QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 10

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 10: The President’s Traitor Lover

    Xue Mo’s blackening value was steady as Mount Tai. Ye Chuijin wasn’t worried at all.

    The system was worried as it watches her lose weight every day:【Host, please correct your attitude. Complete the task as soon as possible.】

    Ye Chuijin’s heart was calm:【Do you know why Xue Mo’s blackening value never went down?】

    The system replied indifferently:【I don’t know.】

    Ye Chuijin:【Because he’s caught in a dilemma.】

    Ye Chuijin continued,【Think about it. I betrayed him but returned to him with memory loss. He thought I had no feeling for him but I’m currently loving him so much. What would he think?】

    The system replied mercilessly:【Thinking you might have lost your mind from floating in the sea for a long time?】

    Ye Chuijin acted as if she didn’t hear the system:【He must be wondering why I betrayed him in the beginning.】


    Ye Chuijin smiled:【He is feeling doubt, joy, and emptiness. He is thinking of the pleasant days with me before. He loves and hates me. Have you noticed that Yu Ze hadn’t been doing anything? What do you think is the reason? It means Xue Mo is not willing to attack me! He feels distressed yet hates me. You see, he’s in an extreme dilemma!


    Ye Chuijin muttered whilst slapping herself proudly:【Heh, man.】

    The next day at work, Yu Ze personally handed her a document in front of the department colleagues: “Good work”

    There was silence.

    Everyone looked at her, exchanging looks of contempt and malice.

    The system sneered in Ye Chuijin’s mind:【Heh, man.】

    Ye Chuijin:“……”


    The document that Yu Ze handed to Ye Chuijin was a cooperation proposal with the international jewelry brand ‘Yes&Red’

    ‘Yes&Red’ was a century-old brand with a strong reputation abroad, but was unstable in China’s sales market.

    Yuan design company was the opposite. They were quite well known domestically, but not yet firmly established internationally.

    This cooperation was important to both companies. Ye Chuijin, a newcomer who had just joined the company for less than a month, was able to participate in this cooperation. To say that Ye Chuijin was not hugging the big thigh was an understatement.

    At lunch, Ye Chuijin acted as if she couldn’t swallow hard foods. She waited until there were only a few people in the office before she slowly went to the comfort room.

    As soon as she entered the cubicle, she heard more people come into the comfort room, chatting.

    “……Has Yu Ze gone crazy? The woman hasn’t been in the company for a month. Now, she’s a team leader and a spokesperson between the agreement of ‘Yes&Red’.”

    “What’s unusual about this is that, you only see her sitting all day every day at work – not doing anything. We’re tired while she’s idling.”

    One person narrowly smiled: “I’m not sure. She might be busy at night.”

    Several people burst out laughing at that comment.

    “I heard she doesn’t even have a diploma. She got into the company thank to president Yu. Who doesn’t know her name in the company?”

    “Zhang Fei was orignally the one to be promoted as a group leader, but it turned to her, tsk.”

    “That’s disgusting. This kind of woman is shameless.”

    “The person in charge of ’Yes&Red’ is not president Yu, let’s see how long Ye Chuijin can be arrogant.”

    Several people chattered, walking away happily. Ye Chuijin tilted her head in the compartment, unable to determine what mood she was in.

    The system asked:【What are you thinking? Say it.】

    Ye Chuijin blinked, a little angry:【They are spreading rumors!】

    The system was slightly relieved, thinking that she would be angry (showing that she still cared about her reputation)

    If she still cared, it means there’s still a chance.

    Ye Chuijin continued to be angry:【Can someone small like Yu Ze support me?! Ah? Can he??? I’m having an affair with the big president of Yuan!】

    She muttered in resentment:【These people, how dare they! What kind of designers are they when they have so little imagination?!】




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