Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 102

Translated by: Tinker

T/N: Welcome to Ayun’s story! Additional note, this chapter opens with Ayun escaping from Li Han’s grasp.

It had just rained last night, the muddy water splashed the wheels as it drove by the path.

With a sound, the carriage almost hit the big rock in front of it, and Ayun woke up from sleeping all night behind the carriage. Her back was aching and she couldn’t help but let out an ouch.

Shen Yan’s eyes went cold as he quietly put the dagger around his waist, and then ordered the coachman to stop the carriage.

Ayun was bewildered. Her heart beat very fast. She thought that the carriage was stopped by Li Han. She shook her body and tried her best to shrink herself into a small ball, closed her eyes, and dared not to look out.

If Li Han caught her this time, she really wouldn’t be able to live.

Shen Yan appeared quietly behind the carriage. He pulled the drive board and saw a person curling up.

He frowned. The person turned out to be a woman.

Shen Yan’s hand that was holding the dagger gradually relaxed. His tone was cold as he asked, “Who are you?”

Ayun tremblingly opened her eyes and looked up at the tall and lean man in front of her. She stuttered, “I, I accidentally climbed up. I just want to sleep…you can rest assured that I will leave immediately.”

She hugged the bag in her arms, which contained silver. She climbed out of the carriage and bowed deeply to the man. “Then I’m going.”

Shen Yan said coldly, “Where are you going?”

Ayun thought that any place was better as long it was far away from the capital. But, she decided to lie to the man since she had just met him. She coughed twice and said, “I plan to go to the south of the Yangtze River. I heard that there are outstanding people there.”

Shen Yan glared at her, “Do you know where it is now?”

Ayun didn’t know where it was.

She shook her head honestly.

Shen Yan looked at her face and felt that he had seen her before, but he pressed down his doubts and said, “It’s almost at Yumen pass.”

Ayun looked up at him with a silly face and asked, “Where is the Yumen pass?”



Shen Yan didn’t know why he wanted to bring this unknown woman with him. Maybe it was because she looked familiar.

Although Ayun didn’t know where it was, she thought this man looked very reliable and had a face that won’t harm people.

However, she did not let go of her guard. She was still carrying the bag of silver when she went to bed at night, for fear that the money would be robbed by others.

If she had no silvers, she had to go back to the palace.

The first night she escaped the palace smoothly, Ayun had a good sleep.

After she stayed with Shen Yan, Ayun found that Shen Yan seemed very busy and often disappeared. Ayun heard people call him with respect.

It turned out that this man was an official.

Ayun usually did not dare to go out casually, for fear of repeating her previous mistakes.

Shen Yan came back before the sky went dark.

Ayun had never seen him come back so early. She showed up in front of him with a cheeky face and asked, “Is the Yumen pass far away from the capital?”

Shen Yan looked at her with complicated eyes and said, “Far.”

Ayun couldn’t wait to ask, “How far is it?”

“Very far.”

“Good, good.”

Since it was far away, Li Han should not be able to find her.

Shen Yan lowered his eyes and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to my room first.”

Ayun waved her hand. “Then you go back first. Don’t worry about me.”

The man walked two steps before he turned around and stood in front of her. “Don’t run around and you’ll be safe.”

Ayun was at a loss. Shen Yan never cared about her or even asked about her affairs. Why did he begin to care about her today?

She did not know that her portrait was spread across the country, and not just in the capital. Even Shen Yan received her portrait this morning.

No wonder he thought she was familiar.

Shen Yan just stared at the portrait in silence and returned from the government officials ahead of time.


Ayun thought that Shen Yan didn’t like her very much since he didn’t even talk to her.

As long as he didn’t drive her out, it didn’t matter if he didn’t like her.

Ayun also wanted to move out, but she vaguely felt that it was safer to live in Shen Yan’s yard.

She had stayed two months in total without going out. She had been very careful.

After a long time of not going out, she now felt bored.

Ayun remembered that Shen Yan said that this place was far away from the capital. And it had been so long, Li Han might have stopped looking for her.

Ayun wanted to go out, even if it’s just to breathe and feel the wind from outside.

That day, she took out a piece of silver from her bag and prepared to go out for a walk.

However, as soon as she got to the gate, her collar was caught. The man stood behind her, glanced at her, and said, “Where are you going?”

Ayun pointed to the door and replied truthfully, “I want to go out and have a look. I haven’t been out for two months.”

She was obedient, cautious, and as timid as a mouse.


But if she held it any longer, she would suffocate.

Shen Yan sighed, loosened her collar, and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Ayun replied with a smile, “That’s also okay.”

Shen Xun found her a face towel and handed it to her, “Cover yourself.”

Ayun didn’t think deeply of it and covered her face obediently.

The city was very small, with only a slightly lively street. After a short visit, Ayun felt bored and followed Shen Yan into a restaurant.

The people living outside the capital area were a bit sturdy.

People here drink more refreshingly than those in the capital. Ayun held a bowl and stuck out her tongue to lick a small amount. The strong taste of wine made her mouth ache.

Shen Yan frowned. “If you can’t drink, don’t drink.”

Ayun replied, “Since I can’t drink, I have to learn it.”

She raised her neck and gulped down half a bowl of wine. Her round eyes looked at the man sitting opposite her, “Why don’t you ask my identity?”

After a moment’s silence, he pursed his lips and said, “I know who you are.”

Ayun was dumbfounded for a moment and thought that the wine was wrong. She opened her mouth, “What do you mean?”

Shen Yan thought that this little girl was very similar to his youngest sister. She was a bit stupid.

He said, “Your portrait has long been pasted on the wall.” After a pause, he said, “But you are clever since you can slip out of the palace.”

Ayun pointed her fingers towards herself and said, “Are you sure it’s me?”

Shen Yan murmured, pursed his lips, and said, “I don’t know how long you can hide here, but I’ll remind you that this world is full of his men. Sooner or later, you had to go back.”

Ayun herself knew that the world belonged to Li Han. Since childhood, what could this person not do?

But she was not reconciled, why did she need to listen to him in everything?

Ayun bit her lips and said, “I know you’re telling me this for my good, but I don’t want to surrender to him.”

Now that he had reminded her, Shen Yen did not intend to say more.

Ayun was also too lazy to talk to him. She held the wine jar and started drinking.

Knowing that she was angry, Shen Yan let her drink and watched her fill her stomach with wine. Her cheeks were reddish and her ears were pink.

She was lying on the table, delirious and saying, “I like him.”

She giggled. After a while, the smile on her lips gradually fell back, and suddenly patted the table heavily. She said in a loud voice, “But he is too vicious!”

“Li Han is a bastard! Son of a bitch!”

Shen Yan listened quietly, reached out, and pulled her up from the table. After thinking about it, he carried her limp body on his back. “You’re drunk.”

“Oh, Lord Shen, will you marry me? Shall we kill Li Han together?” Ayun deliriously said.

Shen Yan’s eyes didn’t even move as he said slowly, “No, I don’t like you.”

Ayun said, her words were elongated, “Yeah, I’m not a good enough person.”

She completely closed her eyes. “But in the future, I must ask Li Han to kneel and apologize to me. I need him to cry and beg to me so that he would never dare to do anything bad to me again.”

Shen Yan smiled lightly, she was still dreaming.

But she was probably the only one who dared to call the emperor’s name.

Shen Yan carried her to the residence. He was also a young master and had grown up with a silver spoon. He was unfamiliar with making the beds.

After struggling for a long time, he only took off her shoes and managed to tuck her into the quilt. He put out the candle fire and was just about to withdraw when he heard the person behind him say, “Is the gate tightly closed?”

He left the bedroom, closed the doors, and stood under the eaves before he looked up at the cool moon, and sighed.

The sleeping woman in the room did not know that the man was already on his way.



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