QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 13

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 13: The President’s Traitor Lover

    Ye Chuijin went shopping happily and didn’t go home until noon.

    Xue Mo had already prepared a sumptuous meal for her. When he saw her return, a perfect smile appeared on his face.

    “You’re back?Did you have a hard time at work?”

    Ye Chuijin entered into her performance – revealing a look of hesitation and entanglement.

    She opened her mouth and tenderly smiled at Xue Mo after a long time. “Not tired.”

    Xue Mo’s eyes were deep. He looked at her carefully then showed a gentle smile.“It’s good that you’re not tied. Come and eat.”

    The two people took their seats, and Ye Chuijin ate her meal without saying a word, looking preoccupied.

    Xue Mo ate in silence across from her as well, examining the strange and familiar person in front of him.

    Just now, Yu Ze called and told him everything that had happened in the office.

    If it was in the past, Xue Mo would feel proud.

    But now, Ye Chuijin’s action made him laugh.

    Ye Chuijin’s rejection with righteous words was indeed beyond his expectation, but he quickly found a reason.

    A woman who can betray her lover for money. If she suddenly becomes virtuous one day is because there isn’t any heavy reason to betray.

    Wasn’t Ye Chuijin like that three years ago – noble and innocent. But in the end, she chose to betray him.

    Your appetite these days has become big? Even the vice president of Yuan design company can’t attract you anymore?

    Xue Mo deeply looked at her.

    The meal was quickly finished. When Xue Mo got up to wash the dishes, Ye Chuijin softly called out behind him.

    “Ah Mo.”

    Xue Mo turned his head.

    Ye Chuijin bit her lip as if she had made some kind of decision.

    She stood up, walked over to Xue Mo, took his hand, and whispered to him.“I want to quit.”

    Xue Mo smiled gently, “What’s wrong?Not happy in the company?”

    Ye Chuijin tilted her head and looked at him.

    Xue Mo’s eyes were doting. If the system didn’t remind her of Xue Mo’s blackened value, she would have thought he loves her.

    Ye Chuijin pursed her lips as she shook her head.“I’m not unhappy. I just want to change my work environment…”

    Xue Mo smiled and nodded, perfectly playing the role of confidant.“Since my Xiao Jin doesn’t want to work in the company anymore, Xiao Jin can quit.”

    Receiving Xue Mo’s approval, a bright smile reappeared on Ye Chuijin’s face. She wrapped her arms around his waist, her face pressed against his chest.

    “It’s good to have you by my side.”

    Xue Mo didn’t speak, tenderly wrapping his arms around her, his fingers passing through her black silk hair.

    Ye Chuijin’s hair was long and smooth, like fine silk of stream.

    Xue Mo tightly grasped one of them. His eyes were deep as he looked at the ‘lover’ in his arms. He was looking at her like a joke.

    –It’s good to have you by my side.

    Xue Mo smiled coldly.

    I hope you will remember what you said today.

    Even in hell, I can say this again as your executioner.

    Xue Mo gently kissed her forehead, whispering words of comfort.“It doesn’t matter. As long as you have me, you have everything.”

    His voice was as gentle as the deep sea–

    “I will always be by your side.”

    【Ding, target character’s blackening value +5, current blackening value 90.】



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