Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 8

Translated by: Tinker

It’s dawn.

The biological clock made Song Qinghan wake up. He had a splitting headache, a dry throat, and a pain in his waist and abdomen. However, it was much more comfortable than before when he went to bed last night. It seemed he had been given a medicine.

As soon as he turned his head, the tip of his nose was already filled with a strange and somewhat familiar unknown fragrance. At the same time, he had seen a round head beside his shoulder.

The two were not really next to each other, but they were very close.

The girl was curled up in a thin quilt that looked like she was sleeping.

From Song Qinghan’s point of view, he could see her frown. There were some tired colors between her eyebrows and eyes, like she didn’t sleep well.

The heat on his face rose rapidly. Song Qinghan pursed his lips. He recalled the voice that had been ringing in his ears in his sleep last night. He couldn’t help but feel warm, and a satisfied smile came up from the corner of his lips. He also couldn’t help looking twice more after having one more look

After watching it for a long time, he reluctantly turned his head around again, closed his eyes, pretended to sleep, and didn’t intend to wake her up.

But this movement was enough to wake up Su Jiao, who had been watching over him the whole night.

She sat up and found that it was already dawn.

Su Jiaojiao looked at the man beside her and reached for his forehead.


Then she untied his clothes, and look at the wound on his waist and abdomen. Unfortunately, her eyesight couldn’t see the difference of the change of the wound. Last night, she exchanged the potion from the space. It looked the same color as Song Qinghan’s wound, but it said that the effect was totally different!

“It should be alright if you don’t have a fever..?” Su Jiao murmured, her eyelids shrugged and she fell asleep again.

She kept this in her mind all night and didn’t sleep well, but with the system medicine, he didn’t need to go to the hospital as long as his fever was gone.

As soon as the matchmaker system was about to speak, she saw that the host had fallen asleep and had closed her eyes silently.

The system smiled proudly: The products of the system are all excellent products!

He snickered even more when it saw where the host leaned on gently…

What a wonderful host!


When she woke up again, the sun had come out. There was a trace of heat outside.

Su Jiaojiao kneaded her eyes, yawned, and sat up. She actually didn’t want to remember, but…she was hungry!

“Jiao Jiao -” Sun Fang’s voice rang out.

Su Jiaojiao hurriedly ran out, opened the yard door, and said in a clear voice, “Mom, you are here!”

Sun Fang looked at the daughter who ran over and smiled, but her eyes were on the blue-and-black patch of her white and tender face, and she gave a rather uncomfortable snort to someone uncomfortably, “Whether Jiaojiao is hungry or not, I know you were tired yesterday, and you can’t cook, so I’ll let your sister-in-law give you these eggs.”

“Mom, you are so nice!” Su Jiaojiao was so moved that she took the bowl in both hands and said, “Mom, you sit here. Here are eggs. Take two for you. Next time, don’t bring anything here. I’ll go back to eat when I’m hungry. It’s the same.”

What she said was extremely natural. She didn’t feel married at all. She shouldn’t bother her mother’s family any more.

But Sun Fang listened comfortably and laughed so much that the folds on her face were piled up, but she didn’t want her daughter’s things: “You can keep this egg for yourself. Take care of yourself. There is still life in the field, so I’ll go first.”

After saying that, she didn’t wait for Su Jiaojiao to finish eating, and went away.

With a bright smile, Su Jiaojiao came to the hall with two bowls of noodles in a good mood and shouted to the person in the room, “Song Qinghan, get up and eat.”

“Good.” The man responded immediately, and the voice didn’t sound like it had just woken up.

Su Jiaojiao scratched her head strangely. She went to wash her hair, and she helped fetched water for Song Qinghan, to make him move less.

She secretly glanced at the man who had finished brushing his teeth, and was now cleaning his face. His handsome face became more and more beautiful in the bright sunlight. He seemed to be aware of her sneaking glances, and was a little puzzled, but the corner of his lips turned up in a slight arc.

She always felt like – she owed Song Qinghan five million yuan when they first met, but now it became one million yuan.

Su Jiaojiao shook her head and the strange feeling. She placed the egg in another bowl and gave it to Song Qinghan. “This is yours.”

Anyway, she could buy some food from the space, so she felt embarrassed to bully him in this regard, especially after seeing his injuries.

Her mother’s mouth was hard and soft. Although there was no egg in this bowl, there were many noodles, soup and vegetables.

Song Qinghan nodded slowly. He had a fever all night yesterday. In fact, his head was still a little groggy and his whole body was aching. In addition, his body was uncomfortable, but his actions seemed to be 0.5 times faster.

Just when he sat at the table and looked down, he was dumbfounded when he saw the bowl being pushed down in front of him.

The eggs on the noodles were shiny, which made his eyes sour.

It was the first time someone treated him like this after he turned five years old.

Song Qinghan took a deep breath, pressed down his tumbling mood, picked up his chopsticks, and clipped the eggs over, “This is yours.”

“No!” Su Jiaojiao hurriedly held the bowl to avoid: “Eat by yourself. I’ll make more.”

“……okay.” Song Qinghan pursed his lips, nodded his head, and then took a big bite of noodles.

Su Jiaojiao was also very hungry, while Song Qinghan ate seriously with his bowl

Suddenly the man sitting in front of her quickly finished a bowl of noodles, looked at her seriously. “Jiaojiao, let’s live a good life.”

The pure and honest voice made Su Jiaojiao’s ears numb, and she couldn’t speak for a while.


After eating, Su Jiaojiao was in a good mood and jumped back to her mother’s home, holding the clean bowls. At this time, everyone went to work, and no one would tease her with their strange eyes.

She pushed open the door and was greeted by three carrot heads. They held her legs and rubbed them. “Auntie, you come back. You will live here?”

“Auntie came back!”


Su Jiaojiao touched their heads with a smile: “Auntie will leave later. If you want auntie, come and find me.”

“All right.” Dabao nodded sadly and returned to the kitchen with the bowls.

The adults all went to work, and Dabao took care of his two younger brothers. This was the case in rural villages. At first, Su Jiaojiao was not at ease, but after a few days, she was calm to see that they were safe.

So she gave the bowl and went back.

Just when she got to the new door, she heard a harsh voice shouting, “You haven’t you said anything to us? Actually buying noodles? You must have hidden your money!”

Then there was the voice of the man who was very indifferent, “No money.”

The woman seemed to be enraged by his manner, and her voice suddenly rose several octaves, “Still say you have no money?! Do you think I will believe? Won’t give the money? Then I will find it myself..”

Su Jiaojiao was shocked by the voice and didn’t dare to go in immediately.

At this time, the familiar baby sound rang in her ears: [Triggered a new task! Task 6, a harmonious new family can not have this kind of person, please help husband drive away the Song family. Reward: a jin of meat tickets, two bags of Feiwang spicy sticks]

Su Jiao’s eyes lit up, she rolled up her sleeves and clenched her fists. “Honghong, please watch my performance!”

The matchmaker system threw flowers in her mind happily: [Host refueling!]


Song Qinghan was not in good health now. He could only lie down without standing, so he leaned against the lounge chair in the living room and read a book in his hand.

He expected to wait for Su Jiaojiao to come back before going to the Song family.

He was already disappointed in the Song family, and didn’t really wanted to go. 

Who knew, before they went to visit the Song family, this woman would come. She also brought her precious son. She looked like she had suffered a loss, and said that the food of the dinner party in the house yesterday had so much meat. It must be the money Song Qinghan gave, and she was asking for this money.

From the day when he was injured and expelled by the Song family, he already had no feelings for the Song family, so naturally he would not give it. Who knew that this woman still wanted to seize the opportunity?

Song Qinghan’s eyebrows screwed up, and his eyes were full of anger.

Was he too kind to the family?

At this time, Su Jiao rushed in and immediately burst out. “Are you stealing?!”

The two people who were searching in the kitchen were startled. Su Jiao also saw the appearance of mother Song. She guessed that they were really well supported by the money sent by Song Qinghan these years. They were the rare rich people in the village. Their faces were slightly mellow, their bodies were healthy enough, their lips were thin, and a pair of triangular eyes were looking at her.

Looking at the 17-year-old Song Qingshan who was next to her, she saw that he was also slightly fat. He was probably one head taller than mother Song, and half of his head was higher than Su Jiaojiao.

The same hanging triangle eye, looking at her appearance, was not the same type as the handsome Song Qinghan.

Was this not genetic? Could it be that Song Qinghan got all the advantages of the genes?

Su Jiaojiao whispered in her heart.

Mother Song was frightened, but she knew her identity when she looked at the girl. She was not afraid. After all, she occupied the position of the elder generation.

Now she directly crossed her waist, stared at her small eyes, pointed at her nose, and scolded, “What’s the matter? I’m your mother-in-law. What’s wrong with taking some food? Song Qinghan was raised by me. As a new daughter-in-law, you were lazy early in the morning. Don’t you know how to identify yourself at home?”

After Song’s mother, Song Qingshan continued to rummage in the kitchen with a disdainful smile.

Su Jiao looked angry, and the string representing reason in her mind was ‘snapped’.

It was not necessary to be polite to this shameless person!

She rushed in directly, pushed away mother Song who was blocking the kitchen door like a shell. She took a knife and waved it twice, saying “Get out of here!”

“Ouch -” mother Song was pushed back and she took two steps backwards. Song Qingshan was unprepared. He fell to the ground with a soft leg.

When they raised their eyes, they saw the little girl with a kitchen knife in her face. They were so shocked that they all stared at the knife, and sweated immediately. In a blink of an eye, their thin clothes were soaked.

“What are you going to do!” Song Qingshan growled angrily, but he pushed his legs back and went straight to the wall. Then he stopped, and snapped angrily. “If you hurt me, you have to wait. You have to pay for the medicine then!”

Mother Song scolded angrily, “You little girl, I’m your mother-in-law. Believe it or not, I’m the eldest generation! Put the knife down! “

With a bang, Su Jiaojao struck a knife and hit at Song Qingshan’s foot. It wiped his leg and slightly cut it. The cold weapon pierced the leg, and at the same time two shrieks were heard. Song Qingshan felt that his leg seemed numb, his eyes were dull, and his face was twisted and he couldn’t shout!

Seeing that they were so quick to react, Su Jiaojiao laughed out loud, and there was fierceness on the well-behaved pretty face, “You go call!! Think you can call? Do you want to go? Go away or go away?? If you go away and come back, then it’s time to see blood!”

Then she held up the kitchen knife and tried again.

Mother Song and Song Qingshan’s eyes were bloodshot again this time. Without saying anything, they ran out of the kitchen and looked at the scene coldly at the door of the room.

Then they scolded Song Qinghan, who watched the scene with cold eyes at the door, “What daughter-in-law did you marry? Should your mother be treated this way? Are you willing to kill me and your brother–“

T/N:I dislike Song Qinghan’s family…grr.


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8 months ago

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i love this heroine!!! she’s upbeat and funny but not an airhead, like she acts like an actual person!!! love how amazing the translation quality is, esp with the consistent update speed!!! keep up the good work!!!!!!! you’re doing a great job

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