Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 25

Translated by: Sky

In the hotel room, Yu Wan was sleeping comfortably on the bed. Suddenly, her phone rang, and she reached for it on the bedside table.

     “Hey, Mengmeng.”


     “En? What is it?”

     “Are you, are you with Director Shen or not?” Li Mengmeng asked hesitantly.

     Yu Wan was taken aback for a moment, “Didn’t I tell you that…you guys misunderstood.” The revolution has yet to succeed ah.

     Li Mengmeng’s voice suddenly rose, “So you really are a couple with Yu Huan, aren’t you!!!”

     Yu Wan coughed, her whole body became energized, “What? Who did you say I was with?”

     “Yu Huan, Yu Huan! I really like him, but it’s a pity that I don’t have the opportunity to work with him. Yu Wan, you are really with Yu Huan.” Li Mengmeng was excited all over.

     Yu Wan was stunned, “You, Why do you say that?”

     “Ah? You don’t know yet?” Li Mengmeng said, “Now your news is all over the internet.”

     “My news?” Yu Wan’s heart skipped a beat, “Wait wait wait, let me take a look first, okay.”

     “Eh Weiwan, is it true or not….”

     Before Li Mengmeng finished speaking, Yu Wan had already hung up the phone. Li Mengmeng looked at the phone, turned back to Xiang Zeran and said, “Hung up.”

     Xiang Zeran looked remorseful and muttered, “I should have seen it coming.”


     Xiang Zeran shook his head, leaving Li Mengmeng confused and walked away with a sigh. No wonder Yu Huan was so excited to see Weiwan in Director Shen’s room the day before yesterday and ran out without saying a word. Why was Yu Huan so uncontrollable? It was because of Yu Wan.

     Xiang Zeran was a little bit angry for his friend. Seeing his beloved woman appear in another man’s room, how bad would his mood be. But looking at the pictures, it was obvious that Yu Huan had already forgiven Yu Wan. The two of them were still laughing so happily, it can be seen that Yu Huan was deep in his infatuation for Yu Wan. Xiang Zeran shook his head. He always felt that Weiwan was a very nice and likable girl, but he didn’t expect that… Hey!

     After Yu Wan hung up Li Mengmeng’s call, she immediately opened Weibo. She clicked on the hot search, and she saw the ridiculously popular article.

     #Yu Huan’s girlfriend#

     #Yu Huan went into a hotel with a woman late at night#

     #Yu Huan and Loli#


     Yu Wan looked at the word Little Lolita with black lines on her face, Little Lolita??  I’m a pretty lady, okay!

     After ranting inwardly, Yu Wan clicked on the Weibo of the person who posted these pictures. There were nine pictures of her and Yu Huan. A few were from when they came out of the restaurant, some were of Yu Huan sending her back to the hotel and one was of Yu Huan pulling her into the nanny car…. In short, judging from the photos alone, the two indeed looked very close, and those who didn’t know would definitely think of them as lovers.

     Yu Wan opened the comments section, a group of netizens and Yu Huan’s fans were crying and attacking her.

     “My family’s Huanhuan has a girlfriend. I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

     “Still, holding hands…I’m almost drunk in Yu Huan’s eyes, so gentle?”

     “Dead woman, get out of here! Yu Huan is mine T.T”

     “Got up early in the morning and was given a blow, I choose death.”

     “Outside the circle eh, I think she looks pretty, cough cough, no one else thinks so?”

     “It’s not a girlfriend. Yu Huan is filming every day. This must be just an ordinary friend. The blogger is an alarmist.


     Looking at her clear face in the photo, Yu Wan was in a very foul mood. After hiding for so many years, she was exposed at this time. How can she go out on the streets these coming days? Is she going to have to wear a mask and sunglasses like a celebrity?

     Yu Wan closed Weibo and found out that Yu Huan hadn’t even called yet. Such a thing happened. As an older brother, shouldn’t he show some concern?!

     She had to take the initiative to tap on Yu Huan’s number and dial it.


     “Brother, where are you?”

     “Busy. Woke up so early?”

     Listen, what a tone, calm and gentle. He really is a big figure who is used to seeing the gossip of the entertainment circle.

     “I was sleeping, but was woken up by the news about you and me. Have you read it?”

     Yu Huan responded with an en, “I know, I will deal with it.”

     “What are you going to do?”

     “What you think, I’ll listen to you.” Yu Huan said casually, “You can openly say that you are my sister, or you can say that you are an ordinary friend.”

     “As if you listen to me on everything.” Yu Wan muttered, “You are a public figure, and I am not, I don’t care.”

     Yu Huan laughed after hearing it, “Then who was it that said she didn’t want people to know that you are my sister. That this would attract too much attention or something.”

     Yu Wan choked, “Forget it, let’s just go with whatever your public relations team thinks is good. Anyway, cover up this matter fast so that everyone quickly forgets about me.”

     “Eh? It will be a little difficult to forget quickly, after all, your brother is still very popular.”


     After talking to Yu Huan, Yu Wan was thinking whether she should go out to the set or not.She has work to finish today. It would be bad if she didn’t go, but if she did, all those people in the set are bound to ask the same endless questions as Mengmeng…..

     Yu Wan slowly got up, tidied up things, brushed her teeth and washed her face. Suddenly, she realized a very serious problem, today’s news… Did Shen Qingzhou see it too?! He wouldn’t also think that she and Yu Huan were together, right!  No, no, anyone can misunderstand, but Shen Qingzhou can’t!

     Yu Wan quickly changed her clothes, feeling that she had to clarify.  She put on her bag and pulled  open the room door, “Ah!”

     Yu Wan didn’t expect to see Shen Qingzhou as soon as the door opened. Before she could react, Shen Qingzhou grabbed her wrist, pushed her into the room and closed the door with his backhand.

     “Ouch.” Yu Wan flipped, Shen Qingzhou held her steady with his other hand and pressed her against the door.


     Yu Wan raised her eyes to look at him with a slightly confused expression, “Why are you at the door of my room like this?”

     Shen Qingzhou’s face was very bad, his silence was more like the calm before the storm. His light-colored eyes looked straight at her, and Yu Wan sensed some danger.

     “Shen, Director Shen, what are you doing…”

     “Where did you go last night?” Shen Qingzhou asked.

     He looked at Yu Wan’s face. When he remembered the photos he saw just now, he was full of irritability. He restrained himself so that he didn’t look too terrible. He himself didn’t expect that he would’ve such a mood when seeing Yu Wan and other men so close.

     Yu Wan was stunned. Looking at Shen Qingzhou who was close at hand, she said honestly, “Went out for dinner.”

     “With whom?” His voice was deep, striking on Yu Wan’s eardrums making her a bit startled.

     “Did you, by any chance, see today’s news?”

     “I asked you who you were with.”

     Yu Wan looked at Shen Qingzhou’s eyes. Her heart suddenly beat violently.  After spending so many days together, she could feel the subtle changes in Shen Qingzhou. The crew said that two of them had a special relationship, Li Mengmeng said so too. In fact, she also had this thought for a moment, but she still hesitated. She wasn’t sure.

     She understands Shen Qingzhou’s temperament. He is indifferent and harsh. He doesn’t pay attention to many things. No matter what happens, he is always calm. Yu Wan often wonders how the heart under such an iceberg is really like. She admits that she likes him and wants to chase him, that’s why she always hangs around him, but at the same time she is conflicted. If she tells him that she is in love with him before he likes her, what will be the result?

     She was afraid, afraid that he would know her mind and directly send her out. So she has been waiting, waiting for the day she can see a hint of his heart.

     And the day she has been waiting for seems to be today.

     Yu Wan froze in the face of Shen Qingzhou’s questioning, the way he looked clearly made her feel that meaning. He would ask if it is a misunderstanding, he should also care, right…

     “Yu Wan, speak.”

     “Who I was with, does it matter?” Yu Wan looked at him with an unusually calm face.

     Shen Qingzhou’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Are those messy things real?”

     Yu Wan didn’t answer, she didn’t want to tell him so quickly, she wanted to know his reaction, his answer.

     Yu Wan’s silence seemed like acquiescence to Shen Qingzhou. He was a little distrustful and panicked. He had never felt this feeling of suddenly being unable to grasp something. It was obviously his alone, but now, out of the blue, he was told that it didn’t belong to him.

     Yu Wan saw the fluctuation in his eyes. She settled her mind and asked seriously, “Why do you want to know this? Do you care if I am with him?”

     Shen Qingzhou pursed his lips and looked at Yu Wan’s dark pupils with pain in his heart, “When did I let you go out with someone else?”

     Yu Wan, “…Why do I need your permission to be with someone?”

     Shen Qingzhou paused. Didn’t Tang Yue, that stinky brat say that she likes him? Where did the plot go wrong?

     Yu Wan took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Director Shen, no…Shen Qingzhou, I ask you, do you…do you like me a little bit?”

     Shen Qingzhou froze, feeling very uncomfortable.  When you complacently think that someone likes you, and start liking her, then you suddenly find that she has long had someone else, and you are embarrassed to find that you like her…

     In short, our Director Shen was mortified!

     Shen Qingzhou let go of the hand that was holding Yu Wan, and said coldly, “Get out of the way.”

     Yu Wan obediently moved from the door to the side.

     Shen Qingzhou reached out to open the door. Just stepping out, he suddenly heard Yu Wan say, “Yu Huan is my brother, my own brother.”

     Time stood still for a second.

     Shen Qingzhou looked back at Yu Wan in a daze.

     Yu Wan slowly began to smile, “Director Shen, is it true that people become stupid once they get in touch with things like love? You see, you are so smart yet you never thought that Yu Huan and I might be relatives or siblings.  Obviously we still have the same surname.”

     Shen Qingzhou, “…what did you say?”

     Yu Wan couldn’t stop the overflowing smile, “En… I seem to have discovered something incredible. it seems that Director Shen has ulterior motives for me.”

     Shen Qingzhou, “…”

     “Director Shen, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about the embarrassment of you blocking my room door early in the morning. Of course, I will not go around saying that you like me.” This matter, I have to put in my heart to digest.

     Shen Qingzhou looked at Yu Wan, dumbfounded, then turned around and hurried away.

     Yu Wan, looking at the abnormal redness behind his ear, smiled at his back, “Director 

Shen, don’t worry and go shoot the scene. Later, I’ll come find you on set!”



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