Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 9

Translated by: Tinker

Concerning his mother and brother, Song Qinghan’s face did not change, and his voice was indifferent, “My legs are broken. I’ve been raised by Jiaojiao, so naturally she has the final say.”

As he said this, he looked at Sujiao, and his face suddenly softened, “Jiaojiao, you handle it. Don’t have to worry about me.”

As soon as the words came out, mother Song’s face suddenly changed. She kept swearing. “If you depend on her, you know how much useless you are…”

“Why don’t you fuck off?!” Su Jiaojiao was upset. She took the broom in the kitchen and hit them “Get out! This is my house. You’re not allowed to come in!”

Holding a knife was just a bluff. She couldn’t really hit them with a knife, but the brooms were not the same.

Su Jiaojiao held both brooms in her hands. Her white and tender face turned red because of force, and her expression was tensed as she scolded them. “Leave! Can you bully me?”

“Ouch-” mother Song was beaten several times, and Song Qingshan wasn’t much better, as he was hiding behind his mother, still being protected.

“You’re a lunatic! As a daughter-in-law, you treat me like this. I’m going to go to the leader of the brigade to report. Oh, my life is so poor. I raised such an unfilial son-ah–” she said as she cried halfway. Su Jiaojiao slapped mother Song’s thigh with a broom.

“You, you,…” mother Song looked at Su Jiaojiao forefully, but didn’t expect her to dare hit her so hard.

Su Jiaojiao’s face was cold and arrogant, and she disdainfully said, “What’s wrong with me? This is my house. You came in without my permission. That’s robbery and deserves to be sentence to death!”

She was hit again on the body, although it was not so painful, but still hurt. She was humiliated, so mother Song said with shame, “You, wait for me!”

Leaving such a sentence behind, Song Qingshan was led to run quickly. This staggering appearance obviously couldn’t escape Su Jiao’s eyes. He kept on cursing along the way.

Su Jiaojiao really didn’t like to quarrel with others.

The weather was hot today and she was out of breath. She put down the broom and wiped the sweat on her face, then looked at the things in the yard, especially the mess in the kitchen.

Just to hit someone, the noodles had to fall on the ground. This food was stained with dust, and it was immediately dirty.

She ran distressfully to pick the food, and heard the voice of the matchmaker system: [Host, please don’t be sad. The task has now been completed, and because your performance is too excellent, the system will reward a tube of noodles as an extra!]

As she arranged the things, she felt less distressed: [Thank you, Honghong]

She appreciated honghong’s help, so she thanked it sincerely.

The matchmaker system shouted shyly as it circled happily: [No problem, you’re welcome!]

Su Jiaojiao smiled and continued to clean up the noodles that hadn’t been soiled. The rest….she estimated that it need to be thrown away. Her mother would scold her to death if she saw this.

If she washed it in water, could it still be eaten?

Suddenly, the sound of steps approached, and Su Jiaojiao turned to see the young man holding his crutch. His voice revealed some grievances as he apologised, “Jiaojiao, I’m sorry.”

Su Jiaojiao couldn’t see his face clearly, but she felt a little worried when she heard the voice. At this time, she also reflected what she did to mother Song, who was also Song Qinghan’s mother, and she felt embarrassed

“No, it’s okay, that… I’ll tell you first, we’re married. Although we didn’t get a marriage license, it also means that we have a share of the family’s things. Without my permission, no one is allowed to move the things secretly, including your mother. Stealing is considered when none of us gave permission. I’ve always been rude to thieves and robbers!”

At first, she was serious and reasonable, but when she talked about what the Song family had done, Su Jiaojiao’s face turned ugly and her voice was cold.

Anyway, she had no feelings with Song Qinghan. She just felt embarrassed, but she didn’t worry whether Song Qinghan had a bad impression on her or not.

How could there be people who abuse their own son so righteously, and even came to look for good things to take home on the first day of their son’s marriage? Disgusting!

She didn’t want to domesticate such a person at all, because their root was already broken and this kind of behavior couldn’t be taught a lesson anymore!

Surprisingly, Song Qinghan didn’t say anything. He nodded easily and had an indifference towards the mother and son of the Song family. He looked at her trustfully. “We’re family..these are the reasons why I said you can do whatever you want.”

Although he was embarrassed while watching the farce, he was more relieved. In this way, it’s okay to completely break off the relationship. They didn’t need to be in contact again.

Su Jiaojiao was happy at once. As expected, Song Qinghan was not a fool. She grinned and her big round eyes curved into crescent. She stood up and wanted to say something to him, but unexpectedly, when she stood up, she felt dizzy.

Song Qinghan’s heart leaped and immediately reached out to support her. He panicked as his voice quivered a bit, “Is it uncomfortable?”

Su Jiaojiao shook her head: “It’s okay. I just stood too fast.”

She smiled and then supported him: “You go back to rest quickly, be careful that the wound on your stomach will open up again.”

“Okay!” Song Qinghan nodded, looked at the white and tender fingers holding his arm. A complex of emotion crossed his eyes, and his lips were unconsciously raised.


Su Jiaojiao helped Song Qinghan back to the hall, took the medicine potion she left behind, and applied it on him again.

Under the bright light, Song Qinghan’s waist and abdomen were slightly tensed, and his abdominal muscles were particularly obvious. He was also a lean man, with beautiful lines.

If he had not been injured, Su Jiao almost wanted to sneak a peek on his body.

But after thinking about it, she blushed, “Cough…”

She coughed a little and straightened up. She was ready to say two things about the Song family, but she saw the man beside her, his face color was darker than one layer.

She blinked, and suddenly felt that the heat on her face was gone. She said softly, “Song Qinghan, I want to discuss your attitude towards your parents with you. How about that?”

Song Qinghan, who had been distracted by her eyes, thought about it. His eyes fell on the girl sitting next to him. Her skin was white, her lips were tender, her posture was relaxed, and her eyes were clear and gentle. Then he looked at the clothes she wore, light colored floral shirt, black loose pants and a pair of cloth shoes.

It was very common for rural girls to dress up, but Song Qinghan thought that she looked better than the young generation from the city.

Before, he didn’t pay attention to it, but this time, she looked inexplicably more elegant. In his memory, Su Jiaojiao’s performance was not this good?

Song Qinghan nodded, and his eyes were soft: “What you want to say?”

Being looked at with this kind of eyes, Su Jiaojiao said seriously: “I don’t like them. I know a lot about your previous situation, plus their temperament towards you, so I can’t be filial to them. I’m not going to pay attention to them. As for gossiping, I don’t care. Anyway, I don’t like going out, and I can’t hear those gossips. If you’re filial, you have to wait for your injury to heal to make money. Now the things here are either your comrades in arms or my father’s, and these can’t be given to the Song family!”

At the beginning, her voice was still a little small. But after the last few sentences, it became more clear. It sounded upright and strong.

Anyway, whether it was really given by his comrades or not, it was nominally their things already.

But after all, it was still his parents, no matter what the result was, it would make him sad after all, so she dared not look at him, and her eyes fall on his hands on the rocking chair, and she murmured secretly — He is worthy of being the male lead. Not just having a handsome face, but also having a distinct slender hands with clean and beautiful nails.

Song Qinghan looked at her with little arrogance, and a smile flashed across his eyes, but the next second, it turned into gloom. “Well, you decide. You’re in charge.”

“I’m really in charge?” Su Jiaojiao was surprised.

“Really!” Song Qinghan said again, seeing her eyes shining, his heart was moved. Thinking of the money he had hidden, he had thought of guarding against her before, but now he suddenly thought it was useless.

Su Jiaojiao was a little excited. She rubbed her hands and straightened her back. She immediately began to think about what to do to make herself more worthy of the reputation of the head of the family.

The first thing is: Complaint!

Today was the first day of her new marriage. Mother Song dared to make trouble.

Even if she didn’t think the marriage between them was love, she was still not happy. Besides, mother Song dared to do such a thing today. When she was not at home, would they steal things from her home again?

With a grim smile, Su Jiaojiao had to complain! Her mother did say, ‘if you need anything, just go and find mother!’

Not waiting for her to think well, the matchmaker system had released the next task: [Ding! Task 8, as a newly established family, please prompt the husband and Song family to completely separate. Reward: a bicycle ticket!]

Su Jiaojiao’s mouth was slightly open, and she looked at the task in surprise. [Does this mean that the Song family can still do things against them?]

The small system covered the small mouth. It couldn’t spoil!


Su Jiao, who was planning to sue, simply couldn’t go because of this task.

Anyway, Song Qinghan was person that could do things by himself, so she accepted the task.

In the middle of the day, when Su Jiaojiao got up lazily to prepare some food, a number of people came in at once, including Wang Jianye, the leader of the brigade, the parents of Song family, and the one and only precious son, plus some familiar faces who had been curious to see the bustle.

A group of people stormed over, and mother Song, the most vocal, pointed to her and shouted, “Captain, you have to judge! I’m the mother of Song Qinghan. I came over to see but she beat me! Such a shrew! Tell me if there any people who’s like that!”

Song Qingshan also said, “Captain, you don’t know that this bitch can cut people with a knife. If I hadn’t had any luck, I wouldn’t be able to stand here today to see you. She has to compensate, or I won’t be able to get through this today!”

Wang Jianye had a headache because of the quarrel. He walked in the front of the ugly faces. He thought about how to solve the matter.

Who didn’t know of the Song family? Su Jiao could marry their son, Song Qinghan, because they were embarrassed to take care of a lame person.

When Su Jiao heard the noise, she leaned in and immediately stopped everyone. “What’s the noise? Is it reasonable for mother-in-law to come here and rob me? Believe it or not, I’ll go to the public security to accuse you of robbery!”


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