Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 10 part 2

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  • Zhao Bo – Maybe he is the brother of Zhao Bao–cousin of Zhao Nanyu who finds pleasure in mocking him. (See Ch. 8 part 2). Nevertheless, just think of them as Zhao Nanyu’s cousins whichever name it was haha.

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Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan stood still and didn’t go any further. She straightened her back and nodded as if she had courage, “Ah.”

Zhao Nanyu narrowed his eyes and smiled deeper. “Where have you been?”

This question was obviously unneeded. This yard was full of his people. She can’t hide what she had done or said from him.

It’s just that Song Luan hadn’t realized it.

Song Luan said to him, “I walked around the house.”

Zhao Nanyu seemed to believe her words and didn’t go on asking. When he came back from the court just now, he heard that the servant girl said that she had turned to the east courtyard. At that moment, the violence in his heart suddenly rose.

Before, she didn’t turn around blindly in the house, but every time she carried a plan, she turned towards his eldest brother.

His eldest brother was the eldest uncle’s son. He was doted on since he was a child. In the past two years, he had been working in the court. With his good looks, it was no surprise that Song Luan would pick him, like a fish in the water.

(Metaphorically, it means to get a person who fits in well with you, or a suitable environment as yours.) Zhao Nanyu is hinting that since his eldest brother had good looks and was doted on, Song Luan wouldn’t hesitate to pick him since she fits in well with a person like his eldest brother.

Now that the eldest brother was not in the house, she still went there. He guessed that she was there for someone else.

Thinking of this, Zhao Nanyu’s eyes gradually became cold.

Song Luan suddenly felt that atmosphere became cold. She looked up at him and swallowed. She didn’t understand how the man became so sullen?

She coughed twice, “I didn’t run around. I just wanted to see if the flowers in the back garden were blooming.”

Zhao Nanyu followed her words and asked, “Are they blooming?”

She nodded honestly, “They’re blooming”

Peony flowers in April were the best.

“Our son was called by the Old lady this morning. Let’s go and pick up the child in the main court.”

Song Luan naturally followed him, “Oh.”

The Old lady was very strange. She had a bad temper, but she was good to the younger generation. She was only critical towards Zhao Nanyu. If they didn’t get the child back by themselves today, the Old lady might not return the child back.

The husband and wife walked together one by one, the tall man and the petite woman, their backs looked like a matching pair. Walking along the corridors and then at the back of the garden, they arrived at the main courtyard.

At a distance, Song Luan heard several familiar voices, which sounded like a mocking laughter.

“Really? My third uncle really scolded my second brother?” Zhao Bo asked.

“Why will I lie to you? Don’t mind which occasion he was scolded or the look on Zhao Nanyu’s face. This time, second brother didn’t know what made third uncle unhappy. Third uncle even pointed at his nose.”

Zhao Bo was very interested in listening to this, “What made third uncle so angry?”

” ‘Evil Son! You don’t listen to your father’s words. Like your mother, you’re espcially deaf.’ ” The man repeated in the tone of Zhao Sanye. There were even more unpleasant words he didn’t say.

Zhao Bo laughed even louder. He even fell into the rock, “To tell you the truth, his mother couldn’t get on the stage. I heard that she wanted to enter the door.” At this point, he sneered, “She didn’t think of her identiy and still want to enter the door of Zhao family. She thought that giving birth to a son will solve it. It’s a joke.”

“Not really.”

The two people talked more and more. Their topic were almost endless.

Song Luan was frightened and looked up at the man beside her. She found that his face was neutral, as if he hadn’t heard them. He was calm.

A voice not far away was heard again. It was bitter and harsh.

“My second brother is like a joke. His wife was not a fuel efficient lamp. She was restless to death. She already had a baby and still loves to come to my eldest brother’s side. Really, we can see where her heart is.” Zhao Bo said.

Song Luan: What’s this situation? She doesn’t remember!

When she stomped her feet and was about to explain to Zhao Nanyu, the voice continued to talk, “Just now I head that she came to the east courtyard for a walk. She must have come to hook up with someone else again! My second brother’s life is really sad.”

Song Luan was anxious after listening to it, hurriedly pulling Zhao Nanyu’s sleeves, and angrily said, “He’s talking nonsense!”

As soon as the words came out, Zhao Nanyu was dumbfounded and Song Luan herself turned red. Her words were really not elegant.

She yelled three times, “I didn’t mean to.”

Zhao Nanyu’s dark eyes turned towards her. He fixated his gaze on her. Her scalp was numbed and she said subconsciously, “I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know!”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were still cold.

As soon as Song Luan clenched her teeth, she burst out, threw herself into his arms, embracing him, and sobbed, “I really don’t have any! He lied! He wants to hurt me! Husband, you must believe me! Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu I’m so pitiful wuwu”

Song Luan was afraid that he would not believe it. She continued, “Husband, my feelings for you are very sincere.”

Zhao Nanyu’s stiff hands slowly fell on her back, stroked her gently, and when he heard the words, he gave no face and smiled softly.

Song Luan is so cute.

So cute that he held her and wanted to hide her.



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