Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 12 part 2

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Translated by: Tinker

Originally, she was in good health, but after giving birth to a child, she was not as healthy as before, which was one of the reasons why the original owner didn’t like her son.

However, even if her body was not that healthy compared than before, it was much better than being a sick seedling. She was alive without typhoid or fever.

The child who was sitting on the soft couch heard that she was not feeling well so he immediately raised his eyes and stared at her stubbornly. He was worried about her.

Song Luan thought about it and nodded, “Just a headache.”

It seemed that Zhao Nanyu’s hand had never been warm before. When he touched her, she felt like she would die of ice. After a while, he finally reluctantly moved his hand away from her face. “Then go back and rest.”

Song Luan didn’t hesitate to say anything. When she was about to leave, he suddenly grabbed her by the shoulder and held to the spot. The two people were very close. They stuck together.

When Zhao Nanyu spoke, the cold breath swept down her neck. He said, “Although it’s spring, it’s still cold. Next time you come out, wear more clothes.”

Song Luan straightened her body and said stiffly, “Well.”

“Go back.”


She quickly rolled out of Zhao Nanyu’s study. It felt that one year’s life would be lost if she talked longer to him. No matter how well he pretended, it was useless. Evil was evil. It was impossible to hide such things as grumpiness.

It was still early when Song Luan returned to the courtyard. She moved to the rocking chair and lay in the courtyard for a while. She felt lazy under the warm sun, so she shook her head and went to sleep.

It’s dusk when she woke up. After she opened her eyes, her brain was still a little confused. Her head was heavy and her feet were light. Her nose and throat were a little uncomfortable.

“Madam, it’s cold outside. Why don’t you come in?”

When she opened her mouth to reply, her throat hurt. She said nodded, and then asked, “How long have I slept?”

“More than an hour” The servant girl replied.

No wonder it was getting dark. She slept for so long.

At this time, her face was more paler than when she was facing Zhao Nanyu in the afternoon. She didn’t seem to have any spirit. Song Luan’s feet were soft. She felt that she was going to catch a fever because of the cold wind. She just recoverred from her typhoid fever, and now, she fell ill again.

She held the servant girl’s wrist and said weakly, “Give me a hand.”

The servant girl dared not disobey, “Yes.”

As soon as she entered the room, she went straight to bed. The servant girl couldn’t help but remind, “Madam, have your dinner.”

Song Luan laid on the soft quilt. Her shoes was still on her feet and she had no energy to reply, “I have a headache. I will not eat.”

Headache and stuffy nose. So painful.

The servant girl was going to tell her that Zhao Nanyu was going to come over for dinner tonight, but she had already wrapped herself up in a quilt.

After Song Luan left, Zhao Nanyu did not continue copying the family laws.

Little Zhao also stopped practicing his handwriting. His calligraphy was not good-looking. He didn’t play with his toys, but instead ate several sweet scented osmanthus cakes in a row, even though he did not like sweets. When he reached for the cakes on the plate again, Zhao Nanyu stopped him, “That’s your fifth one. You can’t eat anymore.”

Little Zhao withrew his hand and said in a low voice, “Dad, you don’t want to eat?”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t like sweet food either. He smiled and asked, “Do you like her so much?”

“Yes, I do.” His son was a simple and ignorant child. When his mother began treating him well, he also began to like her.

It seemed that the little bun was not afraid of his father. He climbed down and walked to Zhao Nanyu with his short legs. He held his knee and looked up at him. “Dad, don’t you like it?”

Soft, fragrant, sweet, and always smiles to people. Doesn’t he like it?

Zhao Nanyu was quiet… silent for a long time. The color of the pupils deepened a little bit. All the darkness and violence were suppressed very well. He smiled, “I like it too.”

Song Luan who was weak, sweet, and always tremble in fear when in front of him. He didn’t know how but this fragile woman was really tickling his heart.


It was completely dark when Zhao Nanyu entered her room. The food on the table had not been moved and he did not see her figure.

He asked in a cold voice, “What about my wife?”

“Madam said she had a headache and is still in bed.”

Zhao Nanyu strode to the inner room. The woman in the bed wrapped herself tightly with quilts, leaving only the sound of her breathing. He sat beside the bed and pulled open her quilt, forcing her to show her head.

Song Luan’s face was red, and her beautiful eyebrows were wrinkled tightly. Her delicate body was soft and it stuck securely with the quilt. She was frail.

Zhao Nanyu put his hand on her forehead. It was a little hot. She had a fever.



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