QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 1

Translated by: Tinker

Initial Review: I only read Arc 1 of this so I can’t judge fully. The FL is clever. She is calculating. This story gives a similar taste to the novel ‘QT: Male God, Come Here’. If you don’t prefer that kind of novel, I don’t think you will like this ( •_•). Also, if you hate the type of stories where the MC suffers or where the ML is possessive, or when the story is dramatic and angsty, then please find another novel~ɷ◡ɷ. Ah, this story also has shorter chapters. I didn’t cut them. This will officially be posted in November. I’m posting chapters for October so you guys can get the gist.

In this QT, we will be enjoying just that~ dramatic and calculating FL °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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Chapter 1: The President’s Traitor Lover

“For the last question,” Although Yu Ze, the interviewer, smiled, his eyes were filled with an unmistakable mixture of scorn and scrutiny. “Given your achievements overseas, why do you want to return and work for us?”

Sitting on the chair was an innocent-looking woman wearing professional attire and eyeglasses. She looked confused for a moment.

She seemed to recall something before finally replying with a smile, “I think…I left something important here, so I want to get it back.”

After speaking, Ye Chuijin pursed her lips and nodded. Her thoughtful expression showed sincerity as she firmly said, “Yes. I came back to find what I lost.”

When the interview was done, she heard them say, “Go back and wait for a notice.”

Then Ye Chuijin left Yiyuan design company in no hurry.

Yiyuan design company was the most prominent advertising design company in China, which belonged to Xue’s group.

It was reasonable to say that even though Ye Chuijin had made a name for herself abroad, she had no educational background and connections. In this case, she couldn’t enter this top design company in China. Surprisingly, she had not only passed the preliminary exam but was also invited to the final interview. Although it was strange, Ye Chuijin had no doubts and seemed to know nothing. 

With a happy smile on her, she walked out of the company and took out her mobile phone, and made a call.

“Hello?” There was a deep, magnetic sound from the other side.

Ye Chuijin’s steady voice suddenly became lively: “Hello, Yi Mo. My interview is over!”

Yi Mo’s face showed a sarcastic smile, but his voice was as gentle as ever: “You’ve worked hard. Let’s eat hot pot in the evening.”

Ye Chuijin’s voice revealed happiness, seemingly very satisfied with today’s interview. She talked on the phone with Yi Mo for a while before hanging up.

As soon as the call ended, Ye Chuijin heard a “Ding” in her mind.

[Ding, the blacking value of the target character is + 3, and the current blackening value is 93.

When the blackening value reaches 80 or more, alerts will be given each time. After getting 100, the target character will be blackened completely, resulting in the system task as a failure. Please complete the Boss’ Rescue Task as soon as possible.]

Ye Chuijin’s face didn’t change a bit. She was incredibly calm. [How much is the target person’s favorability?]

System: [Target person’s favorability is 95.]

Ye Chuijin made a fist slap in her mind and said, [Look, even though my boss wants to destroy the world, his love for me remains unchanged, hehe.]

System: […]

Ye Chuijin felt that the system’s mood dropped, seemingly frightened by the blackening value of 93. So she intimately cheered the system up with drums and firecrackers sounds in her mind, [System, ah, cheer up! Don’t be afraid!]

System: […] No, it can’t cheer up. It panics at the sight of this host.

Ye Chuijin smiled and said: [What’s to be afraid of? You and I both know that I’m the best!]

System: [… ]

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