QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 11

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 11: The President’s Traitor Lover

    ‘Yes&Red’ was said to be the world’s most high-end jewelry design brand. They came to China to seek cooperation.

    Yuan design also selected the best employees for the cooperation – except for Ye Chuijin.

    In Ye Chuijin’s own words – It was like a pearl in the vegetable basket. Although the pearl was very previous, it was not a vegetable.

    In the words of the system – This was called a rat spoiling the pot.

    The reason why Xue Mo didn’t allow Yu Ze to move was obvious. He had a big plan for her.

    ‘Yes&Red’ in the eyes of others was a first-class international big brand. Buy for Ye Chuijin, who had a system, knew that behind ‘Yes&Red’ was the Xie family – the biggest shareholder.

    This time, Yu Ze was anxious to throw her into the cooperation with ‘Yes&Red’. Ye Chuijin didn’t need to think to know that Xue Mo was the mastermind behind this.

    Such a risky move. Should she be afraid?

    The next day, when Ye Chuijin went to the office she saw that the things on her desk were gone, and the deputy team leader smiled peevishly, “Miss Ye, your things have been moved to the vice president’s office.”

    Ye Chuijin had a surprised expression before she thanked the deputy team leader. She went to Yu Ze’s office with her head bowed amidst the whispers.

    At the office door, Ye Chuijin adjusted her expression, then raised her hand to knock on the door.

    The familiar voice of Yu Ze came from inside: “Enter.”

    Seconds later, Ye Chuijin opened the door, making Yu Ze’s head raise.

    Although Ye Chuijin had been in the company for some time and was hired under Yu Ze’s name, this was their first time facing each other formally.

    The last thing Ye Chuijin remembered about Yu Ze was from three years ago.

    Three years ago, Xue Mo founded Yuan Design. Yu Ze, Xue Mo’s best friend, immediately resigned from his original company and came to help Xue Mo. It was a righteous act for a friendship.

    Later when Ye Chuijin’s betrayal happened, Xue Mo struggled to hold on with Yu Ze’s indispensable support.

    If this was a beautiful BL romance, Xue Mo and Yu Ze would be the official couple. Meanwhile, Ye Chuijin would be the cannon fodder who broke the male lead’s heart.

    Ye Chuijin even thought of their attributes. Blackened Male Lead x Warm and Loyal Dog.

    Compare to three years ago, Yu Ze’s appearance had not changed much. His temperament had become stable and mature.

    Ye Chuijin was sizing up Yu Ze, and Yu Ze was sizing her up.

    If this woman would appear in front of him three years ago, he would have killed her immediately.

    Being vice president for three years, Yu Ze was able to smile gently with an ambiguous expression.“Come over?”

    The woman in front of him froze. She was polite, courteously distancing herself.“President Yu.”

    Yu Ze didn’t care.

    This was the kind of woman who could betray his friend for money. Making such a face now, was she afraid I’ll be rude to her?

    Thinking like this, Yu Ze smiled and said.“What’s your name? Call me brother Yu.”

    Ye Chuijin opened her mouth, but no words were uttered. She then lowered her head.

    Yu Ze stood from behind his desk and walked up to her with a brilliant smile.

    “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”He said purposely with intent. His eyes locked firmly on Ye Chuijin.

    Amidst the charming atmosphere, Ye Chuijin raised her head.

    She bit her lower lip tightly, her aura oozing with sadness.“President Yu, I am sorry. I think…I should resign.”



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