Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 20

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“Director Shen, my friend is your fan and might have been a little excited to see you.” Yu Wan explained.

Shen Qingzhou raised his eyebrows, “Well, your friend is quite good.”

Yu Wan was stunned. Quite good?  Where is it good?  How did a few words turn out to be good?

Shen Qingzhou touched Red Beans. In fact, what Shen Qingzhou thought was that Jian Yunong was very insightful. Her words “Please take care of our Yu Wan,” was deep in his heart.

Heh, this unresponsive and greedy little girl, he really has to take care of her.

“Red Beans, let’s go.” Shen Qingzhou walked towards the door, Yu Wan went up to open the door for him, “Give me a call before you leave tomorrow. Then, you can leave Red Beans in the room, and I’ll take care of him.”

“Okay.” Shen Qingzhou went out the door, looked back at her and said in a very flat tone, “Rest well.”

Yu Wan was stunned. When did Shen Qingzhou become so warm, she was a little excited, “Oh, good night.”

Shen Qingzhou turned around and left, with Red Bean following behind.  Yu Wan closed the door and flew onto the bed. She felt that the distance between her and Shen Qingzhou seemed to be much closer.  Not on the surface, but psychologically, at least she can feel that Shen Qingzhou is not as cold as before…

The next day, Yu Wan woke up in a daze, her head was a little heavy, she crawled into the small living room to take a sip of water.

Just then, the phone rang, it was Shen Qingzhou.

“I’m leaving, come to my room when you are free.”


“What’s wrong with you?”

Yu Wan swallowed her saliva, “It’s okay, my throat was a little dry when I got up this morning. So don’t worry, I’ve got Red Beans.”

Shen Qingzhou paused, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Yu Wan went to wash up, then took her notebook and room card to Shen Qingzhou’s room, opened the door and entered. Red Beans welcomed her cheerfully.

Yu Wan smiled, put down the computer and played with Red Bean for a while, but she was not very energetic today. Not sure if yesterday’s sleep quality was poor, but she felt dizzy.

“Red Beans, I will write the novel first, and when I’m done, I’ll take you out for a walk.”

Red Beans squatted beside her very obediently.

Yu Wan turned on her computer and started to write. However, as she wrote, she felt that there was a heavy shadow in front of her eyes, and her head begun to hurt. She couldn’t go on, so she turned off the computer, lied down on the sofa, and fell asleep again in a daze.

She didn’t know how long she slept but Yu Wan was pushed awake by Red Beans. She glanced at her phone and suddenly became energetic, “Ah, it’s noon, sorry, sorry, Red Beans, are you hungry?”


Yu Wan exhaled a sigh of relief and quickly got up to get dog food for Red Beans.  Her whole body felt very heavy. While pouring dog food, Yu Wan touches her forehead, can’t be, is it a fever?

Red Beans was eating lunch and Yu Wan sat on the sofa unconsciously. When it was over, she wanted to sleep again, and it became more and more uncomfortable.

Supporting her head, Yu Wan picked up the phone and dialed Shen Qingzhou’s number.  After a long time, someone finally picked it up.

“Hello, Director Shen.”

“Um…is it the screenwriter? I’m Xiao Yang.”

“Xiao Yang, where is Director Shen?”

“He went to direct the scene; the phone is with me.”


“Screenwriter? Is something wrong?”

“It’s like this, I’m feeling a little uncomfortable, and Red bean is on my side. I wanted to say if someone from your side could come and take Red bean over, I’d like to go to the hospital to take my temperature.”

“Huh? You have a fever?”

“I don’t know. Xiao Yang, why don’t you come here and help me bring Red Bean to the set? Let the director side keep him busy. No need to say anything.”

“Well, wait a moment.”


Xiao Yang hung up the phone and just wanted to get the key back to the hotel, but walked to the door and turned back.  Now the focus didn’t seem to be on who will look after Red Beans, but the fact that screenwriter was sick! From his observations and guesses, the relationship between Director Shen and the screenwriter was unusual.

Later, if the director found out that he didn’t report this matter to him, would he just let him go?!  Xiao Yang panicked, so he immediately ran to Director Shen who was on the set.

“The camera goes high on this side, remember to catch the actor’s expression…”

“Director Shen.”

Shen Qingzhou looked back at Xiao Yang, his eyes were dissatisfied at being disturbed.

Xiao Yang calmed his mind and whispered, “Well… there is something urgent, about the screenwriter.”

Sure enough, Xiao Yang noticed that Director Shen’s eyes softened.

“What’s wrong?”

“The screenwriter just asked me to go back to pick up Red Beans. She seems to be sick.”

As soon as the words fell out, the phone was suddenly pulled out of Xiao Yang’s hands. Then he saw his director Shen walking out in a hurry with a rare look of nervousness on his face.

Xiao Yang was very pleased, he was right.

“Eh, what’s going on?” The assistant director on the side came over when he saw the situation, and a group of actors and staff who had been put down, also looked at Shen Qingzhou’s fading figure in confusion.

“Director Shen seemed a bit strange just now, did something happen?” an actor asked.

Xiao Yang looked inscrutable, “It is indeed a big deal for director Shen.”

After waiting on the sofa for more than half an hour, the hotel door finally rang, Yu Wan turned her head to look, “Xiao Yang, are you here? I would’ve really died if you were any slower.”


Yu Wan looked back and saw Shen Qingzhou walking in from the doorway. She looked at him in surprise, “Why are you back?”

Shen Qingzhou didn’t answer her, but walked over, bent down slightly, and reached out to touch Yu Wan’s forehead. Yu Wan raised her head and looked at him with her eyes blinking, a little surprised.

“Hot.” Shen Qingzhou summed up in one word.

“I know it’s hot.” Yu Wan stood up, “It’s good that you’re back, watch Red Beans, I’m going out.”

Yu Wan walked around him to the door. After only two steps, someone grabbed her wrist. She turned around and saw Shen Qingzhou’s serious face, “Go lie down in the room, I’ll call the doctor over.”


Shen Qingzhou didn’t care if Yu Wan was willing or not, He just took her wrist and dragged her into the room. Yu Wan was so weak that she stumbled onto the bed, “Take your shoes off and lie down.”

No matter how confused she was, Yu Wan knew that this was the room where Shen Qingzhou slept. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at him, “I…this is your bed, isn’t it?”

“Or else.” Shen Qingzhou lifted the blanket for her, then took out his mobile phone and called someone. Listening to his tone, he was asking the person to find a doctor to come to the door.

Yu Wan looked at his upright figure standing beside her and after looking at the big, unbelievable bed, her heart was overflowing with sweetness.

She lay down silently, covered with the quilt, and suddenly felt his feeling here, although cold and clear, it was very comfortable.

Yu Wan felt a little bit emotional. It turned out that Shen Qingzhou was not heartless, he would take care of others.

The mind was very happy, but the body was unable to keep up. Slowly, Yu Wan fell asleep.  When Shen Qingzhou finished the call and turned back, Yu Wan had quietly closed her eyes.

He looked at her silently, then sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out to touch her forehead which was hot.

She has a fever, but still thinks of going to the hospital in her own. Doesn’t she know how to find someone to accompany her. She really is stupid to the end. Thinking of this, Shen Qingzhou pinched her cheeks helplessly, but unexpectedly he found that Yu Wan blushed under this pinch. The skin was soft and slippery, and the hand felt particularly good.  He raised his eyebrows, and put the other hand on her face, mischievously squeezing both sides of her cheeks as if it’s a prank, kneading and pinching them probingly, and so Yu Wan experienced the most speechless facial deformation in her life in her deep sleep.

By the bed, Red Beans walked in at some point, and squatted beside him silently watching his master mistreat his ‘mother-in-law’.


“Hush.” Shen Qingzhou turned his head and glanced at Red Beans, got up from the edge of the bed, and whispered, “Be quiet, come out with me.”

When Yu Wan opened her eyes, her eyes felt heavy and sticky. She sat up from the bed and saw her hand on the bed quilt from the corner of her eyes. The needle hole in the middle of her left wrist was very obvious, the sides were a little blue.

It turns out that the doctor had been here, she didn’t even know about the injection…

At this moment, the door was pushed in from outside. Yu Wan raised his eyes and saw Shen Qingzhou bringing in a bowl of food. He looked at her, and then put the bowl on the bedside table.

“Eat, this is the porridge made in the hotel.” Shen Qingzhou finished speaking and sat on the single sofa beside her. He took a magazine and flipped through it, “Are you feeling better?”

Yu Wan looked at him with a touched expression, “It doesn’t seem to be too hot anymore, thank you.”

Shen Qingzhou said with a gracious and light hearted smile, “Get well soon, Who will cook for me if you are sick?”

Yu Wan pursed her lips and smiled, it’s obvious that he’s just being nice.

Yu Wan took the porridge and scooped up a spoonful to drink, she was indeed a little hungry.

“En? Why is it so light?” Yu Wan eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Shen Qingzhou put down the magazine, “Light?”

“Well, the lean pork porridge has no taste.”

Shen Qingzhou paused and walked over with a blank expression “Give it to me, I will have them make it again.”

Yu Wan pondered, “I guess the chef forgot to put salt in it, but…the chef of this hotel would forget this?”

Shen Qingzhou didn’t say anything, took the porridge and went out.

After a while, Shen Qingzhou brought in another bowl, “Eat.”

Yu Wan nodded and took a bite, full of joy, “Cough…so salty.”

Shen Qingzhou, “…”

Yu Wan looked at Shen Qingzhou in disbelief, “Director Shen, this chef must have a problem today, it’s extremely salty.”

Shen Qingzhou’s eyes twitched slightly, “How salty and unpalatable is it?”

“It’s terrible, not as light as the one just now.”

Shen Qingzhou took a deep breath, “Give it.”

“Otherwise, forget it. I’m really hungry, just eat whatever you have.”


Shen Qingzhou said this and took the bowl. Yu Wan looked at the porridge that had been taken away from her hand, and then at Shen Qingzhou’s stiff back. She reacted half a beat too late, “This… isn’t it made by the hotel, is it?  Could it be that Shen Qingzhou did it? Huh? Haha.”

This time it took a bit longer, and Shen Qingzhou’s face was black when he brought the porridge in.

Yu Wan took it and drank a sip in silence. It was delicious, very delicious, the porridge was delicate and soft, salty and mild, and it melted in the mouth.  This is what the hotel made, right?….



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