Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 12 part 1

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Although Song Luan was only an ordinary woman at home, her life was still refined, and so she was no different from those charming young ladies.

Song Luan shuddered all over. No one could keep calm in the calculating eyes of Zhao Nanyu. For a moment, she thought Zhao Nanyu saw through her. Her fingers that hid in her sleeves could not control the shudder. Her scalp was numb under his dark eyes.

Zhao Nanyu saw that her face was pale and her limbs were trembling. He restrained his cold aura and became intrigued by her action. After observing her these days, Song Luan seemed to show fear towards him. She was not pretending to be afraid. She was really afraid.

He couldn’t help thinking, what did she find out?

Obviously she had always been domineering.

This is really interesting.

Song Luan felt that she was going to faint, and her chest was stuffy, and was short of breath. She couldn’t breathe. She must have been frightened by Zhao Nanyu. She managed to keep her mind steady. She squeezed the food box handle with her hands and felt cold from the bottom of her feet.

Song Luan swallowed her throat, forced herself to look at him, and raised her chin slightly. She moved her lips and her attitude was neutral. She tried to speak in a foolish tone, “It was for the child to eat, you ask so much.”

Zhao Nanyu was stunned for a moment. His eyes were deep, but he didn’t feel disgusted with her change of attitude. She was like a paper tiger. He can poke her with a finger, and yet this little paper tiger thinks she’s powerful. So cute.


Seeing that he didn’t continue to ask, Song Luan was relieved. Her chest was not that stuffy anymore. She went to her son, placed the food box on the low table and brought out the sweet osmanthus cake.

The crystal sweet osmanthus cake smells sweet and appetizing. Her son never seen this kind of cake before. The child was attracted by the sweet osmanthus cake. The two black eyes looked at the plate seriously.

Song Luan smiled, pushed the cake, “Try some.”

He had a small toy in his hand, and his pair of big eyes looked at her foolishly. Song Luan simply picked one for him by hand, fed it to him, and whispered, “Open wide.”

The child obediently opened his mouth, bit twice, and then swallowed. His voice was like milk, “Sweet.”

He liked the sweet taste. It also wasn’t greasy.

Song Luan’s heart was greatly satisfied. He reached out his hand and pinched his cheek, and asked, “Do you like it?”

He was reluctant to move his eyes away from her. The osmanthus cake was sweet, and the smell of his mother was even sweeter. He nodded hard, “I like it.”

Song Luan touched his head again, “You like it.”

Little Zhao burried his face and lowered his eyes. He was still embarassed to be close to her. He wanted to be close, but dared not to.

Song Luan was still a little lost. She had seen her son being intimate with Zhao Nanyu and his uncle several times. But for so many days she was here, the child had not yet taken the initiative to hold her and pull her hand.

Although it is understandable, she was still a little sad.

But now it was better than the previous manner he had in which he dared not eat in front of her. Thinking this way, the depression in Song Luan’s chest disappeared.

Zhao Nanyu, who was silent on the side, suddenly smiled, “It looks delicious. I’ll try it too.”

The slender fingers picked a piece of sweet osmanthus cake lightly and bit it. It was sweet and not greasy. It didn’t look like something she could make at all. He raised his eyebrow, “It’s delicious.”

Song Luan said ‘thank you’ very politely.

Zhao Nanyu walked two steps forward. She was very close to him. She could smell the light fragrance that belonged to him alone. She tightened her hand. She didn’t understand what he wanted to do.

Zhao Nanyu held out his hand. He was a scholar but his fingers were very rough. His cold fingertips fell on her slightly hot cheek. Fortunately, he didn’t use much strength this time. His fingertips carelessly scratched her skin, and because of her delicate skin, a faint red appeared. He was gentle and frightening. He asked, “How can your face be so white? Are you not feeling well?”

She didn’t say she was okay. He said something like this but she didn’t know whether it was the psychological effect because Song Luan felt uncomfortable.



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