QT: Rescue Plan For the Misguided Villain Boss – Chapter 9

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 9: The President’s Traitor Lover

    Ye Chuijin’s wish soon became a reality. Xue Mo had no mercy on her.

    From the time she started her shift, Ye Chuijin became one of the most special existence in the design department.

    In the beginning, Li Zhen was instructed by Yu Ze to use her as a cleaner – mopping the floor. The company’s cleaners were on the verge of being laid off.

    Later, Ye Chuijin deliberately let Yu Ze see her glowing eyes after receiving the work. Her job as a cleaner was completely out of the question.

    Ye Chuijin cooperated by acting like ‘I want to work’, and was particularly enthusiastic in asking Li Zhe for work, but was ignored.

    Yu Ze thought she wanted to shine, so he didn’t give her any work, forcing her to be a vase in the design department. Ye Chuijin was humming, she was laughing in her heart. If not for this fucked up plot, she wanted to buy Yu Ze a silk banner.


    Ye Chuijin didn’t do any work but was still appointed as the team leader after a week on the job.

    When she received the notice, Ye Chuijin looked shocked, as if she didn’t expect it at all.

    “Me?I..I just joined the company and have no great achievements…”

    Yu Zhe interrupted her: “But the company believes in your ability.”

    Ye Chuijin looked at him and Li Zhen, before nodding hesitantly.


    After becoming a group leader, it would be unreasonable if she still didn’t have work. Yu Ze, who was bent on screwing her, really didn’t give her any work at all.

    Yu Ze appointed her as a group leader and assigned a person to be her deputy leader.

    On her first day of the promotion, she wanted to work, but was immediately turned down by the deputy team leader.

    “No, chief. I can handle this myself. I’ll call you if there’s anything I can’t handle, ok?”

    What could Ye Chuijin do?

    She could only madly call Yu Ze in her heart.


    Her day had been very lax. During the work period, she didn’t need to pour water for herself. As soon as her cup went empty, someone would immediately pour her water. This resulted in her not doing anything.

    Ye Chuijin had to through the process every day. First, she pretended to ask Li Zhe if there were any work that needed to be done but would be rejected by Li Zhen. She had to sit back in her seat and stare at the computer for three minutes before burying her head, looking very down.

    The system provided her with all kinds of movies and TV shows for free. Ye Chuijin purposely watched ancient tragic dramas of more than 120 episodes in order not to laugh out loud.

    Everything was perfect, except for Xue Mo’s blackening value.

    After knowing how Ye Chuijin was being treated in the company, Xue Mo’s blackened value did drop a few points, but when it dropped to 85, it didn’t move anymore. 

    Ye Chuijin exerted her 360-degree acting skills – smiling tenderly and thoughtfully when she returned home to face Xue Mo, and as soon as she closed her bedroom door to face the pinhole camera, she would look lifeless.

    To keep Xue Mo from getting suspicious, Ye Chuijin endured the pain of limiting her appetite. She lost three pounds in less than a month – looking thin and pitiful.

    –But Xue Mo’s blackened value was still at 85, stable as the Mount Tai.

    The system prompted:【The blackening value of 85 means that he wanted to stab you specifically.】

    Ye Chuijin:【Where to stab?】

    The system expressionlessly said:【No one wants to hear you speak of indecent things.】

    Ye Chuijin:【Hehe.】



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