QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 8

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 8: The President’s Traitor Lover

    After a day of acting, the blackened value that was decreasing had suddenly increased because of her one reply. This time, Ye Chuijin didn’t need acting skills, she wanted to cry and bawl on the spot.

    On the surface, the increasing blackened value couldn’t be seen in Xue Mo’s face. He lowered his eyes and looked at Ye Chuijin seriously. The affection in his eyes could drown people.

    “Xiao Jin…” Xue Mo kissed her affectionately.

    Ye Chuijin cooperated.

    After the two separated, Xue Mo lovingly stroked her red cheeks and dotingly scratched her nose.

    “My Xiao Jin, go and take a good rest. Dinner will be ready soon.”

    Ye Chuijin obediently nodded, nestling herself into the couch.

    Xue Mo went to the kitchen to warm the meal again. Ye Chuijin ‘cried’ with the system in her mind.

    Ye Chuijin:【It isn’t easy for a person to say doting words! He…He! Huhuhu QAQ】

    The system replied mercilessly:【Maybe because you’re too coquettish.】

    Ye Chuijin grasped her chest, acting all dramatic:【Ge was not! He wasn’t like this before at all! I used to do the same thing to him, but now, no matter what I say or do, It’s my fault.No! I don’t want this! You give me back my old lover!


    Ye Chuijin was passionately acting.【Talk! Don’t think I don’t know you’re in there if you don’t make a sound! You’re capable of robbing me! You talk!Hmph!Hmph!Hmph!


    Ye Chuijin was crying. After a short while, Xue Mo brought the hot meal.

    Speaking of which, Xue Mo’s cooking skills were good. During these three years abroad, Ye Chuijin had sincerely missed Xue Mo’s cooking many times.

    Garlic prawns, braised meat, cream mashed potatoes, and a bowl of delicious fish porridge, Ye Chuijin’s energy came to life.

    Although the relationship between the two became bad, Xue Mo’s good cooking remained the same.

    Ye Chuijin remembered the original taste clearly. Three years later, this meal was still her favorite.

    After the two finished their meal, Ye Chuijin exchanged goodnight kiss with him as usual before returning to the room with a smile.

    Her face soon collapsed as soon as the door closed.

    The system prompted:【There’s CCTV in the room!Host!Be careful!】

    Ye Chuijin looked very tired as she threw herself on the bed. Her eyes were empty and seemed to be thinking about things.

    She sent a ‘touch your dog’s head’ emoji:【Xue Mo is torturing me so much. Doesn’t he just want me to see exhausted? He will be unhappy if I’m happy.】

    As expected, three minutes later, Xue Mo, who had finished washing the dishes, returned to his room and saw Ye Chuijin’s drooping appearance on the computer screen. His blackened value immediately faded by two points and became 92.

    Ye Chuijin sighed deeply:【Thinking back when I had body aches because I ran a race of eight hundred meters, he was extremely distressed, but now…】

    Seeing that the host was depressed, the system was about to comfort her.

    Then, Ye Chuijin’s uttered her next words.【Now, I hope he doesn’t pity me because I’m a delicate flower!!!】

    Her voice was full of excitement, not at all depressed.




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