QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The President’s Traitor Lover

    While in Y country, Ye Chuijin played the role of a person with memory loss with great enthusiasm. The document she stole stealthily leaked even though she didn’t give it to anyone.

    At that time, Yuan Design Company had just started. The disclosure of these documents suddenly pushed the company into the abyss. The business that was initially promising was cut off. Their adversaries also sued them for being involved in an unfair scheme of recording their expenses.

    His lover went missing, and his company collapsed. Xue Mo’s eyes were red from having no sleep for three days and three nights. On rare times that he closed his eyes, he would remember Ye Chuijin’s smiling face while holding the stolen documents captured in the CCTV.


    Xue Mo asked himself over and over again.

    Although he was the illegitimate son of the Xue family and was thought to be the minor candidate to inherit the Xue family’s inheritance, Master Xue had good insight. He was determined to pass the Xue family to him.

    Once he succeeds the Xue family, he would propose to Ye Chuijin.

    But why did she betray him?


    For countless nights, Xue Mo asked himself.

    As time went on, the answer became more apparent.

    The person who benefited most from the leak of the documents was no one else but his second brother, Xue Ziyang.

    Compared with Xue Mo, an illegitimate son, Xue Ziyang, who grew up under the sun, was the heir in everyone’s eyes.

    Although there was no evidence that Xue Ziyang was related to the disappearance of Ye Chuijin, Xue Ziyang had used this matter to ridicule Xue Mo in several confrontations.

    Xue Mo had exhausted all of his resources in an attempt to locate any information about Ye Chuijin since she vanished but had been unsuccessful. There must be someone covering up for her.

    Xue Mo sneered.

    The so-called innocent and naive girlfriend was no different from those women outside.

    It turns out that love is something like this.

    How did he…go blind in the first place!

    Xue Mo was already ruthless in his methods, and after this incident, he had even turned into a cold-blooded machine.

    In three years since the documents were leaked, he had taken revenge on everyone involved in the incident, but only Ye Chuijin, who had quickly run away, was not yet punished.

    Xue Mo swore in his heart that if one day Ye Chuijin would be brave enough to stand in front of him, he must make her concede by ripping her apart to the point where she would wish she was dead.

    Xue Mo didn’t expect that this opportunity would come so soon.

    When Xue Mo attended the banquet in Y country, he met Ye Chuijin, serving as water.

    She was dressed in black and white waiter’s clothes, still looking pure and tidy. Her innocent face had no traces of time. Xue Mo had tasted the sorrows and sufferings of the world, but she was still doing well.

    Xue Mo resembled a hunter who had cornered his prey. He wanted to kidnap her and ravage her with a vengeance immediately, but he soon realized Chuijin’s peculiarity.

    The woman who had betrayed him was standing in front of him with a professional smile on her face: “What can I get you, Sir? “

    Xue Mo didn’t see hints of panic and fear on her face. It was as if he was a stranger to her.

    Three years had passed since the incident. Xue Mo was no longer the same fool who would gullibly trust her.

    Looking at the strange and familiar Ye Chuijin, Xue Mo hid his emotions in his eyes and asked for a glass of champagne.

    Ye Chuijin neatly poured him the wine and then turned around to serve other guests.

    She didn’t see that the man behind her looked at her with a pair of fierce, calculating eyes.

    Xue Mo immediately sent someone to check any information from Ye Chuijin, who appeared at the banquet. He soon knew why Ye Chuijin could appear in front of him so quickly because she had lost her memory.

    After losing her memory, Ye Chuijin studied jewelry design. She was talented, young, and was famous in jewelry design in Y country. The only thing that Xue Mo felt incredulous about was her name still remained the same.

    Xue Mo didn’t find out the reason for this. He didn’t bother to care if there was a reason.

    Coincidental or Memory Loss, it didn’t matter to Xue Mo anymore.

    For the Xue Mo who loved Ye Chuijin, it would be the only reason he wanted to know.

    But for the present Xue Mo, he only wanted revenge.

    Xue Mo had a brilliant idea.



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