QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 12

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 12: The President’s Traitor Lover

    Looking at Ye Chuijin’s expression, Yu Ze was in a trance before his mind suddenly turned back to three years ago.

    When Ye Chuijin hadn’t betrayed yet, Yu Ze had a good relationship with her.

    After all, she was Xue Mo’s girlfriend. Yu Ze took care of her.

    At first, Ye Chuijin was pretty, simple, and seemingly gentle.

    When she first graduated from college, she didn’t enter Xue Mo’s company. Instead, she found a job herself.

    Ye Chuijin’s family was ordinary, but her integrity and pride were always in place when she was with Xue Mo.

    Yu Ze could feel that she never felt interior to Xue Mo despite her family status. She truly wanted to be a lover who could stand with Xue Mo.

    At this time, Yu Ze froze when he saw the expression of Ye Chuijin again. But then, anger appeared in his heart.

    If you are as loyal and noble as you show, why did you betray Xue Mo?! Is it that even after losing your memory, you still carry your despicable acting skills and try to seduce others with your apparent purity?

    This time, who are you seducing?

    Yu Ze was angry but didn’t show anything on the surface.

    He looked at the person in front of him then smiled after a long time.

    “Quit?Why quit when you’re doing a good job?”

    Ye Chuijin looked at him with a firm expression.“President Yu, I’m grateful for you for giving me this opportunity work in Yuan design company. I cherish this job opportunity, but I only want to be a qualified staff.”

    She lowered her eyes and sarcastically smiled.“Some opportunities shouldn’t be mine, but you gave them to me. I’m thankful for your love, but I don’t deserve it.”

    Having said this, Yu Ze only looked at her while saying.“Some opportunities can belong to you. As long as you like, there will be more opportunities in the future…”

    “I have a boyfriend.”Ye Chuijin interrupted him with a happy smile on her face. It seemed that mentioning her boyfriend was a particularly happy thing.“He is very good. We will be together forever.”

    Yu Ze looked at her in surprise. This time, she was confused about what she meant.

    If she was playing hard to get, she wouldn’t be mentioning her boyfriend, which meant that she didn’t want to involve with him (YZ) at all.

    Did this person lose her memory and even reboot her three views?

    After she said this, she continued, “I’ll hand in my resignation report as soon as possible.” Then turned around and left.

    Yu Ze watched her open the door and went out. She closed the door in an unforgiving motion, leaving him face to face with empty air.

    No, this wasn’t what he expected.

    He thought she had an ulterior motive to seduce. Thought she was playing hard to get?

    Ye Chuijin left Yu Ze’s office with an expressionless face, carrying her bag and walking away.

    She stood at the entrance of the building and turned her head to look at it with complex eyes.

    The system coldly prompted in her mind:【Stop acting. The surveillance pixels aren’t that high. They can’t capture your expression in the CCTV.】

    Ye Chuijin:【Oh.】

    She turned around and left. Her once disappointed look was immediately replaced with a happy face. She asked the system:【How! How was my performance just now?!】

    The system who witnessed her demeanor changed in a flash:【……】



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