Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 1 part 1

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Translated by: Tinker

Though it has been a whole day, Song Luan’s mind was still muddleheaded.

The day before, she stayed up late to read a novel called “The Powerful Minister” that was published on the website. This made the novel’s success and swept the women’s daily charts.

Song Luan read more than two million words in that book with great interest. After reading half of them, her upper and lower eyelids were fighting to stay awake. When she couldn’t bare it anymore, she went to sleep.

When she woke up, she found that she transmigrated in that book as the man’s wife.

The original owner of the body did not have much details in the book. She only appeared a few chapters, and even faced a tragic ending. She was burned to death by a fire set off by her husband while her son locked the door.

When Song Luan thought of this, her mood was not good.

“Madam, it’s time” The servant girl spoke carefully and bowed her body with her head down. She was afraid of her.

Song Luan sighed heavily and cleared her throat. She said, “Go out first, you don’t have to wait for me”

The two servant girls that were told to go out, bent over and quickly retreated out of the room.

Song Luan knew why they were afraid of her. The original owner deserved to end up with a terrible death.

Her father was a powerful man in front of the emperor. He is highly favored prime minister. Although the original owner’s mother was a concubine, she was pampered and raised since she was young.

She learned a lot of spoiled traits from her mother. She treated people harshly, was snobbish to make friends, and often insulted women in the circle with her beauty.

However, the original owner is quite beautiful with white skin and big chest, that even all the nobles want to marry her.

At that time, the male lead had just won the imperial examination and visited the Hanlin Academy, and came to visit the Song family.

The original owner was plotted by her sister, and the two were drugged to stay in the same bed. This kind of scandal would damage the reputation of the two families. Since they have no choice, the two families had to get married.

She was already dissatisfied with this marriage, and after being mocked by the sisters she had bullied before, she was even more dissatisfied!

After she got married, she grew more angry towards the Zhao’s family. She scolded her servants at will, and disliked her husband, Zhao Nanyu. But soon after, she was pregnant with a child.

Of course, the woman can only see money in her eyes. She was extremely displeased with her son. As long as Zhao Nanyu is not at home, she scolds her child whenever she’s in a bad mood. She can still choke him with anger.

The original owner was bold enough to hook up with the royal family. Zhao Nanyu ignored her words and deeds, and this made her even more unscrupulous.

After thinking of these things, Song Luan’s brow wrinkled tightly.

She got out of bed and dressed, went outside to wash herself. Sitting in front of the bronze mirror, Song Luan was still in a trance. Her face was the same as the female character in the book. When she read the book, she felt very happy when the original owner died. But now, she couldn’t laugh anymore.

Speaking of Zhao Nanyu, although he was still a nameless man. This made him no choice but to be humble. His lifestyle is low-key and gentle, and he is kind and gentle to everyone.

But in reality, he is a vicious character.

Hiding a knife in his smile, he gradually removes obstacles in his career. He smiles right after killing them personally. Everyone who humiliated and insulted him had to die.

Zhao Nanyu is also extremely vengeful. At the age of five or six, he did not let go of his servants who bullied him.

Such a vengeful man who can’t kill without blood naturally won’t give a good end to the original owner who betrayed him and nearly made him wear a green hat.

He rose to the top, controlling the regime and covering the world with his hands.

The servants buried their heads and started to prepare the dishes. It’s time for lunch. Song Luan glanced at the dishes on the table. There were several kinds of light vegetables, a crystal clear elbow, and a bowl of west lake beef soup, which makes people hungry.

Song Luan swallowed her breath and gradually felt hungry.

She sat on the chair, picked up the chopsticks and took a bite of her favorite spring bamboo shoots, which tasted delicious that she unconsciously ate two more bites.

The servant girl standing on the side was quavering. After a long internal struggle, she stood out and said, “Madam, I’m afraid the young master is too weak to eat two meals.”

Song Luan was shocked, “What?”

Seeing that her face was fair, the servant girl boldly continue, “Have you forgotten? yesterday morning, you fined young master not to eat for a day. Last night, he was hungry. I’m afraid he can’t be hungry again this morning.”

Afraid that she would not agree, the servant girl moved closer, “I’m afraid master will lose his temper if he hears about this.”

Zhao Nanyu loved this child so much.

Song Luan didn’t know about this! Needless to say, before she transmigrated, it is certain that the original owner already did petty things, not even sparing her own biological son.



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