Pampering My Cute Pet – Chapter 24

Translated by: Sky

Yu Huan looked at Yu Wan’s faint smile, and knew that he couldn’t stop it.  But his current mood was really complicated. The cabbage raised in the palm of his hand will eventually be….cough, Shen Qingzhou can’t be considered a pig. The cabbage will eventually be plucked. He really has mixed feelings.

     “Does he know that I’m your brother?” Yu Huan asked.

     “He doesn’t know.” Yu Wan slouched on the couch, “We haven’t fallen in love, so there is no need to dig out the eighteenth generation of our ancestors.”

     Yu Huan snorted coldly, “It’s good that he doesn’t know. If he knows and still treats me with that attitude, we’ll see if he can still catch up with you.”

     Yu Wan said with a drop of cold sweat, “Brother, he isn’t trying to chase me…”

     Yu Huan gave her a meaningful look, “My sister is so good, is he sure he doesn’t want to chase?”

     Yu Wan chuckled, leaning over to take his arm, and pleased, “Yes, after all, she is Superstar Yu’s sister. That identity is simply golden.” 

      Yu Huan’s mouth overflowed with a hint of laughter, he reached out and flicked her forehead, “You thought that I wouldn’t blame you if you said good things, right? Yu Wan, Didn’t I teach you not to go to a man’s house casually?”

     Yu Wan blinked her eyes, recalling, “You haven’t taught.”

     Yu Huan, “…” That’s because he didn’t have to worry about Yu Wan in the past, So he ignored it!

     “By the way brother, why were you at Shen Qingzhou’s place? When I came out and saw you, I almost had a heart attack.”

     Yu Huan glared at her, and wanted to say that he was lucky he didn’t have a cerebral hemorrhage.

     “I had business to discuss with him. Recently, I’ve been preparing an ancient costume drama and I’m looking for him to cooperate.”

     “Oh, I see. But the filming of ‘Underworld of Wolves’ won’t be finished anytime soon.”

     “My side is roughly just starting after the shooting of ‘Underworld of Wolves’ is finished. Although the time is a bit tight, there is no conflict.”

     Yu Wan frowned, “But won’t Director Shen be too tired? Just finished one film and then has to work on another one. I think his annual production is quite low. After one film, there will be a long interval before the next one.”

     “Now you’re worried about other people’s hard work?” Yu Huan’s heart ached, “Your brother has been working for many years. Why didn’t I see you feeling bad for me?”

     Yu Wan choked and blushed, “I did, I told you to take a break but you just wouldn’t listen.”

     Yu Huan shook his head and sighed. Their parents died early and they were left alone. He loved Yu Wan to his bones. Even though he was her elder brother, he was like her father. He finally understands the feeling of “A married out daughter is like spilled water”.

     Looking at Yu Huan’s face, Yu Wan jokes off the topic amusingly, “Brother, then you came to Beijing just to discuss the cooperation with Director Shen?”

     “I also planned to come and see you while I was busy working, but who knew you would give me a ‘big surprise’.”

     Yu Wan laughed, “How many days are you planning to stay?”

     “About a week.”

     “Are you all okay today?”

     “I have to go out a little later, so you’ll have dinner with me tonight.”

     “Oh, okay.”

     Yu Huan stayed for a while and then left. Yu Wan was so happy to see her brother that she turned on the computer and chatted with Jian Yunong about Yu Huan’s visit to Beijing. Of course, she also talked about the fact that she was caught by Yu Huan in Shen Qingzhou’s room, after which Juan Yunong was trembling with laughter on the other side of the screen.

     At around six o’clock in the evening, Shen Qingzhou called.

     When the phone was answered, it was his cold voice that spoke, “Come here.”

     Yu Wan hesitated, “I’m busy tonight.”

     “what is it?”

     “A friend came over, so I’m going out.” Yu Wan said and instructed, “Director Shen, don’t cook by yourself when I’m not there, remember to eat from the hotel.”

     Shen Qingzhou, “…”

     After the phone call with Shen Qingzhou, Yu Wan packed up and left the room. Yu Huan made a reservation at a restaurant, and Yu Wan took a taxi there. Since Yu Huan became hot, the two siblings haven’t eaten together much, so Yu Wan also cherished the time she spent with him. The two spent a long time talking and eating in the restaurant.

     After the meal, Yu Huan sent Yu Wan to the hotel before he left.

     Yu Wan went back to her room, took a bath comfortably, got into her bed and started to play with her phone.

     At this time, the SMS prompt sounded, and Yu Wan clicked it open.

     “Back?”-Mr. Shen

     Yu Wan happily replied to the text message, “Yes, I’m already in my room.”

     There was no response after the reply, so Yu Wan sent another one, “Thank you for taking care of me for the past two days.”

     A minute later, Shen Qingzhou texted back, “Care is to be paid for.”

     “Payment? What do you want?”

     “I’ll tell you later.”

     Yu Wan raised her eyebrows, “Fine, I’ll do my best and die.”

     Shen Qingzhou didn’t reply. Yu Wan was sleepy, so she sent a good night over. A few seconds later, he also replied good night.

     Yu Wan read these two words for a while, finally turned off the phone, and went to sleep in a happy mood.

     The next day, the crew started working.

     When Yu Wan went to Shen Qingzhou’s room, Shen Qingzhou was no longer there. So, she took care of Red Beans, ate something and then took Red Beans to the film set.

     “Weiwan, here you are.”

     “Screenwriter, good afternoon”

     “Ah, you brought Red Beans, so cute.”

     “Yu Wan, good afternoon.”


     Yu Wan was greeted all the way as she walked in with Red Beans. She thought about it in confusion, everyone seemed unusually enthusiastic today.


     When she got to the filming area, Yu Wan saw a group of actors there, especially Li Mengmeng. So, she walked over and greeted her, “Mengmeng.”

     “Yu Wan, Hey, Red Beans.” Li Mengmeng squatted down near Red Beans. At this moment, Yu Wan and Xiang Zeran on Li Mengmeng’s sides looked at each other, and Xiang Zeran raised his eyebrows at her and spat out the word, “Confidential.”

     Yu Wan was taken aback, and suddenly remembered yesterday’s incident. She realized that what Xiang Zeran said was that he would keep it a ‘secret for her and Shen Qingzhou’.

     Yu Wan was a little embarrassed, but she didn’t know how to explain it. Forget it, anyway… it’s true.

    By the afternoon, Yu Wan found that everyone in the crew was nicer than ever before. Finally, she grabbed Li Mengmeng and asked why.

     “Do you feel that everyone is weird today?”

     “What do you mean?”

     “Just, everyone’s a little over enthusiastic today.”

     Li Mengmeng looked at her with a smile, “It’s a given that everyone is enthusiastic about you.”

     Yu Wan was stunned, “Why?”

     Li Mengmeng looked around mysteriously before saying, “Everyone is rumoring that you and Director Shen have some kind of relationship, ahem, you know, that kind of relationship.”

     Yu Wan quirked her eyebrows, “Did Xiang Zeran say that?”

     Li Mengmeng, “Huh? Xiang Zeran? What did he say?”

     “Then why are people talking about Director Shen and me?” If It wasn’t Xiang Zeran who said, then who?

     Li Mengmeng stared at her meaningfully, “Before when you and Director Shen interacted with each other every day, everyone could see that Director Shen looked at you differently compared to others. You say, won’t they have fantasies.”

     Yu Wan was confused. Daily interactions? What did she do?

     “Mengmeng, put on some makeup.”

     “Coming.” Li Mengmeng patted Yu Wan on the shoulder, “Yu Wan, you have a future.”

     Yu Wan, “…”

     At dinner time, Shen Qingzhou asked Xiao Yang to call Yu Wan to the lounge for dinner. Yu Wan sat among a bunch of staff, accepting everyone’s ambiguous smiles.

     At this moment, her cell phone rang, Yu Wan glanced at the display. She saw that it was Yu Huan. So, she got up, walked to a more remote place and answered the phone, “Hello.”

     “Where are you?”

     “I’m on the set.”

     “Well, come out and wait, my agent and I are nearby, I’ll come pick you up.”

     “Huh? You are going to come over?”

     “The car is parked on the side of the road. The license plate number is sent to you. Get in when you see the car.”


     Yu Wan hung up the phone and looked at Xiao Yang who was waiting at the side. She thought for a while and went up to him.

     “Xiao Yang, you look after Red Beans first. I have to go out for something.”

     “Ah? Aren’t you going to eat dinner?” Xiao Yang whispered mysteriously, “Director Shen is waiting for you.”

     Xiao Yang, what do you mean by that tone? Huh?!

     “…I’m not eating, you help me tell him.”

     After saying that, Yu Wan took her bag and left.  Xiao Yang returned to the lounge and reported to Shen Qingzhou, “Director Shen, the screenwriter said that she had to leave for something and won’t be accompanying you for dinner.”

     Shen Qingzhou frowned slightly, “Where did she go?”

     “This, I don’t know, she only said that she had something to do, and then left.”

     Shen Qingzhou didn’t speak, and Xiao Yang felt that the air pressure in the room was a little low, so he silently left the lounge. Tsk tsk, Director Shen really, Is it that hard to eat a meal without the screenwriter.

    It was late when Shen Qingzhou returned to the hotel after the night shoot. He took out his mobile and opened Yu Wan’s phone number page. He hesitated for a while. Finally, looking at the clock that showed two o’clock, he didn’t dial out.

    The next morning, Xiao Yang came to the hotel room as usual to wait for him, but today, Xiao Yang’s expression was a bit strange as if he was hesitant to speak. Shen Qingzhou finally frowned and looked at Xiao Yang when he sighed for the fifth time.

     “What happened?”

     “Director Shen…”


     “Director Shen, there’s something I think you need to know.”


     Xiao Yang took out his cell phone, “Have you watched the news today?”

     “What news?”

     “Entertainment headlines, Weibo and other major sections…all of them.”

     Shen Qingzhou wasn’t interested, so he ate the breakfast on his plate, “So?”

     “It’s about Yu Huan.” Seeing that Shen Qingzhou was unmoved, Xiao Yang said the rest of the words with difficulty, “And Yu Wan screenwriter.”

     Shen Qingzhou’s hand that was holding the fork froze, “What?”

     “Here, look, it popped up this morning and is exploding on Weibo.”

     Xiao Yang handed his phone to Shen Qingzhou, he took it and read the top article.

     The writer is a well-known journalist in the entertainment industry who is famous for exposing the private affairs of celebrities. He has exposed the top secret affairs of many celebrities before, such as hidden marriages, mistresses, drug abuse…In short, no matter how big the celebrity is, he will only report it if there is an explosive point.

     Today, his protagonist is Yu Huan, an actor who has become popular in recent years. With few scandals, handsome looks, and outstanding acting skills, Yu Huan is the male god in everyone’s hearts. It is absolutely true that women of all ages are his loyal fans.

     But what broke the hearts of female fans today is that there is a woman next to Yu Huan who has almost no scandals!! The woman was obviously an outsider, but she looked very good. Delicate, cute and very loli.

   The whole Internet was howling.

     Shen Qingzhou clicked on the picture. The picture was taken clearly. The picture of a man and a woman entering a restaurant and a hotel was shot in great detail. What evoked the people’s imagination even more was that the woman in the picture sometimes holds the man’s arms, the two of them look at each other and smile making them look ‘sweet’.



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