Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 1 part 2


  • Shi Ge – Referring to Zhao Zhi (The original owner and Zhao Nanyu’s child). It means the eldest born-child of the family.

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Translated by: Tinker

The child born by the original owner and Zhao Nanyu is called Zhao Shi. He is four years old. Most of the time, he lives in the front yard with his father. Only when Zhao Nanyu is away from home will he be sent to the backyard.

Song Luan suddenly lost her appetite and put down her chopsticks, “Go and bring my son”

The servant girl was surprised and pleased, but for fear that she would change her mind, “Yes, I will go”

Zhao Nanyu was sent out to leave Beijing a few days ago, and spent more than a half a month away. As a matter of fact, he was coming back in two days. Thinking that she was about to meet the man, Song Luan’s heart is still shaking when she thinks of meeting him soon. She doesn’t know if it’s too late to please him now. After all, he would be a very powerful man in the future.

If she can’t please him, at least she should not offend him.

The servant soon led a little boy to the inner room. The spring was cold, but Shi Ge’s clothes were very thin. He was wearing a red round-neck shirt, and also had a pair of red boots under his feet. His skin was white as now, his eyes were dark and deep. By the time he arrived in the room, he released the servant’s hand expressionlessly and refused to let her hold it again.

Shi Ge lowered his eyebrows and walked to Song Luan respectfully, paying his respect, “Mother is well.”

Zhao Shi’s facial features follow his parents. There is no flaw in them. He’s beautiful just like the ice and snow. Song Luan has never seen a better looking child in her life. Perhaps since he is still young and has some flesh on his cheeks that it made him look especially cute and lovely.

It’s just that his body and bones look thinner than those of his age, making people want to love and cuddle him.

Song Luan looked as if she wanted to reach out for a hug, but was afraid that she would scare the child, so she tried to pull up a gentle smile and said to him, “Are you hungry? would you like to eat together?”

He seemed to be stunned for awhile, his mouth was stretched tightly and his brow furrowed. After a while, he replied politely, “Yes.”

Song Luan, as a single young woman in her youth, had no experience with children or how to get along with them, but she still understands the principle of step-by-step. She stretched out her chopsticks to pick up a crystal elbow for Shi ge, “This is delicious”

Then she looked at him with bright eyes.

Shi Ge felt strange for awhile. He felt that his mother today was different. He lowered his head, “Thank you, mother”

The mother and son sat at the table in silence. After Song Luan was full, she quietly looked at him and found that the crystal elbow in his bowl remain untouched.

Song Luan was discouraged. It seems that their mother-child relationship is worse than she thought.

After eating enough, servants immediately pulled out the dishes and chopsticks on the table. The three-year old son sat down on the spot with a straight-face and said nothing.

Song Luan sighed in her heart. She suddenly reached out to him, this action scared Shi Ge. He leaned back and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Song Luan caught him quickly.

She hugged the child in her arms and caressed his back with her delicate hands. “It’s okay, don’t be afraid.”

Zhao Shi twisted his eyebrows and looked serious. At first, he thought he would hate the light fragrance on her. Unexpectedly, he found that the smell of his mother was a little pleasant and warm, as if it could make people feel at ease.

Song Luan didn’t get a response. She looked up and down at him, and found that there was a wound on his arm and a small scratch on his forehead. She estimated that these were all the things that the original owner did.

She really can’t figure out how could the original owner treat such a lovely child like this? Starving him? Blistering his son?

She opened her mouth and was about to say something when a servant came from outside and said, “Madam, the little master’s teacher is here. It’s time to practice.”

Shi Ge returned to his senses and freed himself from her arms, “Mother, I’ll go to my uncle first.”

His teacher is his uncle.

Song Luan couldn’t stop him. She lowered her body and poked his cheeks with her finger, “Go!”

Shi Ge’s face turned red, then returned to normal, and he retired from the room.

After waiting for a long time, the young man picked him up and touched his head. He glanced at Huai Shui residence with cold eyes. He asked, “Did your mother hit you today?”

Shi Ge put his head on his shoulder and shook his head, “No”

His face was a little childish, and his voice was not as cold as before, “Uncle, I think she is different today.”

She smiled at him, gave him food, and even hugged him.

The man sneered, “She must be thinking of doing something bad again.”

When Shi Ge heard the words, he lost a little bit in his eyes. He looked down, and his hands tied tightly around his neck. “I miss my father”

“He will come back tonight.”

In Zhao’s residence, not only Shi Ge thought of his father, Zhao Nanyu

But Song Luan also thought of this man. At first, after she was full, she laid on the soft bed to rest when she suddenly sat up like a fish and said, “It’s over”

Song Luan suddenly remembered that the original owner in the book was not only burned to death, but Zhao Nanyu quietly began to give her chronic poison/medicine in the second year after their marriage, preparing to kill her.

It’s been three years since she was poisoned with drugs. She doesn’t know if it’s too late to save herself now.



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