QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 5

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 5: The President’s Traitor Lover

 When Ye Chuijin woke up the next day, she heard the system 【ding】 in her mind.

    System:【Ding, target character blackening value -2, current value:91 .】

    Ye Chuijin was stunned.

    The growth of the blackening value of Xue Mo was quite stable. Before he was betrayed by Ye Chuijin, his blackening value was 15. When he found that Ye Chuijin ran away, his blackening value rose to 65 overnight.

    Then, in the three years when Ye Chuijin was away, the blackening value of 65 fluctuated and eventually stabilized at 75.

    Later, when Ye Chuijin showed herself again, Ye Chuijin’s brain was full of the system 【ding ding ding】sound. The blackening value rose to 80 in five minutes. Since then, it kept on rising until it reached 93, and never went down.

    This was the first time since Ye Chuijin’s betrayal that she had received news of Xue Mo’s lowering blackening value.

    Ye Chuijin thought hard:【I don’t think I did anything. How did the blackening value fall?】

    The system prompted:【Work.】

    It was then that Ye Chuijin came to her senses, rubbing her hands together in excitement.【Yes. He’s going to start abusing me, hee hee.】


    It was Xue Mo’s and Yu Ze’s painstaking efforts that sustained Yuan design company. Yu Ze was his good friend. He witnessed Ye Chuijin’s betrayal of Xue Mo. How could Yu Ze easily let her go?

    Sure enough, the next morning, Ye Chuijin’s phone lit up. It was a text message from Yuan design company.

    “Hello, Ms. Ye. Because of your excellent performance during the interview, your job application has been approved. Please report to the company at two o’clock this afternoon to receive your materials.”“

    Ye Chuijin smiled.

    During breakfast, Ye Chuijin told Xue Mo about the text message. Xue Mo was happy, bowing his head pretendingly: “Xiao Jin, why don’t I find a job, too? I can’t always rely on you to support me.“

    Hearing what he said, Ye Chuijin immediately showed him a performance. She held his hand, her eyes were firm: “Ah Mo, don’t think too much. I know you’re having a hard time.“

    “Xiao Jin…” Xue Mo moved to hug her in his arms, not allowing her to see the mocking expression on his face.

    The two intensely showed their affection all morning. At noon, Ye Chuijin left the house.

    There were not many people at this time. The bus arrived at the entrance of Yuan design company after an hour.

    Ye Chuijin took her bag as she tilted her head to look at the building of Yuan design company.

    In just three years, this fallen company skyrocketed to first place across the country. Xue Mo’s efforts could be seen in the awards and achievements of the company.

    The building is a hundred stories high. The outer walls are covered with green glass. The luxurious word ‘Yuan Design’ shone in the sun.

    Ye Chuijin walked to the door with her head up. She tried to push the door in but was stopped by the security guard.

    “Who are you?”

    Ye Chuijin’s outer appearance was humble. She portrayed her white lotus character perfectly: “Hello, my name is Ye Yunjin. I’m an employee of this company.“

    “An employee?“The guard scrutinized her, acting very arrogantly: “I’ve been a security guard here for so long. Why haven’t I seen you as an employee?“

    Ye Chuijin hurriedly covered her mouth to save herself from laughing.

    This awkward acting…shouldn’t this be banned?



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