Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 11 part 2

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Song Luan still remembered that in the later period of the book ‘The Powerful Minister’, the author described Zhao Zhi’s value for Zhao Nanyu with great detail.

It was only in his first years of power that he began to show his ruthless side. He was only three points gentle in front of his own son. He hated the original owner, yet very good towards his son.

Three points gentle means he’s very gentle!

He loved his son so much that even in the end of the book, he did not have any other children.

So, Song Luan decided to do a good job in her relationship with her son, Zhao Zhi. Even without her motive, she sincerely wanted to know her son better. The blood relationship was so magical. It’s as if she really experienced the period of carrying Zhao Zhi in her stomach before.

It was getting late. The sunset glow in the distant sky was visibly bright red.

Song Luan stretched out her waist, stood under the corrider, and casually asked the servant girl beside her, “Where is the kitchen?”

The servant girl was stunned. She didn’t understand what the Madam wanted to do. After a few seconds, she came back and said, “It’s on the west side of the house.”

Song Luan nodded, “Take me there.”

As a young woman who lived for a long time, the only think she can do was cooking. It especially ranged from sweet to spicy flavors. She was self-taught.

The servant girl timidly led her to the kitchen door, and Song Luan went inside by herself. The people in the kitchen were shocked when they saw her. The cook didn’t like very much. In the past, the original owner was picky to the point that he had to toss away people just so he could satisfy her tastes.

Song Luan coughed twice, trying to keep calm, and said slowly, “Is there a vacant stove? I want to use it.”

The cook laughed with a snort. Does she know how to cook? Was she not afraid that she’ll be laughed at?

Song Luan was not upset. Instead, she patiently waited for a reply.

“Young madam, of course there’s a stove.”

Cook Fu pointed to the one beside him, his face expresionless, “You can use it.”

The people in the kitchen were glad that they had just cooked their dinner. Otherwise, the unreasonable second young lady would bring trouble for them.

Song Luan rolled up her sleeves, told people to prepare the ingredients and stood in front of the stove to start working.. She feels that her little bun likes to eat sweet and delicious pastries. This time, she planned to make some osmanthus cakes for him.

Osmanthus, sugar, and flour were in front of her.

Song Luan skillfully mixed the flour and cut it into small pieces of dough. Then, she kneaded it into the shape of a small flower and animal with her hands. It looked very lovely.

The smooth movement was noticeable. Even the cook stopped his work and watched her. His eyes were shocked. He can’t believe that she can really make it well. The way of kneading the shapes didn’t seem to be to new to her.

Some groups of people were thinking that they have seen a ghost.

After steaming the sweet osmanthus cake, Song Luan did not bring trouble to the kitchen. She said politely, “You are all busy. I will go first.”

She went straight to the front yard with her food box in her hand, while humming a small tune.

In fact, it was very pitiful that her son could only sit in Zhao Nanyu’s study and play with dull toys without any company. Fortunately, he was sensible enough to not feel bored even if he only plays with those things. He was patient, just like his father.

The window pane in the study was facing the desk. Zhao Nanyu was standing at the desk with a brush in his hand. He was copying ever word. After copying the whole afternoon, he didn’t feel pain in his hand, or even thought of stopping.

[Knock Knock Knock] Song Luan knocked politely before entering.

“Who?” The word was so cold that it hit her head on like a stone wrapped in ice.

Song Luan was stunned. She felt strange. Is Zhao Nanyu here? She thought only her son was practicing his own handwriting. If she knew he was here, she wouldn’t have come.

“It’s me.”

“Come in.” The tone of these words were not gentle.

She opened the door and smelt a sharp fragrance, which appearead to be coming from the small incense burner on the table.

Her son was sitting on the soft couch, holding a small wooden toy in his hand. His expression was simple with his delicate face full of innocence. The big black eyes looked straight at her.

Song Luan’s heart would always sprout every time she saw her little bun.

“Why are you here?” Zhao Nanyu put down his brush and walked straight to her.

Song Luan raised the food box in her hand. “I made cakes for little Zhao and brought them for him to eat.”

She looked like a fox who came to ask for credit. She was a little silly in her playfulness.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were dark, with a deep smile on the corner of his eyes. He asked slowly, “Did you do it yourself?”

“Why don’t I remember that you can cook?”

“When did you learn how to cook?”

In fact, Zhao Nanyu didn’t doubt anything. He only guessed that Song Luan took the cakes made by others, and did these to please him.

The series of questions smashed Song Luan. In the face of Zhao Nanyu’s deep eyes, her knee suddenly felt a little soft.

She wanted to run.



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