Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 108

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The house was as cold as an ice cellar in the deep winter.

Huaijin was beaten again since he was not obedient and tactful enough. He couldn’t bear those disgusting hands every time.

It felt greasy and disgusting.

Huaijin shrunk on the bed, his brows were lifeless, his face was pale, and there was no blood color on his lips.

He had been hungry for several days. His thin clothes barely covered his bruises. 

There was a sharp dagger on the head of the bed, which he had stolen.

Huaijin shook his hand and held the dagger. He wanted to end his life himself.

But before he could do that, the wooden door slammed and was kicked away.

The visitor looked at him contemptuously, and said to the people behind him, “Wash his face and show him to the third lady of the Song family.”

Huaijin had no strength and could only let them dictate at their disposal. He quietly put the dagger into his sleeve.

It was the first time Huaijin saw Song Luan. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen since he was sold to the capital from Nanman.

Song Luan had a faint fragrance, unlike the smell of other Rouge powder, which made him want to vomit.

She was wearing a bright red dress as she looked at him from above. Her eyes were light. She squatted down, her jade white fingers gently pinched his chin and lifted it. Huaijin heard her say, “I want this little boy.”

That year, he was only 16 years old. Huaijin knew that he was beautiful and delicate, otherwise those people would not force him to serve others.

The leader of this slave building never touched his face when he hit him because many people like his face.

Although Huaijin had always hated his face, it was the first time that he thought he looked good. 

It was also a good thing.

If not, Song Luan would not like him.

Huaijin later knew that Song Luan had been married for a long time. She spent three thousand liang of silver to buy him out and gave him a courtyard.

Song Luan was very kind to him. Huaijin could also see that she has no love for him. She might be very lonely and just wanted to find someone to relieve her boredom.

Huaijin couldn’t do anything. He suffered a lot because he couldn’t read. Song Luan saw that he was cheated often because of this, so she suddenly said with a smile that she wanted to teach him to write and read.

Outsiders say that she was arrogant and domineering, but Huaijin didn’t think so.

Song Luan was gentler than those he had ever met, especially when she was teaching him to read and write.

Huaijin learned very quickly. She taught him how to write by herself. Song Luan looked at his calligraphy gloomily as she laughed, “Little Huiajin, you are so clever. You are so much smarter than me.”

There was one time that Huaijin hugged her waist and wanted to kiss her.

But he was pushed away by Song Luan.

He could see that Song Luan was not happy. 

She was not happy every day that he saw her. Her eyebrows were covered with faint sadness. 

Only when they were drunk would Song Luan smile at him.

Huaijin heard that Song Luan and her husband had a bad relationship, and they treat each other like strangers. He didn’t understand how anyone could be indifferent to a woman like Song Luan?

She was so beautiful when she laughed.

Huaijin endured for a long time, but finally said the question from the bottom of his heart, “Do you like your husband?”

Others told him that Song Luan didn’t like her husband at all.

Others told him that Song Luan had more than one man and also raised a lot of chicks outside.

Many high-ranking officials and dignitaries in the capital were her guests. She would hook up with anyone who had power.

Huaijin didn’t believe a word of these rumors.

There was one time that Song Luan’s husband came to the door in a rage. When he looked at them, their eyes were almost frozen to death.

He heard the man say, “Song Luan, it doesn’t matter if you hurt me, but you should always be careful about our children.”

Song Luan raised her head and said scornfully, “I will not.”

The man finally walked away in anger. Huaijin found that she looked at the man’s back with sorrow and joy. It didn’t look like she didn’t care.

Huaijin even felt that she had her husband in her heart.

Song Luan did not come to him after a long time. He was worried and thought something was wrong with her.

He hurried to the Zhao residence to find her but was beaten by the Zhao’s servants before he could even enter.

Huai Jin found out after inquiring about it that she fell sick and had not woken up after sleeping for several days.

Huaijin was a very stubborn person. He waited for several days in the corner of Zhao’s backyard and finally found the opportunity to climb over the wall.

He met Song Luan as he wished, but he felt that there was something different about the person in front of him.

Song Luan was alienating him.

Huaijin was a little sad but didn’t say it.

He went to the corner every day as if waiting for a chance to see her.

In Huaijin’s heart, she saved his life. Without Song Luan, he would have killed himself with a dagger that winter.

Before, Huaijin wanted to take Song Luan back to Nanman. He thought she would like the place.

Huaijin watched Song Luan’s relationship with her husband get better every day. He also knew that Zhao Nanyu’s murderous intentions towards him were getting worse.

Song Luan never came to his yard again. Even the gold and silver jewelry hidden in his house was not taken back. It seemed that she was really going to abandon the past and live a good life with Zhao Nanyu.


Huaijin was happy for her, but he thought that being with Zhao Nanyu was unreliable.

A few months later, he went to the pub to buy wine and heard other guests whisper.

They said that the Zhao family spent a lot of money to find a doctor.

Huaijin only found out from others that Song Luan was ill. Her illness was so serious that even the imperial doctor could not treat it.

In his eyes, Song Luan had always been bright and charming, like a beautiful flower.

Huaijin watched her tiredly lying on the bed as if she would never open her eyes again. He hid secretly and heard her low cries.

He heard that Song Luan was angry with Zhao Nanyu. She said she was in pain and was begging Zhao Nanyu to kill her.

Huaijin listened to her painful cry and unconsciously shed a few tears.

After a long time, the sound inside gradually subsided.

He saw the man retreat from the room. While hiding in the dark, Huaijin watched Zhao Nanyu raise his hand to wipe the corners of his eyes.

When he came out of Zhao’s residence, he had only one thought in his mind, that is, he could not let Song Luan die.

Huaijin packed his bags and left the capital. He went back to Nanman without telling her.

It was a dangerous journey, and he didn’t know if he could survive.

He hadn’t suffered so much for a long time. Since he was redeemed by Song Luan, he had always enjoyed good food and drink, and no one had wronged him.

They had a magic medicine. It was said that no matter what kind of disease the person had, they would get better. Huaijin didn’t know whether the legend was true or not, but he still wanted to try.

It didn’t matter if he died on the road.

He wanted Song Luan to live. He only held her once in his life. His arms felt very warm. He could smell the fragrance from her back neck when he lowered his head.

Huaijin just wanted to hold her again.

No one in his life would be as good to him as she was.

Only Song Luan would ask him whether he was in pain or not, or whether it was cold or not. 

Only she could touch his heart.

Huaijin suffered a lot of injuries along the way. He once fell in the snow and was almost frozen to death.

Before he fainted, his ears were full of Song Luan’s sobbing cries.

Huaijin got up again, even though he was shivering with cold.

After several months, Huaijin returned to the capital with the hard-won medicine.

When he went to the Zhao residence again, he couldn’t find Song Luan and that someone else already lived in the courtyard. The girl asked him, “Who are you looking for?”

“Song Luan.”

“She moved out.”

“Is she okay?”


Huaijin nodded and left silently.

He stayed in the capital and could always hear news about her, but he never appeared in front of her again.

Zhao Nanyu was very kind to her. They both had two children.

Song Luan occasionally goes out, so Huaijin would secretly follow behind her. At that time, Huaijin looked at her with some vacant look and felt that she had not been so happy.

When Zhao Nanyu came to pick her up, she would lightly look at him.

Huaijin wanted her to be happy. He didn’t want to see Song Luan shed tears.

Over the years, he never liked anyone.

When he first met Song Luan, her bright and gorgeous posture deeply moved his heart. Huaijin was stubborn, only willing to like her alone.

The young boy who needed her care at the beginning was already an adult.


Huaijin dreamt of her, and when he woke up, his cheeks were a little moist. He sat on the bed blankly, looking at the thick snow outside the window. 

All of a sudden, it felt very sad.

It was on a snowy day that he confessed to Song Luan.

Huaijin thought with joy that he could stay with her all his life…


T/N: Here’s the lyrics of Janet Suhh – In Silence:

In silence, no one answers
But I still hear your voice
If you’d only come hold me

Tears flow
Sorry I’m late again
Let them fall
Sorry I’m late again

In darkness, it’s getting hard
Getting hard to stand
If you hear me, if you see me
Won’t you come closer

Tears flow
Sorry I’m late again
Let them fall
Sorry I’m late again

Can you just tell me once
You’ll never leave me
(I’m) afraid of losing you
Will you just lay with me
There will be no fears
If you only stay with me.

Bare your soul to me
Here I stand for you
Stop crying your heart
Days will come for you, for us

In silence, no one answers
But I still hear your voice



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