Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 29

Translated by: Sky

Yu Wan called a taxi, and set off for the crew together with Red Beans.

     At this time, in the crew, those who were still working looked in a certain direction of the rest area from time to time, while those who were already resting stood by and watched directly. Four men sat in the center surrounded by them.

     One is handsome and sunny, one is refined and exquisite, one is cold and clean, and there is a… ahem, cute student Xiao Yang.

     The men with very different but equally dazzling temperaments are sitting together with serious faces, but they were actually seriously…playing cards.

     “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Xiang Zeran shouted, “Director Shen, did you not just learn it! The newcomer’s luck was really not a fake ah!”

     Shen Qingzhou glanced at him contemptuously, “Don’t blame your luck if you play badly.”

     Xiang Zeran was aggrieved, just because of his luck. He has been playing in the crew for so many years, but this was the first time he lost so badly!

     “Huan’er, he is our opponent, let’s cooperate well and kill them both.” Xiang Zeran squinted his eyes as if preparing for a battle. Yu Huan glanced at Shen Qingzhou and sneered in his heart, “Director Shen, if you lose this, you will personally go buy lunch for us.”

     “This sentence should be for you.” Shen Qingzhou said blankly.

     Yu Huan, “We’ll see.”

     After speaking, Shen Qingzhou and Yu Huan looked at each other, Xiao Yang on the side inexplicably felt the sound of lightning ringing in the air, hey, let me go, let me go, okay?? Don’t be so clashing when playing cards ah!

     Yu Wan arrived at the crew and walked inside with Red Beans, “Hey, good afternoon.”

     “Good day screenwriter~”

     “Huh? Not shooting anymore?”

     “Temporary rest.” A staff member replied.

     Yu Wan nodded, “Anyway, have you seen Yu Huan?”

     “Yes, yes.” The staff member pointed in a direction, “He’s playing cards over there.”

     “Cards?” Yu Wan looked puzzled.

     The staff member continued, “It’s amazing. Director Shen, who had never participated in these games, also played today. He is now with Yu Huan.”

     Yu Wan, “…”

     Shen Qingzhou playing cards? Yu Wan was surprised, and quickly pulled Red Beans towards the place the staff member pointed. From a distance, Yu Wan saw a bunch of people under the canopy, she also vaguely saw Yu Huan and Shen Qingzhou sitting in the middle.

     Yu Wan squeezed into the crowd silently. The spectators found that an important person had come, and quickly gave her a place, “Screenwriter, you’re late, Director Shen won just now, ah, Brother Huan won too.”

     Xiang Zeran glared angrily at the actor who just spoke. Damn, he almost said that Xiao Yang also won, right? He was the only one who lost, right??

     A certain actor hurriedly shut up..

     Yu Wan looked at Shen Qingzhou, his slender, white, bony hands were still holding the back of her neck this morning, but now he was holding a stack of cards. She heard someone call her name, and Shen Qingzhou raised his eyes to look at her. His brows had a shallow frown, obviously he was still in the state of playing cards.

     Yu Wan looked at him as well as his clear pursed lips.

     Yu Wan’s ears were slightly red, and she looked away calmly, “Brother, didn’t you ask me to come over for dinner? Why are you playing cards?”

     Yu Huan, “Playing cards is for lunch. You wait, there will be lunch personally delivered by Director Shen later.”

     Yu Wan didn’t know why, “Playing cards is just playing cards, why is it so tricky? Why does Director Shen have to send lunch?”

     Xiang Zeran explained, “Whoever loses will go to the store we designated to buy lunch. Moreover, no assistant is allowed to help. Personally go and, hehehe, serve the winner~”

     “This…you guys often play in the crew, but Director Shen seems to be playing for the first time, aren’t you guys bullying him too much?”

     Xiang Zeran and Yu Huan looked at Yu Wan at the same time. Bullying? Who is bullying whom ah?

     Yu Wan was taken aback for a moment, “What? What’s wrong?”

     Shen Qingzhou’s lips rose in a smile.

     Yu Huan said, “You turned your back on me so quickly?! You want your brother to buy it, right?

     Yu Wan said, “I, I don’t mean that.”

     Yu Huan, “I’m really mad at you, I’m your only family, the only one you’ve got. Yu Wan, I just want to ask if I’ve no influence on you.”

     Yu Wan flattened her mouth and hurriedly gave Yu Huan a pat on his back, “How could it be? Your influence on me is so great that it is unshakeable.”

     Yu Huan snorted and was reluctantly coaxed.

     On the other side, Shen Qingzhou glanced at Yu Huan and Yu Wan, and his mind moved slightly. Great influence? Unshakeable?


     Shen Qingzhou suddenly felt that his desire to win should be stopped. Winning a game but losing a person, it seemed very uneconomical.

     Yu Huan, “King Bomb!”

     “Oh oh oh!!!” Xiang Zeran cheered, “Huan’er, You can go first, I’m almost there.”

     Yu Huan raised his eyebrows and looked at Shen Qingzhou. You were so smug, Heh, what else can be the result now? It’s a sure win!

     Shen Qingzhou looked at the bombs on the table, and then at the bigger bombs in his own hand. Instantly, he silently pressed the cards down without letting others see it, “Not out.”

     Yu Huan and Xiang Zeran looked at each other, both saw bursts of joy in each other’s eyes. Yu Huan threw down the last card, “Zeran, hurry up.”

     “No problem!”

     Xiang Zeran only had a few cards left in his hand, and Shen Qingzhou didn’t stop him. Xiao Yang alone couldn’t hold him, so he double buckled.

     “Yes!” Xiang Zeran smiled excitedly, “I am going to eat lunch bought by Director Shen for the first time. I am a little excited. Director Shen, trouble you.”

     Yu Huan’s peach blossom eyes curved in a smile, “Well… I want to eat Chinese food, just go to the restaurant Pinshangju which is nearby. I want beef, be careful, it shouldn’t be spicy.”

     “I want spicy, I want spicy, oops, anything will do as long as Director Shen sends it. Even if it doesn’t taste good, I want to eat it.” After Xiang Zeran finished speaking, he looked at the actors next to him, “What do you want to eat?”

     Everyone looked at each other, Li Mengmeng jumped out first and said, “I want to eat that…”

     “I also want……”


     “I want the…”


     After one said what he wanted, everyone became bold, and the actors all stepped forward to get a leg up.

     Finally, Yu Huan looked at Yu Wan, “What do you want to eat? Say it.”

     “Me? That……”

     “Yu Wan.” Shen Qingzhou stood up and said unclearly, “Come with me.”

     Xiang Zeran, “Eh, you can’t violate the rules, it was said that the loser cannot bring an assistant.”

     Shen Qingzhou glanced at him and curved his lips, “Well, Yu Wan is not my assistant.”

     Xiang Zeran, “…”

     The surrounding crowd: Oh~~

     Yu Wan glanced at Yu Huan, then walked towards Shen Qingzhou.

     Yu Huan looked at Shen Qingzhou’s back and said, “It’s okay for Yu Wan to go with you, but only to pick out the dishes. Yu Wan, you are not allowed to help him buy or carry.”

     Yu Wan turned around, “Brother…”

     Yu Huan interrupted her, smugly, “This is the punishment of the game.”

     Yu Wan shut her mouth. When she went to look at Shen Qingzhou again, he had already walked a while, as if he didn’t mind what Yu Huan said. Yu Wan shook her head and followed up.

     Shen Qingzhou drove, Yu Wan sat in the passenger seat, she looked at him hesitantly and asked, “Director Shen, are you angry?”

     “About what?”

     “My brother, they ordered you to buy lunch.”

     Shen Qingzhou looked ahead with a cold expression in his eyes, “I was willing to bet.”

     “But, weren’t you playing for the first time? This is still considered bullying the newcomer.” Yu Wan muttered, and then asked, “Eh, why were suddenly you playing cards…”

     Shen Qingzhou paused, then gave her a sideways glance, “Isn’t he your brother? Surprisingly, he was interested and it doesn’t hurt to play a round.”

     Yu Wan slowly widened her eyes, feeling a little dazed by his words.  So, because he is her brother, he touched something that he had never played before?

     Yu Wan’s heart suddenly became a soft mess.

     “Then when my brother suggested playing this, I guess he deliberately pitted you.” Yu Wan didn’t see it from the start, so she didn’t know that Shen Qingzhou actually won a lot of times in the early stage as everyone said. She only knew that Shen Qingzhou lost in the end and was sent out to buy lunch. After saying this, Yu Wan saw that Shen Qingzhou’s cold side face was dyed with something that could be said to be tenderness, and the corners of his mouth were curved, as if coated with a gentle light.

     She heard him say, “I know.”

     At the Chinese restaurant designated by Yu Huan, Shen Qingzhou parked the car, and was about to unfasten his seat belt when Yu Wan pressed his hand, “I’ll go, it’s not convenient for you to show up.”

     “No need.” Shen Qingzhou casually put on a mask. Yu Wan saw him insist and no longer said anything. Just when they were about to get out of the car, she suddenly remembered something and withdrew her hand, “Oh, by the way, Do you have another mask?”

     Shen Qingzhou glanced at her and knew what she thought. Because she is Yu Huan’s sister, the photos of her and Yu Huan have been very popular on the Internet. So, it is estimated that many people can recognize her now. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is better not to show her face these few days. After a while, when the enthusiasm has faded, everyone should forget it.

     So now she needed a mask, but there isn’t more in the car.

     “You don’t need to get down from the car.” Shen Qingzhou said.


     “All right, I’ll be back soon.”

     “Huh!” Yu Wan hadn’t spoken yet, Shen Qingzhou had already got out of the car. She had no choice but to wait in the car, it would be more troublesome to follow.

     After waiting for more than half an hour, Yu Wan saw Shen Qingzhou and two employees who seemed to be restaurant workers come out. Each employee was carrying two large bags in their hands.

    Originally, there was no problem, but when Shen Qingzhou directed two employees to put things in the trunk, several girls ran out of the restaurant.

     “Shen Qingzhou? It’s Shen Qingzhou, right?!”

     “Ah, it really is. I just said he looked very similar, but you guys still said no.”

     “Ahhhh! So excited, I’m excited to see the live Shen Qingzhou!”

     “Shen, Director Shen, can you take a photo with us?”

     “Can you sign?”

     Shen Qingzhou paused, with a very low tone, “No photo.”

     “Then, how about an autograph, please, please, please.”

     Several girls were pestering him. Yu Wan saw Shen Qingzhou’s beautiful eyebrows frowning slightly, but in the end he did not refuse, took their paper and pen and signed his name.

     “Thank you, thank you!”

     Shen Qingzhou nodded slightly. He closed the trunk, walked to the driver’s seat and opened the door to enter.

     And behind him, the few fans’ mobile phones kept shooting nonstop. The fans didn’t stop until the car drove away.

     “Ah, I didn’t expect to meet the real person here. I want to post to Moments, I want to post on Weibo.”

     “I just saw Shen Qingzhou sitting there for a long time. He came to buy so much food? And alone?”

     “Hey! Look at this!” one of the girls suddenly called out.

     “What is it?”

     “Look, there’s a woman in the passenger seat!”

     “It’s true.”

     “I just focused on looking at Shen Qingzhou and didn’t pay attention!”

     “Let me see. It’s true. Long hair, it really is female!”


     Shen Qingzhou and Yu Wan returned to the set, they got out of the car and opened the trunk.

     “You go first.” Shen Qingzhou said.

     “So many bags, I’ll help you.”

     Shen Qingzhou’s expression was stern, but his eyes were soft, “Did you forget what your brother said? If you agree to the bet, you must accept to lose.”

     Yu Wan, “…”

     The two returned to the resting point. A group of people sat there waiting to be fed. They were all excited to see Shen Qingzhou and Yu Wan coming back, especially when they saw Shen Qingzhou, the big leader who usually commanded them transformed into the image of a waiter at this moment. Ah… really grateful for Yu Huan’s arrival today.

     Shen Qingzhou handed bags of food to Xiao Yang, “Go and put them away.”

     Xiao Yang nodded repeatedly. His Director Shen really put down all kinds of figures for the screenwriter ah…



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