Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 103

Translated by: Tinker

The reason why Ayun could escape the palace was that she learned to be smart.

She was obedient for some time before finally convincing Li Han to let her go out of the palace with him.

Her obedience was just a facade. In the middle of the night, she sneaked away while Li Han was sleeping. As soon as she got up from the bed, she didn’t even have time to put clothes on before Li Han opened his eyes, looked at her with a sneer, and said, “I knew you were pretending.”

His tone was filled with mockery. He had the confidence that was telling her she couldn’t jump out from his palm no matter what plans she used.

Ayun glared with her round eyes and clapped his hands angrily, “You think I’m pretending just so you can bring me out?”

Li Han said with a smile, “So you still plan to lie to me?”

He looked at her with sharp eyes, as if eager to eat her.

Ayun raised her chin, gritted her teeth, and said, “It’s amazing.”

She used to be a quick-witted person, but when she was cheated by Li Han’s gentle image, she had turned into a person that couldn’t speak so well.

Ayun was getting ready to get out of bed, but her ankle was pinned by him and was pulled back mercilessly. The man’s voice was heavy as he asked in a cold voice, “Where do you want to go?”

Ayun’s courage grew stronger outside the palace and her eyes shot wide open. “Why do you care where I want to go? I want to go somewhere where I can’t see you, a big hypocritical liar.”

Whenever she was angry, she could scold him viciously. The hypocritical liar was the lightest one from the list of scoldings she did.

Li Han hated her swearing the most. Once she said it, he would clean her up.

“Where else do you think you can go? Next time if you try to fool me with your pathetic appearance, this emperor will not let you go.”

Ayun sneered, “You’re an animal. You’re not an emperor.”

Li Han was angry in his heart, but his face was expressionless. He held her wrist tightly and pushed her to the bed. “Do you think I am an animal?”

Ah Yun was so angry that she said everything in her heart. “You lied to my family, cheated me, and killed so many people. The worst person I’ve ever seen is you. I was a fool. If I knew you would be such a person when I was a child, I should have sold you to the slave traders. Then I will be able to save all the people that you harmed!”

Li Han, with a cold face, clasped her pair wrist and held it upon her head. He knelt on her waist and looked at her from above. His face was a bit twisted. “Your mouth still doesn’t remember all the lessons I taught you.”

Ayun knew what he was going to do. She kicked him hard, got up from the bed, and pointed to him, “Don’t come over.”

Li Han looked at her icily and approached her step by step.

When she was then caught by him, she mercilessly struggled, scratching and pinching him. Finally, Li Han became fiercer and pressed her directly on the bed, so she was unable to move.

Ayun touched the vase beside the bed after a long time. After knocking the vase on his head, he was fine for a while before he fell over unconsciously.

Ayun breathlessly threw him on the ground, calmly robbed all the money on his body, and took advantage of the moonlight to covertly climb over the wall.

After tossing and turning, it was already dawn. Ayun hid in the gate of the capital and dared not to move around. Without a guide, she couldn’t get out even if she wanted to.

A carriage stopped at the corner. While the coachman went down to eat, she crept up to the back, shrunk into a small ball, and covered her body with a pile of rags.

The carriage swayed all the way, and she was between asleep and awake.

It was only two months since she had settled.

Li Han himself came to the door, and the moment Ayun saw him, she was not scared.

Li Han still strangely spoke to her, and his handsome face seemed a bit vicious. “You are more promising than I thought.”

“You tried to kill me. You felt better thinking I was long dead.”

When her voice fell, Li Han’s face suddenly sank. He sneered several times before he slowly uttered word by word, “I want you to die?”


Ayun lowered her head and didn’t even want to look at him. She just stared at her toes and didn’t say a word.

Li Han’s cold fingers pinched her wrist bone. “Interestingly, you crossed the Yumen border.”

Ayun warned herself that she must hold back. Li Han talked nonsense as if he was mocking her. She didn’t want to listen to him nor give any replies to his sharp words.

She raised her face. “It’s really good. The men here are much better than those in the capital. You don’t know how happy I have been in these two months!”

She lowered her voice and said in silence, “I will not go back with you.”

The man was silent for a long time and squeezed her wrist. “Do you hate me so much?”

“Yes, you’re disgusting.”

She used to like him very much, but Li Han was too vicious to her, and those injuries had penetrated her bones.

Li Han suppressed the pain in his heart and said, “Even if you hate, you still have to stay with me.”

“I’m already married to someone else.” Ayun curled her lips and lied to him.

Li Han’s eyes became cold. His tone was also cold by three points, “Who did you marry?”

Ayun didn’t change her face and lied, “A very young businessman. It’s good enough for me that he has money at home.”

Li Han stared at her, “You talk well.”

Ah Yun was smiling as she looked at him with a smile. She looked like she was in a good mood and pretended to be surprised. “What’s the matter? Don’t you like it? Do you think I can’t marry?”

She looked at Li Han’s face that became more and more ugly. Her heart was not flustered but felt a little relieved.

Without blinking her eyes, she opened her mouth and began to talk nonsense. She touched her stomach with an affectation. “Two months is long. I am not only married to him, but the baby in my stomach is already a month old.”

Li Han listened in silence, his fingers curled up slightly and then burst out laughing. “You’ve only been here for a few months. Do you think I’ll believe this?”

Ayun just wanted to be angry with Li Han. She didn’t have any hope that he would believe her made up lies anyway.

“Oh, then don’t believe it.”


Ayun thought that Li Han would be the same as countless times before, and would take her back fiercely. If she dared to go on a hunger strike, he would starve her for a few days. If she still dared to run around, he would be locked up.

Li Han’s means were never new.


Ayun waited for several days and found that he was like a changed person. Since he appeared, he had not mentioned taking her back. Even the number of times he appeared in front of her decreased.

Ayun felt that Li Han was brewing a big plan and had no good intentions.

Li Han also lived in Shen Yan’s courtyard, but Shen Yan, the original owner of the yard, moved to live in the government office.

Shen Yan asked her a meaningful question before leaving. “Do you remember what you said after you were drunk that night?”

Ayun was at a loss, trying to recall the events, but still didn’t have any clue.

Shen Yan stood by and waited. Knowing that she couldn’t remember, he sighed, “You want me to marry you.”


Before Ayun could take a breath, Shen Yan said, “If you really want to marry me, I can marry you.”

The first thought that flashed through Ayun’s mind was that Shen Yan was crazy

She blurted out, “I was trying to use you, you know?”

“…” Shen Yan said, “I know that you don’t like me.”

Ayun said with a smile, “I thought you were serious.”

Shen Yan’s clear eyes fell on her face. Suddenly, he reached out to touch her cheek. He was still sensible, knowing that making a move on her was not good, so he endured it.

He also answered truthfully, “He asked me to come and test you.”


“He said that if you really want to marry, he is willing to fulfill you.”

Ayun asked incredulously, “Really?”

Shen Yan smiled, “Of course it’s fake.”


After she was startled, Shen Yan said in a joking tone, “If you agree, he will kill me.”

So it was hopeless to think that Li Had had become pure and good.

“He has always been like this,” Ayun said in a low voice.

Shen Yan had never been nosy so he didn’t ask any questions.

That night, Li Han quietly appeared in her bedroom. There was no light in the room. She could not see anything.

The man stood in front of the bed and said, “Do you like it here?”


Li Han said, “Don’t you want to go back to the capital with me?”

He was an emperor. He couldn’t stay outside for a long time. He would have to go back in these two days.

Ayun shook her head. “I don’t want to go back.”

Li Han nodded, “Okay. If you don’t want to go back, don’t go back.”

That night, Ayun was still asleep when she was carried to the carriage back to the capital.

This man says one thing but does another.

She was the only woman in his life who had ever moved his heart.

His way of loving was wrong, and he had to learn to compensate.

What he did before was just to keep her.

On the carriage, the woman who fell asleep was lying on his legs unguarded. Li Han’s fingers caressed her cheek, “We’re back.”

It was like when they were still young. She would take his hand and smile at him, “It’s dark. If we don’t go home, mother will scold us both.”

“Let’s go home together.”



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