Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 109

Translated by: Tinker

When Zhao Zhi was 16, his father had a daughter.

The younger sister became the treasure of the family. Not only did her mother and father spoiled her, but her grandmother and uncle loved her very much.

His sister had a nice name, Zhao Huan.

Her temper was also very good. She wouldn’t cry but would smile at people. 

Many people liked to hold her, but Zhao Zhi, the elder brother, seldom touched her. Most of the time, he would just stand aside and look at her silently with his hands on his back.

Over time, Song Luan also found that the eldest son did not seem to be very close to the younger daughter.

After coaxing her daughter to sleep, Song Luan looked at her son who was already taller than her. She said with a smile, “Do you not like your sister?”

Zhao Zhi shook his head, “No.”

Song Luan then asked, “Why didn’t I see you holding your sister?”

Zhao Zhi just felt that his sister was too soft and too small. He was just afraid that he would damage her.

He pursed his lips and replied uneasily, “I don’t know how to hold the baby. I’m afraid it will make her uncomfortable.”

Song Luan blinked and said, “But when Er Bao was young, you loved to hold him.”

Younger brother and younger sister were of course different.

But it was not easy for Zhao Zhi to say this sentence in front of his mother. He could never tell his mother, so he simply closed his mouth.

Song Luan likes to tease her eldest son. While growing up, he became calmer and didn’t talk much. Fortunately, he is obedient and never worries about her.

Song Luan reluctantly cheered up, remembering that it seemed she hadn’t spoken to her son for a long time.

She looked at her son with a smile and asked, “Do you have a girl you like? Would you like your mother to help you?”

She still remembered the two girls around him at the Palace Banquet at the beginning of the year.

Zhao Zhi’s face blushed red, “No.”

Song Luan was a little disappointed. “Okay. If you don’t want to, then I will not. You can always meet them in the future.”

Zhao Zhi breathed a sigh of relief as he asked thoughtfully, “Hmm…Is mother sleepy?”

Song Luan yawned. “Yes, I’m a little sleepy. Go back. I’ll sleep with your sister for a while.”


“Do you want to see your sister again?”


Others might particularly spoil their younger sisters when they become older brothers, but little Zhao seemed to do better with younger brothers. 

Over the years, he had treated Er Bao very well. He had given him many things and solved many problems for him.

No matter how mischievous his brother was, he never really got angry.

As soon as his son left, Song Luan went to bed and took her little daughter to sleep.

They slept straight from afternoon tonight. When they woke up again, the sky outside the window was already dark.

Song Luan’s hazy eyes gradually cleared. She saw the man in front of the window holding the child, coaxing her in a low voice.

She didn’t know when Zhao Nanyu came back. 

Their daughter was carefully held in his arms, and when the little girl saw a familiar person, her smile was particularly brilliant.

Song Luan put on her shoes and walked behind him. “When did you come back?”

Zhao Nanyu looked back. “It’s been a while.”

“When did our daughter wake up?”

She was so asleep that she didn’t notice.

Zhao Nanyu replied, “She just woke up.”

When he came back, his daughter had already woken up, her pair of dark eyes were opened as she laid obediently on her mother’s side, and did not cry.  She just chewed her fingers to play.

Zhao Nanyu saw it at that time and felt that his heart was going to melt.

Zhao Nanyu picked her up from Song Luan’s arms and kissed her on her forehead and whispered, “Shall we not wake up your mother?”

Although she did not understand, the little girl was happy as soon as she saw someone playing with her.

After Zhao Nanyu played with her daughter, Song Luan woke up.

“You give the baby to the wet nurse. I’m afraid the baby is hungry.”


Zhao Nanyu then reluctantly gave the baby to the nurse.

In this family, Zhao Nanyu was the one who loves the little girl the most. When he comes back from the palace, he refuses to give the baby up. 

Song Luan once said in a half-joking way, “What if our daughter wants to marry when she grows up?”

After thinking about it carefully, Zhao Nanyu replied, “I’ll make him give up. There is nothing to worry about.”


Song Luan was helplessly held in his arms, “Why didn’t you spoil your son like this so much?”

“How can a daughter and a son be the same?”

The son could be raised at will.

“You will spoil her in the future.”


“It doesn’t matter if she is bad or willful. This is better so she won’t be cheated.” 


Huanhuan would neither call her mother or father first. Although Zhao Nayu took the trouble to teach her more than 800 times every day, her first word was “brother”

The child’s pronunciation was not good, it instead sounded milky. She crawled around the ground, grabbed Zhao Zhi’s leg, looked up at him with a milky smile, and shouted, “Brother.”

Zhao Zhi stood stiffly in the same place and did not dare to move. He felt that he could crush his sister by lifting his feet.

When the little girl didn’t get a response, she called with great strength, “Brother, brother, brother.”

Zhao Zhi held his sister a handful of times, but he was not willing to hold her during the daytime, but in this situation, it seemed that right to hold her.

Just when he was about to lift his sister from his legs, Zhao Nanyu took his first step and picked up the little girl.

Zhao Nanyu looked at his eyes and said, “Don’t come to your mother’s house if you have nothing to do.”

Song Luan secretly smiled. Zhao Nanyu was probably gloomy because the first person that his daughter called was not him.

Song Luan stepped forward and did not have a good face to Zhao Nanyu. He gently pinched his waist, “You talk to your son well.”


Zhao Zhi also smiled. He didn’t want to get in the way of his father when he was in a bad mood. “I’ll take my brother home. “

Er Bao was very spoiled. He was still young, but he was already a famous little prankster in the capital.

It’s hard for him not to cause trouble for a day.

Song Luan said, “Come back early”

Zhao Nanyu was no longer in charge of his two restless sons. The eldest son was well-behaved and quiet, but he had already robbed the hearts of half the ladies in the capital.

As for the younger son, he was arrogant and domineering. Fortunately, he still had a little bit of brain and had not suffered much in these years.

In this family, only Song Luan naively thought that the two children were good.

It’s better to have a daughter.

This daughter would look like her. She would also be soft and sweet.

“Tomorrow I’m going to take Huanhuan back to my mother’s house. I haven’t been back for months. Some children don’t recognize their grandmother and uncle if they can’t meet them often.” Song Luan said.

“I’ll go with you.”

“Aren’t you busy?”

“I’m not busy.”

“You spoil her too much.”

Zhao Nanyu laughed and didn’t speak. 

This time he didn’t follow because of his daughter.

After all, Song Luan is the only one he loves the most in his life.


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