QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 2: The President’s Traitor Lover

     It had been five years since Ye Chuijin obtained the system and got transmigrated.

    She died in her original world five years ago. When she was about to die, her soul was bound to a Quick Transmigration System called ‘Saving the Villain Boss.’

    According to the system, every villain who plans to destroy the world was a good man initially but became terrible for various reasons. When the villain’s blackening value reaches 100, he will destroy the world.

    Ye Chuijin’s task was to transmigrate to these worlds, reduce the villain’s blackening value to 0, and fill their hearts with such love to maintain the stability of the interface.

    Every time the stability of an interface is maintained, the system can upgrade its energy while Ye Chuijin can acquire a particular experience value.

    When the experience value is enough, she can exchange a new body in the system store or return to the original world.

    Because outsiders like Ye Chuijin can significantly impact the world, she needs to complete the main plot task while reducing the villain’s blackening value. To ensure the stability of the interface, the original owner’s character design should also not collapse.

    If the character’s design collapses too much, the interface will eliminate her from the system.

    When Ye Chuijin first came to this world, the system reminded her of the consequences of collapsing every day.

     For example, there was a person who transmigrated to a cold imperial princess. She blabbered non-stop, contrary to the ice-cold personality. As a result, she was killed by a billboard that fell from the sky.

    Another example is…

    It wasn’t until Ye Chuijin firmly stated that she would not let her character collapse that the system stopped talking.

    In this world, Ye Chuijin transferred into an ordinary female college student Ye Yunjin. Her mission target was the third young master of the Xue Family –  Xue Mo.

    Xue Mo was an illegitimate child of the Xue Family. Even with this, they were less likely to meet, considering Ye Chuijin was an ordinary civilian; with the system’s help, she smoothly created a dog blood drama with Xue Mo.

    One day, Xue Mo was randomly attacked while on his way to the company. He then fainted in the narrow alley during the chase.

    (Intentionally) Ye Chuijin, who passed by, saved the man and nursed him for three months.

    Xue Mo was wary of her initially but soon found out that the girl in front of him was naive and simple, just like a clear white paper.

    In the face of a stranger like him, the girl never despised his cold front and remained sincere. Even though she worked several jobs to nurse him, she had never complained.

    In the days they were together, they made love secretly since the situation of the Xue Family was complex. It was the first time for Xue Mo to meet a naive and kind person like her.

    By the time Xue Mo had recovered from his injuries and returned to the Xue Family, Ye Chuijin had also magnificently staged a Cinderella fairy tale play.

    After two years of love and affection between the two, Xue Mo’s original blackening value of 60 was reduced to 15. His favorability towards her rose to 95. Seeing that the task was about to be completed, the system 【ding】 issued the main task.

    【Main Task: The President’s Traitor Lover

    Task Description: Go to the president’s office within three days to steal confidential documents of the Yuan Design Company. Flee abroad and settle down for three years.

    Task Requirements: During this period, it’s prohibited to have any entanglement with the target character.】

Ye Chuijin thought she would soon complete the task. She forgot that there was no such thing as free lunch in this world, ha ha.


    Even though Ye Chuijin had a lot of arguments about this ‘no free lunch’, she still went to Xue Mo’s office three days later and stole confidential documents when he wasn’t paying attention. Then, she bought a cruise ticket and ran away.

    While fleeing, she felt nervous and scared. It was her first time doing such a risky thing.

    But under the guidance of the system, Ye Chuijin accepted the situation and moved on.

    What’s there to be afraid of? Dog blood drama with the young master? Isn’t it easy to make an excuse for this situation?

    Ye Chuijin happily obtained the cruise ship ticket with a plan in mind, then sneakily jumped from the ship and into the sea.

    Ordinary people will die when they jump into the sea; But Ye Chuijin had the system; she smoothly floated to Y country, leading to her being rescued by a pair of an old couple from the seaside.

    The plot had developed to this point. How could Ye Chuijin not go along with it?

    After waking up in the hospital, she asked, with confused eyes, the universal line in dog blood dramas: “I…who am I? “



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