Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 27

Translated by: Sky

Lin Yeyu was shocked to the extreme. She had never expected that the news would be such a mistake. She looked at Shen Qingzhou, whose expression was calm and composed, as if he already knew the truth.

     She suddenly felt disheartened. So, all the time she had been singing here smugly. At this moment, in the eyes of the crowd, what a joke she was!

     “Yu Wan? Yu Wan?!” Xiang Zeran stared at Yu Wan in a daze, and suddenly burst out, “This kid Yu Huan, he didn’t even tell me this kind of thing!”

     Yu Wan looked at Xiang Zeran apologetically, “Well, my brother actually wanted to tell you when he knew that you were the male lead of this drama, but I was afraid of trouble, so I asked him not to say anything.”

     Xiang Zeran still had grievances, “Wei…ah no, Yu Wan, you don’t know how worried I was from yesterday to today. When I saw you in Director Shen’s room…”

     “Ahem!” Yu Wan coughed vigorously, “Oh, I’m suddenly a little hungry, Let me eat first.”

     Xiang Zeran was taken aback, silently shut up, and at the same time, he thought that Yu Huan stormed out yesterday not because he was cuckolded, but because he saw his sister in another man’s room… Then, Yu Wan and Director Shen are really together!  Hey, I was uselessly worried about Yu Huan that fool!

     Yu Wan sat down at the table. Xiao Yang had received Shen Qingzhou’s instructions long time ago and delivered the meal. Yu Wan said thank you, and ignoring the shocked and unbelievable gazes of the crowd, quietly started eating.

     “Are you all very idle?” Shen Qingzhou, who had been silent for a while, said lightly with a cold expression.

     The circle of people surrounding Yu Wan and Shen Qingzhou suddenly opened their eyes, and Shen Qingzhou raised his eyebrows slightly, “After half an hour, we’ll start working. The actors will touch up their makeup, and others should go do their work.”

     “Swish.” A group of staff disappeared cleanly.

     Li Mengmeng pulled Xiang Zeran, “Let’s go.”

     Xiang Zeran looked at Yu Wan, “Hiss…why don’t you both look alike, eh? The nose seems a bit…”

     Shen Qingzhou narrowed his eyes and looked at the ignorant Xiang Zeran, “Watched enough?”

     “No.” Xiang Zeran subconsciously replied. However, the next second, he realized that it was Shen Qingzhou who was asking, and quickly looked away, “Well, that director Shen, the first scene in the afternoon is my scene, right? I’ll go first to touch up my makeup, touch up my makeup…”

     After speaking, he hurriedly turned and walked away.

     Everyone dispersed, Lin Yeyu who was standing beside Shen Qingzhou looked more and more thin. She tugged the corner of her mouth, showing a very unsightly smile, “Qingzhou, I will also go first.”

     Shen Qingzhou looked at the file in hand, “Okay.”

     Yu Wan raised her eyes to look at Lin Yeyu, just in time to see her looking at Shen Qingzhou with an ineffable expression. She understood that this look was love, secret, want to pursue but cannot.

     It is probably a very confusing and painful thing to fall in love with Shen Qingzhou but not get a response from him.

     Yu Wan thought, fortunately, she touched his mind before she was in pain…

     Lin Yeyu left, her back was still like a goddess, but Yu Wan could feel a very desolate scent. She didn’t sympathize with her. In love, there are always some gains and losses. She was just glad that she wasn’t Lin Yeyu. She was even more thankful that Shen Qingzhou was still by her side. She could see and feel him…

     “What are you looking at? Eat seriously.” Shen Qingzhou looked at Yu Wan.

     “Oh.” Yu Wan retracted her gaze and looked at Shen Qingzhou from the side while eating. “Why did you tell my brother that I have something to do? I remember that my work is over.”

     Shen Qingzhou looked at her, “Didn’t you say that you had a job yourself?”

     Yu Wan choked, “I said so because I wanted to stay, then why did you say…you want me to stay?”

     Shen Qingzhou paused, concealed the unnaturalness in his eyes, and forcibly skipped the question, “You still want to go out with him. Are you not afraid of being photographed again?”

     “If I’m photographed, I’ll just be photographed. Anyway, I can explain it clearly. Probably, after knowing that I’m not Yu Huan’s girlfriend, everyone will stop paying attention me.” Yu Wan stopped her chopsticks and looked at Shen Qingzhou with a smile, “Originally, I regretted that I went out for dinner with my brother that day and exposed myself to the camera, but now, I think it was right for me to go out that day.”

     Shen Qingzhou, “Why?”

     Yu Wan curved her lips, “Um… because if this news hadn’t appeared, how would I have known that Director Shen likes me?”

     Shen Qingzhou’s temples throbbed violently. Watching Yu Wan’s smug expression, he had the urge to squeeze her face with his palms and knead it fiercely, but looking at the scene of people coming and going, he bore it with difficulty.

     “Eat well, look how much rice grains fell on the table!”

     “Ah, careless.” Yu Wan took out a napkin and wiped it, then said, “Then, when will you finish? When shall we go to exercise?”

     The corner of Xiao Yang’s mouth who was behind him twitched, exercise? What, what exercise?  Oh my God, should he go now? He shouldn’t listen to things that shouldn’t be listened to ah.

     “I will not finish until after seven o’clock in the evening. You come to my room when we get back.”

     “En, okay.”

     Xiao Yang’s inner OS1: You guys hold back. It is broad daylight, clear sky, I really don’t want to be fed dog food!

     On Weibo hot search, the topic #Yu Huan’s sister# was pushed to the top.

     With the emergence of this hot search, Yu Huan’s studio also issued a statement that the woman who entered and left with Yu Huan yesterday was his younger sister. Please do not blackmail or use bad language to attack her. Furthermore, please respect the artist’s family….

     It was turned upside down within a few hours, and the incident of Yu Huan’s girlfriend was confirmed to be just a rumor. The hearts of fans suddenly fell to the ground. Those on the Internet who were scolding Yu Wan at first had a major backlash. Also… If you could, would you go scold your idol’s family?

     “It turned out to be my Huanhuan’s sister, how come she looks so cute!”

     “I never knew that Yu Huan had a younger sister. He didn’t seem to have mentioned it in his previous interviews. She was well protected…”

     “The woman must have saved the galaxy in her last life! I also want a brother like this in my next life!!”

     “Sister~~Sister-in-law, I am here~”

     “I’m the real sister-in-law? Where did you juniors come from?”


    When she saw this, Yu Wan was sitting on the gym floor drenched in sweat after running. Shen Qingzhou handed her a bottle of water, “Don’t sit down after running.”

     Yu Wan closed Weibo and stretched her hand upwards, “Pull me up.” The corners of Shen Qingzhou’s mouth curved slightly, and he reached out to hold her hand. So, Yu Wan was pulled up, and then very ‘accidentally’ rushed into his arms, “Oops, my whole body is sweaty.”

     Shen Qingzhou was fresh and clean after taking a bath. He somewhat liked cleanliness, but didn’t hate the intention. He reached out his hand and nudged her forehead with a helpless tone, “Dirty.”

     Yu Wan took the opportunity to touch his waist, and secretly ate tofu, “Wasn’t it you who made me run? I am dirty because I sweated from running.”

     Shen Qingzhou didn’t speak, and cast his eyes on her hand. This person seemed to be particularly interested in his waist.

     Yu Wan withdrew her hand, thinking that Shen Qingzhou hadn’t noticed it, took the water and walked outside the gym, “Then I’ll go back first.”

     Just after she spoke, the doorbell rang.

     Shen Qingzhou went past her to open the door. Yu Wan didn’t care about it and drank water.


     “Director Shen, I didn’t bother you, right?”

     Hearing the familiar voice, Yu Wan choked.

     Shen Qingzhou looked back at her, and then said to the person at the door, “Come in.”

     Yu Huan and his assistant walked in. Of course, he saw Comrade Yu Wan standing in the living room drenched in sweat, “You…”

     Yu Wan looked at her brother and lamented, how come she was always seen in Shen Qingzhou’s room?! And her, how could she forget that Yu Huan had said that he would come over to talk about some things today?!


     Yu Huan’s face sank, “Why are you here again?”

     “I, I came to run, um…run, really.”

     Yu Huan nodded, but in his heart, he hated Yu Wan for not meeting his expectations. You say that you aren’t with a person, and that he isn’t chasing you, but you just stay with him every day. This girl, always going to people’s room, it really….it really was to make him mad!

     “You come here.”

     Yu Wan flattened her mouth and moved over, “Brother, since you want to talk about things, I’ll leave first.”

     “Seeing me come in, you know it’s not appropriate to stay here?”

     “No, I just feel that I should go back to take a shower, look, I’m covered in sweat.”

     Yu Huan snorted, “You can run? Before, when I used to call you for exercising, you would stick onto the bed, but how come you changed now?”

     Yu Wan did not speak, but her eyes turned to Shen Qingzhou.

     Yu Huan followed her gaze, his voice was raised, “He made you run?”

     Yu Wan nodded, “Didn’t I catch a cold last time? I’m not in good health.”

     Yu Huan rolled his eyes, “I’ve told you countless times about your poor physique. When I said, it was useless, but when he said, it is useful?”

     After hearing this, Shen Qingzhou’s mouth curved slightly, and a smile flashed in his eyes. In Yu Huan’s eyes, such an expression was smugness, yes, naked smugness.

     When Yu Wan saw that Yu Huan’s expression was not right, she cleared her throat and quickly said, “So hot, it’s really sticky and uncomfortable. I’m going home first.” After speaking, she hurried away without waiting for Yu Huan to speak.

     Seeing Yu Wan running away, Shen Qingzhou’s gaze was unsually soft. Yu Huan turned back to see that expression. It was the first time he saw Shen Qingzhou with this expression. It was neither cold nor indifferent, he looked more normal.

     “Mr. Yu, take a seat.” Shen Qingzhou motioned to the sofa.

     Yu Huan nodded slightly, and the two sat down face to face.

     Yu Huan asked his assistant to hand over the script and related documents to Shen Qingzhou, and said, “I don’t know why Director Shen has loosened up again this time and is willing to consider taking this drama.”

     Shen Qingzhou gave him a look that said, ‘Aren’t you speaking nonsense? Isn’t it because of Yu Wan that I’m picking it up.’

     Yu Huan didn’t care, and said with a smile, “I heard Yu Wan say that your house is opposite to mine, and you both met earlier.”


     “How did you meet and know each other?” In fact, what Yu Huan really wanted to know was why Yu Wan would like this cold, facial paralyzed person!

     Shen Qingzhou raised his eyes to look at the slightly anxious Yu Huan. After thinking about it for a moment, he suddenly remembered that the reason for acquaintance was Red Beans forcing….forcing Yu Diandian. He frowned, didn’t betray Red Beans, and said, “Neighbors will always have the opportunity to meet.”

     Yu Huan was silent, this is true.

     “Director Shen, everyone in the circle knows your nature. We all know the reason why you were willing to consider this after you rejected me. I can also see that you are interested in Yu Wan. But as Yu Wan’s brother, I still want to ask, what’s your situation with my sister? You know, I definitely don’t want her to follow a man and chase after him shamelessly.”

     “Chasing shamelessly?” Shen Qingzhou obviously disagreed with this statement.

     Yu Huan nodded, “Or else?”

     Shen Qingzhou pondered for a while and looked at Yu Huan, “She has never, I was the one who used various reasons to keep her around me.”

Translator’s note

  1. OS: Abbreviation for Overlapping Sound

It means inner thoughts, monologue.etc.



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