QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 4

Translated by: Tinker

T/N: In this chapter, Xue Mo (or his fake identity ‘Yi Mo’) started his plan and is currently living in the same house as Ye Chuijin.

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Chapter 4: The President’s Traitor Lover

    When Ye Chuijin arrived home, it was already evening.

    The so-called ‘home’ was actually just a rental house with two rooms and one living room.

   The light in the corridor was out. Ye Chuijin climbed to the third story while holding the stair railing. She rang the doorbell as soon as she arrived.

    The door quickly opened, revealing a tall, handsome man dressed in a white shirt.

    At the sight of him, Ye Chuijin’s eyes curled up, and she smiled like an adorable cat. She made a ‘ding dong’ sound and took out a small cake from behind her.

    “Dear Mr. Yi, your girlfriend bought you a cake. Please sign!”

    The man’s eyes flickered slightly. A smile formed on his face as he took the girl into his arms and led them through the door.

    “Why are you back now?”

    The girl smiled: “Traffic jam.”

    It would take more than an hour to take the bus from the rental house to Yuan design company. In addition to the rush house, Ye Chuijin squeezed almost three hours to get home. Her hair was messed up, but the smile on her face was radiant and bright.

    The two kissed sweetly, ate hot pot and cake, then nestled on the couch while watching TV. They were sweet and clingy, like a real young couple.

    It was getting dark. The girl went to bed after saying good night in high spirits.

    Yi Mo sat on the sofa for a while and then got up.

    Although he and Ye Chuijin was a couple, they were still sleeping in a separate room at his request.

    Xue Mo was afraid that if he was in the same room with her, he would be unable to control himself from choking her.

    Once he was in his room, he opened the laptop on his desk and skilfully boarded his email.

    There was a video lying quietly in the mailbox.

    Clicking on the video, Ye Chuijin’s interview scene at Yuan design company appeared on the screen.

    She does have some talent, but it’s only to a minor extent. Her ideas are primarily stupid and foolish.

    Such a person would not have been qualified to appear at this interview. No one would hire a person with qualifications like this.

    But this time, he watched the entire interview video with complete interest.

    “For the last question, given your achievements overseas, why do you want to return and work for us? “

    This was the question that piqued his interest.

   In the video, the woman he had been thinking of killing for three years smiled brightly and said, “I believe…I left something important here, so I want to get it back. “

    “Yes. I came back to find what I had lost. “

    Ha, lost something.

    What did you lose? Lost your money or your future?

    His slender fingers traced over the image of Ye Chuijin on the screen. The corners of his mouth curved into a nasty grin.

    Because you came back to look for the thing you lost, then I promise you, you’ll end up with nothing.

    The video was accompanied by a question from Vice President Yu Ze: “Mr. Xue, when will I send her the information that she passed the interview? “

    Yi Mo, aka Xue Mo, responded with no hesitation: “Tomorrow. “

    He couldn’t wait to watch her drown in the abyss.

    From tomorrow on, he would give her everything.

    He wanted her to have the most beautiful dream.

    He would personally take her to the cloud, then pull her down from the heights so hard she would feel defeat and regret.

    Xue Mo’s cold black heart throbbed at the thought of her crying and pleading for mercy.

    He walked away from the computer and gazed out the window.

    There were thousands of lights outside the window. The window reflected his appearance.

    His attractive profile and deep eyes could be seen, though they were not totally clear. A vicious smile was placed on the corner of the man’s mouth at this time.

    No matter how many thorns or pits you have to go through, my traitor lover, please hold on. Promise me, okay?



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