Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 10 part 1

TL NOTE: Song Luan seems so happy with all her descriptions of flowers blooming here and there…she doesn’t know what awaits her…  (*・∀-)☆

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Translated by: Tinker

Would it still be possible not to wake up after being pinched so hard by him? She thought but didn’t dare voiced it out in front of Zhao Nanyu.

She swallowed her saliva, shrank inside the quilt, and smiled, “I’m a light sleeper. It was not your fault.”

She couldn’t blame him.

Zhao Nanyu was startled and murmured lowly. Song Luan’s face was burned by his deep eyes. After a while, his eyes flickered away from her.

The mooonlight was bright and the atmosphere was ambiguous.

Zhao Nanyu suddenly leaned over and snuggled her, leaning on her ears with one hand, and looked down at her deeply for a while. He lowered his face slowly, and his lips almost touching her cheeks.

Song Luan’s pale fingers clenched the bed sheet and her whole body softened by his burning eyes. Her face and ears became redder as time goes by.

The change on her expression naturally didn’t escape Zhao Nanyu.

He thought it was quite interesting. Song Luan, a woman who had never blushed in front of him before–let alone was shy, was acting the opposite.

The bright moonlight shone on her delicate face. Her skin was as smooth and delicate as a flower. This aroused Zhao Nanyu’s inner thirst. There was a little desire to torture her.

Song Luan panicked and pulled the quilt up, “I’m going to sleep.”

Zhao Nanyu suddenly reached out and clasped her back neck. His reddish eyes flashed like a wolf, and his thin lips moved slowly over her chin. When Song Luan thought he was going to do something to her, Zhao Nanyu retracted and let go of his hands.

“Okay, sleep.” He said in a light voice.

Song Luan laid beside him. Her brain was about to explode. Zhao Nanyu seemed to be very close to her, in fact, she could see that he didn’t have those usual cold eyes. She didn’t know what she did tonight for him to look at her like that.

But this was still a good thing. Song Luan felt that his eyes tonight was much better than the first time she saw him.

It’s just that he pinched her back neck.

It still hurts. Her mouth hurts and her back neck now hurts too.

Zhao Nanyu’s work and rest were extremely balanced. No matter how late he rested the night before, he would wake up on time the next day.

When he opened his eyes, it was no surprise that Song Luan’s legs were all over him. Her delicate wrist were tightly lock around his waist, and she was cuddled in his arms, like a newborn cat without protection.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her and sighed. He didn’t know whether he was sighing because of her kindness or her ignorance. In fact, he didn’t dislike her very much compared to before. Song Luan had a sweet frarance on her body, and it was very soft to hold her in his arms. It was very comfortable.

After he got up, he washed and changed clothes. After eating breakfast, the woman on the bed was still sleeping very well. He didn’t want to wake her up, so he went to court.

Song Luan slept so steadily that she woke up at noon. When she opened her eyes, she didn’t see Zhao Nanyu. She was in a better mood. She got up from the bed humming and began to wear clothes slowly.

She felt that Zhao Nanyu didn’t look as cruel as he was written. He looked beautiful and delicate. Although his heart was a little bit evil, as long as you didn’t offend him, he wouldn’t treat you bad in his heart.

Song Luan had calculated the time line. She hadn’t put on a green hat for him. Although the original owner had touched Zhao Nanyu’s anger, as long as she takes the time to remedy it, although she couldn’t say that she would became a rich and powerful lady in the future, but her life would surely be saved. Even if her faith was death, she wouldn’t die.

Thinking this way, the fog hovering Song Luan’s head swept away. The world was bright and the spring was beautiful.

The weather today was also very good. It was cloudless and sunny.

The warmth of early spring shone onto people’s hearts. The branches outside the window swung with the wind, the small buds bloomed one after another, and the whole yard was full of the fragrance of Magnolia.

The smell of Magnolia made people happy.

Song Luan stayed in the yard for most of the time. She didn’t go out much. Taking advantage of the weather, she planned to walk around the house.

No one dared to stop her when she turned around to leave Huai Shui residence. The people who saw her could only hide one by one. They lowered their heads and pretended they didn’t see her.

Song Luan was angry. It must be that that original owner was too fierce with people in this household. She was famous for being unreasonable and vicious. People were afraid that she was still the same vicious woman so she couldn’t blame them.

Zhao family’s reputation went over and beyond as this family was passed down from generation to generation. A powerful family with a good background naturally had a huge mansion.

The hudge mansion consists of both East and the West. The East had five rooms. Among the younger generation, only Zhao Nanyu lived in the West. The only advantage was the quietness.

After half a turn, Song Luan felt a little tired. The original owner was person with poor physique. She sat in the pavilion to enjoy the coolness. After she had enough rest, she felt that there wasn’t anything to look at anymore, so she went back to Huai Shui residence.

When she went back, Zhao Nanyu had just finished the affairs of Dali temple and went straight to the yard. Song Luan was shocked when she saw him. Zhao Nanyu would only visit when he had something to do, and in the recent days, he already appeared many times in front of her which was strange.

Zhao Nanyu stood in the sun, with his elegant eyebrows and smooth eyes. His light pupil seemed to be soft under the sun.

His eyes were slightly curved and his smile was shallow, “I’m back.”

It was clearly three simple words, but Song Luan felt unusual deep inside.



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