Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 30

Translated by: Sky

Lunch was all set out, with all the colours and flavors, and almost everyone had the dishes they wanted. The crowd happily gathered around to eat together. Yu Wan sat between Shen Qingzhou and Yu Huan with a smile on her face.

     After eating, everyone dispersed to work. Yu Wan strolled around with Red Bean.

     At the dining table, only Yu Huan and Shen Qingzhou were left.

     Yu Huan wiped his hands, his face didn’t have the playfulness just now, but was full of seriousness, “Director Shen, You’ve worked hard today.”

     Shen Qingzhou’s gaze was clear and cold, “It’s fine as long as she’s happy.”

     Yu Huan smiled, “She is indeed very happy, to be honest, this is the first time my sister has liked someone.”

     Shen Qingzhou’s eyes moved slightly.

     “Hey, don’t say anything, I’ve had enough to eat and drink, so I should also go.” Yu Huan stood up and looked down at Shen Qingzhou, “One last thing, if she ever has a bad day, I will take her away at any time. But… I think Director Shen should be able to make me trust.”

     Shen Qingzhou stood up and slightly curved his lips, “She will live a good life, I promise.”

     Two people looked at each other, those few simple words were a deep promise between the two men.

     “What are you guys talking about?” Yu Wan led Red Beans and came over. Yu Huan looked at her, “I said I’m leaving.”

     “Eh? You’re leaving just after eating?”

     “Your brother is very busy.”

     Yu Wan scoffed, very busy? Then, who was it that played the cards all morning?

     Yu Huan walked over and patted her shoulder, “The ticket is for 5 p.m. I have to catch a flight, so stay well by yourself.”

     “Huh?” Yu Wan was surprised. “When you said you’re leaving, are you leaving Beijing? I thought you were going to stay for a week, It’s not a week yet.”

     “There’s an emergency.” Yu Huan said.

     Yu Wan was a little regretful, “Well, then you have to be careful on your way back. Don’t be too busy and forget to rest.”

     “I know.” Yu Huan dotingly looked at his sister, and  then looked back at Shen Qingzhou, who nodded slightly, as a goodbye.

     Yu Huan took out his phone to call his agent and went outside. Looking at his back, Yu Wan felt a little sour in her heart. She knew that whatever Yu Huan did was always for her own good. Whether it was when she was child or now. They don’t see each other often, but Yu Wan feels a little sad every time they part.

     “Woof!” Yu Wan was brought back to her senses by Red Bean’s bark. She lowered her eyes and saw Shen Qingzhou squatting next to her, reaching out to touch Red Bean’s head. Probably feeling her gaze, Shen Qingzhou raised his head to look at her.

     Looking at the limpid tea-colored eyes, with a hint of gentleness in the cold, Yu Wan’s heart moved slightly, and she squatted down. She focused on Red Beans, and she said to Shen Qingzhou, “I only have my brother as a relative. So every time I see him leave, I feel a little unwilling. But Shen Qingzhou, I found out today that I’m not alone when I stay where I am, and this feeling, it’s kind of nice.”

     Shen Qingzhou paused, he never knew that Yu Wan didn’t have parents. When he heard her say this, he was surprised and distressed.

     “I used to think that if one day my brother has a girlfriend and no one cares about me, what would I do?” Shen Qingzhou saw Yu Wan speaking with a smile on her face, but he inexplicably felt that the smile was a bit astringent.

     He opened his mouth, and just as he was about to say something, Yu Wan suddenly raised her eyes to look at him. Her eyes were bright, as if they were full of stars in the night sky.

     She said, “But now I’m not afraid, because someone will take care of me in the future, right?”

     At 11 o’clock in the evening, Yu Wan updated the latest chapter. She took a shower and laid on the bed comfortably. Everything that happened during the day crossed her mind. She curved her lips and smiled, remembering the last words Shen Qingzhou said before he went to direct the drama, he said, “You are so stupid, I really need to take care of you.”

     Hmm… She didn’t say that the person who will take care of her was him, it was he himself who acquiesced.

     Yu Wan was in a good mood. She opened Weibo and sent a message: There was an iceberg in the distance and the person walking towards it on foot found that the iceberg was also moving towards him. (Smiley face)

     No one knows what the obscure Weibo means, and her old fans are also used to Yu Wan’s occasional impulses to post some inexplicable things.

     After Yu Wan finished posting on Weibo, she habitually clicked on hot search. She was taken aback by it. There was information about Shen Qingzhou on Weibo hot search, the title is, Shen Qingzhou’s girlfriend.

     Girlfriend? Where’s the girlfriend?!!

     Yu Wan clicked in without hesitation. The top Weibo was posted by a netizen. Yu Wan took a closer look and found that the picture was clearly taken when he went to buy lunch today.

     Shen Qingzhou is the protagonist in several photos, but one of them is very special. In the photo, there is a red circle deliberately drawn around a back. That back, is that not her ah?

     The comments were in a state of shock.

     “To be honest, I always thought that Shen Qingzhou, who had never touched the flowers, was a good friend, but I didn’t think there was a woman!! Cry!!!”

     “My family’s Zhouzhou!!! I don’t want it!!!”

     “Forbidden. How can the god of abstinence have a girlfriend? Don’t accept it!

     “Can the person who took the photos have some skill, take a photo of the back and adjust it?”

     “Leave me a good place on the rooftop, goodbye to the world.”

     “Another woman who saved the galaxy.”


     Yu Wan was stunned. Recently, has she formed a hot search physique? How could she have been named the “woman who saved the galaxy in her past life” by netizens?

     After reading the comments of some netizens, Yu Huan happened to call. She picked up and said before Yu Huan could speak, “Brother, I’m on the hot search again.”

     Yu Huan smiled, “I know.”


     “But don’t worry, the crew won’t say anything, Shen Qingzhou and I have discussed it.”

     “Huh?” Yu Wan was surprised, “When did you guys talk about this?”

     “I know you like to keep a low profile. Although everyone knows your face as my sister, my sister is Weiwan, and no one knows that Weiwan has started a relationship with Shen Qingzhou for the time being.” Yu Huan said.

     “…I don’t seem to have started dating yet.” Yu Wan coughed.

     “Heh, not yet but you’ll soon.”

     “Seems like it.” Yu Wan pursed her lips and smiled, then said again, “but why did you say for the time being ah?”

     Yu Huan, “How long do you think these things can be hidden? If you really get together with Shen Qingzhou in the future, with Shen Qingzhou’s popularity, wouldn’t you be dug up?”

     Yu Wan thought for a while, “En….it is the truth.”


     Yu Huan hummed, “You used to say that being a celebrity’s family is troublesome. Now what? Looking for a public figure to be your boyfriend, you are a typical example of saying one thing but meaning something different.”

     Yu Wan choked, “I didn’t even know who he was when I liked him!”

     “Oh, if you knew it from the beginning, you wouldn’t like him?”

     Yu Wan was serious and thought about it carefully, “This, It seems that I would still like him.”

     Yu Huan, “…”

     The relationship between Shen Qingzhou and the “back woman” was tossed on the Internet for a while, but because the reporters couldn’t capture anything or visit Shen Qingzhou. Hence, this matter could only be silently put to rest.

     Then later, the crew was about to be shifted. Yu Wan originally thought that she would be staying in Beijing for a while, but later discovered that the Beijing part of the shoot was suddenly about to end. Later, they needed to go to other places for shooting.

     Before the relocation, the actors had three days of vacation time. This time, on one hand, was for the actors to take a break, while the other reason was that the influential Golden X Awards ceremony was to be held during these days. Shen Qingzhou was invited as the director. Many actors from the crew were also invited.

     So a week later, Yu Wan embarked on the way back home.

     It’s been a long time since she came back. Yu Wan didn’t say anything, but in her heart, she missed Yu Diandian very much. She used to leave Yu Diandian in the pet centre when she travelled before, but it was never for this long.

     As soon as she got home and put down her luggage, Yu Wan couldn’t wait to pick up her Majesty from the pet home.

     “Come to the garage.” Yu Wan picked up the phone to hear these four words.

     “Are you down?”

     “En, going to pick up Yu Diandian.” Shen Qingzhou’s voice was light, piercing the garage’s unique cold air.

     Yu Wan was overjoyed, she didn’t expect Shen Qingzhou to understand her thoughts so well, she quickly cleaned up and got on the elevator, “I’m coming, wait for me.”

     When she arrived at the garage, Yu Wan went to the parking space where Shen Qingzhou had parked, and got on the co-pilot, “Let’s go.”

     Shen Qingzhou glanced at her, “So happy?”

     “Of course! I really missed her Majesty.” Yu Wan said, turning her head to look at Red Bean in the back seat, “You miss her too, right?”

     Red Bean probably understood Yu Diandian’s name, and woofed a few times to show his excitement.

     Shen Qingzhou slightly curved the corner of his mouth, stepped on the accelerator and set off.

     Yu Wan knew the boy in that pet home very well, and called the boy before she even entered the pet centre. So when Yu Wan arrived at the destination, she saw Yu Diandian who was waiting at the door.

     Yu Wan, “Your Majesty!!!”

     Yu Diandian, “Wow Wow!”

     Yu Wan, “Come here quickly!”

     Red beans, “Woof Woof!”

     Yu Diandian, “Wow Wow!”

     Yu Wan, “Majesty…”

     Yu Wan was still squatting with open arms, but in front of her, Red Bean and Yu Diandian had already got together intimately.

     Yu Wan, “…”

     Shen Qingzhou, “…”

     Yu Wan looked back at Shen Qingzhou, feeling unusually aggrieved, “Is Red Bean’s status higher than me?”

     Shen Qingzhou hooked his lips and touched the squatting Yu Wan’s head like how he would usually touch Red Bean. “It shouldn’t be like this.”

     Yu Wan thought for a while and consoled herself, uh, also, this is just like, if one day she hadn’t seen Yu Huan and Shen Qingzhou for a long time, who would she first pounce on when she saw them? Of course, it was Shen Qingzhou.

     But Yu Huan is still very important in her heart, that’s it!

     In the next second, Yu Diandian pounced on her, and Yu Wan almost fell back, but fortunately, Shen Qingzhou stood behind her, Yu Wan directly leaned on Shen Qingzhou’s leg.

     “Don’t you miss me, eh? Are you so happy to see Red Bean!” Yu Wan stroked Yu Diandian’s head fiercely, but her eyes were full of smiles.

     “Wow!” Yu Diandian rubbed hard into Yu Wan’s arms.

     “Hahaha, don’t tickle me.”

     “Woof Woof!!!”

     Shen Qingzhou looked condescendingly at the three who were making a fuss, his eyes had lesser traces of cold and were warmer.

     “Yu Wan.”

     Yu Wan looked towards the visitor and saw Zhang Heng, the boy she trusted the most in the pet home. Yu Wan stood up and said to him, “Thank you for this time. You took good care of her Majesty.”

     Zhang Heng blushed a little, “It’s nothing, Majesty is very well-behaved, and doesn’t cause much trouble.”

     “You don’t have to say good words about her, I know how noisy she is.”

     Zhang Heng smiled embarrassedly and looked at Yu Wan with some eagerness, “Yu Wan, have you returned from your business trip? Are you leaving again in a while?”

     “I shouldn’t be.” Yu Wan said.

     Zhang Heng, “Oh… Then, if you are busy, you can still send Majesty over. I will take care of her for you.”

     Yu Wan wanted to nod, but suddenly heard Shen Qingzhou, who had been silent next to her, calmly say, “No need.”

     Zhang Heng was taken aback, only then did his eyes that were glued to Yu Wan move to Shen Qingzhou, “This…”

     “In the future, if Yu Wan has something to do, I’ll take care of Yu Diandian. You don’t have to worry about it.” Shen Qingzhou said nonchalantly.

     Yu Wan looked at him suspiciously. He was more busy than her. How can he take care of Majesty for her?

     “Let’s go.” Shen Qingzhou suddenly grabbed Yu Wan’s wrist and took her outside.

     “Eh…” Yu Wan was caught off guard and had to follow his footsteps. Of course, she didn’t forget to turn back to say goodbye to Zhang Heng.

     Zhang Heng looked at the backs of Shen Qingzhou and Yu Wan, the light in his eyes gradually extinguished. Seeing Shen Qingzhou holding Yu Wan’s hand, he understood that Yu Wan already had a boyfriend, hey… looking at the quality of that boyfriend, his self-confidence was broken into pieces.

     But… why do I feel that the man looked a bit familiar?  Zhang Heng thought about it carefully, but he couldn’t find any clue. He sighed and went back.



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