Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 104

Translated by: Tinker

Li Han didn’t like Ayun when he first saw her. That time in winter, she had worn several padded jackets that made her look like a rolling fat ball.

She was held in the arms of her mother, and her face was tightly buried. She was coaxed by her mother for a long time before she raised her face to look at him, her eyes were arrogant.

He could tell at a glance that this girl was thinking.

After he moved into her house, Ayun gave him trouble at first. She was not much bigger than him, but when she spoke, she used the tone of disciplining younger generations, which was annoying.

Li Han thought that she was a smart person at first, but she was so easy to cheat. If he just smiles at her, he can easily deceive her.

The night before he went back to the capital, he stayed in her house.

The next morning, he appeared in front of her room. There was silence for a long time before he asked, “Would you like to come back to the capital with me?”

When her family died in an accident, she cried so much that her eyes turned red. 

After thinking for a long time, she nodded and agreed.

After arriving in the capital, she had fully relied on him. Her dependence on her family seemed to disappear overnight.

She became timid and cowardly. The death of her parents left a big blow to her heart. Although he knew he should not feel this way, Li Han still felt lucky.

She was deeply dependent on him.

Li Han also had her in his heart. Although they quarreled more and more as time went by, he had never been attracted to other women in his life.

Ayun stayed in the capital for a long time, and her courage gradually grew stronger. She also gradually became cheerful and wanted to go out and make new friends every day.

And Ayun was a person who couldn’t defend against other men. Because of her beautiful appearance, she always attracted some eye-catching men around her.

He was small-minded and didn’t want to let Ayun go out, but he couldn’t find any reason to limit her.

After all, at that time, he was just a less favored prince. He couldn’t make his own decisions about his marriage, let alone marry her.

Every day, the maidservant would always report that the girl climbed over the wall again to play.

Li Han was able to endure it at first until he came back from the palace and saw her shy and timid appearance hiding in the corner of the wall with other men.

Li Han stood in the back door impatiently waiting. When Ayun reluctantly entered the room and saw him hiding behind the door, she was frightened.

She patted her chest, her cheeks flushed, “Why are you standing there? You scared me.”

Li Han sneered, “You only have other people in your eyes. How can you notice me?”

“You saw that?” She looked at him anxiously then expectantly asked, “What do you think of him?”

Li Han smiled uncertainly at her, “He’s not so good. If he really likes you, how can he do something privately with you? It’s because you just lost your parents that you’re vulnerable.”

He shouldn’t have mentioned Ayun’s parents, which were a scar in her heart.

Whether she wanted to cry or not, she just held back her tears. “You’re the only one who thinks of others so badly.”

“Do you like him enough to the point you can protect him? Girls in the capital never meet men in private.”

“I’m not from the capital. I just talked to him. What’s the matter? I didn’t do those shameless activities.”

After returning to the capital, Li Han rarely had the time to have such childish quarrels with her. However, they neither agree with each other nor could convince one another.

Each quarrel intensified the distance between them.

Later, the man Ayun liked got married. Her eyes were red and swollen and she was very sad.

It was at that time that the relationship between the two became better.

After becoming the emperor, Ayun seldomly talked to him and she was even afraid every time she saw him.


Ayun’s head was dim throughout the journey, and she didn’t know what Li Han had given her. She couldn’t open her eyelids and couldn’t wake up.

She consciously slept the whole ride, and when she was sober enough, she had already arrived in the capital.

Li Han’s approach to her wasn’t surprising. Doing this despicable thing wasn’t his first time.

She came back to her palace again. Li Han seemed to know that she would be angry and didn’t visit her for three days.

Not seeing Li Han motivated her to eat two more bowls of rice every day.

It was a pity that Li Han would not let her live a long and free life. If this man had nothing to do, he would go and make trouble with her. insist on having dinner with him, or just say a few words.

However, Li Han’s tone of voice was not very good every time he talked. When they sit together for dinner, and after only a few three words from him, Ayun would get angry and throw her chopsticks.

“Do you know that Song Luan praised you for your ability after hearing your escape?”

Ayun said, “Did you tell her that you brought me back after you knocked me out? If she knew, she would praise you for your ability.”

“I’m just repaying a tooth for a tooth.”

She knocked him out before she ran away.

Ayun was blocked by his words and couldn’t eat. She had no appetite.

Li Han was in a good mood. His eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of his eyes were crescent-shaped. “Why did you throw away your chopsticks and stop eating? I just told you the truth. Why did you dare to do it?”

He took a sip of the soup and pretended to continue, “I haven’t settled with you on this matter yet. Are you afraid?”

Ayun said that she was not afraid, but that was just a bluff. Li Han was cold-hearted and ruthless and could do anything.

Maybe he wouldn’t torture her, but he would surely torture the people around her.

She was anxious for several days until heavy snow arrived in the capital. Li Han became busier than usual since it was approaching the end of the year.

Song Luan went into the palace with her baby in her arms that day. Ayun knew that she came to pick up Lord Zhao.

Ayun looked at the child in her arms and her heart softened. She couldn’t help but poke the child’s cheek with her fingertips and asked, “How old is he?”

Song Luan smiled. “Five months, very naughty.”


Ayun took the rattle drum in his hand and held the child, saying, “But I know little Zhao very well. He doesn’t like to talk.”

“So it’s okay for this younger brother to be naughty.” Song Luan squinted.

The child seemed to like the rattle in her hand very much. He cried with his mouth wide as it drooled with his crystal clear saliva.

Ayun took out a handkerchief to clean the corners of his mouth and showed him a kind smile.

Song Luan coaxed the child and asked her, “I heard you escaped again?”

Ayun blushed and nodded, “This time I’ve escaped far.”

“How far is it?”

“I don’t know.” She thought about it carefully and then asked, “Do you know where the yumen gate is? That’s where I went.”

Song Luan pondered for a long time, “It’s really far away.”

Two people who hadn’t seen each other for a long time talked for less than half an hour before Ayun saw a man with an umbrella coming to pick up Song Luan.

Ayun looked at the picture of the three of them walking in the snow in the same umbrella and felt envious.

She had always been afraid of the cold and was reluctant to go out when it snows. She liked to stay in the house, holding a hand stove filled with hot water, lazily lying on the soft bed, while reading books.

After dinner time, Ayun thought Li Han would not come over tonight so she took off her shoes, socks, and clothes and climbed into bed.

With a bang, the door was pushed open.

The man’s collar was covered with snow, and his whole body was covered with cold air. He walked towards the bed with a big stride. Without saying hello, he lifted the quilt and pulled her out of the bed, saying, “I’ll take you out to make a snowman. “

Ayun quietly took back the quilt and said impatiently, “I am cold, I want to sleep.”

He pulled her out of the quilt, found a cloak to wrap her up, and then he grabbed her hand and went out.

The snow outside had accumulated a thick layer, Ayun’s feet were slow and reluctant to follow him. Her heart suddenly moved then she grabbed a snowball and smashed it boldly on his back.

Li Han was smashed by a snowball but he didn’t react much.

Ayun then hit him with a lot of snowballs from one to another, and then she covered her mouth and laughed secretly.

Li Han suddenly turned around, clasped her wrist, and pressed her in the snow, his pair of black eyes staring at her.

Ayun blinked, and almost at the same time, the man lowered his head, held her face in his hands, and imprinted a trace on her lips.

After her mouth was bitten by him, she pushed him away unwillingly, panting and blushing, “Don’t kiss me.”

“I haven’t forgiven you yet.”

“I don’t want to continue liking you.”

Without saying a word, Li Han pressed her on the ground again, pinched the tip of her chin, and deliberately chuckled in her ear. “So sweet and delicious. I don’t want to quarrel with you in the future. I just want to kiss you.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree. It doesn’t matter. “

Li Han’s strong and domineering style would not change. Ayun kicked him with her toes and murmured, “Oh, you’re nothing to me.”

She couldn’t beat him. She couldn’t fight him nor could she run away.

But it would be good if she could kill this man.



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