QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 6

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 6: The President’s Traitor Lover

    The security guard didn’t catch her sarcastic reaction at all, and continued to read the line: “You said you’re an employee?Employee ID!“

    Ye Chuijin cooperated: “I’m an employee. Today is my first day.“

    The security guard was impatient: “What a mess. You want to go in?Show me your employee ID first!Show me your employee ID first. I won’t let you in without an ID.“

    Ye Chuijin pretended to be timid like she was afraid to argue against a powerful security guard. She stepped aside and called the number of the company’s representative.

    After the call was dialed, no one answered. Ye Chuijin’s expression had a rich expression – expectation, disappointment, nervousness, and anxiety. All the various kinds of emotions in the acting dictionary were pasted on her face.

    The security guard saw her standing still in the door, so he waved his hand to shoo her away: “Don’t stand in the front of the company. It affects our company!“

    His words were hurtful. Ye Chuijin hurriedly lowered her head. ‘Embarrassment’ was written all over her body.

    Without arguing, she went to the tree opposite the company and stood, ready to wait until two o’clock.

    It was hot in the middle of the day. Even with the shade of a tree to keep cool, Ye Chuijin’s forehead couldn’t stop sweating.

    The system prompted:【There’s a camera five meters ahead. And also a camera at the street light three meters to the left.】

    Ye Chuijin’s eyes shone brightly:【Did you shoot me well?】

    The system was cold:【Not enough pixels.】

    Ye Chuijin could only let out a disappointed 【oh】.


    On the 16th floor of Yuan design company, someone, someone was looking at her through a computer camera.

    When interviewing Ye Chuijin, he often had a smile on his face. Yu Ze, the vice president, had a gentleman-like manner. This time, he had a sneer in his smile whilst his eyes flashed with hatred.

    Yu Ze was the vice president of Yuan design company and Xue Mo’s close friend. He knew Ye Chuijin’s betrayal clearly.

    Now that Ye Chuijin came to their doorstep, Yu Ze wouldn’t let this opportunity go.

    “That woman is the one Mr. Xue wants to deal with?“Li Zhen, the HR department manager, asked curiously.

    Yu Ze nodded with a sarcastic expression on his face: “It’s her.“

    Li Zhe’s brain was a mess. He carefully inquired: “Then what exactly does Mr. Xue mean? Yesterday he told me to promote this person as soon as possible but also told me not to be too polite to her…Then, how should I treat her?“

    Li Zhen didn’t understand. Although the boss said he would deal with this person, what if this was the boss’s unique way of picking up girls? He didn’t dare act rashly without asking about the situation. He knew this was a serious case since the boss was involved.

    Yu Ze’s eyes were cold.

    This woman dared to appear in front of them! She stole the document and ran away, making the Yuan design company sink in hell! Fortunately, Xue Mo gritted his teeth and pulled through.

    During that time Xue Mo’s whole being felt like death. His eyes were chaotic.

    Xue family was complex. Xue Mo grew up in such a family. He was usually cold, but now he had never felt so dead.

    Although Xue Mo survived, Yu Ze, his close friend, knew that Xue Mo had changed.

    He became gruesome, more bloodthirsty, and emotionless.

    In the past, Xue Mo who used to joke with Yu Ze was killed by Ye Yunjin with a single betrayal.

    Yu Ze’s hostility towards Ye Yunjin was high. Now that Xue Mo wanted revenge, how could he not cooperate?

    If getting back at Ye Yunjin could make Xue Mo’s heart feel better, Yu Ze sincerely wished the woman to live in hell.

    Now, hearing Li Zhe ask this, Yu Ze smiled contemptuously and eerily replied: “Don’t be afraid. Just follow the instructions. The sooner you get things done, the better. I’ll manage Xue Mo. You don’t need to worry.“



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