghan’s mouth.

Who knew that this person’s defense was quite strong, his lips were tight, and there was no opening at all.

Su Jiaojiao pinched his two jaws angrily and squeezed them to the middle, pushing his mouth straight up, which broke through the defense line of his lips, but his teeth were tightly shut.

“…Song Qinghan! Open your mouth!” She snorted.

It seemed that Song Qinghan’s eyes moved under his closed eyelids, but didn’t open them. However, the seal of his teeth was loosened a lot. Su Jiaojiao put the medicine in directly, but her index finger was bitten immediately, and his soft tongue was against her finger.


Su Jiaojiao’s face was black, and her heart was not good. She threatened, “Let go! Or I’ll bite you!”

Song Qinghan didn’t move, but the thick eyebrows were already wrinkled. It must have been the bitterness that stimulated him.

With a sneer, Su Jiaojiao bit him on the shoulder without mercy: “Ouch!”

Song Qinghan, who was in burning and in muddlehead pain, felt relaxed in his mouth.

She took out her hand, wiped the water on him, and then took the cool water she had prepared from the bedside table.

This time, it was good. He could get up a little bit with his strength. He drank cold water and swallowed half of the bitter medicine. His lips would just tremble, like the expression of a child after eating something they don’t like.

Su Jiaojiao poked him in the face with a funny look.

After drinking the water, Song Qinghan went on sleeping.

Su Jiaojiao wiped the sweat on his forehead, and had to wipe his body. The medicine was reliable, but the task was not yet completed. Thinking of this, she could not help but vomit: [Honghong, can I just buy the medicine directly?]

The matchmaker system guiltily said: [Host, you can’t purchase~~]

[Thank you so much!]With a helpless smile, Su Jiaojiao replied like a child. She continued to bow her head and wipe Song Qinghan seriously. When all his faces were wiped, she untied his clothes.

But after the clothes were untied, she took a deep breath and was dumbfounded.

She saw a knife mark on his body that almost slanted across the whole waist and his abdomen. When she looked closely, the wounds that had already healed well were opened again. The deepest part in the middle was slightly white and bloody!

There were some purple marks on the bloodstains. It was maybe the medicine he had applied before didn’t work very well. The wounds were infected, which lead to this fever.

Looking at Song Qinghan’s deep breath, feverish body, and the content of the original plot. Suddenly, Su Jiaojiao’s eyes were slightly red, and she felt a little guilty that she bit him out of revenge.

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9 months ago

Song Qinghan is so pitiful, I really feel sorry for him 🙁 I’m glad to see more development between them

and the matchmaker system is so cute!

8 months ago

The guilt that the system feels is it because she can’t buy the medicine or because the system doesn’t let her buy it for both of them to cultivate feelings?
I hope it’s the second option.

7 months ago

Wasn’t there the novel FL, the educated lady? How come he says he didn’t have contact with women? At what point in future did he come from??

7 months ago

She was 23 years old in the future right? Her mentality is still a little too childish for her actual age..