Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 11 part 1

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Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan also knew that her performance was not on par with the original owner, but what could she do?! Knowing the ending, should she just continue to wait until the male lead kills her? Was she desperate?

She can be domineering, but in front of Zhao Nanyu, she was absolutely afraid.

Her husband’s voice was very natural, and his movements were as smooth as clouds and flowing water, no flaws were seen. Zhao Nanyu knew but had not exposed her in her little performance. He casually grasped her wrist, pulled her to his side, and asked with interest, “Heaven and earth permits?”

Mostly used to prove the solemnity of an oath.

Song Luan knew just how false her promised was, and how guilty she was! She hugged him and refused to let go. She clenched her teeth and pretended not to hear him.

Seeing that she didn’t answer for a long time, Zhao Nanyu’s tone was not as calm as it was in the beginning. He sneered, “Speak.”

Song Luan had a bitter face and flashed all kinds of emotions in her eyes. She sniffed and stuttered, “People change… I have only recently realized these thoughts. I… I.. I didn’t lie to you anyway.”

Zhao Nanyu said to her, “What do you think of me?”

She said with a smile, “I admire you.”

It’s not a lie. She really admired Zhao Nanyu because although he was ruthless, he still shows affections towards his child.

Song Luan tugged the corner of his clothes and looked up at him. “Let’s go. We need to wait for our son.”

She was anxious to leave this place. Who knows what more will Zhao Bo say to slander her?

Zhao Nanyu stroked her back with his fingers. He looked at Zhao Bo indifferently and smiled, “Don’t worry. Let’s listen to it again.”

Oh! Song Luan gave him a thumbs on her heart. His tolerance capacity was really strong.

Zhao Bo chattered over and over about Zhao Nanyu’s mother, and mocked his origin.

Song Luan discovered a terrible thing. Even when he was humiliated by his relatives behind his back, he still had a shallow smile on his face. She could not see what he was thinking.

After listening enough, Zhao Nanyu lead Song Luan’s hand out of the back garden. When they got to the main courtyard, he released her hand.

Song Luan looked at his back and frowned, unable to restrain her curiosity. She boldly called him, “Zhao Nanyu”

The man was standing in the sun, looking fare and transparent. When he turned around, his dark eyes were fixed on her, waiting for her next words.

Song Luan asked, “Are you not angry?”

He must have known that Zhao Bo had said a lot of bad things about him before. Today, he ran into Zhao Bo and didn’t tear him. He was exposed yet he was indifferent. It’s a pity to think about it.

Zhao Nanyu’s pupils seemed to ripple with layers of water that could not be seen through. She felt flustered when she saw them, and he smiled back, “Not angry.”

Song Luan shuddered inexplicably. His aura was so cold. She really admired his ability to tell lies without his eyes wavering. Who believes? She doesn’t believe him anyway.

At the moment, she felt that the smile on the corner of his mouth was really piercing.

In the evening of that day, Song Luan heard the news that, Zhao Bo, who mocked Zhao Nanyu this afternoon, was beaten by the Old man with a crutch. Now, he was still kneeling in the ancestral hall and still didn’t come out.

She thought to herself that most of this was done by Zhao Nanyu. This man’s mouth was full of tricks, and he was not willing to be the one losing.

Obviously, she didn’t have the capablities to set up Zhao Bo to be punished.

However, from what she heard, Zhao Nanyu didn’t get any benefits out of it. She didn’t know what he had done. Zhao Nanyu was punished by the Old man to copy the family law ten times. Song Luan had the honor to see the law of Zhao family once. It was a long volume which was enough to be copied once. If he copied it ten times, she felt distressed for Zhao Nanyu’s hand.

Song Luan had no opinion towards Zhao Nanyu. His means were not too bright and showy. Afterall, he couldn’t help himself, his father and his stepmother didn’t love him. He could only use dirty tricks since he didn’t have any power.

She was more worried about her own situation. Although Zhao Nanyu was friendly to her and sleeps beside her, most of those times were not sincere. They were all pretend. It was no use sitting and waiting for her to die like before. She still had to take the initiative and win back Zhao Nanyu’s affection.



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