Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 31

Translated by: Sky

Being taken to the car, Yu Wan sat in between the two pets in the back seat. She leaned forward next to Shen Qingzhou’s seat, “Director Shen, what did you mean by what you just said, you will take care of Yu Diandian for me, Where are you free?”


     “Zhang Heng takes care of Yu Diandian very carefully. I’ve known him for a long time. He has been taking good care of her when I’m away.” Yu Wan said seriously.

     Shen Qingzhou glanced at her from the rear-view mirror, “If I’m not free, you can change to a new pet home in the future.”


     Shen Qingzhou gave a cold hum in his heart. Because the man looked unhappy, his pair of eyes were fixed, and what was in his mind was written clearly, “Because the sanitation there is not good.”

     “Sanitation…not good?” Yu Wan, “No ah.”

     Shen Qingzhou said solemnly, “I saw it, it’s dirty.”

     Yu Wan was speechless, Shen Qingzhou was indeed a capitalist, such high demands.

     The next night was the Golden X Awards ceremony. In the morning, Shen Qingzhou was still sitting on the sofa leisurely looking through things that Yu Wan couldn’t understand.

     “Tonight, your work has been nominated, right?” Yu Wan holding a packet of potato chips in her hands, sat cross-legged next to him.

     Shen Qingzhou gave a casual reply.

     “Hey, Is it the one from last year? I watched it later. It was really good. You should win the award.”

     Shen Qingzhou, “It’s not the same. A senior has also been nominated.”

     “So it’s still a bit competitive,” Yu Wan took a bite of the potato chips, “Then I really want to go to the scene to feel the tension, in case you win the award, what will your expression be, excited? No, What is your expression of excitement…”

     “If you want to see, just come directly.”

     Yu Wan blinked, “Can I go?”

     “I can arrange a seat for you.” Shen Qingzhou put away the documents, “Anyway, you have nothing to do at home.”

     Yu Wan’s eyes lit up from the thought that she was going to see Shen Qingzhou’s victory and defeat with her own eyes, “Okay, I’ll go, then remember to arrange a good seat for me so that I can see you clearly on stage.”


     She really meant to go. On the night of the award ceremony, Yu Wan was already sitting in the lounge of the large auditorium, waiting for the award ceremony outside to begin.

     The stars and directors will walk the red carpet into the hall, and as a special ‘family’, Yu Wan can only wait for Shen Qingzhou’s instructions.

     There was a live broadcast of the red carpet outside in the lounge, and Yu Wan could clearly see all kinds of bright and shiny stars walking through the red carpet. Xiang Zeran, Lin Yeyu, Li Mengmeng… She knows very few stars, including these few.

     She was bored watching the red carpet catwalk, thinking and waiting for Shen Qingzhou to appear. But before she saw Shen Qingzhou, Yu Wan unexpectedly saw Yu Huan appear on the red carpet. He was wearing a straight suit with simple patterns on the suit. He looked calm and solemn, elegant and handsome.

     Yu Wan watched Yu Huan sign his name on the board, and then wave to his reporter friends and fans outside the venue.

     Yu Wan was a little surprised. She thought that her brother was still in another city, but he unexpectedly appeared at the awards ceremony.  But on second thought, how could Yu Huan not be there on this occasion.

     After a while, Yu Wan saw Shen Qingzhou. He was accompanied by a man and a woman. Yu Wan had seen these two people, they were the hero and heroine of Shen Qingzhou’s nominated movie. Because of this movie, the male and female leads had attracted much attention, especially the female lead Ji Ning, who directly rose from a not so famous third-line celebrity to a first line star.

     Yu Wan looked at Shen Qingzhou with eyes full of love. It had been a while since she last saw him wearing such strictly formal clothes. The black suit was full of forbidden and lustful temptations.

     Yu Wan sighed while watching. Shen Qingzhou really is Shen Qingzhou, even under the camera, he has an expression of ‘All of this is none of my business’, but even that vague look attracted screams from the audience outside the red carpet. 

     Finally, the red carpet ended. Not long after, the lounge door was pushed away.

     “Screenwriter.” Xiao Yang walked in, “Director Shen asked me to pick you up.”

     Yu Wan nodded, “Where is he?”

     “Everyone has a fixed position. People nominated for the awards are sitting in the middle. Director Shen is there too.”

     “Then I…”

     “Don’t worry, Director Shen has arranged for the screenwriter a long time ago.”


     Yu Wan followed Xiao Yang out and walked into the hall. Yu Wan tried to reduce her presence and sat down silently in the position Xiao Yang said.

     The award ceremony began, and people around Yu Wan gradually settled down. Her position was very good, in the center of the front row, everything on the left and right of the stage could be seen very clearly.

     Other awards started to be announced. Yu Wan leaned back in her chair and watched the people on the stage leisurely. Um… At this time, it would be nice if she could get a pack of potato chips or something.

     “Mr. Zhang, I heard that your company is going to announce the new shareholders list recently?” The man in the suit sitting on Yu Wan’s left crossed her and said to the middle-aged man on her right.

     “En, there are some adjustments.” The middle-aged man smiled, “What about Mr. Lin? How many movies are you planning to invest in this year?”

     “This, it is not possible to say yet, the company is still negotiating with quite a few.”


     When the two people came and went to talk about business matters, Yu Wan straightened up and began to survey the area she was sitting with some doubts.  She looked at the left. There was a row of people in formal wear, but from the looks of it, they were definitely not celebrities, actors or something, and on the right… seemed to be the same situation, all of them looked like elite bosses.

     Yu Wan finally couldn’t help but secretly send a text message to Shen Qingzhou, “Where am I sitting?”

     Shen Qingzhou responded quickly, “What’s wrong?”

     “No… I just feel like I’m sitting next to some big bosses. For example, the man next to me, he said something I don’t understand to the uncle on my right (serious face). Who do you think they are ah?”

     Shen Qingzhou, “On your left is the president of Xinjia Entertainment, and on your right is the chairman of Wan Qian.”

     Xinjia Entertainment Company, although Yu Wan doesn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, as Yu Huan is a part of it, she has still heard Yu Huan mention some things. For example, Xinjia Entertainment Company is one of the pillars of the entertainment industry…

     As for Wan Qian, she is more familiar with it. She often buys products under their company.

     But…what the hell ah? I asked you to arrange a good seat for me, not this kind of super VIP seat ah!

     “I think it’s a bit awkward for me to sit here.” Yu Wan, after sending this text message, looked at the side, and the chairman on the right just happened to meet her eyes. He didn’t say anything, but just nodded slightly at her. Yu Wan had no choice but to nod her head in return.

     Shen Qingzhou, “Didn’t you want the best view? I’ve seen it. You have the best position.”

     Yu Wan, “…”


     Although sitting here is not appropriate, the good thing is that the cameras are only placed in celebrity areas. There are only guests and outsiders here, so no camera will come over.

     Yu Wan thought that it was impossible to stand up and leave now as she had already sat down, so she collected her mind and focused on the stage.

     In the middle of the awards ceremony, Shen Qingzhou’s film “The Blind” won the Best Editing Award. In addition, the heroine Ji Ning in “The Blind” won the Best Actress Award for her outstanding performance.

     With these two awards, “The Blind” could already be regarded as a big winner at this film festival. However, what made everyone amazed is that Shen Qingzhou himself also defeated the other three directors and won the Best Director Award with this film. Among those who were nominated for this award, there was also a veteran filmmaker. This time, “The Blind” is undoubtedly the biggest winner.

    The moment Shen Qingzhou was announced as the winner, Yu Wan felt like she was about to jump out of her chair and cheer. Fortunately, she didn’t forget where she was now and tried her best to control herself.

     Compared to her excitement, Shen Qingzhou’s performance was much calmer. Get on stage, take the award, acceptance speech, and off the stage. Praiseworthy, calm and casual. But she doesn’t know why, Yu Wan can still feel the happiness in Shen Qingzhou’s heart. Although he looks vague, this movie is after all his own efforts and hard work. It must be a very happy thing to be given affirmation.

     At the end of the award ceremony, the staff began to leave, and Yu Wan took advantage of this to slip out of the hall. When she went backstage, she saw that many celebrities were being surrounded by reporters for interviews. The one that attracted her attention the most was undoubtedly Shen Qingzhou.

     Next to Shen Qingzhou is Ji Ning, who won the Best Actress tonight. The two of them were shining so brightly tonight that they were surrounded by a lot of reporters. Yu Wan sneaked to a certain corner where she could see Shen Qingzhou and hear him speak.

     Reporter, “Director Shen, you won another award this year. Do you have any comments?”

     Shen Qingzhou, “Well, it’s something very happy.”

     Yu Wan looked at him and laughed. It was so official. He was happy but he didn’t show much joy on his face. Heh, the reporter interviewing him should be feeling quite painful.

     “Ji Ning, you won the Best Actress tonight, Do you want to thank Director Shen?”

     There was a bright smile on Ji Ning’s face, “Of course, if Director Shen hadn’t given me this opportunity, how could I have won this award? Half of the award is due to Director Shen.”

     Reporter, “Then how do you want to thank you in private? Will you invite him to dinner or something?”

     “This…Of course, Director Shen has to be willing to do me the honor” Ji Ning looked at Shen Qingzhou, jokingly, “You also know that it is very difficult to make appointments with Director Shen.”

     The reporters laughed.

     “Then do you know about Director Shen’s previous scandal? Do you know who the leading lady in the car is?”

     The topic suddenly turned here. The reporters who were able to interview Shen Qingzhou this time naturally would not let go of this issue.

     Ji Ning paused. Of course, she knew about the popular events on Weibo, and she was also curious about whom the girl was. Even if she wasn’t a girlfriend, it would not be bad to be able to travel alone with Shen Qingzhou. She had contact with Shen Qingzhou during the filming period, and knew that he was someone who wouldn’t let oil and salt enter. He was a cold iceberg which was especially hard to melt. The woman who can get close to Shen Qingzhou is definitely not simple.

     Reporter, “There are rumors that the woman in the car is Lin Yeyu, What do you think?”

     Ji Ning, “Shouldn’t you ask this to the person concerned? I really don’t know.”

     Everyone in the circle knows that Lin Yeyu has a good relationship with Shen Qingzhou. The two even had a scandal, so everyone would have such speculations.

     The reporter took the opportunity to ask again, “Director Shen, Is it really Lin Yeyu? Are you guys actually a pair in private as the Internet says?”

     After the reporter asked this question, he suddenly felt a little chill in his surroundings, uh… he had risked his life to ask this question ah!



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