Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 28

Translated by: Sky

Yu Wan was feeling refreshed after taking a shower. She opened her computer and started writing when Jian Yunong sent a video request. So, she had two things on her mind, chatting and processing her thoughts on a particular case in the novel.

     “I don’t know what my brother and Director Shen will be talking about.” Yu Wan was still a bit worried. After all, her brother wasn’t very happy to see her and Shen Qingzhou get so close recently.

     Jian Yunong ate pizza with the old sauerkraut that Yu Wan had mailed her a few days ago, “Talk about work and then, incidentally talk about you. What else can the two men talk about? Will they also be talking about getting it on, Are they gay?

     Yu Wan rolled her eyes and said, “You can’t wait for my Yu family to be extinct, can you?”

     Jian Yunong smiled evilly, “With Shen Qingzhou’s and Yu Huan’s nature, it really is a good idea to get together.”

     Yu Wan said calmly, “You are not allowed to imagine a bunch of dirty thoughts in your mind, Ok? Besides, Shen Qingzhou is mine. How can my brother snatch him?”

     Jian Yunong snickered loudly, “I know Miss Yu. Shen Qingzhou is yours. Even if it is your closest relative, you don’t want to let them snatch him.”

     Yu Wan, “…” Mad, why does it sound weird?

     The doorbell rang and Yu Wan got up, “I’ll go open the door, probably my brother came over”


     Sure enough, it was Yu Huan, who didn’t leave directly after talking with Shen Qingzhou, but came to have a look at Yu Wan. Yu Huan walked in and saw the computer on the desktop. The video on the right side was especially obvious.

     “Yunong, you’re here too.” Yu Huan stood in front of the computer and looked at Jian Yunong with a slice of pizza in her left hand and a fork in her right. “Are you eating instant noodles again?”

     Jian Yunong waved her hand at Yu Huan, “Brother Yu, long time no see.”

     “Long time no see.” Yu Huan paused, “Didn’t I tell you before that you shouldn’t eat things like instant noodles? Why do you keep eating them all the time?”

     “No, I only eat once or twice a month now, really.”

     Yu Wan silently came up from behind, “Oh, I just wanted to ask you if there is any left of the box that I sent you two weeks ago.”

     “There’s a lot left!” Jian Yunong jumped, “I grew up with Brother Yu’s teachings in my heart. Yu Wan, don’t tear down my attitude.”

     Yu Wan rolled her eyes.

     Yu Huan shook his head helplessly. He has been used to these two girls arguing since childhood, “When will you come back?”

     Jian Yunong thought for a while, “Not too long, I’ll come back after the holidays. Brother Yu, when the time comes, don’t be too busy that I can’t find anyone to have dinner with.”

     “No, I will treat you to dinner when you come back.”

     “Then I’ll be relieved.”

     After Yu Huan and Jian Yunong finished, they looked at Yu Wan, “Okay, I just came to see you. It’s not early, go to bed soon.”

     Yu Wan thought about it and asked with some curiosity, “Brother, what did you talk about in Director Shen’s room just now?”

     Jian Yunong talked on the side, “When you were over at Director Shen’s just now, we were discussing that the two of you look good together.”

     Yu Huan, “?”

     Yu Wan gestured to Yu Huan to not pay attention to Jian Yunong, “What exactly did you talk about?”

     Yu Huan was silent, he thought of Shen Qingzhou’s words. He always felt that Shen Qingzhou was too cold, that Yu Wan would suffer if she liked him, but in the end he didn’t expect that Shen Qingzhou’s attitude was not what he imagined, it seems, Shen Qingzhou is quite attached to his sister.

     “You don’t need to know what adults talk about.”

     The corners of Yu Wan’s mouth twitched slightly.

     Yu Huan smiled, but his tone was serious, “I’m leaving first. I’ll pay attention to you and Shen Qingzhou, and will also call often to ask about your situation. Yu Wan, if in the end, I find that he is not good enough for you, I will not agree to the two of you being together.”

     Yu Wan was a little moved in her heart, “I know brother, don’t worry, he will not treat me badly.”

     Yu Huan shook his head, “You are just fascinated by him.”

     Jian Yunong on the other end of the video, “Speaking to the essence.”

     Yu Wan, “…”

     The next day, Yu Wan sneaked into Shen Qingzhou’s room early in the morning.

     “Woof! Woof!”

     “Shh, he’s sleeping.”


     Yu Wan stroked Red Beans’ head, “Are you hungry? Let’s get you some breakfast to eat.”

     Yu Wan walked to the kitchen and started to make breakfast.  Soon, the fragrance overflowed, and Red Beans was so excited that Yu Wan had to put it on the floor, “Red Beans, Do you know what they talked about yesterday?”

     Red Beans barked and started eating breakfast.

     Red Beans, of course, would not care about Yu Wan. Yu Wan drew circles and sighed.

     “Talk about work, otherwise what else is there to talk.” Someone’s clear and cold voice came from above her head. Yu Wan was taken aback. She raised her eyes to look up and smiled, “Good Morning.”


     “It’s definitely not just about work. You guys were talking about me, right?”

     Shen Qingzhou opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water, “Narcissistic, why should we talk about you?”

     “Don’t drink iced water in the morning,” Yu Wan took his water and said, “I don’t believe it. My brother knows that you like me so much, so how could he not interrogate you.”

     Shen Qingzhou paused and turned his head to look at her, as if to say, how could there be such a shameless person in this world.

     “Forget it, I probably know even if you don’t tell me.” Yu Wan raised her eyebrows, “I won’t ask, let’s eat breakfast.”

     Shen Qingzhou looked around, “Where is Breakfast?”

     “You do it.”

     “What?” Shen Qingzhou glanced at the joyful Red Beans. So, Red Beans got to eat, but he did not?

     Yu Wan helped him wash the pot, “Today we will eat cheese and ham sandwiches, you make them.”


     Shen Qingzhou, “…”

     “It’s very simple. Cut the side of the toast, beat the egg, and then dip the toast into the egg…eh, you take the toast out first.”

     Shen Qingzhou stood still. Yu Wan had to beat the egg in a bowl and hand it to him. She then went to get the toast herself, “Hurry up, you have to go to direct the drama later, I’m starving to death.  “

     Shen Qingzhou squinted his eyes. The person in front of him seemed to be more and more fond of stirring up trouble. She was also quite smooth in instructing, heh, she was getting bolder.

     Fry the toast slices, put on the cheese slices to melt…

     In the end, Shen Qingzhou still intended to let Yu Wan off the hook and quietly followed her instructions.

     “It smells so good, it seems delicious, try it.” Yu Wan used a fork and knife to cut a slice and handed it to Shen Qingzhou. Shen Qingzhou saw Yu Wan’s move out of the corner of his eyes and turned slightly sideways to receive it.


     “Or else let me try it.” Yu Wan pulled her hand back again, ignoring the way Shen Qingzhou leaned over, “Mm… it’s delicious.” She picked up the milk and took a sip, “It’s better with milk.”

     Shen Qingzhou looked at her calmly.

     As if she hadn’t noticed someone’s eyes at all, Yu Wan walked towards the Red Beans with the plate, “Red Beans, do you want to have a bite? Director Shen made it.”

     “Woof Woof.”

     “Yu Wan.”

     “What is it?”

     “Bring it here!”

     “You make another one. I’ll eat this with Red Beans.”

     Shen Qingzhou’s temple jumped, “Red Beans can’t eat that.”

     “Then I’ll eat it.” Yu Wan walked to the table with the plate, “Thank you, Director Shen.”

     As soon as the dinner plate was put down, Yu Wan felt a gust of wind behind her, and then she was stunned. She raised her eyes in surprise and saw Shen Qingzhou’s slightly dangerous eyes.

     “You can’t bear it, huh?”

     “What are you doing?”

     Shen Qingzhou raised his eyebrows, “What do you think?”

     Yu Wan stared back against the pressure and muttered after a long time, “Who told you to not tell me what you talked about?”

     “Just want to know that?” Shen Qingzhou slightly hooked his lips. His tea-colored eyes gave a kind of breathtaking feeling when viewed at such a close distance.

     He propped one hand on the table behind her, while the other hand held her shoulder. Yu Wan could only be sandwiched between him and the table.

     Yu Wan pursed her lips and leaned back slightly, “Want, I want to…”

     Shen Qingzhou’s eyes darkened, and the next second, Yu Wan suddenly saw his approaching face.

     When was the last time they were this close….

     Oh, it was when he was drunk. At that time, his breath was hot and eyes were confused, however this time… his breath had the characteristic laziness of the morning, and his eyes were unprecedentedly clear, she seemed to be able to see the splotchy shape on his pupils.

     Yu Wan’s breathing stagnated, and she felt a soft, cold touch on her lips.  Obviously, it was just a shallow touch, but she felt as if whole body was going to be burned by this kiss.

     She stared blankly at Shen Qingzhou, who was only five centimeters away from her at the moment. His eyes were downcast, his thick and long eyelashes were beautiful.

     “Do you still want to hear it now?” Yu Wan felt a bit intoxicated by his low and hoarse voice.

     Yu Wan gulped, “What if… I still want to hear it.”

     Shen Qingzhou raised his eyes, the corners of his mouth curved slightly, the hand on the table lifted up to hold the back of her neck and pushed her forward, “Then I will tell you.”

     Yu Wan’s eyes widened slightly, Shen Qingzhou lowered his head and kissed her lips.

     This time was unlike the earlier shallow kiss or like licking and sucking a piece of cake when he was drunk. Shen Qingzhou’s kiss was rough. His warm and thin lips pressed against Yu Wan, grinding around. It was full of temptations.

     Yu Wan’s cheeks were already red. She clearly knew that at this moment, this was the sober Shen Qingzhou, not the confused Shen Qingzhou…

     She was held in his arms by his whole body, she could only lean against him. She didn’t close her eyes. She was reluctant. She wanted to see. Director Shen who had always been above the world, could also eat the food of common mortals.

     Slowly, the two of them were breathing a little sharply. When Shen Qingzhou finally left her a little distance, Yu Wan was already weak. Yu Wan breathed fresh air and desperately took a deep breath.

     Shen Qingzhou smiled and slowly said, “This is the answer I told your brother.”

     Yu Wan didn’t know why but she looked up at him.

     Shen Qingzhou, “It’s not you chasing me, but…I want you.”

     At noon.

     Yu Wan was sitting on the sofa in Shen Qingzhou’s room, next to Red Beans who was lying on his stomach.

     “Red Beans, you just… saw it.”

     Red Beans smashed his mouth, changed to a comfortable position and continued to lie on his stomach.

     Yu Wan’s eyes were a little empty, “Your family’s Mr. Shen actually kissed me and also squeezed me to death.”

     Red Beans,”……”

     Yu Wan, “So, it was the first time you saw such a hot picture, right? Hmm…you really are blessed.”

     Red Beans,”……”

     “Ding Ding Ding!”

     Yu Wan, whose thoughts were still not over the scene in the morning, was taken aback by the ringtone of her mobile phone, “Hello, hello?”

     “Why did you take so long to answer the phone?”

     “I, I was watching TV. I didn’t hear it.”

     Yu Huan said oh, “I’m at your set, Come over for dinner later if you’ve nothing to do.”

     “Huh? What are you doing there?”

     Yu Huan snorted, “Originally, I thought that you were here and just came to inspect you and Shen Qingzhou, but the result was that I could only see him and couldn’t find you. Quickly come here.”



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