Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 26

Translated by: Sky

Yu Wan’s mood was good, particularly good, today is probably the brightest Yu Wan has been in these years. Also, what is more worth celebrating than confirming the fact that Shen Qingzhou is interested in you?

     Yu Wan hummed a little song and finally decided to go to the set. With all this drama in the morning, those messy news weren’t completely distressing to her. Now she wanted to run to Shen Qingzhou.

    After getting off the bus, Yu Wan walked into the set. She had already agreed to have a small meeting about the script with a few other staff members. So, Yu Wan held back from going to Shen Qingzhou first and went straight to work.

     When the two screenwriters saw Yu Wan walk in, their eyes were filled with gossip and suspicion. Just a few days ago, the crew was still talking about the screenwriter and Director Shen, but it was broken yesterday?!

     The screenwriter’s real lover turned out to be the superstar Yu Huan… This news made everyone a little stunned. Director Shen and the screenwriter were obviously really close. In the end, they were not a couple?

     What is this called, could it be that Weiwan had her feet on two boats??

     Yu Wan ignored everyone’s weird eyes and sat down in the front position, “Let’s begin.”

    Ultimately, the people present are not the participants nor are they familiar enough with Yu Wan to ask about these personal matters. So, they had to start working with an aggrieved and optimistic mentality.

     After the meeting, Yu Wan walked out and looked for Shen Qingzhou. Now it’s lunchtime, everyone should be eating a box lunch together.

     Yu Wan carelessly walked towards the resting spot.


     When Yu Wan turned around, she saw Li Mengmeng still wearing clothes from the play, jumping and running towards her, “You came today.”

     “En.” Yu Wan nodded, “How come you haven’t gone to eat yet? I think the staff delivered lunch just now.”

     “I just went to the washroom, I’ll go there right away.” Li Mengmeng said, “Hey, where are you going?”

     “I’ll come with you.”

     “Wait, wait.” Li Mengmeng pulled her, looking a little embarrassed, “Weiwan, actually…Everyone has always liked you and Director Shen being together, and they were quite optimistic, but what happened today…”

     Yu Wan raised her eyebrows and waited for her to finish.

     “You are usually so good with Director Shen, but now you are suddenly found to be with Yu Huan. Except for me, everyone seems to be quite prejudiced. Um…Secretly, they feel indignant for Director Shen.”

     “Ah? Really.” Yu Wan said, “Then I have to go take a look.”

     “Eh, Weiwan!” Is this a child’s play?

     “It’s okay, don’t care.”

     Li Mengmeng shook her head helplessly. She couldn’t stop her, so she could only go with her.

     During the lunch time, several square tables were set up under the big shed outside the scene. Everyone simply had a meal and rested here.

     Today, Lin Yeyu came over to visit the set and brought a lot of delicious food. Everyone was having a lot of fun talking about her.

     Yu Wan arrived there to see such a picture, Lin Yeyu, a big star but not showing off, she had a very approachable look.

     Seeing her appear here, Yu Wan felt uncomfortable for a moment. But when she thought that Shen Qingzhou didn’t like her, she felt relieved again.

     Yu Wan didn’t look at Lin Yeyu anymore, and went to find Shen Qingzhou’s figure. She soon found Shen Qingzhou sitting under the canopy some distance from the crowd. He likes the quiet, so not many people dared to go near to disturb him.

     Yu Wan smiled, and walked towards Shen Qingzhou. Li Mengmeng’s eyes widened. Just as she wanted to tell her to stay away from the ‘topic of conversation’, Yu Wan had already left.

     Yu Wan naturally sat down next to Shen Qingzhou, “Director Shen, have you eaten?”

     Shen Qingzhou glanced at her, and probably remembered his irrational scene this morning. His eyes wavered a bit. Well… it was still a bit embarrassing.

     “I haven’t eaten yet, and I didn’t bring anything to eat. Do you have lunch to share with me?”

     Shen Qingzhou pursed his lips and said unnaturally, “Let Xiao Yang get it for you.”

     Yu Wan looked at his awkward look in a good mood, “Well, good.”

     The two were simply talking. But to outsiders, Yu Wan was still smiling and Shen Qingzhou was still calm and self contained. Strange, why haven’t these two people changed much after today’s news? The promised questioning, the said accusation, the good ranting! There was nothing at all!!

     Lin Yeyu also looked at the two people. Their atmosphere was strange but unusually harmonious. The kind of harmony would make you feel that you are unnecessary and you can’t get in at all.

     That day, listening to Tang Yue say that Shen Qingzhou liked this screenwriter, she was envious and jealous. And after seeing the news about Yu Huan this morning, she couldn’t express her joy. It turned out that this girl is someone else’s girlfriend. Shen Qingzhou simply liked the wrong person.

     She came over to visit the set with joy, but now she saw such a scene. They obviously shouldn’t be together and cannot be together. But why is she still sitting beside him with a coquettish smile, and why doesn’t he reject her like others? 

     “Qingzhou.” Lin Yeyu walked over.

     A group of spectators behind them silently gulped. Everyone with discerning eyes could see that Lin Yeyu was interested in their family’s Director Shen and that Director Shen was interested in Weiwan who was Yu Huan’s girlfriend. This…the entertainment circle is really messy ah!!

     “Why didn’t you eat the lunch I brought?” Lin Yeyu put an exquisite lunch box in front of Shen Qingzhou, “Eat while it’s hot, there will be filming later, you won’t get time to eat.”

     Shen Qingzhou didn’t raise his eyebrows, and said thank you faintly.

     Lin Yeyu smiled, and then looked at Yu Wan, “Did the screenwriter eat?”

     Yu Wan shook her head.

     Lin Yeyu, “That’s a shame. Everyone has finished dividing what I brought. Well… I’ll have someone buy you another one.”

     “No need.” Yu Wan waved her hand, “I can just eat the crew’s.”

     Shen Qingzhou glanced at Yu Wan, and naturally pushed the lunch box that Lin Yeyu had just brought, in front of her, “You eat, I’m not hungry.”

     Lin Yeyu instantly stiffened.

     Yu Wan coughed and glanced quietly at Lin Yeyou. Director Shen ah Director Shen, you really are my good enemy.

     “I’m not hungry either, ha ha ha.” Yu Wan laughed dryly, and then pushed the lunch box back to him.

     Lin Yeyu narrowed her eyes and tried her best to resist the uncomfortable feeling in her heart. “Screenwriter, I saw the news today. I didn’t expect it. Congratulations.”


     Lin Yeyu looked at Yu Wan and said with a smile, “You and Yu Huan, I previously thought that you and Ze Ran were a couple, I didn’t expect it to be Yu Huan. But this was also very good. Yu Huan is the male god in everyone’s heart.”

     Yu Wan lowered her eyes and coughed, Xiang Zeran? Yu Huan??  Hey, How come I did’t know about these suitors?

     “Qingzhou, you both have a good relationship, you must have known the news a long time ago.” Lin Yeyu pretended to be relaxed, “Why didn’t you tell me?”


     Shen Qingzhou raised his eyes and looked at her, “The news is fake.”

     Lin Yeyu gave two dry laughs. Do you like her so much? How can you ignore the obvious intimacy in the picture?

     “How could it be fake…”

     Lin Yeyu hadn’t finished speaking yet when she heard a staff member’s exclamation, “Ah! It’s Yu Huan!”

     She subconsciously followed everyone’s gazes, and she saw Yu Huan with his agent and assistants around him coming this way. Lin Yeyu thought in her heart, can you still say it’s fake now.

     Xiang Zeran also saw Yu Huan coming. He didn’t expect Yu Huan to suddenly come to the crew. Xiang Zeran looked back and saw the screenwriter and Director Shen sitting together. He quickly got up and walked towards Yu Huan, “Huan’er, why are you here without saying a word? Let’s walk around and talk.”

     “What is there to talk about? Don’t make trouble, I’m here to find Director Shen.” Yu Huan took off his sunglasses, a pair of peach blossom eyes smiled slightly.

     Xiang Zeran wailed in his heart, so he was looking for the person involved, will they fight?  Probably not, right?

     “Uh, I, we still have to shoot a scene. Now is not the right time for you to find him.” Xiang Zeran racked his brains for excuses. Yu Huan glanced at him and then looked at Shen Qingzhou who was sitting steadily under the canopy.  “Isn’t he pretty idle?”

     Xiang Zeran, “…”

    Yu Huan lifted his foot and walked towards Shen Qingzhou under the gaze of the crowd. Of course, when he walked over, he had already seen Yu Wan sitting next to Shen Qingzhou with a playful smile.

     “Director Shen.” Yu Huan stood in front of Shen Qingzhou and stretched out his hand.

     Shen Qingzhou watched silently for a few seconds, then stood up and reached out to shake his hand.

     “Eh, Miss Lin, you are here too.” Yu Huan saw Lin Yeyu and greeted her politely.

     Lin Yeyu smiled, “I came to visit the set. You are… here to find someone.”

     Yu Huan raised his eyebrows, “En, I have to discuss some work matters with Director Shen.”

     Lin Yeyu was surprised, “I thought you were here to find….” Her eyes moved to Yu Wan, and everyone understood.

     Yu Huan hooked his lips, then very casually reached out and patted the back of Yu Wan’s head, “Have you eaten?”

    Yu Wan tsked, “Don’t hit my head.”

    Yu Huan did not care about her and looked directly at Shen Qingzhou, his tone was inexplicably a bit harsh, “I hope that Director Shen will take care of her when she is in the crew.”

     Shen Qingzhou glanced at Yu Wan and said calmly, “Naturally.”

     Onlookers: Oh~~ This is a provocation, right! Also, to do these small moves in front of Director Shen, he is incredible. Hey, poor Director Shen ah…

     “Director Shen, I hope you will reconsider my previous invitation to you to direct the drama. In the end, whether you agree or not, it depends on our fate. If you really can’t adjust the schedule, then forget it. I don’t want to force it.”  Yu Huan said meaningfully.

     “Come and find me at night.” Shen Qingzhou sat down in the chair again, and spoke indifferently.

     Yu Huan’s eyes flashed. So Shen Qingzhou, you really have thoughts about Yu Wan. Now you know who I am, huh?!  Why don’t you refuse me like that night ah, Why don’t you refuse!  Ha ha, do you know now that if you dare to refuse, your plans for Yu Wan will be absolutely ruined?!

     Yu Huan’s heart roared in satisfaction, however, on the surface he was very modest and showed a polite smile, “Okay, then I’ll contact you at night.”

     “Let’s go.” Yu Huan reached out to pull Yu Wan, “Come to dinner with me.”

     Yu Wan was caught off guard and was stunned by Yu Huan. The next second, her other wrist was caught by Shen Qingzhou. Shen Qingzhou looked at Yu Huan and said lightly, “She is busy. There is still something she needs to do.”

     Yu Huan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

     Onlookers: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, robbery! Robbing people!!!

     Yu Wan blushed. Yu Huan looked at her, “Is there something keeping you busy?”

     Yu Wan thought for a while, then looked at Shen Qingzhou’s face, “Yes! I have to revise the script!”

     Yu Huan let go of her hand and rubbed Yu Wan’s forehead with a hatred of iron for not becoming steel, “You, remember to eat first.”

     Yu Wan smiled, “Brother, you also have to remember to eat, don’t wander around.”

     “When did I go wandering around?” Yu Huan rolled his eyes, and then looked at Shen Qingzhou, “Director Shen, my sister is not in good health. Remember to help me supervise her eating.”

     Shen Qingzhou nodded, “En, I’ll make sure she eats.”

     “Okay.” Yu Huan put on his sunglasses, “Then I’m leaving.”

     Yu Wan, “Brother, goodbye.”

     Yu Huan nodded and disappeared at the end of the set with his staff. In fact, the purpose of Yu Huan’s visit today wasn’t really to talk business with Shen Qingzhou, but to appear in person to clarify for Yu Wan. There are so many people present, the fact that he is her brother will soon spread. Now that his purpose is achieved, he will not stay. As for Shen Qingzhou and Yu Wan’s affairs, he will have to plan well in the future.

     Yu Huan left, and everyone present was blinded.

     brother? brother?! What is this plot reversal?! Is Yu Huan the screenwriter’s brother? What is happening?!

     Among the crowd, the most restless one was Li Mengmeng. Seeing that Yu Huan had left, she ran over and said, “Weiwan, what did you call Yu Huan?”

     “He is my elder brother, my own brother.” Yu Wan emphasized the word “own” seriously. Everyone, Director Shen and I are good people, so don’t misunderstand.

     Li Mengmeng sucked in a breath of cold air, “How come I’ve never heard that Yu Huan has a younger sister?”

     “Well, the confidentiality work was done better before.”

     “But, Weiwan, you… eh? Isn’t your name Wei Wan?”

     Yu Wan directly gave her a blank stare, well, she couldn’t blame her. Not just Li Mengmeng, but probably the whole crew didn’t know what her actual name was.  Usually they either call her screenwriter or Weiwan. She seems to have never told them that her name is Yu Wan. In addition, she appears under her pen name on various public platforms.

     “My surname is Yu. My name is Yu Wan.”

     Li Mengmeng stared back at her, “I always thought your surname was Wei! All along I was under the impression that your pen name was a play on your real name!”

     Yu Wan, “…”



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